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Comments on this portfolio:

Lee Jianmin , March 20, 2005; 02:45 P.M.

Sue, Thank you for your comment. You're indeed a Great photographer with Great talent. I visit your homepage. What can I say? Just hope you can download some for the benefit on PN member. I love almost all your photos.

Leilani Techaira , March 24, 2005; 12:49 A.M.

Hey Anna. Thank you for the comment on Summer of 99. I appreciate it. When I went to your page here to thank you I saw your portrait and I already knew who you were. This is imogene from deviantart. Take care.

anslee w , March 26, 2005; 08:29 P.M.

These are some of the most original self portraits I've seen. Nice work!

Andrei V , March 27, 2005; 04:58 P.M.

Terrific talent, Anna, hope to see more of your outstanding work here! (Saw your Deviant portfolio, you've got a lot more good stuff to show!)

Gary Durington , March 27, 2005; 05:48 P.M.

a great start.

I look forward to seeing your next photos. very good work.

Bob Jarrell , March 28, 2005; 08:08 A.M.

I'm sorry you removed "I don't want to be an angel". I think it has a lot of feeling to it.

lemon bartleboom , March 29, 2005; 10:44 A.M.


A fantastic portfolio, a particular strange atmosphere, a wonderful model... Complimenti, continua cos

norbert wabnig , March 29, 2005; 12:33 P.M.

yes.its great

like it a lot.

Michael Boehl , March 30, 2005; 12:16 P.M.

Nice work

Good imagination, very creative. Hope to see more work soon.

RICHARD BOXALL , March 31, 2005; 11:32 A.M.

Sue, Thanks for you comments, it is a semi wild horse and it just came up to my car and put his head in my window . A fish eye lense would have made it better but I had no time to change anyway. And I just love your work, it,s so fresh and a great new aways of looking at things. Keep it up and stay smiling :)

Sp ... , March 31, 2005; 08:56 P.M.

Very interesting portfolio. If you are not familiar with the work of Cindy Sherman you should be.


Yann R. , April 01, 2005; 02:34 A.M.

Congrats !

You have your own personal style ! You have a wonderful look on photo. I've seen your personal Deviant homepage. There are wonderful shots, really creative work : cropping, colors, grey tones are well tought. Allow us seeing you more !

Michael Taylor , April 06, 2005; 12:27 P.M.


"Precious Dreams" is the first one of your photos I'd ever seen.

I think this photo is fabulous; tone, mood, sensuality. It made me realize immediately that you must have more photos hidden away somewhere and I was happy to find them on deviantart.com.

There (deviantart.com), I discovered that very creative community. I had a chance to see more of your work and to discover many more interesting artists; I thank you for that.

Now, I've also quickly come to understand some of the limitations of deviantart.com. The main one is that, for the most part, there are few valid critiques given (OMG! Your picture is so pretty! Hugs!!!). This is OK, but doesn't help the artist evolve. Also, one can find a huge number of self-portraits of young girls faking death in the bath, with a blood tear or blood coming out the corner of their mouth (blank stare, etc.). Interesting at first, but, IMHO, tiresome after fifty or so. Actually, tiresome after 2 or 3. Way past time to move on to different themes...

You've done the right thing in showing your work at photonet as well. Thanks again. Your talent is evident, fresh and provocative.

I look forward to watching your evolution.


Arjen van de Merwe , April 07, 2005; 11:50 A.M.

Dear Anna,

You are a very talented artist. Your images are of unusually high artistic merit. Great concept, depth, emotion. Please keep working at it, your work makes the world more beautiful. (Did you ever study the work of Cindy Sherman?)

Take Care,


David Bohn , April 07, 2005; 05:47 P.M.

Very nice self portriats. I really like Blue Lagoon. Keep up the great work.

Anish Desai , April 08, 2005; 04:28 P.M.

you've got some serious creativity here. i love your use of different colors and angles to give each shot a unique flavor - yet your style shows through in all of them. great work.


Al Li , April 08, 2005; 08:47 P.M.

Sue Anna

You are very creative and an excellent artist.

F.J. Sarmiento , April 09, 2005; 12:11 A.M.


I've gone through your profile and portfolio and a number of times you mention the limitations of your cameras. Well, honestly, I can't see very many at all with all your great pieces of work! You've got an awesome sense of creativity and I'm envious. Looking through your work is inspiring. Recently I've been suffering from a lack of motivation. Hopefully after exams, I'll start to pick it up again. I'm glad I came across your portfolio.

