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Andre Easter , April 10, 2006; 01:13 P.M.

Tom, most of this is rather good.

Tom J (Seattle) , April 11, 2006; 08:52 A.M.

Thanks Andre!

Francis Fernandes , January 25, 2007; 10:52 A.M.

Hi Tom. Thanks for addressing my question in the forum. I just checked out your portfolio, and I can see that you practise what you preach: your night shots come off really well (my favourite being: night time reflections). Your demonstration pictures really catch the drama of these moments. (I always wonder how it would be for a photographer to get mixed up in such forays; do you ever worry about your equipment getting trampled?) Anyway, continue the fine work. Regards, Francis

Jason Zane , January 27, 2007; 06:07 A.M.

Oh Hell Yes

Your gallery portrays the war inside my head. Sexcellent. I may be interested in your services. Got any ELKFISH pics?

Image Attachment: pisszane.jpg

Sam Flye , January 27, 2007; 07:14 P.M.

Good Work

Love your photos, that "Orwellian" cop standing on the wall has to be the best, have to ask, was he actually posing? I try to get stuff like this when I can but theres not much oppurtunity for it in Scotland...Oh well, keep it up! Sam

Michael Sullivan , July 21, 2007; 05:38 A.M.

Tom, I think you will gain a whole new appreciation for the police if you were to do a ride along with them and see things from their perspective. I personally have done 4 ride alongs at night in my city. These men and women are doing amazing things to help all of us.

Tom J (Seattle) , August 06, 2007; 10:14 A.M.


Thanks for the comment and visiting my page.

At no point have I asserted that I lack an appreciation for police. I do have an issue, however, when I see police behave in a manner which is contrary to the spirit of the first amendment such as unwarranted surveillance of non-violent protestors and when the police act in such an intimidating manner as to be a defacto prior restraint on first amendment rights.

Yes, cops walking around with M-16s and grenade launchers does have an intimidating affect on more inexperienced activists (I'm an ex-airborne infantryman, I'm use to it!).

I also take exception to jouralists being arrested as happened in a mass arrest in DC (pic above including an AP photographer being arrested). I've seen two CNN journalists attacked by the LAPD during the 2000 DNC. This is blatant disregard for the US Constitution.

In Seattle, I'll sometimes take pics of the cops to give to them (absolutely no pics of activists though) so that their families can get nice shots of them on the street.

I actually have a good working relationship with one of the bike squads that is almost always at Seattle protests. They all recognize me and joke with me and I have a lot of respect for the squad's sergeant. It was the sergeant that asked he could use my shots for training purposes. I had to decline due to activists shots being in most of my pictures and this would be a great violation of trust with the activist community (the pics posted here are the tip of the iceberg).

It is the bike squad that is standing aside so that I could get a good shot of the arrest with the arrestee's head being held down in one of the pics above. Why did they step aside? Mutual respect (being ex-military, as many of them are, does help).

I live in a higher crime area and am quite appreciative of the police presence and am quick to let them know.

Aggie Villanueva , April 01, 2009; 01:46 P.M.

Trying to Contact you

Hello Tom,

My name is Aggie Villanueva. I'm using 5 of your photos found at http://photo.net/photodb/presentation?presentation_id=318172, along with your captions.

With full credits and links to each of your photos, of course. I could find no other way to contact you, so I hope this gets to you.

My article, The Criminalization of Photographers, using your photos is at www.visualartsjunction.com If for any reason you object, please contact me through that site or at aggie@visualartsjunction.com

Thankx for your balanced views and great photos.


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