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Comments on this portfolio:

Stanley Ambo , January 06, 2004; 11:13 A.M.

Beautiful Portfolio

You have a beautiful set of pictures here. Very impressive and imaginative.

Nicolas Daudin , January 28, 2004; 11:23 A.M.

You have nice pictures and very good eye and bright ideas. Don't worry too much about people giving you bad grades.

Nicholas Bryant , February 07, 2004; 05:46 P.M.

Wonderful folder, between easthetics, mystery and beauty. And I feel the "romanian" in your pictures which make them exotic too. Bravo

Andrea Salini , March 02, 2004; 02:35 P.M.

You have a really special shot collection, congratulations and thank you for shared it!

_ Cálico - NY, NY , March 03, 2004; 11:45 P.M.


Hey, I really like those hazy images, really nice, and picturesque. I think you've hit on a good idea and you've managed to capture some very interesting images.... something you might want to continue to work with? Good show! Thank you for sharing with us!

Loft Portugal , March 05, 2004; 04:23 A.M.


Its a plessure to visit your albums. Great stuff.,thanks for sharing.

Regards from a sunny Portugal.,Loft

Carlo Mogavero , March 05, 2004; 06:16 A.M.

very nice portfolio soft and tender


Guido Fulgenzi , March 05, 2004; 08:31 A.M.

What a talent you have!Great portfolio,congrats.

Maria Conversano , March 19, 2004; 04:08 A.M.

Hi Floriana

i love a lot your portfolio. Avery shot is original, alive, sensitiv. Realy nice. Congrats Thanks for your attention to my Photo "Land and Sky"

Franco Cappellari , April 16, 2004; 10:58 A.M.

Ciao Floriana!

Very interesting portfolio!! Compliments

Pradeep Raghunathan , April 17, 2004; 03:13 A.M.

creattive work!

some of your works are so creative, good job, love to see more of your creativitiy! happy shooting! cheers!

Maria Di Liegro , April 19, 2004; 05:25 P.M.

I really like your style! Your "Hazy Tales" is especially great and looks like the enchanted forest!

Danielle G , April 20, 2004; 05:52 A.M.

WOW! Floriana, yours is the best female portfolio I've ever seen!!! Thanks for sharing.

carmen lafuente , April 20, 2004; 02:41 P.M.

Floriana, you are a great artist, thanks for let us see your parfait and variant work.

Francesco Rapallini , April 20, 2004; 04:34 P.M.

very very good!!!

Sharad G. , April 22, 2004; 02:45 A.M.

Real Great Photos. Just outstanding.

Pedro Jorge , April 26, 2004; 07:39 P.M.

Just Photography

I mainly love your imagination with everyday life situations. With that, sky is your limit. Congratulations from Portugal.

Franco Cappellari , April 27, 2004; 04:46 A.M.


Fantastic work here. A pleasure to see! Compliments

William Belvin , May 03, 2004; 03:50 P.M.

All these shots are great, there is a real sense of the macabre in many of them.

Lisa Grant , May 21, 2004; 03:26 P.M.

simply beautiful

each one of your photos seems to tell a story. they convey emotion and depth. you are an inspiration and I look forward to seeing more from you. Thanks so much for sharing.

kind regards, ~Lisa

Paolo Rella , May 28, 2004; 03:15 A.M.

Excellent portofolio, Floriana! Compliments...

Alec Ee , May 28, 2004; 07:43 A.M.

A Truly Exceptional Portfolio

Floriana, your images are exquisite! Beautifully composed, enjoyed it tremendously. Thanks for sharing.

Salih Güler , June 09, 2004; 02:31 A.M.


very nice portfolio, cong.

Alberto Conde , June 09, 2004; 05:52 P.M.

I'm speechless, enthusistic and admirative about your complete range of different subjects in your expert photography. Warm regards, Floriana!

Maris Ojasuu , June 10, 2004; 06:54 A.M.

Fantastic shots. Keep gouing, and You are the Best!!! You have talent, that many photographs dosen?t. I really admire You!


Tuhin Saha , June 10, 2004; 01:26 P.M.

Wonderful work .

Felipe Aguas , June 17, 2004; 09:19 A.M.


You have a very interesting work. Aestetical, inpressive and original. You also have very good Ideas for your photos. Saludos.

otilia motoi , June 18, 2004; 07:34 A.M.

minunate fotografii, minunate locuri! Felicitari!

Byron Ortiz , July 06, 2004; 12:33 P.M.

Dear Floriana

Your portfolio is a collection of art. Impresive. Thanks for your comment on Lindsey's Headshot you can see more of her portraits in my portrait folder. It is good receiving critique from photographers like you. Keep shooting!

Nadejda Vusheva , July 07, 2004; 10:50 A.M.

I loved your pictures very very much:)

maurilio ortiz , July 09, 2004; 10:36 P.M.



Angela Su , July 11, 2004; 01:24 A.M.

I like your photos !

Great works and great eye !

Luigi De Vivo , July 16, 2004; 03:41 P.M.

Ciao Floriana

Congrats for yuor portfolio, really great shots!!!

Benedetto Dell'Ariccia , August 02, 2004; 07:37 A.M.


Wonderful shots!

Dmitri Zakovorotny , August 09, 2004; 07:24 P.M.

I see soul in every your work.Excellent!

Kharlamov Sergey , August 10, 2004; 04:16 P.M.

Remarkable works, in them are mood, philosophical nuance, mysteriousness and large creative potential! Successes in the creation!

wong li ji , August 13, 2004; 08:20 P.M.

very original.. very nice. inspired.

Susheel Chandradhas , September 05, 2004; 12:45 P.M.

Love the skies that you have got in the pictures.


Gianni Candido , September 29, 2004; 12:03 P.M.

Hello Floriana

Excellent work.

