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Comments on this portfolio:

Ricky Choles , August 11, 2007; 11:45 A.M.

hey antonio thanks for taking the time to have a look at my pics.

i like ur work, u have a really good eye.

regards Ricky

Daniel Barrington , August 16, 2007; 02:59 P.M.

Antonio, thanks for the comments. You have an artistic eye for composition. I think that shows in the few pics. you have so far, especially the BW, but others as well. You're right a good eye and technique can overcome the camera as evidenced by your posting. db

Joao Pereira , August 17, 2007; 07:53 P.M.

Thank you very much for your generous comment and suggestion. I think you're right, I will crop it like you said. Best wishes, greetings from Portugal. Ciao

Joao Pereira , August 17, 2007; 08:06 P.M.

Wow, I have just seen your thoughtful and deep comment on my gallery. Thank you so much for taking the time to look through my photos with such a great deal of interest. I agree with most of your comments and remarks, I am glad we share the same interest and approach to "real" photography. Let's keep in touch. All the best.

Debraj Bhattacharya , August 19, 2007; 01:04 P.M.


Thanks for your comments on my photograph on the newspaper vendors. I liked your portfolio. You obviously have a strong sense of colour and shapes. However I would like to see more people. Cheers!!!

Alejandro Rojas , August 19, 2007; 03:08 P.M.

Really amazing portfolio! Antonoio.Thanks for taking the time to look at my images. Look forward to seeing more. Congratulations. Regards .

Pradeep Satyaprakash , August 23, 2007; 10:35 P.M.


A Nikon Coolpix 5200 is a good camera, but you would be better served with a digital SLR or at least a little bit more capable camera.

I know people say that the camera does not make the difference, but I disagree. In many ways, it is very difficult to create/capture the image you would like without specific tools.

With that said, I look at your portfolio and you have some good work. I can see that you are an artist, especially you have a good eye for cityscape and compositional elements photography.

Good luck,


Antonio Bassi , August 24, 2007; 07:03 A.M.

Pradeep, thank you for your advice and your very good words on my work. You are right about the SLR and there might be one on its way soon... I had to let go so meny beautiful landscapes and interesting scenes because I didn't have good lens... But at the same time I refined my eye a little bit because I was forced to express myself in form and composition. Now I feel ready to make the step and improuve in technical quality too. I think the secret in every thing we do is not learning too fast so that you can spread your improuvement troughout your whole life and feel like you have no limit when instead we do have a limit because we are just humans. What I'm saying is that even though I always complain about my camera I really shouldn't because it served me very well for the photographer I was up until now and if I had an SLR right away it would have been like starting from the advanced level without having absorbed and understood the basic one. What do you think, am I right or I'm just making excuses and limiting myself? Looking forward to seeing some more of your works! Antonio

Pradeep Satyaprakash , August 24, 2007; 04:46 P.M.

I agree with you somewhat Antonio. It is important to learn at a pace at which you can master each step and then apply what you have learned to not only to the art you are studying; but also, to life in general. I started out much like you, in that, with very limited equipment and almost no money for anything else. I also shot with film, so each exposure was expensive for me. What I learned using lower quality equipment and less-than-ideal lenses was the art of observation. That took me almost five years to learn, and during that time, I didn't upgrade any equipment because I could not afford to. But learning to be observant was very important in my life and it has enriched so many other parts of my life - from relationships, to hobbies, and to my work.

That was the path I took because of financial constraints. But if I could do it over again now, or if a child came to me with the notion of wanting to learn photography, I would give him or her the best equipment I could afford to (or willing to risk). I have routinely given away hundreds of dollars of film equipment to budding photographers when I converted to digital, and now recently, I bought my cousin a used Canon Powershot G3, so that he can learn photography. He actually started up a part time photo studio in his little curiosity shop in India using this camera.

So my thoughts would be that if you are capable and want to develop your craft, and are serious about doing so, then buy the best photographic equipment you can afford that will allow you to stretch beyond the limits of what you can do now. You can still be a learning photographer, but you will be learning through the use of advanced equipment. You can follow any process of learning as you choose, but with good equipment, you can make the large jumps faster and have better results quicker. I went from being a poor photographer to being a average photographer mainly because I bought good tools that allowed me to learn faster.

With that said, I still have not fully maxed out the potential of my first digital camera, the Canon G3, even though I own several more advanced cameras now.

But like you, I also tend to sometimes take basic equipment into the field just to challenge myself to use a more limited tool to make photographs. I have even gone back to film, and better yet, to 1960's and 1970's classic rangefinder cameras to find inspiration in photography. It is amazing what you learn when you go back to the basics of equipment. Using a rangefinder with a broken light meter, shooting slide film, and using a handheld light meter is like pulling teeth, but the results can be interesting.


You will be surprised how much having a live histogram tool improves your life!

So the final answer to your question is: it all depends on you. Are you making excuses and limiting yourself?

I think you may be getting to the point that you are better than the camera you are using and the camera may actually be limiting what you can do.



Pascal Chambin , August 27, 2007; 03:46 P.M.

Tres beau !

Splendido. Il tuo portfolio e* una richezza per i miei occhi. La varieta* del tuo lavoro e* sorprendente. Bravo per questo regalo dato a tutti. Grazie. Pascal.

Antonio Bassi , August 28, 2007; 02:07 P.M.

