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Comments on this portfolio:

mike werkhoven , November 14, 2003; 06:18 A.M.

so you like to traveling, you brought europe back home. nice photography, espacialy when there is humor like "waiting". you seem to have a interest in the number two, bringing things together. mike.

Sjam Samsudin , November 22, 2003; 02:46 P.M.

nice travel scenics...its the kind of stuff that I would like to take too if given the chance...good work!

Bram Meijer , December 24, 2003; 09:05 A.M.

To Collin

A very pleasant portfolio with beautifull travel photos. The forrest photos in the mist have a special mood. Great.


Colin Carron , December 28, 2003; 07:32 P.M.

Thanks for all your kind words. I do appreciate them! In fact most of my photos are family and friends but the travel ones seem to fit best here at the moment.

kristin morales , March 04, 2004; 09:03 P.M.

I am envious of your travels but more so of your ability to capture glimpses of such travels through photography in such a compelling way. Great portfolio! My favorites are the ones of the mist.

Patrick MERLAY , March 17, 2004; 12:58 P.M.

Congratulations !

You have A LOT of stunning photos in yours albums. Best regards

Howard Dion , March 30, 2004; 05:05 P.M.

Really excellent portfolio. You are a talented photographer. Just stopped by to express my appreciation.

Colin Carron , April 05, 2004; 07:20 A.M.

Thanks Kristin

I do take far too much camera gear on holiday with me so I have to have something to show for it! The misty forest shots are near where I live though.

Merci Patrick

We seem to have some interests in common as well as being much the same age!

Many thanks Howard

I do appreciate your encouragement.


Roberto P , April 21, 2004; 06:57 P.M.

Great portfolio! It communicates originality and talent. Any shot shows it's history and shares it's mood. Thank you for having commented and rated one of my photos, I'm honoured of that. And don't forget to come back to Florence to retake your lost shot! Regards.

Martino Balestreri , May 27, 2004; 03:27 P.M.

great!!! my best compliments colin, thanks for your rating. ciao.

Colin Carron , June 05, 2004; 06:33 A.M.

Grazie Roberto! grazie Martino! I appreciate your generous comments. I am sure I will return to Italy again some time soon.

Ben S , July 07, 2004; 08:33 P.M.

Colin, your work is wonderfully sharp, among other things. you have a great discipline to capture such clear images. i like your compositions and use of colors too, but i was first struck by this clarity. inspiring.

Manolis Spanakis , August 29, 2004; 11:05 A.M.

Colin, I was impressed by your comment and I came here to thank you. Your profession explains the sharpness of your comment but not the beauty of your photos. There must be something more in you. I will be coming back often. Nice to meet you

Colin Carron , September 01, 2004; 05:51 P.M.

Thanks Ben and Manolis. One of the things I like about PN is meeting so many different and inspiring photographic talents and so many different ways of seeing.

Baldur Birgis , September 25, 2004; 06:08 A.M.

Colin, we have the chance to travel with you through your images. That is a real pleasure. Thank you. Regards, Baldur

Fausti Martinez , October 07, 2004; 09:59 A.M.

Your portfolio

is plenty of good photos. Regards

Darko Kordovan , October 17, 2004; 05:27 P.M.

Really nice gallery Colin,feel like I was treveling with you...nice feeling!!!

Colin Carron , October 23, 2004; 05:53 A.M.

Thanks to you, Baldur, Fausti and Darko. I very much appreciate your encouragement. regards - Colin

Erin Boyd , October 24, 2004; 03:32 A.M.

Excellent portfolio Colin. I have marked you in and will return. We can see beauty thro the mind of the engineer and artist that you are, thanks.

Camilla Holm , October 26, 2004; 10:36 A.M.

Colin, you make me want to go all those places! Looking at your portfolio definitely made me interested of going to the UK, I never even thought about that before. You really have a way, finding those images out there, and making them.

I also had a long, good look at your self portrait, and I have to say I like it a lot =)

Colin Carron , October 26, 2004; 12:45 P.M.

Thanks Erin and Camilla. My portrait shot was taken by my son (he was about 11 at the time). He was getting his own back for all the photos I take of him!

Sondra Kicklighter , November 02, 2004; 04:25 P.M.


A stunning portfolio, beautiful places to travel to in Europe. Sondra

Denis Dobardzic , November 09, 2004; 10:25 A.M.

bloody hell, excellent pictures, i say. really nice portoflio, excellent selected motifs and wonderfull colors. one of few portoflios that i liked this way on this site. keep it up....

Bram Meijer , November 14, 2004; 02:07 P.M.

I like this portfolio more and more and more and more....