You answered your own question, does the camera really make a difference? You are living proof that it is the photographer and not the camera that takes a good photo! Not that your Sony Cybershots aren't good cameras, but just look at all the amazing shots you took without a DSLR.

Oh, and you shouldn't feel so bad about using PS. Art is art. If what you produce makes you or others happy or stirs up emotions, isn't that what matters?

As for "Her Secret Life", did your parents get mad at you for making a mess with all that black paint in your washroom? ^_^

Adding you to my list of interesting people! :)

Natalie Shau , April 09, 2005; 07:10 A.M.

oh dear hihi we both are really good received here :) very glad.

with love Natalie

Gerry H , April 09, 2005; 12:52 P.M.

I can't believe ....

I have never seen your work before - your work is stunning - so powerful - each piece is amazing and I love that you are in the shots yourself - very inspiring work + you are a gorgeous model - keep shooting and posting to photo.net I look forward to seeing new works in your portfolio

Alec Ee , April 10, 2005; 10:56 A.M.

Sue Ann, you've got a unique style and exceptional talent for creativity. Nice work.

Are you in Deviantart.com?

Maria Kokinou , April 26, 2005; 01:10 P.M.

Your WORK is AMZINGGGGGGGG !!! I am with no words !!! People like you should upload 3 times a day so we can admire your work !!! Wonderful all of your photos !

Gabriele Noziglia , April 26, 2005; 06:23 P.M.

One of the coolest stuff ever seen on pn Sue.

No much to say...just beautiful.

devrim balkir , April 27, 2005; 03:01 A.M.


u've got a great eye, vision and creativity.... deeply impressed by ur photos... composition, theme and also PS works.... Thnx for sharing both in PN and DeviantArt...

here's my PN link... www.photo.net/photodb/member-photos?user_id=1032044&include=all

Edwin Mendoza , April 27, 2005; 06:28 P.M.

Anna, keep up the great work. You are very good at this.

Bilgo jol production -Rouzes- , May 01, 2005; 08:07 A.M.


great work!!! Cheers

E Walker , May 06, 2005; 01:47 P.M.

Sue Anna, I am simply in awe of your talent and creativity. I still struggle to get my exposure right, but you... you've transcended techicality and taken this to a level of purity of expression that is rare even among the greatest of artists... er, something like that. Basically, I really like yer pictures : )~


Vi P , May 08, 2005; 06:21 A.M.

A lot of true compliments were already said, I will only add that I admire your talent, imagination and masterty. You are a gracious beautiful woman, and I feel lucky that you share your creative self portraits with us. Will keep an eye on your new works!

Kind regards, Vi (from Brussels)

Longtang Lin , May 11, 2005; 06:33 P.M.

hi ,, I am surprised with what you can achieve with non-slr camera.. you are good photographers and model as well. I think you are very talent..

keep shooting..

Longtang LIN

Michael Avlaris , July 06, 2005; 07:42 P.M.

Anna your work is fantastic and I am happy to have found your portfolio. You must take more photos to share with us and let your talent to bright even more.

Way to go !

Greetings from Greece - Michael

Scott NYC , July 06, 2005; 08:54 P.M.


I really like your portfolio. It is sexy and edgy but most importantly it is consistent. Consistency is probably the thing that separates the good from great photographers. They have alot of great photos but one genre looks nothing like another. Yours have a unified eye. Good luck Scott

Jenny Darden , July 14, 2005; 08:59 P.M.

Much impressed

i greatly enjoyed your portfolio and found it to be full of dramatic images, lurching angles, and passionate creativity. keep shooting, and good luck!

Puranjoy Chatterjee , July 19, 2005; 10:28 P.M.

Amazing portfolio

Anna, your work is so striking and aesthetic. You have a very original style. Congrats for a great portfolio.

dREAMS * , August 29, 2005; 10:31 A.M.

Excellent porfolio Ms Anna, you have a great talent artistic and aesthetic.!! I like your dreams.... luck. best regards

Antonio C. , August 29, 2005; 02:13 P.M.


your work is awesome. Thanks for sharing

Fabrizio Nocera , August 30, 2005; 05:49 A.M.

