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Bram Meijer , December 04, 2003; 01:32 P.M.

To A.B.

Jij maakt hele mooie foto's. Waarlijk genieten. You make really beautiful photos. I enjoy the very much.


Florian Hoenig , October 01, 2004; 07:40 A.M.


Andrea Salini , October 03, 2004; 05:14 A.M.

Great style, beautiful portfolio, thank you for shared it.

Kjartan Haavik , January 01, 2005; 07:49 A.M.

Love your black and whites.

Nicholas Bryant , January 29, 2005; 12:45 P.M.

So Professional!!! Only beautiful pictures!... Thanks for sharing.

Mauro Cantoro , February 12, 2005; 10:44 A.M.

Bravissimo!!! Compliment very very good portfolio!!

Frank P , April 02, 2005; 03:54 P.M.

Beautiful portfolio. Good eye, great compositions.

Deb Cattoi , November 16, 2005; 09:18 P.M.

Could I get a Braveheart Print?

I would love to purchase a frameable print of your Braveheart photo to hang in my home. Do you sell prints of your photos?

A.B. van der Weide , November 28, 2005; 11:13 A.M.

Yes you can purchase prints of braveheart. Mail to vanderweide01@yahoo.com for more information. Best Regards Auke-Bonne

Micheal Kraml , November 15, 2006; 04:40 P.M.

Amazing photos. I just wish some of them were larger. The rooster one is one of a kind. Cheers, Micheal

A.B. van der Weide , January 02, 2007; 07:19 P.M.



Gianfranco Evangelista , January 27, 2007; 05:10 P.M.

Wonderful Portfolio!

M Kelly , March 17, 2007; 04:43 A.M.

Groetjes uit New Zealand.

Vamsi Krishna , July 01, 2007; 06:45 A.M.


Hello there!! I happened to wander off into your portfolio as I was looking through the daily sampling of pictures. You are extremely creative and original with your pictures!! Your portfolio is extremely impressive! I also happened to notice that many of your pictures were taken on film SLR; I wonder how you got such an amazing effect of colours on those!! Do care to visit my portfolio and the comments you leave behing on my photographs would be much appreciated by a semi-amateur that I am!! Happy clicking!! =)

Risto J Savolainen , September 27, 2009; 04:22 A.M.

Hello Auke, I found your pictures through random pictures. You have a very good gallery. I like your style of finding the essence. What has happened to your photographing? I hope to see you get activated in posting your pictures again. Best regards, Sakke

Kasey Arnold-Ince , October 06, 2009; 05:14 P.M.

Licensing Braveheart

Auke -- I've been trying to contact you regarding your charming photo of the rooster and the chickens (Braveheart?). I represent an author who'd like to use that image in a self-published book. Please email me at karnold-ince@ paxscientific.com to discuss.


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