Who am I to say but your photos are getting beter and better all the time.


Colin Carron , November 18, 2004; 11:19 A.M.

Thank you, Sondra, Denis and Bram - I do appreciate your kind comments.

Javier López , December 02, 2004; 06:13 A.M.

Great portfolio

Congratulations. I like very much all the structures specially the wood structures. Best regard from NAVARRA.

Sarah Daniels , December 07, 2004; 12:57 A.M.

Truly Inspiring!

Thank you for you comments on my photos. May I say your portfolio is absolutely magnificent! I am jealous of your travels. I have never been to Europe! I know, shame on me. But your photographs depict all I have imagined it to be and more. Beautiful landscapes, statues, castles, history all catured beautifully. Your work is an inspiration and only peaks my desire to travel even more! Thank you for showing me your perspective through the camera! Congrats!-sarah

Chris Bell , December 08, 2004; 06:43 P.M.

Hi Colin. Thanks for your comment. I must say you have some really great photos here and I will definately keep an eye on your portfolio.

Colin Carron , December 10, 2004; 01:29 P.M.

Thank you Javier. Now I know where Navarra is!

Sarah, thanks, I'm sure you will visit the places you want to see one day.

Chris, my thanks for your kind comment.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher , January 22, 2005; 01:07 P.M.


I have decided to be a bit more global in my approach to perusing photo.net ... starting with looking through entire portfolios of my friends instead of my usual photo by photo analysis. :-)

Anyway - when I look through your portfolio, I don't really think "travel photos". I think "wonderful variety". I LOVE the variety in your work. As I scroll down I see lots of color (with a few B&W mixed in), several different themes without getting into a "jack of all trades" thing, and everything done WELL. This is an excellent portfolio that gets better and better with each addition!!

Warm regards!

alexandra rauh , January 23, 2005; 01:24 A.M.


You have a wonderful Portfolio. The Way,You approach the Sceneries, or Objects are full of Intensity.Your artistic Eye and the Way how You create an Atmosphere. It is an Enrichment to be able to look at it. Best Wishes for the growing Excitement Alix

Michael Raddatz , February 11, 2005; 06:14 A.M.

Nice stuff Colin. Especially love your line of sight, and use of distance and focal planes.

M. Zafar Rabbani , February 17, 2005; 08:27 A.M.

Hi Collin. Its been quite a while I have been looking at your posts and really enjoy your work. All your fotos are very thoughtfully composed. I think although this talent is usually natural but gets polished if you use your skills properly and try to improve it constantly. Your work shows brilliance and class. Thanks for sharing your collection .....

Kind regards.... Zafar

Ian Leake , February 20, 2005; 05:33 A.M.

Hi Colin. I'm very impressed by your portfolio. The quality of your work and the range of subject matter you've covered is a testament to your skill and artistic vision. Thanks for sharing with us.

Gul Chotrani , March 14, 2005; 08:41 A.M.

Enjoyed your presentations. Brought back old memories of my several years living in England.

Paula Grenside , March 25, 2005; 02:05 A.M.

Colin, you've got an amazing portfolio. Besides the landscapes that show pictorial sensitivy added to photographic talent, the various folders highlight curiosity, attentive eye, great sense of composition.

Colin Calder , March 26, 2005; 07:44 A.M.

This is a really inspiring portfolio, a treat to browse. Thanks!

Si Cliff , March 30, 2005; 12:58 P.M.


Really enjoyed looking at the lovely pictures in your prtfolio

Thanks for shareing

Malcolm Parr , April 05, 2005; 09:37 A.M.

Colin, on looking through your images, I very much admire your ability to capture the dramatic curves and flow of lines in both architecture and nature. You also have a very good eye for seeing dramatic lighting. Excellent portfolio!

Arup Bhattacharjee , April 06, 2005; 05:14 A.M.

All your photos are so beautiful that I keep on coming back again and again to your gallery.

Colin Carron , May 04, 2005; 07:18 A.M.


...to Lou Ann, Alexandra, Michael, Zafar, Ian, Gul, Paula, Colin, Si, Malcolm, Arup. Thanks for your kind words which mean all the more to me when I see all your photographic skills and artistic vision.

Sondra Kicklighter , June 07, 2005; 09:44 P.M.

Colin, I don't know what took me so long to look at your portfolio. The photos are outstanding. I particularly like the Essex folder. You are a talented photographer, but I knew that before I looked at all your work. Thanks for your support in viewing my work. Cheers, Sondra

Hillary Cutter , June 30, 2005; 01:05 A.M.