Pascal, grazie ancora per il tuo generosissimo commento al mio portfolio. E' un piacere per me sentire le tue parole perche' effettivamente uno dei miei obbiettivi principali e' essere vario e cercare di non ripetere troppo me stesso o gli altri e cercare di trovare sempre soluzioni nuove. Non imitare gli altri e' molto difficile perche' in tutte le forme artistiche si e' sempre influenzati da cio' che ci precede (Mozart non sarebbe esistito senza Bach o Haydn). Sarebbe bellissimo per me poter dire, un giorno, di avere un portfolio di migliaia di foto tutte diverse l'una dall'altra ed essere la prova vivente che l'espressione artistica e' infinita e non segue strade obbligate. Grazie ancora e a risentirci nelle prossime foto. Antonio

vasek i smolik , August 28, 2007; 03:21 P.M.


good job...

Daniel Barrington , August 31, 2007; 03:59 P.M.

Antonio, as i said before you have some wonderful shots here an eye for great images. db

Eliete dos Santos Teixeira , September 02, 2007; 11:23 A.M.


Awesome portfolio.

Jose Angel Navarro Cortes , September 15, 2007; 06:49 A.M.

Hi Antonio!

I enjoy with your photos made by a violinist because I am luthier and photographer. I like them a lot. I will comment them with time.

There should not be feeling differences, apart from physical medium, between music and photography, both are ones of the best ways to express oneself.

Best regards.

Giuseppe di Pietrantonio , September 16, 2007; 12:48 P.M.

Ciao Antonio

Grazie per il commento alla mia foto....cosi' sono venuto a trovarti e vedo uno splendido portfolio che dimostra quanto sei bravo ....anche e soprattutto nelle inquadrature e nei particolari,molto belle e piene di fascino le foto in B/N,insomma e' stato un vero piacere!!Arrivederci!

Dave Hollander , September 16, 2007; 07:12 P.M.

Antonio, This is a really very impressive portfolio: I nearly gasped in appreciation at some of the photos. You do have a very distinct style, notable for a crystalline clarity but more importantly, you see beautifully.

Antonio Bassi , September 17, 2007; 04:27 A.M.

Thank you all for the always productive, useful and nice comments. It is an honour to receive positive critique from certain photographers.

Tero P. , September 17, 2007; 01:43 P.M.

Really good photos you have here. Fine Art is my favourite folder cause they looks so peaceful and systematic. Really good job. Best regards Tero

Goran Anastasovski , September 19, 2007; 08:19 A.M.

Excellent portfolio

Apurva Madia , September 20, 2007; 07:15 A.M.

A portfolio of an artist!

Ted Gorczyca , September 20, 2007; 05:12 P.M.

beautiful portfolio Antonio, your photos are either full of color or of great contrast and tones. You have a great eye and you are an artist.

Stephen Fenech , September 25, 2007; 12:49 A.M.

First and foremost I must sincerely thank you for taking the time to view, rate and comment on one of my images - it was greatly appreciated. Upon seeing you portfolio I couldn't but admire the fact that this amazing collection of images was shot with a non-SLR camera. In my humble opinion the most impressive being the 'B&W' collection. Thank you once again and continue to give fellow photo.net members credit, were credit is due - I am sure it will surely be appreciated. Take care and all the very best.

Melissa Monsalve , October 16, 2007; 10:50 A.M.

Nice Portafolio

I like your portafolio a lot antonio, especially your B&W. You proved that the eye is more important than the equipment, I totally agree whit you on developing your composition skills before upgrading to a more expensive camera.... you are doing great with your coolpix! It's not the violin.... it's the violinist.

Sudha Sendgupta , October 16, 2007; 03:12 P.M.

Hi Antonio, Thanks for commenting and rating on my photo.You have a wonderful portfolio.Regards,Sudha.

Stefano Truzzi , October 22, 2007; 11:06 A.M.

Ciao Antonio, ti ringrazio per il commento sul mio portfolio, mi ha fatto molto piacere. Mi fa ancora pi� piacere adesso che ho visto le tue foto, dato che il commento arriva da qualcuno che ha decisamente "occhio". Grazie e complimenti per le tue belle foto (le mie preferite sono quelle in bianco e nero). Ciao

Antonio Bassi , October 22, 2007; 02:20 P.M.

Thank you all for taking the time to view and comment my pictures.

Jack McRitchie , October 27, 2007; 07:53 P.M.


Thanks for your visit to my portfolio and your kind remarks. Whenever I visit a portfolio for the first time, I scroll slowly through the thumbnails of the entire portfolio for I find this gives me a very good overview of the artist's compositional sensibilities, how he sees the world. You mention in your biography that you are a professional musician; this comes as no surprise since a well developed sense of harmony, balance and color is readily evident in your portfolio. I plan to take the time to peruse your work more closely and follow your development. I notice you are using a coolpx 5200. I just bought a coolpix 5100 yesterday and went out shooting for the first time this morning. In fact, I'm downloading the pictures to my computer right now. I have a Nikon D-100 SLR and an Olympus 5060 wide angle zoom but for my type of photography, fast guerilla type photography I think the 5100 will be perfect for street shooting. I don't have much hope that my photos will end up in some museum so I'm not shooting for fine art galleries. I don't want to pin the butterfly to a velvet board, I want to catch him in exuberant flight. Hope you'll keep in touch. Regards, Jack

emanuela gressoni , October 31, 2007; 06:22 P.M.

grazie x il tuo commento

...trovo il tuo portfolio originale, mai foto banali.bravo, che belle.spero di vederne presto delle altre.

