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Comments on this portfolio:

Graeme Baynes , July 10, 2006; 06:32 A.M.

Great Portfolio

Well done Brent a great portfolio of work. I do like the rural images.

Reyes Flores Q. , July 10, 2006; 11:10 P.M.

Gracias Brent

thanks for your comments on one of my photos. Your portfolio is incredibly beautiful and fascinating. Stupendous job. Saludos de Mexico

Bond Blackwell , July 14, 2006; 06:45 P.M.

I came across your portfolio through some magical disjointed ramblings on this site and am I ever happy I did so. You've got some great compositions in here. I especially enjoyed viewing the architecture and people shots. Good work.

Francisco Ribeiro do Vale , July 26, 2006; 10:36 P.M.

Beautiful Photos

Brent, your portifolio is great, full of beautiful photos. Congrats. Thanks for your comments on one of my photos.

Giuseppe Miriello , August 07, 2006; 06:12 P.M.

Dear Brent, you have a great portfolio with many striking images... many of them can be improved, but this does not diminish the quality of your work, instead tells us you have a margin to get better and better. keep it up.

Tophie Malloy , August 10, 2006; 04:40 P.M.

Beautiful Work

Brent, thanks for your comment on my photo. You have some impressive works, some of which is what I aspire to (love your industrial photos, good lines and lighting). Congrats on a great portfolio! -Tophie

Jan Rachwal , December 31, 2006; 02:50 P.M.


Thank you for your comment Brent. Some of your shots are very original. Keep up a good work! Happy New Year!

Kurt De Somviele , January 22, 2007; 07:20 A.M.


Brent, an amazing portfolio you have there. Really diverse and so full of colour. Loved watching it. Best! Kurt

Larry Boswell , February 03, 2007; 01:35 P.M.

Ok...I'm impressed! More, more, more!

John Plott , March 05, 2007; 03:54 P.M.

Thank you....! ! !

Brent, I have looked at your port before and it's wonderful.. I really like the diversity between actual photos and your abstract work. Thank you for your comment on my picture, yes I was trying to achieve a 3D look with the black border and after you mentioned it the frame is a little distracting (I should have made it smaller). Thanks again, John

Ebru Namli , May 01, 2007; 03:38 A.M.

Very IMPRESSIVE!!! I admire your work very much... Thanks for sharing. Best Regards, EN.

Anthony Meikle , May 01, 2007; 01:52 P.M.


Thanks for your comment on my picture; yes, done in PS and edited with a feathered mask. Just had a quick browse through your portfolio - I can only say impressive; stacks of variety and real interest. I've only just started posting to this site and am still finding my way round, but I will certainly be back here! Regards, Tony.

Jan Piller , May 03, 2007; 01:22 P.M.


What a very fascinating portfolio you have here! I enjoyed my browse through.

Stuart Byrne , June 04, 2007; 12:47 P.M.

Some of your work is simply wonderful, i enjoyed it a great deal.

oh and thanks for stopping by :-)

deb cloud , June 22, 2007; 02:00 P.M.


Thanks for your comment on my image "My Office In The Sky..."

You have a beautiful collection of work. I also enjoy photographing trains, tracks and such. I have only posted one on photo.net Maybe I should throw a few out there and see what you think.

Once again, your portfolio is beautiful!


Joe Konz , June 30, 2007; 11:07 P.M.

Brent, what a wonderful time I spent at your gallery. You truly have a strong portfolio. My faves were your rail track shots(neat puruist!), the Ren faire frames and the full pier group body of work (bravo on the title). They're all very good. Also interesting were the Lake Fulmor lighting shot, your sunsets -- especially the untitled one with the palm tree -- the varied-size frame abstract and last but not least, your first nude! Glad to see you have a sense of humor in your work. I'll be back.

Bruce Valentine , July 30, 2007; 11:47 P.M.

Thanks for the critique. You have a wonderful portfolio here! Very impressive!

Goran Anastasovski , July 13, 2008; 04:43 A.M.

Wow. Excellent portfolio.

Jim Tipton , July 16, 2008; 01:44 A.M.

Checking it out

Hi Brent-Just stopped by to check out the balance of your work. I like the breadth of the photo's. All are very well done and my compliments. The pier series was especially enjoyable as they took me back to an early place and time in my life. Huntington in particular brought back some fond memories. Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work. Best to ya, Jim T

Linh Dinh , July 22, 2008; 11:17 P.M.

Your portfolio is perfection!! Truly inspiring.Thanks for commenting on my recent shots and portfolio. Best regards.

G Dii , October 09, 2009; 03:25 P.M.

excellent+++ port

in the light of many of your photos I admit my nullity ;) best regards

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