Colin- Your portfolio is breathtaking! I truely believe every photo you have on here is outstanding. I'd like to pick one folder as my favorite; but then when I looked at all your photos again I changed my mind every time. You have a great eye for both color and the whole composition that I hope my photography will be at your level someday. Thank you for sharing all your pictures with us! Best Regards! -Hillary

mitch gordon , July 10, 2005; 02:10 P.M.

Nice Work

Colin, I came to look at your work after you graciously commented on a photo of mine and I am very much impressed.

Yvan Laussel , July 11, 2005; 01:18 P.M.

De tres belles images, voyage agreable, felicitations

mondiani . , August 27, 2005; 10:09 A.M.

Excellent portfolio, I'm surprised to not come accross it more often


Mondiani party event photographer

Tiina Haasma , September 08, 2005; 05:01 P.M.

Wonderful portfolio - full of very creative images - very artistic - well done ! My best regards ! Waiting new photos!

Colin Carron , September 11, 2005; 07:55 A.M.

Thank you!

Thanks Sondra, Hillary, Mitch, Yvan, Mondiani and Tiina. I appreciate your kind comments.

Ilse P , September 25, 2005; 08:12 P.M.

You really know to capture the atmosphere of a place in each of your photos. This combined with excellent colours makes each and every one of them a pleasure to look at! Wonderful portfolio! I'll surely be checking for new photos!

Maurizio Guarino , September 26, 2005; 04:38 P.M.


Great work, eccellent portfolio. I like it. Regards.

Michael VaughAn , October 14, 2005; 03:48 P.M.

I'm glad I stopped by your portfolio- inspiring work!

Ken Williams ... , November 04, 2005; 09:42 P.M.

Great body of work Colin - and a great asset to the site as well - thank you for your support - pleased to call you friend.


hugo tuffen , November 06, 2005; 01:57 P.M.

Great stuff

Hi Colin, you've got a great collection of photos that I'll keep on coming back as I look for ways of improving my photography. It's amazing how you capture landscape moods so well. I especially like your Essex scenes, I had no idea the county could look so good ;-) Best wishes, Hugo

Colin Carron , November 11, 2005; 01:55 A.M.

Thanks Ilse, Maurizio, Michael, Ken and Hugo! I appreciate your kind comments.

Ken, you too!

Hugo, Essex is a great county north of Billericay. Having said that 'Hadleigh Castle' is right on the Thames estuary so I guess I have just disproved that theory. :-)

Denis Sutherland , November 17, 2005; 06:01 P.M.

people power.

just had a great trip through your shots. one comment. please shot more people, you catch some real characters....:)

Aykan ÖZENER , November 20, 2005; 06:58 A.M.


Very impressive portfolio.Congrat...

Philip Turner , December 10, 2005; 01:44 A.M.

In the words of my 'Brit' co-worker, "Lovely!". I have always been enthralled with the UK, pulls at me like a magnet. It is nice to see one so ably capturing images from this magical land and from all over the 'Continent'. Pleasure to browse through your portfolio. I think we share a lot in common, working as an engineer, but found a creative outlet in photography. I also employ the 4X5 view camera for some subjects but like the immediacy of digital. Hope to some day be able to afford a good digital back for the view camera!

Anthony Yates , December 20, 2005; 07:58 A.M.

Wonderful portfolio. I particularly like the Essex folder. It brings out the drama in a flat landscape.

Peter Meade , December 25, 2005; 07:13 A.M.

Happy Christmas

Hello Colin,

My very best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.


Colin Carron , December 25, 2005; 08:23 A.M.


Denis - thank you! I will try to take more people shots.

Aykan - thank you

Philip - thanks - I'm pleased you liked my shots.

Anthony - thank you - I find living close to a place gives great opportunities for catching the right moment.

Peter - and my best wishes to you!

Nicholas Price , December 30, 2005; 07:17 A.M.

Hello Colin

Wishing you and your family a belated Merry Christmas, and all the best for the coming New Year!

Fond regards, Nick.

Colin Carron , December 30, 2005; 09:01 A.M.


thanks and my best wishes to you!

regards - Colin

Kenneth Fugate , December 31, 2005; 08:47 A.M.

Happy New Year! Thank you for all your support and comments on my photos in 2005. May 2006 be a very good year for you and your family, Best wishes from Dallas Texas

Colin Carron , January 11, 2006; 05:20 P.M.

Thanks Kenneth! Good luck with the storm chasing in 2006.

Marco Ruggiero , January 12, 2006; 02:29 P.M.

Ciao Colin!