Ian Bramham , November 05, 2007; 06:33 P.M.

Thanks for the critique on my Venice alleyway photo Antonio. I see what you mean about the size and I'll try decreasing future photos from 900pixels vertically to 700.

I see that you mainly you use a compact camera too - how have you been finding the new DSLR? Did it make the difference that you hoped that it would?

Giorgio D (Turin) , November 12, 2007; 09:20 A.M.

Ciao Antonio,
sto osservando il tuo portfolio e devo farti i complimenti per la varieta' dei soggetti e la cura nei dettagli.

Noto anche una certa similtudine con alcuni dei miei soggetti favoriti, ad esempio le foto di particolari arrugginiti, alcune textures...

Teniamoci in contatto, piacerebbe anche a me fare quattro chiacchere.

A presto,

Paolo Bevilacqua , November 13, 2007; 11:36 A.M.

Hi Antonio

Have appreciated your comment on mine "young wine" .Non is a sink full of ice but a pot in which after composing the image I have frozen it.I have had way of looking at your beautiful portfolio. Compliments. If you he goes to exchange two words, time allowing, I would be happy, perhaps in Italian. Ciao Bevip

James Baeza , November 15, 2007; 01:54 P.M.

You may not define yourself as a profesional photographer but I think you have some great stuff here. I especially like your B&W's. Music certainly is not your only talent.

Antonio Bassi , November 16, 2007; 12:54 P.M.

Many thanks

Thank you Jack Emanuela Ian Giorgio Paolo and Jim for your support!

Lauren Partida , November 21, 2007; 12:33 P.M.

Antonio: I've been studying your work, and what amazes me is what you can say in a photograph with so little. Your work is clean and simple, and void of anything unecessary..you have a great eye for picking up on the things others pass by. Finding beauty where no one else sees it. beautiful portfolio! I am just starting, and started with the crummiest cheap plastic lens...and it did limit me for sure....some of my images show the lack of good equipment...and skill, of course. Soon will fix the camera issue, and I am learning bit by bit. And, Santa is coming!!!!!!!!! And, maybe he brings a zoom!!!!!!! Anyway, beautiful work...keep it up...best wishes, lauren partida

Richard Pelletier , November 25, 2007; 07:06 P.M.


Absolutly brilliant. C'est magnifique. Bravo

Rueda Palomares Agustin , November 26, 2007; 10:08 A.M.


La verdad es que tu galeria destila arte por los cuatro costados, vista inteligente para captar detalles que a otros nos pasan desapercibidos. Enhorabuena y saludos.

Francesca Martucci , November 27, 2007; 01:55 P.M.

Splendido portfolio!!

Davvero bellissime foto, originali, ed emozionanti ognuna a modo suo(nel senso in modo differente dalle altre)...mi piacciono molto quelle in bianco e nero, cosi'come quelle della California, gli altri paesaggi, ...tutte davvero belle.Complimenti!Francesca

Christopher Harris , November 30, 2007; 07:00 P.M.

Antonio -

Very impressive collection of beautiful and interesting photographs. I like your eye and sense of composition. You have wonderful talent at photography; just as I'm sure that you do with music as well. Keep up the good work; and I shall continue to follow the course of your work. Thanks for sharing these wonderful images, Antonio! Cheers! Chris

Antonio Bassi , December 01, 2007; 11:46 A.M.

Thank you

Thank you Lauren, Richard, Rueda, Francesca and Chris for your comments, I appreciated it a lot.

Jon Kelly , December 01, 2007; 01:58 P.M.

Hello Antonio, Thanks for your kind comment on my black and white photo taken in the old town of Plovdiv... You've got a very impressive portfolio here. I agree with your view on digital alteration in photography and I think your art comes to illustrate that unmanipulated photos have a great aesthetic value too. -- DL

Maria F. , December 02, 2007; 06:25 P.M.

Hi, I'm the one from Freewebs, I've been a member here for two months already. Thanks for telling me about it, I really like it. Love your work too!

Atul K S , December 04, 2007; 10:43 P.M.

Hi Antonio

Thanks for the comments on my picture, hope you got a chance to see the gallery, I am positive you may like some of them more as some resembles yours "conceptually" and your gallery is brilliant as I believe that being a MUSICIAN, IT IS ANOTHER PASSION, WHICH MAKES YOU "FEEL THE MOMENTS BEFORE YOU CAPTURE"

Giuseppe Pasquali , December 06, 2007; 09:41 A.M.

Hi Antonio, Thank you ...

for the nice comment and advice on "Churches" . I think you are right and one of these days I'll see what I can get from that shot. You have a very interesting portfolio. I like very much your peculiar eye for shapes and colors and I hope you will be so kind to help this poor wanderer again. Thank you. G.

I passed my brother and cousin: They read in their books of prayer; I read in my book of songs.

The Fiddler of Dooney By William Butler Yeats

Roberto B , December 06, 2007; 02:06 P.M.

