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Dexter Dee Dee , December 08, 2006; 07:47 A.M.

Welcome Neven. Nice portfolio you have. Regards, DDD

Randal Finklea , January 12, 2007; 06:38 P.M.


Wow!!! You have a great portfolio here. I know there are a ton of photographers and artists on this site but I really admire your work. The treatment of your photos really appeals to me. I honestly wish I knew how you do it. Again great work, can't wait to see more.

Maria Paula Langer , January 12, 2007; 06:49 P.M.


Vida is lovelly and her pictures too !!!!!. Do you know that vida means "life" in spanish?

Dong HJ , February 14, 2007; 06:17 A.M.

you have so many excellent photos especially on portraits and architechures. Well down, you have sharp eyes, hope to see more of you masterpieces. Regards, Haojun

Naman Gupta , April 05, 2007; 01:21 A.M.

Hey Neven , you have a pretty impressive portfolio. Nice work. Vida is beautiful.

Latrisha Large , April 15, 2007; 08:22 P.M.


Great portfolio! Thanks for the inspiration :)

carlos rodriguez , April 28, 2007; 11:39 P.M.

grandioso portafolio

me encanto tu trabajo de vida es una inspiracion para mejor mis fotos me encanta de verdad es lo mejor gracias por tan lindos disparos de amor

Alema Misilo , May 15, 2007; 06:22 A.M.

Ma BRAVO!!!!

Super su slike. Posebno je interesantan macak sa ispruzenim sapicama :)) Jesi li ga trenirao za fotku?! :)) A Vida je pravi mali foto-model. Cini se da oboje uzivate ...

Sherry Kersell , May 28, 2007; 03:43 A.M.

Your portfolio is full of captivating and beautiful images. Very inspiring! Thank you for posting.

Abilio I.G. , July 08, 2007; 05:53 P.M.

A beautiful portfolio. Your pictures in all categories (landscapes, people, animals...) are all excellent. Congratulations.

Josep M Llovera , July 16, 2007; 05:25 P.M.

My congratulations for your work but very specially for VIDA folder!!! Transmitt a lot of tender feelings...

Congratulations for that beauty girl TOO!!!


Goran Anastasovski , July 20, 2007; 06:02 A.M.


Odlican portfolio . Cestitam

Andrija Kasom , August 02, 2007; 01:40 A.M.

Dear Neven

You have so beautifuly photos in yours portfolio...Excellent my friend...Excellent creative work...Greetings from Montenegro and i will come back with pleasure...Zelim da posjetis Crnu Goru...

Robert Kriković , August 25, 2007; 02:05 A.M.

Nice photos :-)

Svaka cast majstore, jako lijepe fotografije. Posebno mi se svidja obrada istih. L.P. Robi

Apostolos Spanoudis , August 31, 2007; 02:50 P.M.

Great portraits Neven, simply lightened and beautiful.I believe you do a fine work with people but as i saw many of your nature and animals photos worth a lot of attention.I like your portfolio.Best wishes

Alpo Syvänen , September 20, 2007; 03:51 P.M.

Neven, when I commented the portrait of a young girl,

I never knew what I would find when viewing your portfolio... Now I know... And I like what I see, like it a lot!

No more words, just a deep bow and lot`s of respect.


Iva Petkovic , October 02, 2007; 06:35 A.M.


nevjerovatan portfolio, nevjerovatna toplina i kolorit... za sve ovo su potrebne emocije uz dobro oko...

Lesa Jones , October 20, 2007; 08:58 P.M.

Beautiful portfolio Neven!! I think I like your take on human subjects the most!! You have a wonderful eye for composition and interesting shots, I look forward to returning and finding many more wonderful images....regards...LJ

Cristian N , December 11, 2007; 08:35 P.M.

I like your photos. You are an very honest artist.

All the best, Cristiann.

Biliana Rakocevic , December 17, 2007; 01:09 P.M.

Oh, Bravooooooooooo : ) tako sjajnih realnih prekrasnih portreta :) punih zivota i ljudskosti :)

Bravo, my compliments for your wonderful and brillant vivid full of life PORTRAITS :)

Skidam kapicu sneznu sa moje glave :)

Pozdrav iz Beograda, Biliana

Matej Ratko , December 30, 2007; 01:03 P.M.


Very nice portfolio. I like your clean style, the choice of colors or b&w. Keep up the good work.

Bill Symmons , January 01, 2008; 06:38 A.M.

Hi Neven

Very nice portfolio. I see from the clothing that you're an all season photographer. Some Very good work here. My compliments Bill

Maria Tadic , January 06, 2008; 10:41 A.M.

Good day Neven

Sleeping beauty is also my favorite.. It has something that has also the picture from Gioia that I adore.. that makes her one in the bunch, or million of photos always recognizable - portfolio.. I don't have the words to describe it.. Wonderful !!!