While viewing another artists' image I became aware of you comment and as result your portfolio. My congratulations, and I am sorry that I had not had an opportunity to visit sooner. Your images truly reflect an artist that not only loves photography but the people and the enviroment that sorrounds him and does it superbly. Congratulations and I am looking forward to more visits and more of your work. Thanks for sharing them with all of us.


Colin Carron , January 15, 2006; 01:40 P.M.

Marco - thank you for your kind words!

Mark Anthony Kathurima , January 16, 2006; 01:22 A.M.

Superb! 7/7

Colin, what can I say. Your portfolio is one of those very few that leave me breathless... Your compositions, colours and ideas are amazing. I can definitely see the engineer in you coming out in the technical excellence and the appreciation of line and form. Superlative work!

Best regards from (another engineer trained in Manchester but currently in) Kenya ;)

Mark Anthony Kathurima

eamonn higgins , January 17, 2006; 08:18 P.M.

A great portfollio. What strikes me is how much care you put into the composition. Thanks for your comments, I keep meaning to have a go at Borough Market, or Leather Lane, or the big Afro-Carribean one in Kingsland Rd. Market people can be sensitive about cameras, but I'll look forward to the results of your project.

Bram Meijer , February 01, 2006; 03:16 P.M.

Dear Colin

I've been away from the photonet for some time. Now I'm back again i can see that your latest photos are much much much better. I enjoy your portfolio every time I visit it. Great!!!

With kind regards


F. Monteiro , March 21, 2006; 07:05 P.M.

Great tones, compositions and light. Excellent work. Congratulations.

Ian Flindt , March 29, 2006; 08:10 A.M.

Superb Portfolio

What a superb portfolio you have. Technically, creatively up there as one of the best. From a fellow Essex boy!!

nath guerin , April 24, 2006; 10:20 P.M.


what a great journey to follow...it brings us all kinds of places in such wonderfull images, you capture them well, the views and angles are also fantastic.bravo Nath

Colin Carron , April 29, 2006; 01:09 P.M.

Mark Anthony - thank you!

Eamonn, thanks - I look forward to seeing more of your London shots.

Thanks Bram - glad you think my photograph is getting better!

F. Monteiro - thank you for your kind comment.

Ian, thanks! We Essex boys must stick together.

Nath - glad you liked my portfolio.

Dillan Koropatnick , May 07, 2006; 03:43 P.M.

Wow, what a great portfolio! How I wish to go back to England again after seeing your photos! I really like your wide angle shots. They are inspiring me to put my new 24mm lens to good use (on a film camera). Thank you very much.

Colin Carron , May 08, 2006; 06:31 P.M.

Dillan, thank you for your kind words. The 24mm is a fine choice of lens (I'm more of a 20mm enthusiast myself!) and I wish you every success with it.

MR OMAR , June 14, 2006; 09:15 A.M.

Great Collection !

Colin Carron , July 12, 2006; 09:36 A.M.


John Patrick , July 23, 2006; 07:35 A.M.

Fantastic portfolio Colin. Some really creative wide-angle compositions in there and I really like the treatment you give them.


Peter Martinka , August 23, 2006; 04:59 A.M.


this is my taste. Landscape and architecture mixed with couple of people shots. Impressive portfolio indeed. I'll stop by very soon again. Peter

ester j , August 26, 2006; 01:02 P.M.

I feel swept away when I look at your photos. So pure and natural. You capture the moment beautifully. I'll come back here if I need a place to rest and think. Best wishes Colin, Ester Bevers

Darrell M , August 26, 2006; 07:18 P.M.

i came and looked around. I liked what i saw here and had a good time. you are superb at what you are doing.

Colin Carron , August 29, 2006; 04:17 P.M.

Thanks John, Peter, Ester, Darrell, I appreciate your kind comments!

Michael Axel , September 12, 2006; 08:00 P.M.

Colin, Very nice collection of work! You make me long to return to England where the people are so nice and the landscape so beautiful.

Frank Millard , September 25, 2006; 02:10 P.M.

Very excellent work; educational and inspirational

Rejith Warrier , September 28, 2006; 04:38 A.M.

Essex, Thames, West Country, East Anglia and Architectural studies - they stands out like gems attached on a golden ring ... Fantastic portfolio there, friend Colin ... I had been here couple of times before, cant understand myself why I didnt leavea not before :-) Very nice work ...

Umberto Pini , October 01, 2006; 07:18 A.M.