Ciao Antonio, solo stasera ho avuto modo di osservare con maggiore attenzione il tuo portfolio: ho apprezzato in particolar modo alcune foto della categoria 'B&W / Monochrome' per il fatto che sei riuscito a cogliere particolari quotidiani,alternati da un'impostazione geometrica e non,che riescono a dare importanza solo alle forme e al gioco di luci/ombre (principalmente sono dell'idea che questa sia la caratteristica principale del nostro amato bianco e nero). In 'Fine Art' questa mia percezione iniziale si conferma soprattutto in foto come Coca e Casa gialla,semplicissime nella composizione ma ben realizzate. Mentre per l'album 'California foggy night' ho trovato scene pi� o meno conosciute e minore,senza offesa,interpretazione rispetto alle altre.. a mio parere un gradino sotto la sensibilit௣apacitࠤimostrata in altre occasioni. Ho ritrovato nel tuo modo di captare la non-realtࠨvisto che essa 蠲elativa,come ben sottolineava d'Annunzio e filosofi pi� recenti) una sottile somiglianza con un cantante/fotografo di nome David Sylvian,del quale ti consiglio di visitare il sito per osservare ed ascoltare le sue opere. Un saluto e buona serata


Markku Salonen , December 22, 2007; 07:07 P.M.


I wish You A Merry Christmas

I wish You a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2008. This is my first year here at PN and it has been a most inspiring time while viewing your portfolio and learning to know your view of the world around us. Thank you for the time you have spent on commenting and rating my photos!

Laurent-Paul Robert , December 27, 2007; 07:26 P.M.

Hi Antonio

Thank you very much for your comments, and therefore giving me the opportunity to discover your work which is very inspiring

Olaf de Vries , December 28, 2007; 10:30 A.M.

Crisp,clear.. , honest and pleasing..!

Indeed, seen your style you needed a DSLR with a good piece of glass. Lovely to see your "joy" in getting strong results, back in your photos! That's your signature! Nice work Antonio! (Haha.., don't react! Shoot!!!)

Stan Koga , December 28, 2007; 04:17 P.M.

aloha antonio...thank you for your kind comment regarding my photo. i just got through checking out some of your work...your sense of composition is impressive. i really like your monochrome work--do you shoot in B/W , or do you shoot color and convert after? i like to shoot in B/W --but a few people have told me to just shoot color and convert...but why bother ? if i see something that i think might look better B/W i just shoot it that way, do you agree? anyway, thanks for sharing and inspiring me. aloha, stan

LezLee Victoriah Bushfield , December 30, 2007; 12:51 A.M.


One of my definite favorite portfolios so far. I love the vividness and simplicity you bring to the table. Excellent, beautiful work! I'll be back here often.

Mehmet Akin , January 06, 2008; 11:37 A.M.


very good portfolio....you have very good eyes and mind for photography...I like them...congrats,my friend...best regards.

Olaf de Vries , January 06, 2008; 05:30 P.M.

Antonio.., I'm just rather "feelingly" shooting for just two years. So, about learning from me.. We are just developing simular talents. Eh.. just talent I must say. Haha, my father didn't pass his final exam for schoolteacher, for he couldn't play the violin (!) properly! Grandpa had forced him, not wanting to see his real talent! Already as a small boy on board of grandpas' sailing-ship, father was drawing on everything possible, even toilet-paper! After the "failure" father was allowed to visit the Academy of Arts. His drawing-work was fabulous and as a student the Philips-firm instantly did offer him (just after World War two and wanting to marry) a reclam-job "for life". Father slept well that night and.. refused. He even changed the study and got an (earning) sculptor. So, about learning, yes watch (!) and follow your heart! (And about the "nicest" music.. IMHO it's not constructed in a studio, but played by gipsies on a summer-eve, while their wifes are talking and sharing pan-cakes with the kids.) If your wife and daughters sometimes could recognize you in that way, you already "feelingly" would have learned a lot! ;) With respect (!) Olaf.

Antonio Bassi , January 06, 2008; 06:56 P.M.


Thank you Dimi, Maria, Atul, Giuseppe, Roberto, Markku, Laurent-Paul, Olaf, Stan, LezLee, Mehmet for your comments and support.

Naseer Fedaee , January 08, 2008; 04:30 A.M.


Paolo Bevilacqua , January 08, 2008; 11:57 A.M.

Ciao Antonio

Passeggiando nel tuo portfoglio ho avuto modo di scoprire alcune nuove immagini veramente molto belle. Ho apprezzato in modo particolare i notturni della California,"Foggy Night" e' eccezzionale e con "Skate boarder" ti sei ripetuto, senza nulla togliere alle ultime viste, relative alla Toscana terra dai toni caldi e gradienti quanto come la sua gente. Ciao a presto Bevip

Crapanzano Gianpaolo , January 13, 2008; 01:30 P.M.


Complimenti per le tue immagini, molto curate. Complimenti! Saluti Gianpaolo

Marzio Maglietta , January 22, 2008; 03:31 A.M.

Complimenti per le tue foto e grazie infinite per il commento gentile sul mio esperimento. Prover� come dici a giocare con i livelli. A presto


P.S.: per la cronaca fino a due mesi fa usavo solo una Nikon Coolpix 2100, con cui per� mi sono divertito un sacco. Ora ho una Canon Powershot G9, ma devo imparare a usarla.

