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Don Bailey , April 08, 2005; 09:56 P.M.


Love the "drawing-like" portraits! Very nice!

db ~

Gustavo Henrique de Francisco , April 14, 2005; 05:26 P.M.

Almost of your photos are "drawing like". How did you make this?
Thanks to comment my photo.

Bruno Jesuíno , April 28, 2005; 04:56 P.M.


Very original work. Congratiolations. Thanks for the comment...

Leslie Battjes , April 28, 2005; 05:36 P.M.


Thanks for taking the time to comment on the photo of my daughter...I hadn't really thought of it before, but you're right, the stripes do distract some from her face...definitely will dress her differently next time! :) As for your portfolio, I'm glad I stopped...my favorite is the gull on the whale bones. It's both unique, making you want to take another look, and aesthetically pleasing! Great shot! Leslie

George Pennington , May 15, 2005; 08:49 P.M.

Thank you

Mr. Lowther,

You are a gentleman, a scholar, a talented photographer and a gifted teacher.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Best regards,

George & Brooke

Basso Gianluca , May 25, 2005; 03:48 A.M.

Steve, I like very much your style, in my opinion you are doing a great work, different and recognizable. In particular your monochromes are very interesting.

Manu Schotte , May 26, 2005; 06:11 A.M.


You are a artist on all your pictures

greets Manu

Dorota Kaluzynska , June 01, 2005; 07:33 A.M.

Steve it is an honour!

Thanks for comment on my portfolio, I am the begginer in photography, and Your words are very precious for me. Wery thank You.

By the way your photos... it is a BIG ART!! Thanks for sharing!

Aykan ÖZENER , June 04, 2005; 05:28 A.M.


Awesome works.Congrat...

Todd Bennett , June 22, 2005; 07:53 A.M.

Very nice portfolio. Great work.

ROBERTO ANGUIANO , June 25, 2005; 08:21 P.M.



Mark Anthony Kathurima , August 09, 2005; 07:47 A.M.

Steve, you have a great portfolio! I especially like your 'Porcelain Portraits'

I'd be honoured if you flipped (clicked?) through my work. I've just started out... :)

Best regards from Kenya, Mark


Sam Vincent , August 15, 2005; 03:22 A.M.

Thank you for your comment on one of my "Zentralfriedhof" photographs. You have a very impressive portfolio here. I can see you are an exceptional gifted professional photographer.

Katja Faith , August 20, 2005; 02:58 A.M.

Dear Steve, your photos are magnificent! I love the articism of every sigle shot. Best wishes, Katja

John Myers , March 28, 2006; 08:46 P.M.

Fabulous portfolio!

Montreal Quebec , April 02, 2006; 04:32 P.M.


Wow...no Steve, I did not know this technique (perspective control). I find it very kind of you in taking the time that you did to first, redo the photograph and uploading it side by side with the old one so I can compare and see the difference between both of them. Secondly, taking the time for your critique and sharing your knowledge on the "how to part". And believe me, this one is already in my bag of tricks, thanks to you.

By the way, I visited your amazing portfolio and in no time, realized that I was in the presence of a "Master of Photography".

Personnaly your portraits section is beyond a doubt, one of the best I've seen on PN yet. Also, your "Human on a Basic Level" section is quite interesting....my favorite photograph being "Therapy"....absolutely "unique".

Thank you again for taking the time, it is much appreciated.


Jenny Darden , April 06, 2006; 02:27 P.M.

I love the wheat and ivy photos. Your portfolio shows off your talent well. You have no shortage of ideas, and you do these ideas justice. By the way, thanks for your critique!

Janis OKelley , April 07, 2006; 01:46 P.M.


Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I am truly honored that "you" spent time on my photo "Perspective". Your vast knowledge and expertise of photography is certainly displayed in your portfolio, both in your photos and in the comments. I have been taking photos on a religious basis for about 5 years and have just recently (2 months ago)started using PhotoShop CS2(a surprise gift from my husband). And I am hooked! But, extremely lost trying to master the program on my own. My next step is a class I guess. Do you have any suggestions on what type of class to start with? I live in the "woods of deep east Texas" and I hope I can find something within 1000 miles...just kidding! Please check on me every once in a while and throw some of that talented knowledge my way. Again, Thank you. Janis O'Kelley

Tom Leech , April 13, 2006; 02:43 P.M.

