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Comments on this portfolio:

David Nicolas , February 15, 2004; 06:10 A.M.

Interesting, colorful portfolio, displaying the art of portrait, be it of animals or objects.

Lisa W. , February 15, 2004; 04:19 P.M.

Thanks David.

Felipe Echeverria , February 25, 2004; 01:11 A.M.

You are increadible.



Lisa W. , April 25, 2004; 09:09 P.M.

Thank you Felipe!

Guy Scrivner , February 16, 2005; 12:01 P.M.

Lisa, you have some very nice table top images in your portfolio. They all exhibit good color and composition as well as creativity. I am a Kitsap County resident. Do you live on this side of the sound?

Paul Irvin , May 24, 2007; 01:32 A.M.


Hi Lisa, I noticed your work on ImageKind, and found your earlier work here as well. You have a nice eye for simple shapes and emotive pieces. Keep up the good work! ~Paul

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