Shane Willis , January 31, 2008; 12:53 A.M.

thank you greatly.

thanks also for your kinds works on my portfolio. I appreciate every point of view. And more so, someone who thinks himself a novice, because it is from the heart. thank you greatly.

Luca A. R. , February 07, 2008; 03:19 P.M.

Credo che mi prender� un po' di tempo per guardare le tue foto. C'e' da assaporarne e da imparare.

I think I will take some time to look at your pictures. There is something to taste and something to learn

James Haskins , February 10, 2008; 04:36 A.M.


Ciao Antonio, vedo che sei italiano, ti scrivo in italiano. Prima di tutto grazie per i complimenti. Avro' le foto di india fra qualche mese. mi fa sempre piacere riceverli e mi da forza di andare avanti con la fotografia. le tue foto sono moooolto belle, e credo che sposiamo la stessa idea riguarda la purezza e la originalita' della fotografia a pellicola. Ti ringrazio di nuovo e ti auguro il migliore....

cordiali saluti,


Dennis Aubrey , February 20, 2008; 10:55 A.M.

Glad to see you back, Antonio ...

... none of us should over-react to the possibility of image theft. It is a reality and a fact of life here.

Marco Vergano , February 26, 2008; 07:21 A.M.

Dear Antonio,

first of all congratulations for your excellent portfolio, Street and Essentialism are my favourite sections. I strongly agree with your opinion about the difference between "photography" and "visual art". "Real" photographs like yours are becoming rare in this community: no doubt that photoshopping is an art and some photographers reach levels of excellence in this field, but the general taste is too often shifting toward heavily manipulated images and far from the true spirit (IMO) of photography, which is still alive in your portfolio. I have just read about what happened with the image theft and understand your reaction: anyway don't you think that a slightly smaller watermark and a little bit larger image would work as well? Your pictures now are impossible to steal, but often very difficult to appreciate.

A presto


Antonio Bassi , March 05, 2008; 03:51 P.M.

Naseer, Paolo, Gianpaolo, Marzio, Shane, Luca, James, Dennis and Marco, thank you all for visiting my portfolio and for your support.

Marco Giardini , March 06, 2008; 06:20 A.M.

Grazie Antonio per aver visitato il mio portfolio, grazie perche' mi ha dato modo di ammirare i tuoi scatti. Complimenti!

marco giardini

El Porte-Bonheur , March 06, 2008; 05:24 P.M.

Antonio Bassi

Thank you very much for your comment to my "Buongiorno, Torino!"! I came to visit you and I found here a very original and diverse world. No doubt, you have "the signature" of an artist! Well done, Antonio, keep going! Compliments! El

Felix Grant , March 07, 2008; 05:57 A.M.

The eye of a musician

Absolutely beautiful work, Antonio.

Looking at our images, it comes as no surprise that you are a violinist :-) The forms and tones, even in your people, show in visual form the balance and interrelation which are so essential to music.

Thank you.

I also like your eschewal of ratings.

Peter Blum , March 10, 2008; 06:27 P.M.

Ciao Antonio, Lovely images on your portfolio. Like you, I also enjoy people and street photography. But you do many other kind of picture as well. Very nice collection. Mi ha piacuto viaggiare attraverso le tue grande varieta di bellissime imagine.

Regards Peter

Rebecca Kiernan , April 06, 2008; 09:48 P.M.

wow, you've got some really great shots. thanks for the suggestions on my photo. i was wondering why you changed it back to rgb- what does that do to a photo?

Christal Steele , April 10, 2008; 01:35 A.M.

I ran across your work after a comment you made to David Logan Morrow. It is now the wee hours of the morning, and I need to get in bed. But I wanted to document your name and portfolio so I'll be able to view your work in the near future. From one violinist to another. :) I have just recently gotten interested in photography, and I'm quickly becoming passionate about it....but I have much to learn. I will look forward to seeing your collection.

Antonio Bassi , April 12, 2008; 06:20 A.M.

Thank you

Marco, El Porte-Bonheur, Felix, Peter, Rebecca, Christal

Thank you so much for your support, I really appreciate it.

Manuel Gonzalez , April 15, 2008; 01:37 P.M.

Antonio, ante todo darte las gracias por tus indicaciones, es verdad que esta mejor mi foto, asi se va aprendiendo poco a poco, despues he estado viendo tu portfolio y decirte solo enhorabuena por el mismo y enviarte un saludo cordial.

Einar Landre , April 15, 2008; 05:19 P.M.


Thanks for commenting on one of my shots. You have an impressive collection your self.

Kind regards Einar

Mehmet Akin , April 17, 2008; 07:53 A.M.


Very good shots...some of them has a little shinning on the some part of the picture,but generally they are very good...congrats.regards.my friend.

mukti echwantono , April 18, 2008; 06:43 A.M.

wonderfull portofolio

powerfull image...nice work..well done...regard

Glenn Rasmussen , April 30, 2008; 11:13 P.M.

Antonio, Yes, we do seem to have a common view. You see the world with a very fine eye, and I do very much feel your work to be compelling. Always remember it's not the equipment but the result. I'll bet your fiddle playing conveys the same emotion as your photography. Glenn

Gian Luca Trogi , May 01, 2008; 04:28 P.M.