Image Attachment: Djevojka 2.jpg

Ali Bagherzadeh , January 14, 2008; 03:37 P.M.

I explore your gallery and found perfect shot in there
Best regards

Donibane Sanjuan , January 15, 2008; 01:32 P.M.

Hi Neven,

Great shots... I like a lot your portfolio...

Keep sharing your photos with us.

Congratulations ;-)

Julie Cain , February 02, 2008; 12:39 P.M.

You are very talented and have an inspiring portfolio. I enjoyed my browse through it. I really like your portrait shots. Take care.

Albert Darmali , February 14, 2008; 11:05 P.M.

Excellent portfolio. I enjoyed looking through your pictures. Thanks!

sergio perillo , March 02, 2008; 01:44 P.M.

gran bella cartella complimenti.

Serif Kurkcuoglu , March 02, 2008; 01:47 P.M.


Great details , lovely colours ,very impressive portfolio.Congrats.

Daniel Ewert , March 16, 2008; 06:53 P.M.

Very interesting display of photos. I enjoyed looking through your portfolios.

Marjan Krebelj , March 27, 2008; 11:19 A.M.

I already saw it on my.opera. Amazing portfolio!

Marc Stone , April 11, 2008; 02:26 A.M.


I really like your use of colours and your craft in capturing portrait. Regards

Ilze Lucero , April 11, 2008; 11:10 A.M.

excellent portfolio

h sinan , April 23, 2008; 09:21 A.M.

beatifull shots... I like a lot your portfolio Congratulations

J Kilgo , April 24, 2008; 08:32 A.M.

You have a very nice portfolio...I really like your portraits, they have an original and unique perspective. Thanks for sharing.

Craig Unger , May 01, 2008; 07:38 P.M.


You have the technique, the models, the vision - what else is there ? Outstanding, professional quality portfolio. I guess I'm strongly attracted and influenced by the B&W photos. The world looks more real to me in B&W. ( I also love that lunatic-looking cat - texture is supurb). All in all, a tour de force. Congratulations. C. Unger

KAUSHIK BHATTACHARYA , May 06, 2008; 12:36 P.M.


Exelent Extraordnery. Good Good Goooooooooooooood

s M , May 20, 2008; 05:02 A.M.


I like your portfolio, great compositions great colours and great quality

Josip Busljeta , May 26, 2008; 03:25 P.M.

odlicna galerija, odlicna!!!!!!!!!!!

Sergio de los Reyes , May 29, 2008; 02:02 P.M.


Beautiful portfolio; all my respect for you.

Ahmet Gurses , June 05, 2008; 06:30 P.M.

... beautiful portfolio ...

Sebastijan Strasek , June 13, 2008; 02:30 A.M.

I can just say WOW... Very nice and beautiful pictures.

Frederick Dunn , June 17, 2008; 09:52 A.M.


This is an amazing portfolio of work!

What a wonderful collection of extraordinary faces!!!!! e x c e l l e n t

Ruben A. Silva , June 28, 2008; 09:04 P.M.

your portfolio so plenty of human beauty ..! Congratulations for your talent and skills to capture it all. Regards, Ruben from Argentina

Nick Jeftic , June 30, 2008; 06:16 A.M.

Sjajni portreti Nevene! Imas odlican osjecaj za kompoziciju s kojim dodajes ono nesto extra svojim lijepim i izrazajnim modelima. Pozdrav, Nikica.

Renae Jackson , July 09, 2008; 01:09 A.M.

What camera and lense do you use?

Kurt De Somviele , July 12, 2008; 05:21 A.M.


I was thinking buying a Sigma 10-20 lens and if I see what you can do with it than I will no longer doubt. This is great. It's not just the equipment. You got a good eye for composition. Interesting portfolio. Kurt

Eleanne Grey , July 26, 2008; 08:41 A.M.


You've got just a great portfolio - I enjoy your portraits very much!

Kindly, Eleanne

Longtang Lin , August 08, 2008; 02:43 P.M.


Your portrat is teh best !!!

Longtang John Lin

mirko kapula , August 24, 2008; 03:18 A.M.


Sjajne fotografije.. posebno sam uzivao u portretina..

cestitam i sretno...


Marinko Saric , August 25, 2008; 02:10 P.M.

krasna galerija Neven, pozdrav!

hamed sp , August 30, 2008; 09:52 A.M.


You have Great Portfolio . Thanks for sharing . Best Regards hsp

Martin Kovacic , September 22, 2008; 04:53 A.M.

very nice portfolio, especially portraits, just amazing!

Sanja Nikolic , October 02, 2008; 11:29 A.M.

Excellent sense for portraits...Unique style and portfolio..... Pozdrav,Sanja.

Piotr Trebicki , October 10, 2008; 06:51 A.M.