Please have a look on my pictures. I would like to have your opinion.



fili . , November 02, 2004; 10:25 A.M.

truly magical and amazing photographies.


Claudia Cala' , November 05, 2004; 07:10 A.M.

your portfolio is very good! claudia

Tom Sperduto , November 05, 2004; 08:57 A.M.

Floriana - Thank you for sharing your wonderful portfolio. / Tom

Adriaan van den Bos , December 04, 2004; 06:05 P.M.


You have a nice portfolio. I liked your portraits most.

Stefano Giordano , December 10, 2004; 10:14 A.M.

There are some very beautiful pics on your portfolio!

My favorite ones are some from In the City and the people shots from the Single Photos folder

Graham Serretta , December 13, 2004; 07:45 A.M.


Communication from the soul! Wonderful work.

Francesco Tonini , December 13, 2004; 07:40 P.M.

You are in the way of perfection, i hate your way of shooting. You hits eye with great style. Thank you for sharing

veronica mariani , January 13, 2005; 09:56 A.M.

you have talent, eye and...a wonderful portfolio...

César Sousa , January 18, 2005; 01:09 P.M.


You are a pro, fantastic

Rosa Maria González de romero , February 08, 2005; 05:54 P.M.


Me conmovio tu portafolio Floriana, es de una calidad excelente con sensibilidad, belleza en fin espero nos sigas regalando tu belleza a travez de tus imagenes

Razvan Tulai , February 11, 2005; 11:51 P.M.

Un portofoliu excelent! felicitari si continua tot asa!

Fabiola Barrientos , March 05, 2005; 09:47 P.M.

Good tones!

Un portafolio impresionante.Los tonos y colores son maravillosos.

Marc Adamus , March 11, 2005; 01:17 P.M.


Diverse, creative, artistic, beautiful, emotional, powerful and absolutely stunning in every way! I could get lost in your amazing work for a long while. You have an incredible eye and imagination and have created some of the finest images I've seen!

Michael Avlaris , April 03, 2005; 10:02 A.M.

Amazing colors and WONDERFUL images... I am impressed...

Cris Ardelean , April 04, 2005; 01:45 P.M.

bravo :) sa mai faci ...

Rosana Ziemba , April 12, 2005; 08:26 P.M.

Un portofoliu remarcabil. Bravo!

Eugenio Cuesta , April 22, 2005; 11:05 A.M.

Portfolio fascinating. Congratulations by this magnify work.

Eli MDW , April 26, 2005; 09:45 A.M.

Congratulations for your portfolio! Eli

Yann R. , April 27, 2005; 02:12 A.M.

a delight...

Here's a delight for my eyes. Congrats! You have a W O N D E R F U L portfolio! My favorite : "Nature" and "Single photos"

Lucian Cionca , April 28, 2005; 11:57 A.M.


A beautiful portofolio, you are an acomplished artist! I especially liked the landscapes and portraits! Keep up the good work!

Jammin Gene Olssen , May 01, 2005; 01:29 A.M.


Amazing! Beautiful! You are a tremendously talented photographer!

F. Monteiro , May 11, 2005; 10:56 P.M.

Great portfolio! The moody atmospheres are awesome. Excellent compositions and postworks. Congratulations.

Si Cliff , June 21, 2005; 12:15 P.M.

Great portfolio thanks for shareing

Aykan ÖZENER , June 21, 2005; 04:00 P.M.


Wonderful portfolio.Congrat...Best regards.

Hugh Croft , June 23, 2005; 09:15 A.M.


portfolio. Congratulations.

Lawrence Bonnici , June 23, 2005; 06:33 P.M.

Well Done

Through Ages

I like your portfolio , really my taste....GOOD JOB


Danielle G , June 24, 2005; 06:57 A.M.


Floriana, your work is superb. In your portfolio I'd the pleasure to see unique shots. Excellent, absolutely excellent...

Kimberly M. Barton , July 12, 2005; 09:24 A.M.

Your work is wonderful!

Edurne Daye , July 12, 2005; 10:45 A.M.

he disfrutado mucho con tus fotos, gracias. sigue exponiendo, por favor. saludos

Dan Roman , July 12, 2005; 03:52 P.M.

Portfolio of Floriana Barbu

Sint foarte impresionat de toata lucrarea pe care o prezinti aici in PhotoNet site. Nu am timp sa comentez fiecare poza in parte dar pot sa iti spun ca voi ''rate'' ( ca nu mai stiu cum se spune pe romaneste) pe fiecare cu maxim de puncte. Si asta pentru ca sint mindru, ca aici , pe acest site avem o romanca care poate da ceva lectii chiar si profesionistilor. Sint curios sa aflu dealtfel, care este programul care-l folosesti pentru asa o finisare . Doar ca sa-ti amintesc ca ai avut pe cineva care a adaugat un coment pentru fotografia ''Worker''. Daca mai locuiesti inca in Romania terbuie doar sa-ti spun ca acea persoana a avut perfecta dreptate cind a facut referire la soarta romanilor in general. Pozele tale schimba radical parerea multora care nu au nici macar o idee pe unde s-ar afla Romania. Scuze pentru spatiul si timpul care ti l-am luat pentru a citi, si scuza-mi deasemeni ''patriotismul inflacarat''. Succes. Dan

Irina No , July 29, 2005; 03:23 P.M.

U have great fotos! I like your vision very much! Irina

Eric Dupin , August 09, 2005; 03:50 P.M.

Original and diverse portfolio !

Antonio F , August 10, 2005; 10:11 A.M.

excellent portfolio, well done I see in your pictures a great photograph experience.

ELENA TERCHEA (MOSNEGUTU) , August 15, 2005; 05:43 A.M.


Super(b) portofoliu! Felicitari! Salutari din Iasi, Elena.