Nel tuo portfolio ci sono molte belle foto, il senso della composizione non ti manca, quelle che preferisco sono quelle AMERIKANE, oltre a FRANK mi ricordano SHORE e EGGLESTON, l'unico appunto che ti posso fare 蠣he la varietࠡ volte pu� essere un limite, pu� voler dire che ancora non si 蠴rovato uno stile personale...ciao!

Theo De Jong , May 02, 2008; 04:22 A.M.

Hi Antonio,

A good portfoilo with various objects. regards theo. the B&W are my favorits. But don't think that i not like the colors

M Haanel , May 17, 2008; 08:42 P.M.


I enjoyed viewing your excellent portfolio.

Jim Tew , May 19, 2008; 09:56 P.M.

Great work.


I really liked your portfolio, especially your black & white works. And thanks for that amazing critique that you gave on one of my recent images. - Jim Tew

Antonio Bassi , May 20, 2008; 02:11 A.M.

Manuel, Einar, Mehmet, Mukti, Glenn, Gian Luca, Theo, M Haanel, Jim

Thank you very much for your contribution and support. All the best.

Jean-Baptiste Avril , May 21, 2008; 06:00 A.M.



For your comments on my work!!! I had a look at your interesting portfolio. I must say I am not used to make critics or specific comments, as photography is a very personal way to express ourselves and that has to be respected, not judged. Anyway, there is a pic I really like, mostly because of the graphic use you made of it. I think it would be worth to duplicate it to some other pics. Cheers JB

Maurizio Romano , May 25, 2008; 05:44 P.M.

che occhio

Vedo solo adesso il tuo portfolio, veramente bello e vario scatti notevoli, sempre diversi mai ripetitivo.

Meir Samel , May 29, 2008; 12:23 A.M.


Any comments on your folio have already been writen. From your bio we have common views such as digital, excluding Shane's work and titles. I title but give objective not subjective titles. "Woman on Bus", credit the subject, location, etc. . Subjective titles destroy the photo. I do accept ratings. Even though my ratings are often 3s I know at least someone was there people usually do not leave me comments. I will comment separatly on the F2 on that particular photo. I have a hard time to see and type. sorry i do not make much sense. With people photos, In most situations I prefer eye contact because it passes the message, "this is who I am".

Pandora's Box , July 02, 2008; 11:21 A.M.

No comment

Christal Steele , July 20, 2008; 11:20 P.M.


First of all, thank you for your help with my sand dunes image.....I like your suggestion, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to recreate it. I'm finally getting back to take a closer look at your portfolio. This is great work, Antonio. I love your bio and your philosophy toward photography. And it's wonderful how you capture people doing 'what people do', rather than posed shots. Even your wedding photos are special in that they are more relaxed and not the scripted posed shots one often sees. I'm interested in hearing about your career as a violinist, if you care to share. Feel free to email me. I am also a violinist.....I don't have any musical shots.....I see you don't either. Maybe some day. At any rate, I'll check back again soon!

G Burns , August 04, 2008; 01:18 P.M.


Excellent body of work. I like your philosphy toward photography. Well done, sir. keep it up.

Antonio Da Re , August 11, 2008; 01:28 P.M.

Ciao Antonio, ti ringrazio per il commento, tuttavia non capisco esattamente che cosa intendi quando dici che ho esagerato con la maschera di contrasto ( che peraltro sul mio monitor non riesco a percepire ) e contemporaneamente che c'è una mancanza di nitidezza nel centro dell'immagine. Io posso dirti che c'era un pò di brezza e che forse la parte centrale ha un micro mosso. Cordiali saluti, Antonio

Gino Tumbarello , August 23, 2008; 12:46 A.M.


Un portfolio davvero bello...mi piacciono i mossi e come gestisci la composizione del colore,bello anche il bianco e nero...complimenti bravo!

Antonio Bassi , August 24, 2008; 12:33 P.M.

Jean-Baptiste, Maurizio, Meir, Pandora's Box, Christal, G Burns, Antonio , Grazie for your support.

Gino, such a comment coming from a photographer like you makes me very happy!

Kelvin Bernard , August 31, 2008; 08:17 A.M.

Superb Work...

Comparisons to Henri Cartier-Bresson come to mind in some pieces. There are many gorgeous pieces contained here!!! Congratulations on an excellent portfolio!!! Also, thank for for dropping by my site and taking the time to comment. It is deeply appreciated. Regards.

Marco Neri , September 17, 2008; 04:18 A.M.


Great porfolio, well done... bello, mi piace, belle composizioni bei colori, anche il bianco e nero è interessante, immagini stimolanti, complimenti

Idris Ekinci , September 28, 2008; 10:08 P.M.


your Glimpses and details portfolio is very good. good view and angels. I like it. best wishes

Patrick O'Donoghue , October 14, 2008; 01:05 P.M.

Superior stuff.

I really like your work; many congratulations. Best regards, Patrick

Antonio Bassi , October 14, 2008; 08:54 P.M.

Thank you Kelvin, Marco, Idris, Patrick for your visit and support.

Ioan Alexandru Chiru , October 26, 2008; 01:37 P.M.

Hi !

You have a diversified portfolio with nice shoots and great colours, congratulations !

J.C. Lopez-Johnston , October 28, 2008; 09:22 P.M.