Really captivating porfolio, Steve. Lighting & composition are outstanding. I enjoy the portraits section the most.

Domenico Gargarella , April 14, 2006; 04:19 P.M.

Woww and Thank you!

Steve, I can say only those words! Really thank you for the effort and the time you gave me, thank you for the brilliant esplanation on lightning (which I keep into my personal lightning bible!!), and thank you for the courtesy!

That is why Photo.net is far away the best photographic web site on the net: it is full of photographers like you who has the passion for photography and you like to share it with other people!

Yes please stay in touch (which would make me lucky), and I really look forward to post additional shots taken with your direction!


PS your portfolio is really amazing... you're a master! I love the portraits section!!!

Marinko Saric , April 18, 2006; 02:57 P.M.


Dear Steve, I very respect your critiques for my photo. I can to tell you, YOUR PORTFOLIO IS GREATEST ! Regards from Croatia !

Jon Kelly , April 19, 2006; 03:35 P.M.

Very impressive work indeed. You set the bar really high. Thank you for commenting on my photo, I find your critique very helpful.

willy marthinussen , April 20, 2006; 01:22 P.M.

Hi Steve..amazing work here...i will have to spend much time here on each individual photo and just enjoy these wonderful photos...really inspiring and i hope you continue share your tips and skill with us.. Best regards from willy marthinussen Norway...

Katja Faith , April 23, 2006; 02:22 P.M.

Hi again :) !

Hey Steve! Thank you so much for your support! Well, I'm really glad you find my images improving. In fact, I study linguistics, so it's kind of difficult to combine it with photography. But I've been interested in painting since childhood, so it makes it a bit easier. Besides I remember you said the soul is more important than the technical aspect, for which I'm very thankful to you. Thank you very much again! Have a good day! Katja

Stephanie Luke , December 30, 2006; 10:15 A.M.

Thank you for responding to my recent post (giraffe) and offering a crop suggestion. I am flattered to have drawn your attention, especially after looking at your portfolio. That is the beauty of PN. I did consider cropping more, but decided to leave the space around the figure to give a feeling of "lost in the wilderness" or something to that effect, but it probably would benefit from a somewhat different placement in the frame. I'm trying to find my "voice" in photography, stumbling along in the dark most of the time. Thanks again for your input; it is much appreciated.

Image Attachment: IMG_5752giraffe2.jpg

Lesa Jones , January 20, 2007; 08:52 P.M.

Beautiful portfolio Steve!! Your work is insightful and interesting. I look forward to returning and finding more images....LJ

John R. Math , January 27, 2007; 06:07 A.M.


Steve: You are a true artist. Wow! Your work is great and inspiring. Thanks. John Math

Jarmila G , January 28, 2007; 04:15 A.M.

Steve, your portfolio is amazing. I love your "Porcelain Portraits", especially Jennifer. It has dreamy quality. Was the photo published somewhere?

ram nair , January 28, 2007; 05:04 A.M.

Filled with emotions

I just love the way your view towards things around us. Excellent work. Can't wait to see more. -Ram

Jed Andrews , January 28, 2007; 08:34 P.M.


I enjoyed your portfolio. Thanks for sharing it.

Phil Jackson , February 26, 2007; 07:18 P.M.

Truly an amazing portfolio....Phil

Milos Mashed , February 28, 2007; 01:43 P.M.

Dear Steve:

You have great eye to create art. Nice technique, great ideas behind them and a wonderful dept in images appears which create a class of your own. Thank you for sharing your work and style with us. You are great artist It's amazing the way you treat the photographs to create such an atmosphere in them. Congrats to you and to them for the wonderful body of work that you have presented here. I look forward to seeing more. Thanks...

Peter van Nugteren , March 17, 2007; 03:40 P.M.


Thank you so much for your kind and honest words on my portfolio. Your comment means a lot to me. Looking at your beautiful, various work I noticed you love to experiment too. Your Porcelain Portraits are outstanding!

The Trousseau is an image with eternal beauty and great impact..I keep coming back to it. Thank you again Steve. Best regards from the Netherlands.

deb cloud , March 17, 2007; 03:44 P.M.