Biliana Rakocevic , August 16, 2005; 12:24 P.M.

oh, daer Floriana, you have such a wonderful brillant Portofolio! I love especially your landscapes colors and situations and sublime tones of your natural colors. Bravo. My compliments for your Work!

All my best, Biliana

Hillary Cutter , August 16, 2005; 05:20 P.M.


WOW! Is all I can think to say right now. You definetly deserve to be on everyone's " interesting person" list who looked at your portfolio. Keep up the marvelous work!!

ALFREDO DE Ricolino , August 17, 2005; 04:32 A.M.

my dream

you have become an answer to my dreams with your photos...all those are which I have ever wanted to shoot ...You give nice feelings to me ...those beautiful views are the life itself and love..Thank you

Vlad Lucian Lazin , August 17, 2005; 05:40 A.M.

Foarte bune toate fotografiile si editarile dumneavoastra. Daca aveti putin timp, mi-ar face placere sa aruncati o privire si asupra portofoliului meu. Felicitari inca o data!

Todd Bennett , August 18, 2005; 10:28 A.M.

Very nice portfolio.

cristian sutu , August 18, 2005; 04:05 P.M.


Imi plac culorile tale

Marielou Dhumez , August 19, 2005; 04:20 A.M.

Wonderful portfolio and lot of amazing pictures in it ! You have a great sense of photography !

Rasoul Alipour , August 19, 2005; 05:13 A.M.

nice shot

you have very interesting captures !!!

johnny bisconti , September 06, 2005; 06:13 A.M.

Piu' che di fotografia con te si puo' tranquillamente parlare di ARTE .

Favolose realizzazioni alcune ONIRICHE .

Saluti Johnny Bisconti

Ninoslav Sohrab , September 15, 2005; 08:44 A.M.


Dio Campagna , September 15, 2005; 11:29 A.M.


A beautiful portfolio. 7/7 Ciao

Pulok Pattanayak , September 18, 2005; 07:32 A.M.

Amazing work! Although all images are superb, I like the most "Just for fun" folder.

Kind regards...

Mark Tso , October 25, 2005; 11:40 A.M.

for the great artist...

...with this outstandingly beautiful portfolio.

Sebastian Free , November 04, 2005; 07:11 A.M.

Excellent portfolio Floriana. I think you are an artist. Something beyond just photography. Congratulations.

Damian Bradley , November 08, 2005; 09:24 P.M.


A wonderful portfolio! I think you and I have similar tastes. You capture a mood and an environment that I strive for in my own work. Wonderful work, I look forward to seeing more!

Madalina Iordache-Levay , November 09, 2005; 02:18 P.M.

Thank you!

Iti multumesc mult pentru toate comentariile si rating-urile! Mai ales ca vin de la tine, care ai un portofoliu minunat! :)

Doug Stewart , November 16, 2005; 05:44 A.M.

There is no room

left hardly to add some more comments, so it's quite obvious that all agree - you have some fantastic photographs on your portfolio! The shepherd must be my favourite as it is a timeless classical study - very good indeed!

Camelia Clinciu , November 18, 2005; 03:18 A.M.

I love your portfolio. Your world saw through the lens is warm and sensitive...very nice. Good luck, Camelia

Bruno López Mailhe , November 25, 2005; 05:18 P.M.

inside of a great portfolio...HAZY TALES steals all the credits to me..great work. my englis isn?t good enough..so i hope that you understand what i?m trying to say. and thanks for you comment on my photo today.. regards.

Brooke B , December 09, 2005; 03:29 A.M.

Your work is beautiful, stunning, creative, and mysterious. It appears that the camera is a part of you as much as your heart is!

Dushan B. Hadnadjev , December 29, 2005; 01:52 P.M.

Nice protfolio. Congratulations!


Mihai Ragea , February 12, 2006; 05:53 A.M.

Foarte frumos portofoliu, plin de creativitate si un deosebit simt al culorii.

numai bine,


Pavel Potocek , March 08, 2006; 03:32 P.M.

I think you have a great sense for the people and their lifes. I am glad I could see some of them with your eyes.


Monica Roman , March 21, 2006; 04:54 A.M.


Buna Floriana! Fotografiile sunt superbe, nu am cuvinte. Am incercat sa gasesc o adresa de mail personala pentru ca voiam sa iti propun un interviu pentru revista PHOTO magazine. Daca crezi ca putem incerca, te rog sa ma contactezi pe adresa monica.roman@mtr.ro. Multumesc

Manuel Lao , March 29, 2006; 02:16 P.M.


Amazing portfolio, nice, beautiful, well done and a large amount of good adjectives :)
really a pleasure to my eyes

Attilio Peschiera , April 01, 2006; 04:31 P.M.

Hi Floriana!

Great Portfolio!! Congratulations !! Good Work !!

Raphael Lopez , April 14, 2006; 03:52 P.M.


Floriana, your images speak about the level of your artistic vision and creative photographic imagination. Your portfolio is truly amazing; keep posting because i would like to comeback again to check on your extraordinary talent. Cheers, Raphael

Fabian Graham , May 15, 2006; 12:36 P.M.

amazingly creative.....like autunm light the best......


Neil Peters , May 17, 2006; 02:50 P.M.

your digital art is as best as I've ever seen, fantstic portfolio, bravo.

David Cassidy , May 26, 2006; 08:24 A.M.

What can I say? Your work is inspiring and humbling at the same time. You have a unique gift that makes you an artist of the highest magnitude. Your works are truly wonderful. David

Razvan Alexandru Cofaru , May 30, 2006; 01:43 P.M.


felicitari pt aparitia in PHOTO magazine! Chiar meritai sa apari in revista, ai niste super poze! Bravo

Popa V.Marian , May 31, 2006; 07:18 A.M.


This is one of the most beautiful portofolio I have seen so far. And a lot of imagination too. Felicitari.

Oprea Radu , May 31, 2006; 05:20 P.M.