Great porfolio, you have got an incredible talent. :)

Haksar R K , August 30, 2005; 09:05 A.M.


Realy Amazing... Great.. U have the Stuff. Congrats

Leon Roda , August 31, 2005; 12:19 A.M.

Whoa Nelli!!!!

This is great imagery. I mean really GREAT. You have a creative vision that is unique and the skill to bring the vision to fruition. Thank you for sharing your gift.

Ruben Garcia , August 31, 2005; 04:34 P.M.


I just joined PN and yours was the first gallery I hit on. If the rest of the galleries maintian this high of a standard I will be spending hours browsing.

You are truly an artitist and I am humbled.

Peter Bajzek , September 07, 2005; 11:22 P.M.

Your photos show an excellent sense of composition and great work with color. Really wonderful work. Regards.

Ben Maddox , September 22, 2005; 11:51 A.M.

You have some great work here! I enjoyed looking around! Thanks for sharing!

pepe alias boulette , September 24, 2005; 05:32 P.M.

your portfolio


Dan Talpau , September 27, 2005; 06:53 A.M.

simply impressive. You're not only a great photographer but also a beautiful model. I like your artistic sense and the way you express yourself. really awesome.

Todd Bennett , September 27, 2005; 09:20 A.M.

Excellent work. You are very talented.

David Cochran , September 27, 2005; 01:08 P.M.

You are inspiring

Hi Sue, in your biography you say that you are humbled by other photographers in this site and that you are inspired by them. Let me say, you are part of that list of photographers tha humble and inspire others. peace. D.

Scott Lewis , September 28, 2005; 05:44 P.M.

top-notch amazing!!!

Wojciech Dziedzic , September 29, 2005; 03:37 P.M.


Awsome portfolio!

Aykan ÖZENER , September 30, 2005; 01:51 A.M.


what a creative portfolio.Wonderful.Congrat...

Leo Rossi , October 03, 2005; 11:23 A.M.

You got all the chops. I think you should wind up in Vanity Fair very soon. Congrats!

Olli Pekonen , October 27, 2005; 03:02 P.M.

Good stuff!!!

My compliments, Sue Anna Joe. Your portfolio showcases a personal, recognizable style that is apparent in every image you have posted. I truly like your edgy, dramatic and thought provoking material of people. I would be honored if you would check out and comment my material at my photo.net pages!

nathan wegemer , November 03, 2005; 12:02 A.M.

S-girl, you're going super-nova...

thanks for exploding where I can see,


Thomas Andrew Hall , November 29, 2005; 09:50 A.M.


I wish I had such a cool body of work... very nice!

Carlo Ottaviano Casana , December 04, 2005; 04:56 P.M.

Stunning portfolio! Your creativity and technique makes almost all your photos really outstanding!

Tim Holte , December 11, 2005; 11:23 A.M.

Very sophisticated body of work, especially for someone so young. With your talent I would think that you could go as far as you wanted to in the art world. Hard work and a few breaks and who knows? Good luck no matter what you do!

hery priyono , January 06, 2006; 05:32 A.M.

aje gile...

edan,talented,otodidak,sophisticated... di tunggu pameran tunggal nya di indonesia

Massimo Santoni , January 13, 2006; 04:27 A.M.

Your portfolio is absolutely amazing. You are taleted young and beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Jenny Darden , January 13, 2006; 04:55 P.M.

I love the drama you convey in your photos. The stories are rich and compelling. Thank you for sharing your work.

Carmel Skutelsky , January 14, 2006; 08:45 A.M.

Wonderful work !!!

Jacob Zellmer , January 14, 2006; 08:47 A.M.


indeed very nice. JPZ

Jack Blake , January 14, 2006; 02:18 P.M.


Found your portfolio... glad I did..

Intensly creative and well put together.. Excellent work all through!

thanks for sharing, jb

Mario Spalla , January 14, 2006; 04:02 P.M.

My God!!!

This is incredible....Originality, details...all in the right place for a telentous artist! You're a master dear Anna! My best congrats.

Bryan Kannowski , January 14, 2006; 11:19 P.M.


Your self portraits are beyond amazing. This is hands down my favorite portfolio on photo.net. keep up the mindblowing work.

Wojciech Dziedzic , January 16, 2006; 05:20 A.M.


