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Comments on this portfolio:

Brooke B , November 08, 2005; 06:10 P.M.

Your work is gorgeous!

Sachin Patke , November 27, 2005; 12:26 P.M.

Thank you Brooke.

Amanda Ferrell , December 18, 2005; 03:39 P.M.

one word "WOW"

Sachin Patke , December 18, 2005; 06:24 P.M.

Thank you Amanda. Same goes for your work too.

Biswajit Pandey , December 28, 2005; 06:59 A.M.

Hi Sachin

Very nice portfolio, your single photos reflects your own style and indeed they are simply beautiful. Thanks for your comments and encouragement in my portfolio.

Rakesh Dhareshwar , December 29, 2005; 08:54 A.M.

One word only......Outstanding!

Sachin Patke , December 29, 2005; 10:04 A.M.

Thanks for the encouragement, Biswajit and Rakesh. Wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous 2006.

Sis A , January 01, 2006; 12:04 A.M.

That was such a nice message you left me on one of my portraits. I wish you could have seen the set-up for lighting, it was one of those shielded lights that people use to work on their car engines, lol, and the camera was placed on a large upside-down kitchen pot! HA! But my husband did get me a professional tripod for Christmas so things are looking up! lol

Anyway, thank you for being so nice. I love your portfolio, you do AWESOME work with color, and btw, if those are your kids they are definitely adorable!

Francisco Ribeiro do Vale , February 11, 2006; 06:08 A.M.

Thanks Sachin for visiting my portifolio and for the comments. You have a great portifolio with very beautiful photos. Congrats.

Albert Hainston , February 13, 2006; 08:28 A.M.

Hello Sachin

Really good stuff. You do have a positive signature style in your architecture and landscape shots. Keep walking... Albert

Sachin Patke , February 15, 2006; 10:26 A.M.

Thank you Sis A, Francisco and Albert for your encouragement and compliments.

Robert Semnic , March 23, 2006; 05:00 A.M.

thanks for comment on my photo. We have something in common though have not the same photo-targets. i like your way og thinking

Robert Semnic , March 27, 2006; 09:46 A.M.


you asked for comment on surrealism. There was PhotoContest in Spain with "Train" as a topic. I had no other interesting idea but this collage of Istanbul Airport picture and Old Train exposed in front of Railway station in my town

Sachin Patke , March 29, 2006; 02:57 P.M.

Thank you for the explanation Robert. It almost looks like the place exists the way your photo shows, kinda like in a museum or something.

Kimberly M. Barton , April 06, 2006; 11:21 A.M.

Beautiful portfolio! The flower and leaf photos are my favorite!

Sachin Patke , April 06, 2006; 04:40 P.M.

Thank you Kim. You have an amazing portfolio too. You definitely have an eye and the ability to capture moments well.

Francisco Ribeiro do Vale , April 23, 2006; 01:35 P.M.

Spring 2006 - Great Folder

Sachin, your Spring 2006 folder is superb. Great Folder. Congratulations. Thanks for your comments on my portifolio.

EVAN SPELLMAN , May 07, 2006; 11:02 P.M.

very nice photograph

you have a very good eye for photography, i really like your work with flowers and leaves.... cheers

Sachin Patke , May 08, 2006; 01:09 P.M.

Thank you Francisco and Evan. I appreciate you taking the time to view my work.

Anil Sharma , May 23, 2006; 08:43 P.M.

Sachin, you have a great portfolio! Excellent ideas, very unique and creative. The macro shots are exceptionally well-composed and well exposed. The philly'06 folder is also interesting! Keep it up! KInd regards!

Sachin Patke , May 25, 2006; 10:44 A.M.

Thank you Anil.

Jacqueline Anderson , May 25, 2006; 01:01 P.M.

Hello Sachin~ I am very pleased to have come across your beautiful portfolio. Your work is very creative. I will be sure to return to see more...... Congratulations!

Sachin Patke , May 29, 2006; 05:39 P.M.

Thank you Jacqueline.

Sac Bee , July 05, 2006; 01:10 A.M.

Your portfolio is just amazing!!!

Mandar Kulkarni , July 06, 2006; 01:00 A.M.

Sachin, Amazing captures....very stunning! Shall keep coming back. Thanks for sharing.

Sachin Patke , July 06, 2006; 11:46 A.M.

Sachin and Mandar, Thank you for visiting and for the encouraging comments.

Mel Legget , July 11, 2006; 05:43 P.M.

Sachin ~

Your Single Photos are so colorful and creative. I like so many of them!

Jim Baker , July 16, 2006; 06:34 P.M.

love the colors!

you capture some great colors in the flower section of your portfolio, and I also love the DC pics.

cheers, jim baker

Sachin Patke , July 17, 2006; 10:26 A.M.

Thank you Mel and Jim.

Gabe Walker , July 31, 2006; 07:38 P.M.

I really enjoyed the flowers and the fireworks in DC.

Paul Turton , August 02, 2006; 01:37 P.M.