Wonderful portfolio- Many compliments- Umberto

Lisiza Fox , October 15, 2006; 07:07 A.M.

hello Colin!!!!!!!!!!! oh GOd! when I saw your photos I thought to myself that you are the most skilled photograhper that I have ever seen and you make such a winderful works!!!! The quality of them and the sense of composition - you are the best!!!! and the one thing really made me feel awful - I saw that you live in London and recently I was there - I do not have many oppurtunity to go there and I love that country so such and I want to be a photograhper. while I was there I searched for every oppurtunity to meet any photograhper and to see every gellary that I can - but it's hard when you are in the new place and there are nobody to help you with your interests - so you see how pity it is that I didn't see your photos before - I wish we could me and talk there in London... I have some photos from London of my trip - but not much and of course not that good as yours! you are great photographer!

Colin Carron , October 18, 2006; 10:12 A.M.

Michael, Frank, Rejith, Umberto, Lisiza - thank you so much for your kind comments.

Lisiza, I wish I were the best :-) and I wish you well with your photography.

Pedro de Luisa , October 23, 2006; 04:42 P.M.

Excellent photographer, excellent photos. And many thanks you for your kind comment on my picture. Regards. Pedro.

Paolo Fefe' , November 08, 2006; 03:49 A.M.


First of all thank you for your portfolio it's fantastic, a great job with colours and lights. It was nice to meet you. At least, i'd like to thank you for your comment on my photo "stairs" someone didn't understood that, but for me your comment it's a great result. Thank you twice again Paolo

christopher hart , November 19, 2006; 09:32 P.M.


Mr. Carron I noticed in one of the forums you mentioned a wollensak fastax goose control - i am trying to locate one of these would you happen to have any info? My email address is trahc@optonline.net my name is chris thank you - your photos are great

Colin Carron , November 22, 2006; 02:16 A.M.

Thanks everyone!

Christopher, sorry I can't help. Try ebay, I'm sure one will come up eventually.

Gerry Priest , November 30, 2006; 02:45 P.M.

Tremendous wide angle photos Colin - really inspiring and thanks for your comment on one of my meagre efforts.

Luke Gilson , December 01, 2006; 10:44 P.M.


this is just an outstanding portfolio. YOu alwasy seem to try to take a never before seen angle of things and most of the time you do. your photography is just outstanding and original. Thanks for sharing your photos with us.

Denise L , December 21, 2006; 01:28 A.M.

In Awe

Colin, your portfolio leaves me in awe. Your vision is beyond reality and captures a magic and mysticism that I have only imagined. Regards. Denise

Kenneth Fugate , December 26, 2006; 12:19 A.M.

Hello friend

I would like to wish you and your family Happy Holidays and a Good New Year! And say thank you for your support with your ratings and comments on my work over the last year. We are hoping to post some good weather photos this year. We start shooting sky photos in April thanks again for supporting my work.

Best wishes Ken Fugate Stormphoto.net

Minh Nguyen , December 28, 2006; 09:42 A.M.

Excellent !!!!!!!

Beautiful pictures, you have special visions for different chances. Nice and interesting portfolio. This is Art in Photography. Happy New year, more success coming on your way. Minh

Bill Tate , January 10, 2007; 05:11 P.M.

Colin, I enjoyed your brief visit to my portfolio a few days back. But when I looked to see just who you were and what kind of photographer knows about cumulonimbus clouds, I was most pleasently surprised. I have a new place to study a master's work. I think we "met" on the No Words forum a couple of times, such as ABANDONED and TEETH. I love that shot of the old wreck of a boat. Nice job. I admire your skys in a great many of your photographs. If I was a younger man, I would be suggesting to my wife that what I need is a new 10-22 wide angle lens so I could do something like these. Really nice work. I commend your talent and persistance in getting it just right. Bill

Mariellen Romer , January 12, 2007; 04:44 P.M.

Colin, it has been a pleasure to wander through your portfolio and see some familar sights.... and to see how experssively it it possible to capture them. I look forward to your work and in particular, the great comments (and banter) that I see going back and forth as well. I am new into really being able to look and see with a camera that catches what I am trying to. My sense is that you are capturing what you set out to, and that is very useful to watch and learn from. Thanks for sharing!


Hell-N Samson , January 16, 2007; 09:37 A.M.

Hi Colin ! What a breath taking portfolio u have ! I especially like The North East, Portugal, Architectural Studies, Ely Cathedral, The west country, Switzerland, Essex!!!, Lake District, Single Photos and Recent Uploads Folders !!! You are an amazing photographer ! I can'T wait to see more ! KEep up the excellent work ! Cheers :)

Bram Meijer , February 09, 2007; 05:41 P.M.

Hi Collin

You are becoming one of the best photographers on Photonet. Your portfolio is getting better by each photo. I enjoy every one.


Colin Carron , April 29, 2007; 09:52 A.M.

Thank you!