Thank you for your comment about my photographs. I , for sure, will consider your suggestion about photoshop. I am just learning how to use it, so your instructions are helpful.

Some of they grays are because the photograph were done close to noon, far from the "magic hours" but sadly, some times you can not be at the right place at the right time. I do like contrast, but some times I have to take what is offered .

Thank you again


J.C. Lopez-Johnston , October 28, 2008; 10:11 P.M.

Reading your statement I could find that you have a 40D and a FM2.... Well, I work my 40D for events, when the opportunity is appropriated but most of the portraits were photographed with my FM2 or with a Konica autoreflex TC with Ilford HP5 plus. The snakes were portrayed with a Nikon N'80 and Velvia 50 or 100 ISO.


Antonio Bassi , October 29, 2008; 05:19 P.M.

J.C., thank you for your autograph on my portfolio. That's great that we both have a 40D for digital and a Nikon for film. I need to get some serious lens for the Canon, by the way... My Nikon is an F2AS from 1977 (not FM2) that I got in mint condition from a photographer of the Boston Globe and I am so happy with it. We should keep it up and exchange critiques, I will soon develop a few rolls that have been sitting there and upload them. Since I know PS quite well and learned a few tricks, if you ever need help or suggestions on how to do things feel free to email me and send over your photo. For me, helping is always a great opportunity to challange myself and learn. All the best

Francesca Martucci , October 30, 2008; 04:05 A.M.


Grazie mille per i tuoi preziosi suggerimenti ad alcune mie foto e per i complimenti che mi hai lasciato.....ora per i complimenti te li devo fare io perche' il tuo portfolio mi piace tantissimo, per l'attenzione ai dettagli, per i colori...e per l'originalita' di parecchie foto!complimenti davvero ciao Francesca

Alberto Dall'Oglio , December 04, 2008; 11:16 A.M.

Ciao Antonio!

Dopo aver commentato una tua foto sono venuto a dare un'occhiata al tuo portfolio: è di ottima qualità! Mi piace in particolare il tuo modo di comporre le immagini e la tua sensibilità e lo studio per la luce ambiente: ottimo stile! Un saluto, Alberto.

Paolo Bevilacqua , December 23, 2008; 06:57 A.M.


Philip Ward , January 08, 2009; 11:33 P.M.

Hi Antonio,I have enjoyed your portfolio immensely especially your BW work.You have a very good eye for those quite moments which make us stop and ponder.Thank you.Philip

Ben S. , March 19, 2009; 08:02 A.M.

Abbiamo bisogno di un fotografo!

Mário Azevedo , March 24, 2009; 07:02 A.M.

Hi Antonio

Congratulations on your portfolio. I really do like your B/W photos. You manage to treat your themes in a good mood. You know? I also used to photograph with a F2AS some years ago. I should get the courage to start scanning my old film. Regards, --MAA

Antonio Bassi , March 24, 2009; 11:51 A.M.


It would be a crime not to scan it...! You must, I would love to see it. Thank you for stopping.

Arman Sahupala , March 27, 2009; 05:28 P.M.

Thanks & regards

Thanks to come by and give comments in my picture. It is pleasure for me to know people like you in PN which always give positive comments. You have wonderful album with powerful B&W picture. I like it very much and waiting for next comments and critique. Cheers.

Paolo Bevilacqua , December 21, 2009; 04:06 P.M.

Ciao Antonio


Billy K. , April 05, 2010; 07:18 P.M.

your b&w film work displays great understanding & control of light. well done. regards, b.

Eric Cachod , June 19, 2010; 08:37 A.M.

Your vision

Hi Antonio,


Thanks for your comment. I do share appreciate your approach and vision of photography.

Best regards.


Zeeshan Ahmed , June 21, 2010; 07:13 P.M.


Thanks for visiting my portfolio and rating my IR shot, you have a very interesting portfolio of your own - Cheers

Antoine Tatin , June 28, 2010; 08:46 A.M.

Although your talent is versatile, you particularly excel in recreating old-fashioned moods and atmospheres, with superb lights and fine compositions. Your work as a whole is very inspiring, and all I want to do right now is resolve to take out my old 35mm camera more often -- Antoine

Antonio Bassi , June 28, 2010; 01:02 P.M.


I am flattered... Being source of inspiration gives me joy, although I think you already have more than enough. I started with digital but only with film I feel I can truly express my photography 100%. Thanks for your testimonial.

Trisha Jean-Angela , August 15, 2010; 01:44 P.M.

Your portfolio is a pleasure to view; you are able to see beauty in the ordinary and in motion...your work is really inspirational for me and I will be back to view it many times! Thank you for sharing. :)

Catherine S , October 07, 2010; 01:05 P.M.

Antonio -

I admire your work so much...I have many of your captures in my favorites. It's beginning to look like one of your portfolios! Excellent work.

Best Regards,


Daniela Reis , October 10, 2010; 06:49 P.M.

Thank you

Dear  Antonio,

Thank you for your message. It is always good to hear positive feedback!

I am impressed by your  work as well!


Gonçalo Nuno Araújo , October 12, 2010; 03:41 A.M.


Thank You very much, really much, for your opening eyes comment on one of my photos. 

Mitja Kolbl , October 12, 2010; 04:05 A.M.

Your work approv that you are a realy photograpy master.

Especialy your B/W photos are awsome.


Great work........