Daca nu ma insel am vazut cateva poze de ale tale intr-o revista.. dar nu mai stiu in care.. sa fi fost PHOTO MAGAZINE .. parca ..nu mai stiu exact.. oricum felicitarile mele .. super poze .. poate imi vizitezi si portofoloiul meu cu 2 poze.. astea mi s-au parut cele mai reusite ..

Kristijan Janjic , June 12, 2006; 09:51 A.M.


My words are not good as your photos so i will just say wery nice portfolio and keep it up.


Sal Carollo , June 13, 2006; 09:30 A.M.



Gelu Vasile , June 13, 2006; 10:08 A.M.

Excellent portofolio, good work! Compliments...

Ahmed Siraj , June 13, 2006; 08:31 P.M.

Hey Floriana

It's seems difference. Really nice portfolio. I like it. More pictures please.

Mandar Kulkarni , June 13, 2006; 11:19 P.M.

Fantastic!! You have a great collection here. Thanks for sharing.

Petrescu Horatiu , June 15, 2006; 08:39 A.M.

O placere sa privesc fotografiile tale, nu pot decat sa te felicit si eu, ai un portofoliu extraordinar !!!

marc schneider , July 05, 2006; 10:24 A.M.


Your work is exquisite and imaginative. Seldom do I see such talent on this site. I can imagine your work becoming a new standard, a benchmark of quality for other aspiring amateurs to look up to. I hope to see you become world famous with your art form...bravo! (marc1953@excite.com)

Tanya Truong , July 12, 2006; 07:26 P.M.

Creative, dreamy, sentimental , romantic...

...are a few words that i can use to describe your pofolio Foriana. Your digital artworks are also incredibly beautiful. Your talent is my inspiration. I love what your heart has captured Floriana. Warm regards, Tanya.

Carolyn Withem , July 16, 2006; 07:51 P.M.


I absolutely love your Digital Art and Autumn Light sections. Sincerely, Carolyn Withem

Carmel Skutelsky , July 19, 2006; 02:13 A.M.

Very creative and perfect portfolio.Congrats.Best wishes. Carmel.

Pavle Marjanovic , July 20, 2006; 07:30 A.M.


Mark Anthony Kathurima , July 26, 2006; 03:06 A.M.


Floriana, your work is superlative!

Your digital art folder should be renamed "Digital FINE ART" because it certainly merits being put up in an art gallery.

Excellent and inspirational portfolio. I would be honoured for you to go through my work and critique it...

Best regards from Kenya,

Mark :]

Jim Hoffman , July 26, 2006; 04:12 A.M.


A pleasure viewing your photos. Cheers,Jim

Vlad Marinescu , July 26, 2006; 07:32 P.M.


sunt foarte impresionat si inspirat de portofoliul tau. M-am bucurat sa citesc interviul tau in revista Photo. Am fost tare incantat sa aflu cum ai pornit, cu ce aparat pt ca eu sunt in acel stadiu acum si intotdeauna am fost de parere ca cel mai tare aparat nu inseamna neaparat fotografii bune (dar ajuta). Sunt fanul tau #1 si abia astept sa mai vad lucrari noi.

Umair Ghani , July 27, 2006; 12:30 A.M.

i'm speechless. what i witness in ur portfolio is visual art at its finest. great study of light, color & composition. beautiful display of artistic skills & aesthetics of highest order. simply superb! u deserve sky high ratings. regards!

baogiang tran , July 27, 2006; 03:31 A.M.

wow....i am happy to find out your portfolio...

I am really enjoying viewing your gallery. You have a great artistic eye..I will visit often..thanks for sharing..baogiang

Ramón Vaamonde , August 01, 2006; 09:53 A.M.


No words. :) Congratulations.

Gordon Logue , August 01, 2006; 05:07 P.M.

Love your work. Great

Alex Milarakis , August 03, 2006; 04:27 A.M.

An fantastic portofolio with excellent artistic photos. Congrats !

norbert wabnig , August 03, 2006; 12:12 P.M.


very good pictures...like them a lot. keep it going!

Gelu Vasile , August 07, 2006; 01:41 P.M.

Excelent portofoliu! Ma bucur sa vad ca dintre atatea imagini bine realizate de multi fotografi pe fotonet,cele expuse de tine se ridica deasupra tuturor.Si romanii au un loc pe podium! Felicitari!

Cherry Blossom , August 08, 2006; 09:10 A.M.

amazing amazing just marvellous..keep going like that, you are inspiring!

Emil Jianu , August 09, 2006; 11:14 A.M.

Artis always in progress!

Your last works are great again, and from a wort to other you are coming out with new wonderful ideas. Thank you for your nice comments.

I wish you the gold medal and I bet on you!



John Peri , August 10, 2006; 04:11 P.M.

Each picture is a work of art. Collectively, it becomes a masterpiece.

Stavrositu Iuliana , August 12, 2006; 05:07 P.M.


I like ur work, ur eye! Very nice photos through composition and color. Congratulations!

Genghis Khan , August 19, 2006; 05:33 P.M.

fantastic photographs, congrats!!!

Juan Ramón D. Pintado , August 25, 2006; 07:00 A.M.

Un portfolio exquisito y de buen gusto. Felicidades. Saludos

Maggie Habieda-Nowakowski , August 27, 2006; 03:14 P.M.

You have an amazing portfolio. There are no words to say enough how wonderful it is. I feel honoured that you evern looked at mine. Thank you, Maggie

MUHARREM TEKIN , August 28, 2006; 03:07 P.M.


Great , great work ! Perfect, wonderful portfolio ! Congrats , Best regards M.Tekin

Adrian Dinu , August 29, 2006; 07:18 A.M.


Se vede ca este mai mult decit pasiune...

Florin Cojoc , August 29, 2006; 11:07 A.M.

you have very interesting and beautifull photos, my sincere congratulations

Marinko Saric , August 29, 2006; 11:51 A.M.


