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Richard Chan , November 14, 2004; 04:31 P.M.


Thanks for taking the time to rate my pictures. I would really appreciate if you can provide some comments and critique for improvements. Thanks. Btw, I think somepeople are harsh on rating your pictures. You do have quite a lot of good shot.

Pitman Lee , November 15, 2004; 06:38 P.M.

I agree with Richard, you have good pictures, you are also honest with your rating, even bad pictures thats why you have harsh ratings, there are too many revenge raters out there. I will be honest too and rate only your best picture ;0P

Anatolij Blaszewicz , December 31, 2004; 01:48 A.M.

Su naujais 2005 !!!

Aciu uz apsilankyma. Taip pat linkiu laimingu, sekmingu ir turtingu artejanciu metu!

PS Labai patiko portretu folderis

Michael Daggett , January 04, 2005; 09:07 P.M.

Very Nice

I like all of your work, hard to comment on just one. My favorites are the shots of people, you capture them wonderfully.

Timo van Rijsse , January 05, 2005; 06:42 P.M.

Thanks for rating my candles. I am suprised by your portfolio and will take good notice of your beautifull portraits. The black background and special lightning on the faces are extra ordinary.

Robert Vine , January 11, 2005; 12:13 A.M.

Thank's for rating my pictures - you have a great portfolio here, such a diverse range of skills.

Jarrod Wolos , January 29, 2005; 10:34 A.M.


many very nice images here. good work. i noticed that on many of my images, you rated "less than average" - 3s and 2s. this is fine, but please comment on how i might improve my work, with your superior knowledge of photography. take care, and thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Albinas Balzekas , January 31, 2005; 06:59 A.M.

Dear colleagues

I am very glad to your estimations, remarks, but I badly know English also to me difficultly to discuss with you... Albinas

Biliana Rakocevic , February 04, 2005; 09:13 A.M.

wwow. you have a great portofolios! But I especially love your unique lighted PORTRAITS! Thank you, BIliana

Walter Hinterberger , February 16, 2005; 05:48 A.M.

A most interesting portfolio, Albinas. You have great imagination. I als like your portraits a lot...

Gianluigi Albanese , February 20, 2005; 06:49 A.M.

Very nice

Arnab Banerjee , February 26, 2005; 07:15 P.M.

Absolutely beautiful portfolio - your portraits shows your class

Zannie B , February 26, 2005; 08:54 P.M.


Thanks for stopping by and, checking out my photos also for your rating.. I enjoyed your photos very much-great portfolio!

Richard Hans , February 28, 2005; 01:05 P.M.

Albinas, your fantastic portfolio stopped me, you really have a good ability to do lots of outstanding work. thanks for tanking the time to review my images!

Pino Bagorda , March 09, 2005; 06:08 P.M.

Great portfolio!

Miles McAlpin , March 10, 2005; 01:15 P.M.

ive been working on a series titled 'nature from a photographers eye' and it seems that you have captured your own eye...inspiring..wonderful

Emily Alkema , March 12, 2005; 09:42 A.M.

Real people

Your collection 'strange people' is in my opinion a collection of real and honest people.Beautiful work full emotion: the universal international language.

Heino Elnionis , March 17, 2005; 04:12 A.M.

tipicnie litovskie fotografij

Fausto Finocchi , March 22, 2005; 06:09 A.M.

Amazing works! Bravo!

Alex Milarakis , April 25, 2005; 04:03 A.M.

Excellent portrait work !

Michael Avlaris , April 26, 2005; 08:20 A.M.

7.7 for all of your portraits ! GREAT WORK with amazing faces... I am impressed, so much. Michael

Alejandro Emilio Fernandez , May 06, 2005; 03:40 P.M.


Bonito porfolio amigo, un cordial saludo.

Vita-Vitas Vitas Vitaitis , May 06, 2005; 04:03 P.M.

faini darbeliai..sekmės..

A. Q. , May 13, 2005; 06:39 A.M.

Very interesting

a big surprise your work; very themes, ad the portraits mery goods. regard.


Christopher Azzopardi , May 20, 2005; 06:48 A.M.