It's really pretty hard to comment your portfolio...Your images are so amazing and breath taking...the only word which can nearly describe your work is .... georgous :) best regards form Poland!


Faisal Sadat , January 16, 2006; 02:18 P.M.

Great shots !!

Well use of photoshop ... but, too many self portraits for a photographer ... ! : )

Bianca Van Der Werf , January 16, 2006; 06:45 P.M.

I really love your style (and your selfportraits as well, haha.....). Maybe I have also to many of them....:)... Greetz!

bart tararuj , January 23, 2006; 06:19 P.M.

You take a very different field of photography then me but still manage to inspire me. Amazing!

Atan Chua , January 24, 2006; 07:43 A.M.

Amazing pictures!!!

Matej Matus , January 24, 2006; 09:36 A.M.

Good !

I like your portfolio, cause it's very creative. Superb works !

Victor Porcioncula , January 24, 2006; 12:56 P.M.

Really like your work


Really nice gallery here and DA


Longtang Lin , January 24, 2006; 05:51 P.M.

you are so talent at such young age.. are you sure you are only 23 ????? Your quality of work embrassed a lot of photographers who is twice of your age..

If you wo;nt turn professional.. then who should ??

Keep going.. You will be a splenedid one.. Maybe I know where you live ?? (In Brotish ??)

Longtang john Lin in Chicago

Isaac Madera , January 24, 2006; 06:02 P.M.


I LOVE your work...your self ports are amazing!!

Teru Kage , January 24, 2006; 11:19 P.M.


I was going to leave comments on your photos but I love so many of them (Her Embrace, Her Secret Life, Make it Stop, My Guardian Lights...) that it would take forever to do them justice so I decided to comment on your entire portfolio.

Fantastic work, especially the self portraits. It's hard enough to make a good photo standing behind the camera but you've gone ahead and jumped to the next level by being in front of the camera as well. You have a great instinct for the art.

Robert Semnic , January 25, 2006; 02:00 A.M.

Dear Sue! Let me tell you something - you suceed in experiment. cheers

Marco Giardini , January 26, 2006; 04:36 A.M.

impresssive portoflio that let transpire your ability in catching small details of the usual life and of your body. I love your shots, really, and i think you have huge possibility to explore and even improve. Congratulation!!


Kevin Teachey , January 26, 2006; 10:29 A.M.


You've taken the self-portrait to a new level. Amazing portfolio!! Cheers!

Sanja Veletanlic , January 27, 2006; 07:28 A.M.

You do have a talent, and you learned how to use it. Your self portraits are amazing, and it made me think of making some for myself. Please do not worry, I don't intend to copy yours as that is simply not possible, you just made think how do I see myself. Thanks, and keep up the good work.


Christopher Pelczarski , January 27, 2006; 07:43 A.M.


You are the most creative girl I've never met. I don't have to meet you to know that. I'm jealous of your ability to create beauty.

zulfiqar ali , January 27, 2006; 02:36 P.M.

An extraordinary artistic approach...just stunning...Marvellous and sensational...Lighting, composing, color ballancing, and everything. Regards > ZA

Mark Anthony Kathurima , January 28, 2006; 07:01 A.M.

Sue Anna, a truly beautiful collection of photo-art by a truly beautiful photographer... :)

Best regards from Kenya, Mark

Elisabetta Moschetto , January 28, 2006; 01:11 P.M.


I love self-portraits and you portoflio is full of female charm mixed together with both technique and imagination. Congratulations for your photos!


Peter Sowa , January 29, 2006; 06:22 P.M.


just wanna say: I admire your exeptional talent and a great sense of esthetics!!! wish you success!!!

Inge Kirsi , February 01, 2006; 12:51 P.M.

i just absolutely adore your stile and eye

jf d , February 03, 2006; 04:19 A.M.

Your sensitivity express in all your photos. You, for sure, got all the necessary technics but we only receive your feelings which is Art Thank you

Dexter Dee Dee , March 03, 2006; 12:40 P.M.

Great portfolio SAJ. Amazing stuff. You have a great portraits, I like your work. DDD

javier dominguez , March 11, 2006; 03:41 P.M.

hi sue anna

hi, i like a lot your work or your pictures, i stay in shock,you transmite me a lot of feeling,sorry about my english,im spanish.i hope that you can see my photos my name is javier dominguez,and if you want i would like to speak about photos another moment, my email: javesk@hotmail.com(you can agree if you want) and to send me email is better this one: dpjavi81@yahoo.es thank you very much and your work is excellent

Rudolf Arndt , March 14, 2006; 06:00 A.M.