Very nice portfolio Floriana, ragards from croatia !

Gerardo Llaneza , September 03, 2006; 05:28 P.M.

I like very much your portfolio. He is impressive.

Branimir Bencic , September 04, 2006; 06:37 P.M.


Very beautiful work,thanks for sharing.

Robert Stroian , September 06, 2006; 07:16 P.M.

bai frate, (sora) ai niste fotografii superbe, de exceptie., Cu ce te ocupi tu asa de obicei, de zi cu zi??? ce mananci? ;)

Panayotis Papadopoulos , September 11, 2006; 05:40 P.M.

Hello Floriana!

What an impressive portfolio...very artistique! Keep up the excellent work! Cheers, Panayotis

Javier Valdez , September 12, 2006; 09:03 A.M.

Art Art Art

Amazing portfolio, very attaching, story telling and artistically excellent thank you for sharing

Don Davis , September 24, 2006; 03:08 A.M.


Beauty, Fantasy, Drama all wrapped up in clear Technical Prowess, what a wonderful package. Excellent portfolio!

Cristian Maghiar , September 26, 2006; 04:26 A.M.

Un portfoliu extraordinar. Foarte frumoase imagini, creative si variate. Succes, Cris.

Gabi B , September 27, 2006; 10:35 A.M.


S-au spus multe in randurile de mai sus...intr-adevar un portofoliu superb, cu imagini foarte diverse, excelent compuse, surprinse si prelucrate. Sincere felicitari!!!

Bogdan-Andrei Ailincai , September 29, 2006; 01:45 A.M.

Foarte frumos portofoliu!

D. Munteanu , October 07, 2006; 06:32 A.M.

O colectie atat de mirata, bogata si feminina, incat nu gasesc cuvinte indeajuns de subtile pentru a o complimenta. Emana multa dragoste pentru fotografie.

Ovidiu Moise , October 23, 2006; 11:49 P.M.

Very nice

Very nice pictures, filled with interesting moods. Very nicely done post-processing work. Best of luck. Regards,

Ozgur Donmaz , October 31, 2006; 01:44 A.M.

absolutely one of the best portfolios here... congrats dear floriana, all the best...

Rob Wray , October 31, 2006; 01:59 P.M.


Great Portfolio

Kind regards


Nadia Neagu , November 07, 2006; 10:20 A.M.


Floriana, it is a delight to see the photos from your portfolio, a very very inspiring portfolio. Allmost all these images has something to say to me... thanks for sharing! I will definetly come back to see your next posts. Felicitari! toate cele bune, nadia

Cristi Teodoreanu , November 08, 2006; 08:38 A.M.

Bravo !

A pleasure to see the world through your photos, keep on shooting. Cristi

Dejan Rasic , November 10, 2006; 06:18 P.M.


Extraordinary. Bravo. Thanks for sharing with us.

Beepy . , November 13, 2006; 04:24 P.M.

Looking through your portfolio again. The moody black and whites and the intense, balanced color landscapes are great. Your use of a wide angle lens is inspired (thinking of the horse pulling the plow, the poppies? looming large with trees distant). Strong portfolio.

Kazimiera M , November 16, 2006; 03:50 P.M.

Very original and wonderful portfolio :)

Neil Peters , November 20, 2006; 03:07 P.M.

I'm so in love with your work Floriana, it inspires me to sleep and think in a new light, and haze.

Biswajit Pandey , November 22, 2006; 10:40 A.M.


Excellent portfolio, great artistic vision. my regards...

Michael Sulka , November 22, 2006; 01:12 P.M.


Wonderful photos, especially landscapes. Good work!

Guillermo Calles , November 24, 2006; 10:20 A.M.


Hi Floriana, I saw your gallery is amazing, I love all; your style is notorious, thanks for you rating.

Regards from Mexico Guillermo Calles

Karel Vojkovsk , December 07, 2006; 12:32 P.M.

wanderful photos and sense your heart.

good light karlos


Urdea Daniel , December 09, 2006; 09:48 A.M.

Floriana ce pot sa spun decat ca ai un potofoliu superb,sper sa pot face si eu macar o fotografie asemanatoare celor postate de tine. O sa vizitez pagina ta periodic si sunt multumit ca exista si artisti romani care pot face fotografii asa reusite. Succes si scuze de comentariul meu poate prea lung.

Todd Bennett , December 10, 2006; 09:06 A.M.

Fantastic portfolio. You do really nice artistic work.

Branko Korelc - Kobra , December 25, 2006; 06:45 P.M.

Merry Christmass and happy new year.

Tons of good light and all 7/7 in 2007!


Jessica Beck , January 08, 2007; 12:26 A.M.

beautiful art

all your pictures are so unique, and beautiful. I enjoyed each one! not many portfolios i can say that about, honestly. But yours, wow! I'm looking forward to seeing much more from you! -Jessica

Côme Légaut , January 13, 2007; 07:13 A.M.

Absolutely wonderful... I love you...r work and your glance on the world

Howard Nowlan , January 15, 2007; 08:10 A.M.

Howard Nowlan

It's amazing what a random photo net search will uncover. Your work, Floriana, is simply some of the best I've ever seen on the internet - georgeous use of light, colour, subject, theme - altogether superb. What a find. I am going to enjoy looking at these beautiful images for many years. Thank you for sharing your extraodinary art and talent with us lesser mortals.

Jeffery Beach , January 17, 2007; 09:36 A.M.


I really like your work especially the flowers because they aren't closeups. It's nice to see them in context with their surroundings.

Jeff Germo , January 27, 2007; 01:53 A.M.

beautiful portfolio

You have a very gorgeous portfolio, Floriana. thanks for rating my photo. I am honoured that you took the time to do that. Jeff

Pavle Marjanovic , January 31, 2007; 05:23 A.M.