You have an amzing portfolio. I like very much your portraits. They have a story behind them that makes the viewer interesting to know more about them. Well done and keep your good work

Stanislovas Kairys , June 07, 2005; 01:27 A.M.


buvau dinges. Is tiesu tai as ne visada turiu interesa. Dar vienas dalykas, kad man kelia itarimu daugumos bendruomenes orientacija i sentimentalius vaizdus. Nors, zinoma, patys geriausi vertinami tiksliai.

franka bades , June 09, 2005; 02:00 P.M.


truely you have portfolio of very quality, I like since beams much specially the portraits, very original compositions and a dominion of the perfect color congratulations

Juan T. Santiago , July 11, 2005; 10:22 A.M.

You have really a beautifull portfolio. Congratulations.

Vladimir Meshkov , July 17, 2005; 10:19 A.M.


Albinas, nice portfolio ///// good work & faces///// congrats.... =VM=

Roshni Abee , November 07, 2005; 10:58 P.M.

you are the MASTER of portraits!...you have an awesome portfolio! keep it up!

mohamad itani , December 03, 2005; 02:45 A.M.


i really like your portraits , great job

Fernando Ferreira , December 05, 2005; 01:30 P.M.

Your Portraits are THE BEST.

It's really Art working on your photos.

Thanks for sharing.

Alexander Mandl , December 05, 2005; 06:19 P.M.

Hi, a lot of wonderful portraits... cheers alex!

Mindaugas Dryza , January 07, 2006; 03:36 P.M.


ispudingi portretai, sveikinu..

Indre A (Kaunas) , January 20, 2006; 02:57 P.M.

Puikios nuotraukos... bet portretai turbut labiausiai zavi:)

Jack Blake , February 01, 2006; 11:46 A.M.

I just spent about an hr in here looking through...

wonderful portfolio! love your portrait work..

thanks for sharing!


David Meyer , February 09, 2006; 11:41 P.M.

You have some wonderful portraits, and a very high overall quality level in your total portfolio. The cat was very nice. Keep them coming.

MB Coral , February 10, 2006; 12:48 P.M.

Thanks for comment at my portfolio. Your work are great....nice job - congratulation.

James Kazan , February 26, 2006; 03:42 P.M.

I'm glad you stopped by my portfolio because it made me discover yours and I'm sure glad I did. Great work! Your portraits are outstanding. I've enjoyed my visit here. I'll be back.


Sorin Lazar , February 27, 2006; 07:35 P.M.


excellent work, i like your style and i love your "bracking the rules" portraits ;)

Oktay Ýybar , February 27, 2006; 08:48 P.M.

You have very interesting and beautiful portfolio.Thanks for comments at my portfolio. Best regards.

Biswajit Pandey , February 28, 2006; 01:03 P.M.


Thanks for your visit and comments in my portfolio, I like your view of presentation, they are unique, Your lighted portraits are simply marvelleous !!


David Keatley , March 03, 2006; 10:02 A.M.

What a great portfolio, love your portraits and your colors are spot on.

stanko mravljak , March 04, 2006; 02:39 P.M.


Albinas, You have very nice photos in your portfolio. Your portraits are very beautiful. Greetings from Slovenia. Stanko

apurba B , March 05, 2006; 03:44 A.M.


hey thanks for stopping by my pics , i like ur work too , ur portfolio is superb and i like ur portraits above all-thanks grretings to u from india

Dexter Dee Dee , March 05, 2006; 06:26 A.M.

Very good portfolio Albinas. I like your portraits a lot. Very good work, keep it on. DDD

Rich Hugunine , March 05, 2006; 10:09 A.M.


Your portraits are very good... I want to sit and talk with every one of them! I guess that's what a good portrait is supposed to do, isn't it? I like the range, the humor and the delight of the photographs in your portfolio. Thank you for sharing.

Vincent Leong , March 06, 2006; 07:39 A.M.

Hi Albinas, You have an amazing portrait shots and good body of work. COngratulations!

Cliff Berinsky , March 07, 2006; 08:29 P.M.

I very much enjoyed your gallery. The portraits are particularly striking.

Montreal Quebec , March 07, 2006; 09:51 P.M.

Hi! Albinas

Thank you for your positive feedback on one of my pictures. Your portfolio is truly exceptional. Your portraits and nature categories are absolutely breathtaking. Congrats!

ton willemse , March 08, 2006; 05:45 A.M.

