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Joe Orsak , April 08, 2004; 11:17 A.M.

If you are going to rate someones work a 2 (especially when the photo has a 5.44 average) please have the common courtesy to explain your low rating.

Dennis Jones , April 08, 2004; 12:11 P.M.

What Joe said.

Shivcharan V. Kamaraju , April 13, 2004; 10:07 A.M.

Hey, I understand you might not have liked a pic, but please also leave a comment why you did not like a pic after you rate it. Not that I really care about your rating but it helps me improve my pictures, if you have something anything sensible to say at all which matches your low rating.

Raffaella Lunelli , April 13, 2004; 11:32 A.M.


I associate myself with this topic, besides I asked clearly an explanation for the ratings to my photo: www.photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=2125110

Are you able to read? Thanks.

Tom H , April 13, 2004; 07:02 P.M.

same here. I am getting tired of people who rate way below average and have either nothign to show for or no constructive criticism. It's like you do homework but without a cause. Rate because you are here to learn and want others to learn not just for the sake of rating photographs. And also not becauseyou just dont like a subject or the way it has been portrayed. Try to be objective and constructive.

Tom H , April 25, 2004; 03:21 P.M.

Rate stupidly low, leave at least a comment. You are a smart guy? Or not? Or maybe lazy? So when will you show some of your "work"

Tom H , April 27, 2004; 04:02 P.M.

Okay, you keep on rating low. Now I will do something you will like.

Greg Goldstein , April 27, 2004; 11:15 P.M.

It appears that I am not the only one who questions your ethics. Yes your ethics. I'm certain that your father and children are proud of you as a parent. Perhaps this is why they do not look at you in your images!!!!!! Stick to your own business... the WORLD will be a better place.

Greg Golds , April 28, 2004; 01:20 A.M.

You sure do exhibit a touch of class... I see your rating history.... NICE. Perhaps you should spend time on your job.

myles cummings , June 06, 2004; 04:00 P.M.

See above- bit of a plonker really arent you.

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