Julio Segura Carmona , February 01, 2007; 05:59 P.M.


Hello Floriana Barbu.: I have seen your impressive Portfolio and it is I magnify, the light, the color, the beauties in the composition and the variopinto of the images of technical excellent quality, thing that is always of thanking, makes it with a lot of frequency, I get lost this way for secret landscapes, still lives and other types of works that siempren helps you to continue learning, Thank you once but to share your beautiful images with the rest of P.N. Cordial greetings.

Liviu Battlay , February 02, 2007; 04:05 P.M.


un portofoliu care reflecta adevarata inclinatie feminina pentru frumos.

Michael Meneklis , February 06, 2007; 05:38 P.M.

Very nice and interesting portfolio. Bravo Floriana.

Jack Fitzgerald , February 13, 2007; 05:36 A.M.

Lovely images, you have a great artistic vision, congratulations!

Paduroiu Claudiu , February 13, 2007; 06:06 A.M.

Beautiful portfolio!!! Regards!

Ted Gorczyca , February 13, 2007; 04:36 P.M.

what a beautiful portfolio you have, your photos are great and thanks for rating my photo

Laurentiu Margalin , February 23, 2007; 08:05 A.M.

Mai mult de o mie de cuvinte mi-ar fi trebuit...

A fost odata ca niciodata, undeva, demult, o carte din care am aflat ca despre o fotografie se pot spune cel putin o mie de cuvinte pentru ca imaginea sa poata fi descrisa. Adevarat sau fals? In cazul de fata, raspunsul este "fals" pentru ca, ermetice in "perfectiunea" lor artistica dar halucinante prin simplitatea lor, imaginile tale transmit un mesaj subtil dar firesc, simplu dar nu livresc, un mesaj care isi pastreaza valoarea chiar si atunci cand acele o mie de cuvinte cer sa fie completate cu altele... sute, poate mii. Printr-un adevar al lor, secretic, nevoalabil, imaginile sunt decorul fabulos al unei povesti cu spiridusi ai padurilor, cu zane care ingana cantecul apelor, cu bordeie de lut in care locuiesc fapturi plamadite din vis, cu luminile arhanghelice care se coboara din cupola cerului intr-un alunecare difuza, tulbure, alteori orbitoare, aruncand o betie de culori peste nori, peste codri, peste campuri inflorite de maci, peste toate acele fapturi si locuri de basm plasmuite de imaginatia unui vis de copil. Incerc sa concentrez mesajul pe care vreau sa-l transmit, spunandu-ti doar ca iubesc aceste imagini si ca mi-e greu, poate mi-e imposibil sa adun acele mii de cuvinte care mi-ar fi trebuit pentru a descrie aceasta lume de vis in care tu, Floriana, ai vrut sa ne aduci pentru a trai fericiti pana la adanci batraneti. S-am incalecat pe-o sa si v-am spus povestea asa.

Anca Cernoschi , February 28, 2007; 07:51 P.M.

Absolut superb portofoliu..c sa mai spun? sper sa ma apropii macar vreodata ca realizare de fotografiile tale.ideile sunt destul d apropiate.spor!

Raymond Elstad , March 04, 2007; 11:08 A.M.

Simply a beautiful portfolio filled with whimsical grace. Thank you for sharing your passion with us all.

Radu Albu , March 04, 2007; 05:11 P.M.

multa placere vazindu-ti lucrarile si multa stima pentru creatorul din tine

Josef Soczis , March 19, 2007; 04:22 P.M.

Wow, what a beautiful portfolio you have! Bye Josef

Bruno Gasperini , April 10, 2007; 12:14 P.M.

very nice portfolio, you're a great photographer ! :)

Bogdan Gavrus , April 10, 2007; 06:01 P.M.

Am vizitat profilul tau pentru ca am vazut un nume romanesc alaturi de o poza, am vrut sa iti las un comment pentru ca am fost impresionat de portofoliu dar dupa aceea am vazut ca nu sunt singurul care a vrut sa faca asta si am zis ca renunt gandindu-ma ca deja nu le mai citesti, dar m-am hotarat totusi sa las un semn al trecerii mele pe-aici in eventualitatea in care mai ai rabdare sa dai scroll pana in capatul paginii.

Felicitari pentru munca ta.

Tudor Cosmin Petrescu , April 19, 2007; 04:48 P.M.

No Comment


Intr-adevar niste lucrari ce incanta arta vizuala caci ea include asa ceva.

Alina Ilarion , April 20, 2007; 07:51 A.M.

Floriana ,you have beautiful works . Your imagination takes us to wonderful places as never been before. Thanks for sharing!

Siamak Jafari , April 21, 2007; 02:49 P.M.


Daniel Marquez , April 22, 2007; 10:56 A.M.


I really love your work, Im just starting out in photography and your gallery is a great place to pick up amazing ideas.

Best regards, daniel

Campan Ramona , April 24, 2007; 04:09 P.M.

Fascinant!! Stiam ca esti talentata dar tu intreci orice masura! Sunt mandra ca sunt prietena ta! Astept sa vad noutati! Aveai o multime de idei, sper ca n-ai renuntat!

Scott Reeves , May 01, 2007; 05:34 P.M.

I stumbled into your portfolio. Once I saw all of your work, I knew you would have many good comments. I would like to be the latest to add my congratulations and appreciation for so many great images.

Olof Wessels , May 04, 2007; 08:06 A.M.


Hi Floriana,

I stumbled upon your portfolio through a rating you gave on one of my pics. The pictures you show here are really breathtakingley gorgeous. So much atmosphere, such a great eye for composition and toning, its amazing. Really love your work, looking forward to see more of it:)

Cheers olof

h sinan , May 04, 2007; 04:50 P.M.

very very good!!!

Liviu Chiriac , May 12, 2007; 03:38 P.M.