A lot to see. Great photo's. Really enjoying this. Cheers, Ton Willemse

Radu Carp , March 11, 2006; 03:32 A.M.

I like especially Portraits portofolio,that is amazing i.m.o.cause of mood that sent to our soul.It is a so big variety from young to older,happy to sad.I can say that in one second this is a part of our life on this Earth.All the best to you,Radu.

Brian Glad , March 16, 2006; 09:32 P.M.


Your ability to capture character in the faces, I'm inspired.So many just take a photo of a face (Me included)but this is what I want to see in my photos some day. I find a similar feeling with Andrzej Dragan's work.Thanks to both of you. I'm learning!

Marcelo Maiolino , March 17, 2006; 07:07 P.M.

Thank you so much for your gentle comments. I like your portfolio very much. You hve an increadble talent to capture colors and faces. I have marked you as interesting and i will come back here often.

Rejith Warrier , April 05, 2006; 05:07 A.M.

Great portfolio and fabulous portraits, friend Albinas .. Excellent work ..

lemon bartleboom , April 07, 2006; 05:40 A.M.


Thank you for your nice comments. Your portraits are beautiful!



cyril erbin , April 07, 2006; 10:05 A.M.

Just like paintings !

I love your portraits man ! Sometimes, I feel the saturation of colors and the effects you use are a bit too strong, but still, it is interesting work, with a lot of personality !

Andréia Solha , April 07, 2006; 10:07 A.M.

Wonderful portfolio!!!! Your portraits are fantastic... and you have a great sense of humor.

Ivan Hrusovsky , April 07, 2006; 12:33 P.M.

Greetings from Slovakia;)))

Thank you Albinas for your comment on my picture, I appreciate it. I saw your portfolio, I see you`ve got good eye and a real sense for photography;)) Really good job;)))

Maurizio Moro , April 07, 2006; 06:48 P.M.

From Italy.

Dear Albinas, thanks for the interest on my photo! You are WONDERFUL!!! Your portraits are very...X2 special!!!Ciao, Maurizio.

Urska G. , April 09, 2006; 06:08 A.M.

Very impressive portfolio!

Paulius Gozelskis , April 10, 2006; 03:17 P.M.

Sveikas Albinai

Aciu uz komentara del mano nuotraukos. Tavo prtretai jau isgirti, taciau ne be reikalo. Tikrai labai geri darbai, labai idomus apsvietimas, isryskinantis veido faktura ir pabreziantis zmogaus unikaluma. Idomu kaip toki isgauni? Sekmes.

Wade Rose , April 11, 2006; 09:04 P.M.

your work is very Interesting to me I would like to learn this . congrats on your artwork. top notch stuff. Wade Rose

Mario Sampieri , April 13, 2006; 08:02 A.M.

Thanks for your comments, I like your portfolio, above all the portraits. Best Regards.M S

Kent B , April 15, 2006; 07:02 A.M.

Your Portraits series is amazing. Each a work of art. They all come to life with enhanced character and vitality with your treatment. A wonderfully rich portfolio filled with COLOR so vivid. A joy to discover. Thank you.

Javier Valdez , April 27, 2006; 09:17 P.M.


this is an amazing portfolio that you got here Albinas, very creative and original touch on your portrait i just love them. i will look forward to see more

Arzu Kilic , April 29, 2006; 04:16 A.M.


You have an excellent portfolio.All Photos has such details and composition.Thank you for sharing...Have a good work

Anil Sharma , May 20, 2006; 12:50 A.M.

Excellent portraits! Some of your single photos can make stunning abstracts! You have a great talent! Keep it up!

Christine Sharp , May 23, 2006; 01:47 P.M.

Fabulous portfolio... I especially like your portraits. Thanks for commenting, and thank you for sharing your beautiful work! Sincerely, Christine

Sam Bal , May 24, 2006; 01:06 A.M.

Albinas, as many said it already before me , the portraits are really fabulous. Thanks for your comments on my work. Cheers, Sam.

A.K. Sircar , May 26, 2006; 09:13 P.M.

Thanks for visiting my port.I would have missed these excellent portraits,otherwise. Other images are so beautiful and colorful. You are a very good artist-photographer,capturing different moods of people and colors of Life. Best regards.

Meena Banoo , May 27, 2006; 01:37 A.M.