Great work, well done

Mark Micallef , October 11, 2008; 07:46 A.M.

Beautiful portafolio. Very intersting compositions and excellent portraits. Well done.

Stephen Buhagiar , January 19, 2009; 01:25 A.M.

Hi Neven. An interesting outstanding portfolio. I like your images, i like the different angles you shoot your photographs. Various themes/subjects but every folder is rich in detail, composition and use of light. I like the portraits folder especially those involving children. Keep it up with your good work. Well done.

Steven Seelig , January 25, 2009; 09:10 A.M.

Great portfolio. I love the way you capture people.

Clayton Mansnerus , February 07, 2009; 02:28 P.M.

I enjoyed viewing your diverse and impressive portfolio. Thanks for sharing. -Clayton

Kombizz Kashani , March 04, 2009; 02:24 A.M.

I like your collection of your images specially different folders of your pretty models with different poses.
Good luck with your future projects.


Stephen Watson , April 20, 2009; 05:50 P.M.

beautiful work

Jared Hall , April 20, 2009; 06:09 P.M.

Amazing Work

Neven, your portfolio is excellent.

What an encouragement - Thanks for sharing!

Marko Burnik , June 14, 2009; 10:24 A.M.

Excelent portfolio



Martin Kovacic , July 01, 2009; 03:22 A.M.

what a beauuuuuutiful job!!!! I have never seen your website before. Excellent job Neven, well done. Thumbs Up!

ali alsani , July 01, 2009; 11:37 A.M.

portraits lens

I want to now your lens used for portraits photo ? thanks best regards

Yves Jardon , July 01, 2009; 01:37 P.M.

Hi Neven, I enjoy all your portfolio! Your colors are great, the angle you catch your photos is original, all your models are beautiful. Congratulation, Yves

Salvador Penaloza , July 01, 2009; 02:36 P.M.

Great portfolio , beautiful portraits, well done , congratulations //Salvador

Jon Basaguren , September 14, 2009; 04:23 P.M.

Hi Neven

I like so much your work, full of variety, quality and originality!!

Alain D. , December 20, 2009; 04:13 A.M.

I could spend my day watching and commenting your photos... Just astonishing! Congratulations, Alain

Pim de Ruijter , January 04, 2010; 03:51 P.M.

Hi Neven, I browsed trough your portfolio many times and every time it amazes me! Portraits of the highest quality, beautiful landscapes etc. Very impressive and inspiring! Regards, Pim

Freddy Truyens , January 30, 2010; 08:34 A.M.

I think to move over to your place, I don't have neighbourhoodgirls like you do... Well, I love your style of shooting, love the choice of your subjects. What more can I say ?

Steve J Murray , February 08, 2010; 09:24 P.M.

Wonderful portraits. Very well done and imaginative too. I like the use of natural light.

Branimir Nedeljkovic , April 23, 2010; 04:27 A.M.


Jako mi se dopada tvoj portfolio. Želim ti da tako nastaviš i u budućnosti.

Veliki pozdrav i dobro svetlo....




DeAnn Komanecky , May 16, 2010; 02:57 P.M.

Lovely work.

Tom High , June 01, 2010; 06:11 A.M.



Richard Lanthier , June 15, 2010; 08:08 P.M.

Absolute beauty.

Marichelo Alzati , October 12, 2010; 07:19 P.M.

I love your work! So spontaneous. Even your posed portraits have a very natural quality to them. I have officially become your fan.  

Emily Low , November 09, 2010; 11:19 P.M.

Photography Project

Hello, I'm in a basic photography class and we have a project to make a presentation of a photographer on Photo.net that we aspire to and can relate to their photos. I chose your pictures of children because I love photographing children and think it's very special the way you can really get their personalities and feelings in the photograph. I have a few questions and was wondering if you could answer them to help me with my project:

1. Why kind of camera do you use?

2. Are these pictures set up or just natural pictures of children?

3. Are these photographs of your family?

4. Where are these photos taken?

Thank you  for taking the time to help me with my project. I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge, information and photos.

-Emily Low


Rob Kneeshaw , April 24, 2011; 08:38 P.M.

Absolutely beautiful portfolio Neven!!!  Incredible work throughout!


Iker Iglesias , May 26, 2011; 02:43 P.M.

Fantastic work Neven! Congrats!

Marianne Grossman , July 27, 2012; 02:45 P.M.

A Name

My son is also named Neven. I was doing an online search for a picture of Neven's laundry in Minneapolis and I came across this website. Your name is what drew me to your pictures, and I am glad it did.
You are amazingly talented. I am a huge fan of pictures that are not "posed". Your pictures capture people's true personalities. In my opinion, it take talent to be able to do this.

Michail Lipakis , January 10, 2014; 12:52 P.M.

I couldn't stop looking into your pictures.
THE MOST complete photographer in PN.

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