Antonio Bassi , October 12, 2010; 07:06 P.M.

Thank you

Gonçalo, I am glad you liked my suggestion. You have some great photographs on your portfolio. I really love the one of the white cat and your series Photos of No Matter What. Thank you for your testimony.

Mitja, it's a real honor to receive such a comment from a great photographer as you are. Thank you.

Wieslaw Mamon , October 14, 2010; 03:28 P.M.


thank you for your comment on my portfolio, highly appreciate all the more because, what appears to me after browsing your works and reading what you say on different forums here, you are much more than 'just' a gifted photographer.

I like the technical side of your photos, no doubt you understand the meaning of light and exposure and I think you can find an interesting composition for your subjects without unduly complicating the content. Also admire the character of your black and white works, especially the film ones. Never 'played' with film myself but I feel the look of prints from film has something digital photos lack and looking at images like yours simply confirms my beliefs about it. You seem to be a very careful observer as well and the 'Study' folder suggests it is not only so when you're in the street with your camera:-}. 

Best regards to you.

Catherine S , December 21, 2010; 03:40 P.M.

Antonio -

Thank you for your support of my art, through your comments and critiques during my short time here on PN. I wish you and your beautiful wife (and family to be) the most precious holiday memories coupled with an intriguing year of firsts. All The Best, Catherine

ML M , December 21, 2010; 09:18 P.M.


A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family... Mike

Paolo Bevilacqua , December 22, 2010; 05:12 A.M.

Auguri e felicità

Image Attachment: filek630xj.jpg

Antonio Bassi , December 22, 2010; 12:57 P.M.

Catherine, Michael, Paolo

Thank you so much, Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to all of you. Paolo, I like the train!

Drew Jackson , December 27, 2010; 09:58 A.M.

All the best to you this holiday season. May 2011 be the best year ever.

Burak Ertem , January 10, 2011; 10:08 A.M.

Hi Antonio

thanks a lot for your comment! Your portfolio is great and has some masterpieces in street photography inside as well as landscapes. Best regards, Burak

Catherine S , February 25, 2011; 08:39 A.M.


Very much appreciating your design work....most recent upload. Would like to see more of this kind of work....conceptualized and brought to fruition. Best, C

Antonio Bassi , February 26, 2011; 07:21 A.M.


Thank you for your appreciation, I promise there will be more coming. I have some good ideas, just need to find the right location, which can be hard. Sometimes, these kind of projects are born totally by chance, with no planning at all. See the one for the truck drivers for example: I was traveling on the orchestra's bus and started taking pics of the landscape out the window; sometimes I would catch a truck that got in the way and that's how the idea was born. I wonder if it will take me somewhere or not... but that doesn't really matter.. Thank you again.

Boris Bugan , March 16, 2011; 08:08 A.M.

noon, antonio

good, honest work here. and better tendency.

your Family portraits (especially Pregnancy) are comments of hapiness and everyday, rather than sweet, subjective shots.


Catherine S , March 24, 2011; 08:43 A.M.


Thank you for your comments on my digital design work, "Cafe Collage". I am enjoying your design posts and am looking forward to see what this year brings us. We are learning and growing and that is so very important. I will visit again soon. Best, C

E. J. , May 28, 2011; 06:21 A.M.

Antonio, I enjoyed my time in your portfolio. A couple of things struck me as I looked at your work as a whole -- first, the very wide range of subjects -- from the abstract to the mundane. The second was something in your email to me about not being a photographer as much as a recorder of observations. I hate to disagree with you, but the great photographers, whose work I most admire and the few I have met all fall into the category of exceptional observers. It is their vision or observation that infuses their images. If that observation or vision is distinct enough, it puts and individual stamp on their work. It is that personal observation that enables us to look at an image and have an idea of who the photographer is who is presenting it.

To me the greatest achievement in photography is to be able to stamp and image with enough individual personal observation that it carries a recognizable style or point of view. I feel confident with some of your work that I would recognize it as yours without being told.

It is that power of observation that drives a vision that one learns to express with a camera. Over the decades (quite a few) that I have enjoyed photography I have learned that it is the profound image that is most appealing, not the beautiful image of a beautiful place. The images I seek out are those that tell me something about the observer through the depth and breadth and insight of the observation.

I very much enjoyed my time here and am confident I will be back from time to time.

Antonio Bassi , June 02, 2011; 09:44 A.M.


Thank you for your thoughtful post. I agree with you and that's why I think the definition "photographer" is merely a technical and social one; the great "photographers" of the past were indeed incredible observers that used a mechanical tool to capture light on paper and create those undefinable mysteries that are called photographs. It's not about just taking pictures, it's about making a journey outside and inside of ourselves. That's why I believe the "photographer" is the pro, the businessman, the one that makes a living with a camera and doesn't need or want to make that journey.

Antonio Bassi , October 18, 2011; 12:56 P.M.

For everuone has been following me

As you all can see, I decided to shrink my portfolio quite a bit. I apologize if some of the photos you liked are not there any longer but I really needed to do this, for myself. Some more photos might come. Thank you all for your support.

Miguel Boyayan , October 14, 2013; 10:09 A.M.


gostei particularmente de Alcamo...tenho feito -stop com HDR...tenha um bom ano, abraços.

Pierre Dumas , December 30, 2014; 03:15 P.M.


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