Dear Albinas, Before I started posting my shots to my portfolio in here,I was just bemused with your great style of photography. I actually cannot point out one of your photography categories as the best and say for example; I like the way you shoot for portraits...all categories you try will lead to have a very nice resault! After a while,I mean after posting my shots ,One day I couldn't believe my eyes,It was you who sent me a comment on my portfolio! Thank you so much for spending time on seeing my shots and also be that nice to drop a sentence! Wish you a successful lifetime of photography! cheers up!

Donibane Sanjuan , May 29, 2006; 03:55 A.M.

Interesting Portfolio

Hi Albinas, Very interesting your Porftolio. Congratulations ;-)

Kah Kit Yoong , May 31, 2006; 06:46 A.M.

Thank you for recently visiting my portfolio. I was very pleased to see yours too. Your talents lie in many areas of photography but I loved your portraits in particular.

Pooriya Zarrabi , June 05, 2006; 11:54 A.M.


Your portfolio is very beautiful and nice. I'm so like your portrait and nature shots. All of them are very amazing, creative and wonderful.

FLAVIO DARIO , September 06, 2006; 07:26 A.M.


more than a portfolio, a page of poetry...

Veronica Vascotto , September 22, 2006; 06:56 A.M.


I love it!

Emmanouil Vitalakis , November 21, 2006; 11:08 P.M.


Your entire portfolio is a masterpiece.

Alec Ee , November 23, 2006; 10:56 A.M.

Albinas, flawless exposure and some very nice compositions. You have a great eye for photography. Keep on shooting.

Gedas T , November 28, 2006; 01:40 A.M.

Taip kas liecia portretus jie tikrai ispudingi ir kaip minejo apsvietimas super, paryskinantis odos faktura... tikrai butu idomu suzinot kaip tai gaunasi ;)

Jim Downs , November 29, 2006; 10:15 P.M.

You are a very talented portraitist. You capture the soul of each person you photograph!

Ted Gorczyca , December 02, 2006; 08:17 A.M.

beautiful portfolio Albinas, so many different subject and the colors are great. Very nice job, thanks for your comment and rating on my photo.

Marcelo Maiolino , December 02, 2006; 05:19 P.M.

lencois maranhenses

Thanks for your comment on my photo. I was not sure about the composition. I am glad you liked it. Cheers

Vassilis Margelis , December 05, 2006; 05:41 A.M.

Hi Albinas,

Great work for such a young boy!!! Regards Vassilis.

Matt Benson , December 05, 2006; 11:05 P.M.


I wanted to thank you for your comments on my photo. You have a wonderful portfolio here! Very unique capturing. MB

Thomas Schnaider , December 07, 2006; 03:29 A.M.

Great portfolio

I really like your photos. Thank you for sharing.

Maurizio Moro , December 12, 2006; 11:05 A.M.

....from Italy!!!

Xmas is not only a Christian festivity, it is also a wish of rebirth, of continuous change considering the new year, who will like you more and more a human being! Good your Xmas and good 2007! Maurizio.

Image Attachment: P1015231 BIS copia.jpg

Kestutis Apanavicius , December 13, 2006; 03:44 P.M.

Dekui,pas tave irgi fainos nuotraukos!

Afshin Azizi , December 16, 2006; 06:55 A.M.

thanks for your comment on my protfolio,you have so beautyful pictures , i like your protfolio .

Teresa Au Yeung , December 20, 2006; 03:18 A.M.

Hi Albinas, love the style of your photos, they are very unique and beautiful. Thanks a lot for sharing! And wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Alessio Buratta , December 20, 2006; 06:17 P.M.


Thanks for your interest on my photo complimenti per tuo portfoglio molto bello complimenti cordiale saluto alex from italy.

youssef alikhani , December 21, 2006; 12:26 A.M.


biutiful and differ

Rakesh Syal , December 21, 2006; 10:41 A.M.


Your ability to capture character in the faces is unique!! You have a very inspiring work in your portfolio and thanks for your words on my work which brought me here! Regards!

Bob Archer , December 28, 2006; 01:00 P.M.

Hi Albinas,

Wonderful work ...you are a very talented portraitist and witty nature photographer. Ain't photography fun !

Regards, Bob

Emily Alkema , December 30, 2006; 07:52 A.M.