Many thanks to all of you who have commented. Bram, good to hear from you again.

Michael Ging , July 15, 2007; 11:51 A.M.

Colin, You have a great eye for composition , especially with a wide angle. You also have a feel for what good light is and make it work for your photos. We have been to many of the same places, and I would replace many of my photos with one of yours in my gallery. Thanks for sharing them.

Andrew Daspin , August 27, 2007; 09:32 A.M.

As you suggested..

Colin: In the "casual conversation" forum ( How to entice viewers to my portfolio) you had suggested that I organize my portfolio into folders. Others have made the same comment, so I finally spent several hours and divided my portfolio into 25 folders. If you have a chance, please stop by and let me know what you think. On another note YOUR portfolio is most impressive. You have a talent for capturing a "mood" in many of your scenes. This is a very desirable artistic touch that most photographers are lacking.You have accumulated an impressive body of work. Good luck, and thanks again.

Thodoris Tzalavras , August 27, 2007; 10:02 A.M.

The unusual points of view that you choose in many of your pictures enhance the sense of perspective nicely; combining this with strong compositions and attention to lighting, you present a coherent and beautiful portfolio. Regards.

Tamara Horton - Western NC , November 08, 2007; 05:56 P.M.

Colin, I have enjoyed browsing your portfolio. Beautiful landscapes of a beautiful countryside. Your wide angle view is captivating. I saw your "Winter Sky" in the no words forum, and I am so glad I did. Be well!

Best regards, Tammy

Louise Bridge , November 26, 2007; 05:54 P.M.

Regarding your posting to the P/N "No Words" forum thread, which you captioned:

Excavated by Mary Anning the original fossil hunter and inspiration for the phrase 'She sells sea shells....

I appreciated your posting this and it amused me greatly, thanks.

Cheers, Louise Bridge.

Denise L , December 28, 2007; 01:21 P.M.


Colin, it was a great pleasure to revisit your portfolio. You have a wonderful eye for composition and the technical talent to express it. You're an inspiration. I hope 2008 gives you more time to share your artistry with us. Best Wishes. Denise

Denis Zerak , January 26, 2008; 05:09 A.M.

One of my favorite portfolio! Great work!


Sam Norris , January 28, 2008; 12:01 A.M.

Colin, this is a very, very beautiful portfolio. One of the very nicest I have seen on P/N. Cheers, Sam

Colin Carron , February 08, 2008; 04:33 P.M.

My thanks to all of you who have taken time to leave such kind comments. I appreciate them all.

Cliff Manley , March 08, 2008; 11:54 P.M.



I have just spent the last hour or so going through the photographs of the "Top" rated photographers on this thing, and saw a lot of really crummy Nude snapshots (any naked butt seems to be quite popular around here), and some very nice colorful graphic arts. I didn't really see too much real photography, and then I remembered your portfolio and came back here.

I have got to tell you, I really love your work. Some of it looks quite enhanced, but it's the dazzeling reality that is so wonderful. Some might be composite, I don't know, but look like true photography at it's finest; and not a bunch of graphic arts junk with a few photo overlays, or whatever. You know what I mean. I really think the rating system around here is run by some art students, just out of school, with high testosterone levels.

Anyway, Fantastic work!

Cliff Manley

Terry Gilroy , March 10, 2008; 12:32 P.M.

Hi Colin I saw your bananas/divorce post and became curious. I'm glad I did, I have just spent some time enjoying your portfolio, excellent stuff, I especially like the landscapes. Greetings from Scotland

Colin Carron , March 11, 2008; 06:35 A.M.

Cliff, Terry, many thanks for your kind words.

Cliff, you are quite right about the post work on sone of these shots - a bit overdone in places! However I was learning what could be done in PS and finding out where to draw the line (by overstepping it?) Now when I take photos for other people I tend to do the minimum of editing with the aim of making it invisible.

regards - Colin

Ricardo Hooper , March 21, 2008; 03:35 P.M.

A rare good taste and skill!

Congratulations Colin, your photos depict life with rare good taste and superb technical skill! I only wished each photo had captions on its technical details. I wonder whether you use big format, film or digital. Ricardo Hooper - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Ricardo Hooper , March 21, 2008; 04:00 P.M.

A rare good taste and skill!

Sorry, Colin, I am new at photo.net and had not noticed that each photo does carry captions on technical details. Ricardo.

Nino T. , April 13, 2008; 05:02 A.M.

Wonderful work

Hi Colin, I stumbled upon your portfolio after you posted an extraordinary photo of "dockside cranes" in a forum. Im very impressed with the quality of your work, you seem to have particular strength in your architectural landscapes. keep up the good work. nino

Richard Attridge , May 08, 2008; 06:28 P.M.