Sachin, Your skill in presenting such varied subject matter makes this a very pleasant gallery to browse. Thanks for sharing this colourful view of your world.

Sachin Patke , August 02, 2006; 04:20 P.M.

Thank you Gabe and Paul, I appreciate the visit and the kind remarks. Regards.

Anandakumar Elumalai , August 29, 2006; 09:36 A.M.


Great work Sachin... I love the lightings in all your pics.

Serena Santoni , September 21, 2006; 03:48 P.M.


BELLISSIME!! beatiful images! compliment!

Rob Tomlinson , October 05, 2006; 02:28 P.M.

Greart work !

Thanks for the comment - appreciated. Keep up the good work. Rob

Allison Whitt , October 18, 2006; 05:44 P.M.

Satchin, you are off to a very good start. You have very beautiful images. I love all your night-time architectural shots, especially the DC 4th of july with the capital building and fireworks. The lighting, tone, depth, and detail is outstanding!! Your portraits are also very nice as well. Your black and white do not have enough contrast though. They seem a little "muddy" This is very easily fixed through levels or brightness/contrast in photoshop. With a little more contrast they will "pop". Very nice portfolio though. Good colors throughout.

Sachin Patke , October 20, 2006; 01:24 P.M.

Anandakumar, Serena, Vrindavan, Rob, Allison

Thank you for your wonderful comments. Regards.

Jorge Luis R. Tagle , November 05, 2006; 12:16 A.M.

very nice portfolio very interesting shots I like it very much Joege Luis

Jorge Luis R. Tagle , November 06, 2006; 12:21 A.M.

The shot from la Guardia Airport was take in November 1988 every time you can check click on details everytime I write the dates and city have a nice day and thanks for your comment Jorge Luis

weiler michael , December 08, 2006; 09:28 A.M.


Very nice portfolio i love your Wedding fotos !!jour good !!

George Bruckner , January 02, 2007; 02:47 P.M.

Thank you for your critiques and ratings through out the year. Happy New Year and all the best, take care.

Mert TURKOGLU , January 10, 2007; 04:09 A.M.


Sachin thanks for your comment andvisiting my portfolio. I with the intention to thank you have discovered your great portfolio. All beautiful but your night shots are magnificent. Best Regards, Mert TURKOGLU.

Ankur Thatai , May 27, 2007; 04:08 A.M.

w on d e r f u l collection

Rakesh Syal , October 19, 2007; 05:08 P.M.

Great job on wedding shoots, Sachin!! Regards!

Sachin Patke , October 22, 2007; 06:13 P.M.

Thank you Mert, Ankur and Rakesh ji. Regards, Sachin

Kenneth Fugate , December 04, 2007; 08:32 A.M.

Hello Friend!

Well here it is another year is passing away and we are coming into the holidays. I think time starts to go faster as we get older, it was just yesterday I wished my friends Happy Holidays and here it is again the end of a year. The holiday lights are starting to be put on some of the trees here in Dallas, we were out last night and some were lighting the trees. I wish for you all a holiday season with family and friends, after all is said and done all we have is each other.

I want all of you to know just what your comments and ratings on my work means to me, your words are my motivation, my drive to discover, to learn this art that we all love, thank you for taking time and thank you for caring about my works. At the same time thank you for letting us see your world, our lives are so much the same, we all care about our families and friends and we all share the same things, maybe someday our photos will help make for a lasting world peace. May you and your family be blessed this season.

Happy Holidays and Happy Shooting


Danny Springgay , December 22, 2007; 06:10 A.M.

Sachin a fine quality portfoilo. A people photographer lots of quality images. I like you close-ups too keep up the good work.

Sachin Patke , December 26, 2007; 02:40 P.M.

Thank you Danny. Happy new year. Cheers! Sachin

Raj Gohil , May 14, 2008; 01:12 P.M.

Very nice

Hi Sachin

Very nice photography. What kind of Camera did you use?

Sachin Patke , May 21, 2008; 09:10 A.M.

Raj, I use Canon EOS30D for professional work (weddings/portraits), and canon Powershot S2 IS for casual day-to-day photography (fireworks, spring photos, Niagara falls, etc.) Thanks for visiting my portfolio.

Christophe Guerin , July 21, 2008; 06:41 P.M.

Wonderful world

This portfolio is brillant. This is an all-star model book. All kinds of girls, race, and styles. The way modelshooting should always be. Seems you're a photographer of life itself as i saw by walking through your work. Love the rest of it too. You got the eye and the heart. Thank you for that!

Roxana Chiru , February 14, 2009; 02:51 P.M.


Very nice portfolio, great colours, congratulations ! Roxana.

Kombizz Kashani , February 15, 2009; 03:40 A.M.

You have a good portfolio.
good luck


Roxana Chiru , February 19, 2009; 07:48 A.M.

thank you for comment I will posting in near future see you then Roxana

Roxana Chiru , February 28, 2009; 11:39 A.M.

I have new photos Roxana

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