Este o mare onoare pentru mine sa stiu ca mi-ai notat o fotografie. Multumesc.

ed dessau , May 12, 2007; 06:05 P.M.


Just beautiful work..I love it all.....

cuneyt cetinkaya , May 15, 2007; 10:54 A.M.

Great potfolio!Cong!!

Behzad Jamehbozorg , May 15, 2007; 07:42 P.M.

thank you

You have a really special shot collection

Roger Sandgren , May 18, 2007; 09:45 A.M.

Impressing portfolio, you really have the eye for compositions and skill for colours. Very god post treatment. Best regards, Roger

Inger Margrete Pedersen , May 22, 2007; 08:57 A.M.


What a beautiful portfolio you have. It`s been a pleasure to look at your photos and study the details. Best regards.

Mishu Vass , May 30, 2007; 02:48 P.M.

I need to say

that I am thrilled of your beautiful photos, I very much like all of them,especially the poppies series. I feel that I have much to learn from your work. Best regards from Mishu

cuneyt cetinkaya , June 09, 2007; 02:30 A.M.

You have a very nice and impressive portfolio.I like it so much.Regards.

roger sonneland , June 16, 2007; 01:27 A.M.

Floriana BarBu

THANK YOU!! xxxoxo

Brian Winn , June 24, 2007; 12:36 A.M.

Your portfolio is Unbelievabe. Your portfolio is Beautiful. Thanks...

Fabrice Muller , June 28, 2007; 09:48 A.M.

Congratulations for your superb portfolio! I like the colors, style, lightning. Very nice shoots. Cheers from Switzerland. Fabrice

Hamada Bourini , June 30, 2007; 06:24 A.M.



Rachel Blaser , July 04, 2007; 11:58 A.M.

Inspiring. Some of my favorite images - I can't wait to see what's coming next.

Adrian Stoica , July 04, 2007; 01:09 P.M.


WOW! You have quite an excelent gallery here, with amazing works. Congratulations!

Paula Grenside , July 08, 2007; 02:45 A.M.

A splendid world of images where talent, creativity and originality shine through.

Stefano Truzzi , September 05, 2007; 08:53 A.M.

You have one of the best portfolio of the site. My best congratulations for your art. Best regards

Raif Tulga , September 09, 2007; 02:21 A.M.

exceptional works...

Asier Zubiaga Monsalve , September 09, 2007; 08:19 P.M.

Thank you

for sharing. Congratulations for your wonderful portfolio.

Darjan George , September 22, 2007; 05:58 A.M.


superb . . .

Crapanzano Gianpaolo , September 28, 2007; 09:25 A.M.


Belle foto nel tuo portfolio, complimenti!

Apostolos Spanoudis , September 30, 2007; 04:51 A.M.

Majestic and innovative.A real masterpiece your portfolio, your single photos-if this term means anything in this case- are perfectly exposed with nice angle of view.You surely know how to handle a camera and it's secrets.But your digital alternations are astonished, taken from the heart of fairy tales.A work with meaning, not just impression.Best wishes

Trudy Loosman , October 08, 2007; 08:59 A.M.

i absolutely love you're work. :)

Kemal Riza , October 08, 2007; 09:53 A.M.


Wonderful photos. Thanks...

Zsolt Simay , October 09, 2007; 05:11 A.M.

Extraordinare imaginile tale, sunt impresionat de ele, inca de cand le-am vazut in photomagazine. Cu mult respect, Zsolt

Iker Iglesias , November 07, 2007; 08:27 A.M.

Really interesting portfolio... A kind of photos and processing I really like. Best regards...


Joseph Popper , November 08, 2007; 08:08 P.M.

I just "discovered" your wonderful work and spent a fine time browsing through your portfolio. Many, many fine things here. I will visit often.

teodora ursuleanu , November 11, 2007; 11:51 A.M.


ai una dintre cele mai frumoase si mai interesante galerii p care le-am vazut pana acum..pe vreun site!!! felicitari!!!

Roger Sandgren , November 14, 2007; 04:40 A.M.

Hi, I'm still very impressed and you are a source of inspiration. //Roger

Birger Hoglund , November 15, 2007; 04:35 A.M.

You have wonderful exceptional works best regards

Kenneth Fugate , November 20, 2007; 04:49 P.M.

Hello Friend!

Well here it is another year is passing away and we are coming into the holidays. I think time starts to go faster as we get older, it was just yesterday I wished my friends Happy Holidays and here it is again the end of a year. The holiday lights are starting to be put on some of the trees here in Dallas, we were out last night and some were lighting the trees. I wish for you all a holiday season with family and friends, after all is said and done all we have is each other.

I want all of you to know just what your comments and ratings on my work means to me, your words are my motivation, my drive to discover, to learn this art that we all love, thank you for taking time and thank you for caring about my works. At the same time thank you for letting us see your world, our lives are so much the same, we all care about our families and friends and we all share the same things, maybe someday our photos will help make for a lasting world peace. May you and your family be blessed this season.

Happy Holidays and Happy Shooting


Amador Ruiz Rodriguez , November 24, 2007; 05:43 P.M.

Hola Floriana: Bonito y variado portfolio, con imagenes de mucha calidad y buen gusto, que merecen la pena volver a ver. Te anoto entre mis favoritos. Hasta la proxima y un cordial saludo. Hello Floriana: Beautiful and varied portfolio, with images of a lot of quality and good pleasure that are worthwhile see again. I write down you among my favorite ones. Until the next one and a cordial greeting.

Orhan Köse , December 09, 2007; 01:25 A.M.

very nice portfolio

roger sonneland , December 22, 2007; 04:01 A.M.

Merry Christmas Floriana

Floriana, your portfolio is where I come for a quiet time, have been doing that ever since I discovered you. All of your images are like little stories on there own, I find them very personal and such a joy to view. So it is now almost Christmas my favorite time of the year. I hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic 2008. All the best.........roger

JeffS L , January 08, 2008; 09:13 P.M.