Colin, hi, congratulations on your oustanding portfolio, tell me where you learnt the craft, i'd willingly break the bank to gain an ounce of it Nice to see another local Brit on the site

Colin Carron , June 12, 2008; 04:11 A.M.

Thank you, Richard, Nina and richard!

richard, I have been taking photos since I was a kid so probably the learning was a long slow process! PN helps me a lot though - a good place to see how to do it.

Michael DeCorso , June 16, 2008; 07:32 P.M.

Hello Colin...1st class portfolio...I enjoy your contributions to the W/NM forum...landscapes are your strong suit...Mike

Mishu Vass , July 30, 2008; 11:42 A.M.

Hello :)

I found a photo of yours in the No Words Forum, Lighting you like. This is what attracted me here. I am impressed.

Colin Carron , August 01, 2008; 06:20 P.M.

Michael, thanks, I appreciate your kind comment - and your work.

Maria- Mihaela, thank you. I am glad you like the shot as it is one of my favourites.

Kieran Cunningham , September 14, 2008; 03:18 A.M.

Beautifull Work.

Cristina Velina Ion , September 22, 2008; 02:31 P.M.

I was trying to find some photos of a romanian photographer, but i found yours... and they are wonderful.. so i couldnt pass from here without saying Congratulations and all the best!

Richard Attridge , October 27, 2008; 09:08 A.M.

colin, congratulations on a great set of images, kind regards richard

Lacey Hughes , November 06, 2008; 10:52 A.M.

I found your portfolio through your posting on my No Words Shorelines thread - Thank you for taking the time to post. Your cliffside scene is very dramatic and beautiful!! Browsing through your portfolio has revealed many fabulous photos. I need more time in the day to go through them all!! :)

Mike Stemberg , December 31, 2008; 12:16 P.M.

...and in the syle of the 'No Words' forum, here's wishing you and all who you care for...

A ***** *** ***R!

Josemi Gondra , January 23, 2009; 09:48 A.M.


Good afternoon, Colin, Hoping you are in England. I used to say hi to people from other continents. I like a lot your portfolio because it is very original in landscape cathegory. You have an special style to compose images, to crop and your use of colour is quite interesting, with a lot of dark red-brown tones in your images and some very interesting images of buildings (like Big Ben) or objects that have been captured thousand times but yours is "different". Hope you could also show us some more work in other cathegories: portraits, children, city images, because I hope these should be very good ones coming from your camera and your eye "choose". Have a nice day, Colin. Ikusi arte - see you. Josemi Gondra.

Hurol Emre Candan , February 07, 2009; 07:29 A.M.

If the photos on the recycle bin folder are the ones that you chuck out, you can use my mailbox for the same purpose :) you have perfect photos here.. most of them are really inspiring for new photographers like me. congratulations..

JDM von Weinberg , February 13, 2009; 01:39 P.M.

Your "Turner" seascape led me back here again. A real pleasure to look at your work. Thanks.

Later, Weyland Smithy also led me back.

Still later, love the Castlerigg Ring.

Ioan Alexandru Chiru , February 15, 2009; 12:21 P.M.

Hi !

You have a diversified portfolio with nice shots and great colours, congratulations ! Alex.

Roxana Chiru , February 21, 2009; 08:35 A.M.

I love last recent uploads, lake district are good made the west country picture are interesting, also interesting is Ely Cathedral, I like south Coast- second image is nice, I think the best ones are the photos from architectural studies best regards RoxanaChiru

Colin Carron , February 24, 2009; 03:07 P.M.

Thanks everyone!

To Kieran, Cristina, Richard, Lacey, mike, joseph, Hurol, JDM, Ioan and Roxana - thank you! all for your kind comments. I really appreciate them.

Jayanti Basu , April 11, 2009; 09:10 A.M.


I spent about an hour on your portfolio .. and am inspired by the soft and subtle treatment you do to your photographs. I feel that you have your own style in making these - some of your images, specially those with a few houses and perhaps a cart are fabulous. I also liked your architecture studies. Best regards.

Chris Spracklen , July 26, 2009; 08:04 A.M.

Phenomenal portfolio!

Truly spectacular work Colin, consistently of the highest quality in every department. This collection is one of the very finest I've seen on photo.net, and I've been here a long time. My hearty congratulations and best regards, Chris

Colin Carron , July 27, 2009; 06:31 A.M.

Jayanti, thank you for your kind words. They mean a lot to me especially since looking at your excellent portfolio

Chris, hi, how are you doing? We were in Somerset recently (Muchelney - my wife is interested in pottery) and thought of you.

regards - Colin

John Lovelace , September 09, 2009; 10:45 A.M.

