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Comments on this portfolio:

Joe Plant , November 13, 2006; 09:50 P.M.

Difficult to believe i am the first to leave a comment on your portfolio.You have a beautiful collection, look forward to seeing more..Regards.... Joe Plant

Salvador Penaloza , November 13, 2006; 10:38 P.M.

Very nice !

You have excellent pictures felicidades.

Arash khoshghadam , November 22, 2006; 10:15 A.M.

You have a very beautiful portfolio. Some of your landscape shots ( my favorites ) are stunning. Portratiture also offers eye-catching shots. Congradulations

S Spencer , November 25, 2006; 05:07 A.M.


I can't believe there are only four comments on such a competent portfolio of work. Your training and education show in your work. There are so many fine images, I wouldn't know where to start to comment. I like your choice of the same understated gallery frame for each image, as it puts everything on a level playing field, so to speak. I've thought of doing something like that, so now I see how good it looks, I may try it myself. Thank you for sharing your fine photography with us.


Anthony J Deffina , November 29, 2006; 09:52 P.M.


A very impressive portfolio! Hope to see more from you soon. -Anthony

Angyalosi Bea , December 02, 2006; 10:13 A.M.

you've got some wonderful work here.your sea-shots are great.those are my favourite.keep posting.congratulations!

Barry Denton , December 02, 2006; 08:03 P.M.

Hi Rege....What a nice wide array of photos!! Keep up the good work.

Agnes K. , December 05, 2006; 09:32 P.M.


Beautiful portfolio.

Trish vandenBerg , December 09, 2006; 08:05 A.M.

hello REGE....love your gallery....very very nice !!! all my best...

Dorota Kaminska , December 09, 2006; 09:29 A.M.

Rege I love Your gallery,specially b&w.Gretings Dorota

Steve Elliott , January 21, 2007; 11:18 A.M.

Great Work!

Excellent Portfolio !

Fred G. , January 25, 2007; 02:40 A.M.

wonderful portrait

I particularly love the portrait of the little boy with big eyes just to the right of the pepsi bottle and glass. I find it unique and it really drew me in.

John Reimer , January 25, 2007; 10:17 P.M.

I really like your pictures, keep them coming! JR

Shawn Callahan , February 02, 2007; 09:23 P.M.

High Quality

You work is all very well done. Composition, color, focus are all right on. Really nice folio.

Dennis Jones , February 18, 2007; 07:32 P.M.

Nice color and composition...

Bridgette E , March 06, 2007; 09:14 P.M.

I really like the work you have done here. Very beautiful.

Darren and Danielle Jones , May 21, 2007; 07:59 P.M.

Wonderful portfolio. I also visited your web site. Great work and very inspiring. Danielle

Gershon Levi , July 31, 2007; 10:58 A.M.

Waht a pelasure to see your work, not only you have excellent technical abilities but there is great depth and message in images that manifest themselves with originality, vision and character. Extraordinary variety as well. The colors you use are exact for the feeling and athmosphere and your photography is truly very emotionally and intellectually reaching. I will be visiting your portfolio often...

Tony Hadley , August 02, 2007; 12:12 A.M.

A very impressive and varied portfolio and yet there is a recognizable signature. Hope to see more from you soon. Tony Hadley.

Charalampos-Philip Iossifidis , August 12, 2007; 02:46 A.M.

One of the most unique, stylish portfolios in PN. Very personal touch. Your personal website is so well-done! All the best!

Fabrice Muller , August 17, 2007; 04:46 P.M.

Congratulations for your superb portfolio! I like the colors, style, lightning. Very nice shoots. Cheers from Switzerland. Fabrice

Carlos Guaimare , August 17, 2007; 11:19 P.M.

Hi rege

Great portfolio. I really like the close ups of animals. You must be a pro.

Michael Wakslicht , August 18, 2007; 12:24 A.M.

I am very inspired by what I see here.

Dimitar Atanasov , August 19, 2007; 06:11 P.M.

One of the best portfolios on PN. Best regards. Dimitar

A Massa , August 24, 2007; 12:31 P.M.

Very personal style. Excellent portfolio, great and fine work.


Michel Latendresse , August 30, 2007; 10:32 P.M.


you have a wonderful portfolio. I like the saturated colors and composition in your photos. You have a very recognizable style (which is meant as a complement) and personality to your photos. Thanks for sharing, I'll be back regularly for inspiration. Regards - michel

Terry Gilroy , September 06, 2007; 10:42 A.M.

You have a good eye and are obviously very capable at manipulating images in the computer. I like your work. Regards Terry

Johannes Photography , September 06, 2007; 01:26 P.M.

Strong and Impressive style Rege.. Thanks for the rating..

JP - (",)

Gino Tumbarello , September 07, 2007; 06:11 P.M.


wow fantastic portfolio! like very much!

Pierre Villeneuve , September 13, 2007; 10:00 P.M.

very divers portfolio i like the B/W. Subject are well composed in acordance with the light. this is for the good part. for the less good part of the portfolio it to much for the first time I will have to come back.

Regards Pierre

Tim Powell , September 16, 2007; 09:55 A.M.

Maybe someday?

Rege, Looked at your portfolio and hope that someday I can be HALF as good a photographer as you. Didnt read your bio yet but am certain that you are a definately a professional. Tim

Rashed Abdulla , October 31, 2007; 09:03 P.M.


Every thing here is very impressive and your skill and talent is very great

All of the best my friend

Lol Cain , November 24, 2007; 12:23 P.M.

Congratulations on an excellent portfolio. Diverse and colourful. Well done! Regards.

deb cloud , November 26, 2007; 09:31 P.M.


Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my portfolio and rate my image "Self Portrait II..."

I'm trying so hard to learn portrait work and I can see from your work you have already mastered it beautifully.

Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated.


Antonio S. , December 08, 2007; 09:57 A.M.

excellent Portfolio


I like your photographs very much. Birds and nature shots are excellent,

Keep sharing,


Rajdev Singh , December 16, 2007; 03:23 A.M.


You have a beautiful portfolio. I also appreciate your critique on my photo "Seagulls at night"", thanks.

Aykut Turhan , February 18, 2008; 07:36 A.M.

Your photos make ordinary views look extra ordinary. Well done!

Chan Chen , March 07, 2008; 10:59 A.M.


Hi, Rege

Thanks for your kindly rating on my photo "young at heart". I look through your bio and portfolio. I like many of your photos. They are very beautiful, colorful and creative. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures. Best regards!

Meir Samel , August 31, 2008; 01:06 A.M.

your folio

I am just passing through. Many of your photos are ones I would like to take but do not have the skill or imagination.

Goran Anastasovski , December 01, 2008; 04:59 A.M.

Fantastic portfolio. Bravo

paolo capelli , February 13, 2009; 05:39 A.M.

great portfolio.. i like very much the effect you apply on your shots! what kind of techniques you use?

Mehmet Akin , December 10, 2009; 09:17 A.M.

very god portfolio...I like them...congrats

Sreehari Sundararajan , April 18, 2010; 09:25 P.M.

Rege, Thanks for your recent rating on one of my image.. I love all your portrait pictures. It's so clasically defined and well executed image. Thanks for sharing.

giovanni pellegrino , July 23, 2011; 01:36 P.M.


Hello Rege, I just looked over your portfolio, a must say it's top notch. One of the best on this site. Congrats!

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