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João Pereira de Lacerda Filho , September 22, 2008; 05:05 P.M.


Outstanding start!! Welcome to PN, It is a pleasure to have photograph with this quality, your images are very beautiful, you can work very good with the light, keep posting it is really a pleasure to watch it. All the best.

Colton Fischer , September 22, 2008; 07:48 P.M.


Welcome to photo.net. Hope you like it so far. Your photos are very good, ALL of them! The lighting is perfect in all of them. I just can't wait to see more work from you. Best Regards.

Colton Fischer South Texas

Marc Aubry , October 12, 2009; 02:28 P.M.

Very interesting and unique portfolio. Thanks for sharing.

laci ples , October 17, 2009; 01:31 P.M.


You are a real artist! I enjoyed a lot seeing your work. Your photos are of a very good quality and beautiful. The images are like in 3D. Keep going! Thanks for sharing.

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