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JF Ochoa , December 04, 2006; 02:54 P.M.

Wow! Great portfolio. You have a lot of talent and creativity. Thanks for sharing your work. Greetings from Mexico!

A.K. Sircar , December 05, 2006; 07:37 P.M.

Morning shows the day,it is said. You have very bright prospect in future, for your orginality in visualisation and rendetion.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY , December 23, 2006; 06:27 A.M.


I love your artistic eyes. They make for beautifully interesting images. Your mastery of exposure makes viewing your images a joy. Thanks for sharing :)

Cherene Kelly , December 16, 2013; 12:29 A.M.

Hi Michael..I really enjoyed looking through your portfolio. Very inspiring. kind regards

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