Nice photo's

I realy like your style! Interesting..i"ll put you in my list of intersering people...becaus i want to see more of your work in the future .. Keep working like this, ! :)

Ben Bowles , April 08, 2006; 04:48 A.M.


you are keeping me up too late i have to stop looking at your portfolio and go to bed. you are truly inspired and inspiring. your photography is modern and provocative you should aim to print your fine art and exhibit them to the public and sell them,but please keep on doing this fine photography.

good luck

Edmund JP , April 25, 2006; 02:23 P.M.

Good stuff!

It's 2:19am local time and I am still up browsing through your albums. You are absolutely talented and original! Love all your work!

Warren Carrington , May 09, 2006; 05:50 P.M.

Just wanted to say WOW!!!! fantastic vision

David Meyer , May 12, 2006; 12:24 A.M.

Really enjoy your work. You have a large number of excellent photos posted. You have taken self posing to its highest level. To me this shows a wonderful imagination. If you can make an interesting photo out of nothing but you and the camera, then imagine what you might do exploring all of the facinating subjects in the world at large. Keep growing and expanding your portfolio. Very nice.

david woodberry , May 12, 2006; 11:10 P.M.

simply amazing, sue! incrediblly imaginative and emotional. thanks!

Anna Soæko , May 13, 2006; 08:33 P.M.

amazing pf!! u'rs self portraits is a excellent!

Gaurav Dhwaj Khadka , May 14, 2006; 12:02 P.M.

great work...

I really like your photography style. keep it up. Gaurav Dhwaj Khadka

Ervis Theodhori , May 15, 2006; 09:51 P.M.

simply the best..

did you prelect lessons???

David Eastham , May 17, 2006; 10:16 P.M.

Congrats !

I love your work. Great photography and the best self portraits I've ever seen. I look forward to seeing more.

Leonardo Villalobos , May 21, 2006; 01:43 A.M.

True Art !

Katja Faith , July 10, 2006; 03:08 P.M.

Sue, you've got one of the greatest portfolios I've ever seen! It's impressed me so much that I'm still all mixed up -- shocked, magnified, mesmerized... You're a great photographer! Cheers, Katja

Inge Kirsi , July 27, 2006; 02:23 A.M.

you have very attractive portfolio.

sahil banga , August 09, 2006; 04:25 A.M.


till now, yours have been the most colorful, sharp portfolio...most refreshing of all...best. kudos.

Image Attachment: 104709536_068a7408bc_b.jpg

Marta Eva LLamera , August 09, 2006; 05:56 P.M.

Wow... !

A deep, deep work... your images leave me without words... Oh! continue doing so, please. Best Regards.

Irina Rudneva , September 14, 2006; 06:24 A.M.


Beautiful photos and models! I like wery much.Wish you all the best in your works.

Markos George Hionos , September 14, 2006; 12:55 P.M.

I believe you are very talented both in straigt photography and in ps work - My regards

Elena Platonova , September 18, 2006; 04:59 P.M.


Teemu Rytky , September 22, 2006; 01:48 P.M.

Your work is amazing!

Tanya Truong , October 07, 2006; 11:46 A.M.

Dear Sue,

I have tremendous respect and admiration for your mastery in both photography and Photoshop. It takes a lot of time and commitment to master a craft, let alone two. More importantly, i love your style of photography, it's full of moods, emotions, and conceptualized ideas to which i also like to apply in mine. What amazes me is that you can make "death, suicidal" beautiful! The subjects that are very hard to deal with for lot of people. Your artwork is beautifully melancholic and poetic. I am glad i have found your website. Ever since, your "photograph of the week" on PN posted, it stayed forever in my mine as my most favorite. Warmest regards, Tanya.

Beng J. , October 08, 2006; 01:59 A.M.

A feast for the eyes !

You are both creative excellent photographer and also exceptionally good model !. Your self portraits are amazingly beautiful. Congratulation that you have got such talent !.

Neil Peters , October 11, 2006; 10:45 P.M.

Your imagination is wonderful and unfettered. What a joy to see such a love of light, color and composition in a never ending story. Excellent and fun self portraits highlighted by a bizarre sense of humor:)

JEGOT MAMA , October 12, 2006; 01:41 A.M.