Thanks for beautiful contribution to the Bike Race thread on the No Words Forum. Now that I've scanned your portfolio, I can see it's just one of oodles of nice shots.

John Bellenis , October 18, 2009; 01:27 P.M.

Re. All portfolios

Colin, I am very rarely moved to comment on people's work but I really did want to say how impressed I am with your images.

When I look at your pictures I can see the thought and consideration you give to composition, flow, foreground, middle ground and background and the impact of lighting - your love of the medium is very apparent and it's a pleasure to see things through your eyes.

When photography is done right, the camera is merely a tool to capture a scene in the way that you feel has the most interest, impact and emotion. Your pictures show that you visualize a scene and actually think about how best to interpret it.

Well done - I look forward to seeing more of your work.


Diane Hooper , October 31, 2009; 10:13 P.M.

Autumn No Words Forum

Your Autumn shot on the No Words forum is absolutely stunning. What an incredible portfolio.

Avijit Sett , February 10, 2010; 06:41 A.M.

Wonderful portfolio!!! I like your photographs a lot!!! Cheers!!!

Antonio F , July 05, 2010; 09:37 A.M.

really superb and terrific portfolio

Diane Hooper , July 15, 2010; 08:37 P.M.


Love the shot you posted in the "Light" no words forum.....



Stephanie Luke , August 19, 2010; 12:36 P.M.

Your pictures (as seen in "No Words" for the most part) are an inspiration and a delight. Thank you for being here.

Colin Carron , August 20, 2010; 03:38 P.M.

Thanks to all of you for your very kind comments. I appreciate each one of them.

Terry Gilroy , February 01, 2011; 08:33 A.M.

I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at your portfolio. Quite inspirational, makes me want to get out snapping (when it stops raining)

Greetings from Scotland

Colin Carron , February 01, 2011; 03:34 P.M.

cheers, Terry.


I was in Orkney recently and had a great time. Must get back to Scotland again.....

Salvador Penaloza , February 14, 2011; 07:49 P.M.

Beautiful port, very good work, congrats // Salvador 

Colin Carron , March 04, 2011; 12:01 P.M.

Salvador, thanks for your visit and comment - appreciated.

Diane Hooper , May 30, 2011; 05:48 P.M.


Nice shot on the Menacing Mood (Fear and Fright) No Words Forum!  Great lighting.

Colin Carron , June 03, 2011; 03:45 P.M.

Thanks Diane. I posted that image as I found this ruin quite scary at the time. I am a bit claustrophobic and the old mine building felt quite threatening. I hope I managed to convey that feeling in the picture. Thanks again for your kind words.

Terry Gilroy , July 20, 2011; 09:55 A.M.

A second visit, great stuff!

Colin Carron , September 14, 2011; 12:19 P.M.

Thanks Terry! I am still planning my next trip to Scotland..

Jorge Arturo Perez Morales , September 22, 2011; 12:08 A.M.

Gifted eye

I liked your view for the architecture photography and for the open spaces as well.

Great gallery. Thanks for sharing your art.



randall miller , November 26, 2011; 11:06 P.M.

Spectacular portfolio and subject matter. I enjoyed it very much. Very inspiring. Kind regards.


Colin Carron , December 26, 2011; 06:13 A.M.

Thank you, Jorge, Randall and Dimitris!

Terry Pittman , June 08, 2013; 12:11 P.M.

Congrats on one of the best portfolios on PN.
Thanks for sharing!

Colin Carron , June 24, 2013; 06:36 A.M.

Wow! Terry, thanks for your comment.

David Cavan , October 31, 2013; 11:44 A.M.

Great variety and light

Collin - I've seen your name but hadn't checked out your portfolio previously. Nicely varied, and you understand how to make light work for you in a lot of different scenarios. Very enjoyable. I'll be back.

Colin Carron , January 28, 2014; 02:38 P.M.

David, thanks, I appreciiate your kind comment very much.

Alan Klein , June 30, 2014; 09:21 A.M.

Colin: You have a very diverse and wonderful portfolio. Good eye for composition, color, and lighting. Best regards. Alan.

Colin Carron , August 17, 2014; 10:23 A.M.

Alan, thanks for your kind comment!

Ann Kennedy , June 03, 2016; 06:46 P.M.

Nice Collection

Hi Colin, Enjoyed a rummage through your photos. Since I am a travel addict, enjoyed your travel photos :o) Liked the Essex photos and Blizzard in Switzerland. Good stuff!
Cheers, Ann.


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