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Tom H , May 23, 2004; 06:03 P.M.

Why not put more photos on line Christopher?

William R. Hayes , May 31, 2004; 12:17 P.M.


Thanks for your rating to my photo.

Gerry H , June 29, 2004; 11:32 P.M.

Thanks for the rating on my rope light in a glass - I came back here to say again that I absolutly love this shot - the lady in it more than anything - in my mind she is like a bride on her wedding day, I can see her in a bridal magazine - I dont know if you took 50 shots as they interacted with each other or you waited and anticipated what was going to happen and then took it - either way its great in my books - For me its the woman/lady/girl in the picture that makes it. Also as Tom Hall says - why not post more - I would love to see more of your work.

Ray Wei , July 04, 2004; 09:27 A.M.

Christopher, thanks for the support. You should put more of your photos too. Cheers.

M. Zafar Rabbani , December 15, 2004; 02:59 A.M.

Excellent work.

Excellent portraits. Love to see more from you. Thanks for sharing.

Best regards.... Zafar

Christopher Posey , March 08, 2005; 11:20 A.M.

Thank you!

Tom, William, Gerry, Ray, and Zafer. Thank you for your comments and encouragement. I so seldom get to photograph and I do not own a scanner, that is why my examples are sparce. I will continue to post as I am able, I am learning so much here and I am feeling more comfortable with my hobby due to this site.

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