Proud of u

Islam-Malay-Malaysian...we are same...Proud Of U!! I Support U!! U go girl!

Cristian Maghiar , October 22, 2006; 11:18 A.M.

Really fantastic portfolio. Your self-portraits are something special. Cheers, Cris.

Manuel Lao , October 23, 2006; 09:09 A.M.

I'm glad to have discovered your portfolio, it's outstanding!!

Renee Dookwah , October 31, 2006; 09:11 A.M.

Great Eye

I've seen your portfolio some time ago and noticed you added some more of your work. You do have a great eye and your own creative style I'm sure you would do well in which ever photography field that you peruse. It's always inspiring to see professional and artistic work coming from another (Common Wealth) country like mine, not only from the western world,looking toward the 2020 vision. You also have a wonderful subject...yourself.

I do have a question though... did or do you study photography at the treasury level?

rob reyes , December 05, 2006; 01:56 A.M.


daniele manfredini , January 06, 2007; 03:02 A.M.

i cry when i see this wonderful portfolio is very very very beautiful i don't have words congratulations and thank for this incredible views bye bye

Kenvin Pinardy , January 20, 2007; 03:21 A.M.


Your work is so amazing! rgds Kenvin Pinardy, Indonesia

Ray Fam , February 12, 2007; 10:05 A.M.

Madly in Love


I was admiring your art. I am a member a web browser that allows you to create a page and allows others to view it. There are currently 155,297,348 members of this service. It is myspace.com. I was wondering if I could have your permission to display your beautiful intriguing photograph on my page. I have noted the following, "The background image is a photo by Sue Anna Joe. You can find this and many more amazingly creative and beautiful photographs on her website http://www.sueannajoe.com. I encourage all to visit this website full of wonderful art." The url to my page is www.myspace.com/rayshellf.

Thank you, RF

Juan Carlos Rivera , March 11, 2007; 01:49 P.M.

Great artistic portfolio. Compliments.

Kenrick Rampial , April 19, 2007; 06:31 P.M.


Sue Anna your portfolio is truly amazing and one of the most unique I've seen on PN. Technically they surpass all expectations especially since they are mostly self portraits. Very inspiring and unforgettable work!

j.daniel michalski , May 14, 2007; 02:48 A.M.

Just a girl with a camera?

Best self portraits I have ever seen.... You have tons of talent and very beautiful eyes!!! Peace. J.Daniel

sergio godoy , May 23, 2007; 12:12 P.M.


would you marry me? ; )

Dimitris Vasiliou , October 29, 2007; 03:55 P.M.

My compliments!!!

Cambon Jean Louis , November 03, 2007; 08:56 P.M.

hello !

WOW !fantastic !

Christopher Benson , November 26, 2007; 04:01 P.M.

Love your work

I was lucky enough to fall upon your gallery....captivating!

John Brissett , December 01, 2007; 12:33 A.M.

True Beauty!

You and your work are truly moving and beautiful!!

Marcia Huss , March 19, 2008; 04:53 P.M.

Sue Anna, Your self-portraits are wonderful, very artistic. I have tried self-portraits and have not succeeded. I will continue to check back.

Carolyn D ( Santa Fe) , April 02, 2008; 09:17 A.M.

Outstanding!!! All of it,

Brian Denz , June 02, 2008; 06:08 P.M.

Your selfportraits are truly beautiful,mysterious and touching. i will come back often & thanks for sharing.

Dan Bliss , January 09, 2009; 10:06 A.M.

You have a wonderful portfolio. You self-portraits are evocative, thoughtful, and beautiful. Of course, you have the advantage of starting with a great model. :-) I look forward to seeing more of your photographs. Thank you for sharing them with us. Dan

Cambon Jean Louis , May 04, 2009; 01:42 P.M.

Hello !

Hi Sue Anna Joe !

Just for said... good luck, for the "itudio studio" are you in time for the opening ?

because... this is the studio !!!

I wish you many good things and who knows, perhaps we drink cafe together !!

SERINITY KNIGHT , June 17, 2010; 02:24 A.M.



Raymond Borg , June 26, 2011; 04:59 A.M.

I am very impressed especially with the folder 'self portraits'. Beautiful artistic work. Hope to see more. Congrats.

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