First of all, I took a journey through your work and I was very impressed with how well you're able to capture emotions with your images.

Secondly, "thank you" so much for your encouraging words regarding my work!

I do have such passion... Unlike anything I've ever experienced before.

I will take your words to heart and begin to look in places I would normally overlook and maybe I will uncover a beauty that comes from the deep emotion which is an important element within the subject.

I hope you will continue to watch my work and give me advice in how to improve my images.

Take care, deb

Si Cliff , March 20, 2007; 06:35 P.M.

some wonderful images.

John Horwitz , April 13, 2007; 07:51 A.M.

exquisitely beautiful - provocative - a mastery of the media...just love your work!

Alec Ee , April 13, 2007; 02:30 P.M.

Awesome works!

You have an eye for beauty Steve. Your still life and portraits are very good. Most of the resolution and compositions are superb. The wedding images are also extremely romantic. Congratulations.

Denise L , May 03, 2007; 11:45 A.M.


Hi Steve, I was drawn to your philosophy before I saw your work. I read and was moved by your response to a PNer who is a talented photographer but who gives harsh,unhelpful criticisms. I admire your honesty,generosity of spirit, and your masterful work. Regards. Denise

Andrew Daspin , May 28, 2007; 08:14 A.M.


I wanted to send you an email to your email address, but I cant access the address, so I'll speak to you here. ( I figure that you can just delete this message when you are done with it, so it doesnt have to stay with your portfolio)

You commented on my photo " Dark Harvest" a B&W of a cornfield. You said: "I see potential here Andrew.....I think you have an artistic eye but perhaps could use a little direction.....Photo.net is a great place for learning.

It so happens that I AM a novice at photography. I've been doing digital for 1.5 years now. I actually know nothing about photography or editing. I have been trying to teach myself, which is a slow and frustrating process.

My question to you is: Your comments make the assumption that I am a bebinner, but I have not posted a biography to my photo.nethome page. Why do you assume just from that one photo that I am a novice? How do you know that I am not, perhaps an accomplished photographer, who just happens to prefer this particular photo the way it was presented? Please dont misunderstand... I really do appreciate your advice and your taking the time to alter my photo.. I am just curious why you assumed that I am a beginner.

If you have a chance, please visit my portfolio and tell me what you think. Keep in mind that i really do know nothing about photography or editing, only what I have managed to teach myself. Also, please excuse the disarray of my portfolio; I havent figured out yet how to organize the photos into folders!

Thanks Again for your help Andrew Daspin

Erwin Rizaldi , July 01, 2007; 09:31 P.M.

Hi Steve...Saying anything here is just like repeating what others said about how great your portfolio. But I still want to say few words "You are a master in your style photograph". Best Regards, Erwin.

Linda Prows , September 02, 2008; 08:34 A.M.

Steve, First I want to thank you for taking time to review my recent post. Your suggestions were well noted. Your portfolio is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Linda Prows

Xiao Cai , September 17, 2008; 09:44 P.M.

Thank you very much for your suggestions. You have done such a wonderful work. love them!

Leon Forado , October 11, 2008; 09:02 A.M.

Fantastic portafolio with high quality photo. Specially I like your still life.

Best Regards

Cherene Kelly , October 14, 2008; 11:20 A.M.

Hi Steve

What can we say without repeating what has all ready been said? Kudos! Regards G&C

Ken Stoecklin , October 23, 2008; 10:50 A.M.

Thanks for taking the time to comment on my photo....Your thoughts carry great weight based on your work here. I've only been doing portraits for about 6 months... This new venture is exciting and has a huge learning curve compared to what I've normally done. Positive comments from someone so accomplished keeps me going. Thanks again...Ken

Stéphane Lemieux , October 24, 2008; 09:56 P.M.

Hi Steve, thanks for taking the time to comment on my picture. By the way, nice port :)

Frank Kinser , October 25, 2008; 01:17 P.M.

Very good, well rounded portfolio.

Steve, I particularly like the images in your Quest for the Essence, Porcelain Portraits and Still Life galleries. Each of your galleries shows well developed images that are consistent with their theme and skillful post-production work. Your high-key and muted tone work is particularly pleasing. Keep up the good work.

