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Comments on this portfolio:

Nicky White , August 25, 2006; 04:15 A.M.

Hi Sean,

You've got some great low light shots- you've got a great eye for Silhouettes and color .

Keep it up!

nic :-)

Vinoth Kumar , August 26, 2006; 02:07 P.M.

good work

nice b/w snaps and good low light pictures u hve taken.keep ur good work going. regards vinoth.

Raphael Lopez , August 27, 2006; 11:42 P.M.


Sean, thanks for your kind words! Your portfolio does have a lot of images that are very strong and beautiful. I like the low light folder in particular. I do not see myself as a expert, but I Will give you my secret: pay attention to the details of things, i mean everything( I like to study in depth my subject) Try to show a different aspect of whatever it is that you are photographing! So when everyone is concentrating on the mountain, You my friend are concentrating on the smallest rocks's texture and color. That's how i approach the thing that we both love: photography. As for traveling, there is nothing like it!

Isaac Madera , September 10, 2006; 07:58 P.M.

Hey man,

Thanks for adding me to your list.. you have some great work here.. not everyone has an eye for nature.. I know I sure dont!

Keep it up!

Huy Tran , September 28, 2006; 09:31 A.M.

Sean, you have an amazing portfolio. Excellent work. I really like your low light shots folder. But all other shots are just as amazing. Congratulations on such great work. Hope to see more posted. Best regards.

Stephan Brauchli , December 10, 2006; 05:05 P.M.


Sean - thank you for your very kind words on my portfolio - like you, I am self taught. Your work already shows that you have an eye for this so keep at it. I'll definitely be back for more.


Francisco Ribeiro do Vale , December 17, 2006; 03:28 P.M.


Thanks Sean for your visiting and comment on my photo. I could see some photos from Brazil in your portifolio. I live in Minas Gerais State and I enjoyed seeing your photos of Belo Horizonte and Ouro Preto. I live very close to Ouro Preto (Vicosa, where I teach at the University). Congratulations for your beautiful photos.

Michael Sulka , December 21, 2006; 02:33 P.M.


Amazing portfolio with excellent photos. Good work!

ida reyhaneh , December 21, 2006; 05:47 P.M.


thank you for your attention!

Dale L , December 21, 2006; 06:16 P.M.

Pretty impressive portfolio, in particular the low light shots section and the Ouro Preto/Black Gold/Brazil section.

wojtek pomian , January 04, 2007; 02:22 P.M.

Hi Sean

Thanks for your time on the `cold?pic.Must say that I have to agree with some others that your low light photographs are very impressive,i enjoy going out at night myself...with a camera that is.Keep up the great work.

Afshin Azizi , January 05, 2007; 07:13 A.M.

Hi dear Sean, you have very good protfolio with beautyful photoes,Earth photoes are really excellent and very good ideas,I enjoyed watching your photoes,My best regards.

Carlos Matos , January 05, 2007; 02:34 P.M.

thank you for your very kind words on my portfolio, you have an amazing portfolio. Best regards

Kayhan Mohamadbagheban , January 17, 2007; 06:17 P.M.


Thanks dear Sean for your visiting and comment on my photo.

Pavle Marjanovic , January 30, 2007; 06:58 A.M.


Fabrice Muller , January 30, 2007; 08:48 A.M.

Very beautiful portfolio. Bravo.

Milos Mashed , January 30, 2007; 01:32 P.M.

Dear Sean:

You are great artist It's amazing the way you treat the photographs to create such an atmosphere in them. Congrats to you and to them for the wonderful body of work that you have presented here. I look forward to seeing more. Thanks... you are a perfect artist, thanks to share it with us

Sean Shelton , February 01, 2007; 11:05 A.M.

This town ain't big enough

I've come across your name a couple of times when searching for photos of mine on the web. You do good work. Come see the the work of the OTHER "Sean Shelton" who is a photographer.


Christine Sharp , February 13, 2007; 10:41 A.M.

Amazing work... Very creative!

Tony Casu , February 22, 2007; 05:28 P.M.

It is so easy to forget how small this planet is. And yet how big a world it is. Looking at your portfolio made me remember what it was like to grab my backpack and head out on an adventure. I hope I am never too old to think that way , of course now I will take my kids travelling too. Cheers, Tony

Ceylan Atuk , March 07, 2007; 04:29 P.M.

nice galery...

Fernando Juliatti , January 11, 2008; 04:52 P.M.

Hi Sean!

Thanks Sean for your visiting and comment on my photo. I agree with you for about our |Ouro Preto (very paceful.)I could see some photos from Brazil in your portifolio. I live in Minas Gerais State and I enjoyed seeing your photos of Belo Horizonte and Ouro Preto.

Best Regards. Fernando JUliatti.

Valentyn Odnoviun , June 24, 2009; 08:35 P.M.


Nice portfolio, a lot of hard work!!! With respect, Valentyn

Mario Baldaccini , January 09, 2010; 03:17 A.M.

Very interesting portfolio... what I like more are the photos of people, I think yuo have a very strong feeling when you get photos of real street life My best regards

Donald Coleman , November 24, 2010; 05:49 P.M.

Fantastic photos son you have a good since of composition. Which camera do you use for your pictures.

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