Hey Santa, The best wishes for a happy & healthy 2007. Thanks for your visit and support in 2006. Kind regards, Emily

Rashed Abdulla , January 04, 2007; 09:22 A.M.

I came her to view some of your images and I found them of very high calss and skill, thank you for sharing all of this wonderful photograph with us and wishing you all of the best

Mert TURKOGLU , January 06, 2007; 05:04 A.M.


Mr. Albinas thanks for your rating. I visit your portfolio and all I can say they are all beautiful especially your portraits are incrdible. Hoping to see more of them. Best Regards, Mert TURKOGLU

Vilmantas Lazickas , January 08, 2007; 01:12 P.M.

malonu, kad sulaukiu pakankamai aukstu ivertinimu is tokio profesionalaus fotografo. Aciu. Sekmes!

Rakesh Syal , January 21, 2007; 01:09 P.M.

Stunning work in your portfolio, Albinas! Great thanks for your comments, that is my good luck, I am here!

Best regards!

Vilmantas Lazickas , January 31, 2007; 03:56 P.M.

Neraealus portretai!!! jauciu profesini pavyda :)

John Warren , February 14, 2007; 10:38 A.M.


Albinas, ..Many thanks for your input..Your portfolio is of the highest quality ...congratulations...your potraits are excellent...try more black-and -white and add another string to your bow...SMILE John

Lennart. K.V. Bardal. , March 02, 2007; 06:21 P.M.

You have a wonderful portfolio presented here with lots of good stuff. Your portraits are great and you shows greatness in all your work. Keep up your good work and shear them with us. Regards LKV.

John Warren , March 14, 2007; 07:11 A.M.

Double exposure

Albinas, Thank you for yout comment(s) on the double-exposure shot. Unfortunately the young lady was photographed using a very wide-angle lens; the second transparency that was superimposed on top further distorting the hand. This often happens with experimental work and I suppose what makes it so interesting.....SMILE>>>>John

Juan Santana , March 15, 2007; 09:59 P.M.

Hi Albinas. Thanks for your comment. You do have a wonderful portfolio. I rated some of your pictures. Congrats!

Recep Gulec , April 01, 2007; 06:35 P.M.

nice portraits. well done!

Kestutis Apanavicius , April 14, 2007; 02:43 P.M.

Grazios nuotraukos, ypac portretai, nu saunus portfolio

Kenneth Fugate , December 03, 2007; 11:14 A.M.

Hello Friend!

Well here it is another year is passing away and we are coming into the holidays. I think time starts to go faster as we get older, it was just yesterday I wished my friends Happy Holidays and here it is again the end of a year. The holiday lights are starting to be put on some of the trees here in Dallas, we were out last night and some were lighting the trees. I wish for you all a holiday season with family and friends, after all is said and done all we have is each other.

I want all of you to know just what your comments and ratings on my work means to me, your words are my motivation, my drive to discover, to learn this art that we all love, thank you for taking time and thank you for caring about my works. At the same time thank you for letting us see your world, our lives are so much the same, we all care about our families and friends and we all share the same things, maybe someday our photos will help make for a lasting world peace. May you and your family be blessed this season.

Happy Holidays and Happy Shooting


Joao Pereira , December 03, 2007; 01:51 P.M.

Hi Albinas,

Great work, excellent gallery. I find your portraits superb. Congrats, greetings from Portugal.

Maurizio Moro , December 15, 2007; 03:58 P.M.

Dear friend, last Saturday night, my wife and I, had a big incident with our car (head-on collision), and we are alive for miracle: anyway, these not good moments, become also good moments! indeed, in these occasions, we can understand that life is so breakable, for not being happy every day to awaken, drink a coffee, to smile, to make love and other simple things, to meet people and, why not, to do photographs! For doing these things we don?t need a lot of money and power: we need only our life and the capacity for surprise of simple things. I have had a big gift, for this Xmas and the New Year, that is to say, I?m alive! and now, I know, I?ll love more life! My dear friend! I wish to you the same thing, namely, the ability to transform the accidents of life in happiness to live better and to give the proper value to your life and to that of other! Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!....Ciaomau!

Emily Alkema , December 21, 2007; 09:31 A.M.


Thanks for your attention and nice comment in 2007. A healthy and happy new year,

Emily Alkema

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