Naseer Fedaee , October 27, 2008; 11:22 A.M.

Woww....The great

Hello Mr.Steve,Iam happy that i seen your useful workshops and comments on my photos,really when i seen your bio page and your gallery i enjoyed,all of your works are wonderful and awesome but always i like portraits.........(Dont no but its like this that always like to see portrait only...)..........really i enjoyed - Thanks for shaing your wonderful works - Best regards, Naseer

Razvan Pleteriu , October 29, 2008; 04:53 P.M.

Thank you so much for your lesson. I hope you will continue to watch my work and give me advice in how to improve my images.

shawn orozco , November 05, 2008; 01:23 P.M.


steve, i wanted to say thank you for the comment you left me. i was a little hesitant to post my work, afraid of harsh words. thank you for your insight, i think you are absolutely right about the raccoon eyes, i can't believe that i did not see that before. going to school, i hope to learn lighting and other technical things like that. i really appreciate you taking time to study my image and the walk through of how you corrected the problems. your awesome, thanks again and great success to you.


and by the way, alyson and her william pictures...so romantic and very beautifully shot, kudos to you on those!

Rob Tomlinson , November 06, 2008; 08:15 A.M.

Appreciate it !

Thanks Steve,

I always appreciate another view and thank you for taking the time to critique the image. Keep up your great work.

Sincerely, Rob

Yalçın Varnalı , November 11, 2008; 03:33 P.M.

Hi Steve

Every category in your portfolio has it's originality and style. Very nice, succesfull and artistique treatments make your page amazing. Thanks for sharing with us. And finally, we speak Turkish :).

Lawrence Paiken , November 12, 2008; 09:26 P.M.

Hi Steve

THANK you for what you did and for teaching me a very important lesson on the finer details that I totally did'nt see for myself. You dramatically imroved my "It's Been Tough" portrait. Greatly appreciate your time and effort in sharing your knowledge which is pretty evident in your work. Thanks for the inspiration and help. Best wishes, Lawrence.

Robert Tucker Jr , November 13, 2008; 06:12 P.M.

Thank You

Steve, Thank you for the advise. I will take it into consideration and use your tipps as best that I can. Tuck

Iftikhar Ahmad , November 14, 2008; 12:40 A.M.

Excellent portfolio. Diverse subject all done so nicely.

I was impressed what did with the little girl with highlight on the head (girl who lives in place --) Thanks for showing the technique. Regards ifti

Art X , November 14, 2008; 08:31 P.M.

Hi Steve, what an amasing collection of images. truly inspirational. thanks for sharing.

Jubin Saniei , November 23, 2008; 03:44 P.M.

Thank you

Dear Steve thank you for your comment on my portfolio and im trying to do my best. i really like your portfolio and i'm waiting for your new shots.

Raymond Borg , November 23, 2008; 04:20 P.M.


You are really an artist of photography. Thanks very much for your comments and advice. Really appriciate your help. Thankyou.

Marius Ilie , November 26, 2008; 02:45 A.M.


thanks for your advices about portrait photography. i'll take them into account next time. i am not such a fun of any kind of blur in my images besides what comes out of DOF... Interesting portfolio u have there. Keep up with the good work.

Takuji Takahashi , November 28, 2008; 07:21 A.M.


Thank you for your suggestion. I see your Photography, become study, and am surprised.

petros mitropoulos , November 28, 2008; 02:53 P.M.

Thanks for your suggestion i appreciate.. I just left the image without manipulation just to see it more natural... However, after you comments, I will make somechanges..

B, regards,


Ioan Alexandru Chiru , November 30, 2008; 12:09 P.M.

Hi !

You have a diversified portfolio with nice shots and great colours, congratulations ! Alex.

Juan Carlos Rivera , December 04, 2008; 07:25 A.M.

Dear Steve, thank you very much for your interesting comentary in my portrait of Elena. You have a great eye for the portrait, your porfolio is full of excellent exemples in this matter. Your vision on my portrait is very convincing: rather less importance to dress and background and all interest coming from the face. May be I was trying to get some detail in the shadows influenced by the medium: analogical photography and the difficulty to get in laboratory detail in the darkest parts of the image. I hope you can excuse my poor English, and I hope you can understand that I want to tell you. Thanks again for your interest. Kind regards, Juan Carlos.

Ronda Sliter , December 04, 2008; 01:42 P.M.


Thank you for commenting and making sugestion on my nephews graduation photo. I'll work on these photos a bit and see if his Mom likes the edited ones more. As for the expression on his face thats a typical Ron expression he uses that expression a lot. The busy fall background was his Moms idea. But if I calm the background down just a bit that would make Ron the center of focus as he should be. Thanks agian.

Yinka Oyelese , December 26, 2008; 09:52 A.M.

Dear Steve

I LOVE your photography. Of course, you may use my photos as you see fit.

Best wishes at Christmas


Phil Falson , January 01, 2009; 06:42 P.M.

Hello Steve, I enjoyed browsing your portfolio, very nice work. Thank you for your help with my portrait lighting set up back in November.

Glauco Dattini , January 11, 2009; 04:19 P.M.

Hi Steve

Amazing portfolio!! I am happy to have visited your jobs! Thank you for choosing my photos for your presentations. Best Regards. Glauco

Pedro Olivo , January 21, 2009; 06:16 A.M.

Steve you have a great portfolio with an amazing set of photos. Thanks for contacting me via email. Best regards


José Vicente García Bellido , January 23, 2009; 03:54 A.M.

Great portfolio, and beautiful presentations, Thank you.

Greg Pichnej , January 28, 2009; 10:35 A.M.

Hello Steve, You are the master of composition yourself. I would assume that it might be tricky ethically to make a presentation on photographic composition and only to use your own work, but as anyone can see after perusing your portfolio of pictures, you could easily do just that. Regards, G.

Museeb Jasim , June 01, 2009; 12:31 A.M.

" Everyone sees a tree, a very common subject but shown here with a unique presentation ... ".

Steve Lowther : My compliments to a very impressive comment on one of my photo as well as my portfolio, I appreciate every single word you have wrote.

SURELY, you have a great portfolio and you are an artist. Thank you again, my best wishes. Museeb

Mark H , August 30, 2009; 12:52 A.M.

Wow! You've got a magic touch on your portraits. But really, your professionalism shows throughout this beautiful portfolio. Looking through it, you can see what a skilled hand and eye can do with a camera.

Sunshower Rose , January 09, 2010; 04:43 P.M.

Artsy in Sedona

Hello Steve --

Your work is absolutely captivating! I signed up with photo.net - exclusively to be able to reach you sooner than not. (You responded to my profile, at a fishy kind of site yesterday.)

From one artist to another, I must say - I'm really quite impressed. Your doggie pix make me just want to rub their bellies! :)

Pamela Franklin , May 22, 2010; 07:44 A.M.

Hello Steve

I had a little peek...actually spent quite a bit of time snooping around in your portfolio. You have a diverse and quality collection presented here making for an enjoyable time viewing.

I appreciate you taking the time to comment on my work and showing me another (your) interpretation of two of my posts. Please feel free to comment anytime and I am never offended by someone showing me something different. I will be back to check in soon and see what you are up to....wishing you all the best and always the magic light!

Take care, Pamela

Tm J , September 06, 2010; 02:21 A.M.

Hi Steve, thank you again for your great suggestion and modification of my recent shot. That lead me to your portfolio which I greatly enjoy looking through with a cursory look but I sure will be back when I have more time for a thorough look. You got so many great images in so many diverse area!

Liz Weisiger , November 24, 2010; 09:13 P.M.

Steve, you have a lot of very dramatic and interesting images here. I like your range of creativity.

Debi Ader , December 02, 2010; 05:50 A.M.

More Than Amazing

I was on the POF site and saw your link.

I have been interested in photography for years but so far haven't acted on it. I'm in possession of black and white photos my Dad took that are over 60 years old. Maybe one day I'll pursue it....

I was so enthralled with your pictures. I honestly didn't want the display to end. They were absolutly AMAZING! "Feast for the Eyes" were the words that came to mind but not a good enough description at best! You are truly gifted and they just about brought tears to my eyes. I'm almost speechless!

Thank you for sharing such incredible talent. Don't ever stop.

Have a truly Love Filled Holiday Season.



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