I agree wholeheartedly with Roger. Your portfolio captures peace, presence, and transcendence. I am always stung with how spiritual the world can be when perusing your work.

Chris Marry , January 09, 2008; 05:41 A.M.


Superb Portfolio ! Pictures with a very interesting human dimension !

Marius Romila , January 09, 2008; 08:26 A.M.

Un portofoliu remarcabil; Imaginile tale dezvaluie un simt artistic deosebit;Felicitari!

Ilze Lucero , January 09, 2008; 12:08 P.M.

amazing portfolio, beautiful moods...

Jackson Peterson-Will , January 10, 2008; 10:26 A.M.

Great job!

Extraordinary photos on "winter tales"!

Raif Tulga , January 16, 2008; 01:32 P.M.


Great portfolio here, very good and fine work, your images are wonderful. Excellent !

Emanuele Carapacchio , January 16, 2008; 04:09 P.M.

Hi Floriana

Many thanks for your visit and rate. Almost all call me zio(uncle), my pseudonym in PN is Z10. Best regards, Emanuele.

J Pryszmont , January 17, 2008; 01:23 A.M.

You are Genius


Kostadin Momchilov , January 17, 2008; 04:00 A.M.

Amazing portfolio!

Pepper-Mint Chocolate , January 17, 2008; 12:52 P.M.

Buna Floriana,

Iti scriu aici pentru ca nu am gasit pe net o alta adresa de contact si aici imi este cel mai la indemana-acum sper doar sa citesti aceste comentarii. In primul rand vreau sa-ti spun ca iti admir munca foarte mult si tocmai deaceea am ajuns in situatia de a iti folosi o poza;intr-o tentativa neprofesionista de a face un scurt video-si nu chiar, pt. o melodie pe care am postat-o pe youtube. Cand am facut video-ul nefiind orientata sa fiu profesionista nu am luat in calcul faptul ca poza folosita nu este orice fel de poza si ca de fapt este o opera de arta de sine statatoare,probabil facuta cu foarte multa sau putina munca dar cu siguranta cu multa dedicatie de catre un artist profesionist. Acum realizand acest lucru vreau sa stiu ca esti de acord cu postarea pozei in film(este vorba de o poza pe care nu o mai ai pe site - cu doi cai albi pe un camp verde)- as fii pus credite la final dar din pacate filmuletul nu il mai am si atunci as dori sa iti cer sa-mi dai cate detalii doresti despre acea poza pe care intentionez sa le postez la descriere. Multumesc pentru intelegere, adr. de contact : gild_forever@yahoo.com

Adham Salavati , January 19, 2008; 04:48 A.M.

Hi (salam) Floriana

your photos are a dream in my mind and i love your fantastic vision in photography...and i believe you are one of the best photographer in photo.net...i want to know your comment about my photos...thanks Floriana...Adham from Persia.

Leon Forado , January 21, 2008; 06:08 A.M.

Hight quality portfolio, I enjoy with your pictures. Really fantastic Work.

best Regards

Chris Panagiotidis , January 23, 2008; 01:57 P.M.

Geia sou Floriana

Within your portfolio there are real gems. Actually they are that many that you could be accused for "inflation". I cannot but praise the aesthetic,artistic and technical , Olympus-high, quality of the posted images. Thank you for sharing. Chris

Bill Guptill , January 24, 2008; 08:44 A.M.

Extraordinary work! 7/7

Floriana.. thank you for commenting on my self-portrait. As a result, I visited you here and am overwhelmed by the quality of images. Being an old time view camera user I must say that I am particularly fond of your b/w images. I have marked you on my favorites list!

Bill G

Irina Todorova , January 24, 2008; 12:56 P.M.

Really Fantastic portfolio!!!

Bob Kurt , January 24, 2008; 08:25 P.M.

Your portfolio is very pleasing to see.

Marc Hollembeak , January 28, 2008; 11:04 A.M.

Wonderful style. Excellent portfolio.

Tony Quinlan , January 31, 2008; 06:15 P.M.

Floriana, your portfolio is insperational. Such creativity. What a wonderful gift you have.

Nevil Zaveri , February 09, 2008; 02:46 P.M.


you have wonderful gallery with dream-like sequences. great compositions and moody shots. thank you for sharing.

regards, nevil

Photis Santamouris , February 18, 2008; 11:26 A.M.

What should I add?

A portfolio that truly describes how creative and sensitive you are.Technical knowledge alone would never have produced such amazing masterpices you have made here.An incredible and virtually endless source of inspiration,even to the not-so-young ones.

An inspired, gifted and blessed artist for everyone to follow her steps.

Chuck Turner , February 19, 2008; 10:33 P.M.

A little jealous

Floriana, If I could add a little of your talent to what I have I could make art for a living. I consistently enjoy your work. Your handling of color, composition and tone is excellent.

Ben Goossens , February 20, 2008; 09:50 A.M.

Congrats with your amaising PF:-)))))

Regard, ben

Mircea Costina , February 22, 2008; 06:41 P.M.

Felicitari !

Unul dintre cele mai originale portofolii de pe photo-net. Felicitari pentru intreaga munca!!


Martyn Fox , February 24, 2008; 02:08 P.M.

Im quite lost for words, you have a gift, some incredible images, a real talent. Exquisite!



Kimberley Roberts , February 26, 2008; 06:11 A.M.


I loke your coffee cups. I'd have liked to have seen coffee for Mr Dali... :) My fave has to be the Coffee for Mr Klimt. Of all the artists I studied at secondary school, Klimt was the only one I took any particular interest in.

K x

Ando Gougoulo , February 26, 2008; 10:54 P.M.

klimt cup is all the money..

beyond the groove you freeze life with a unique way, very strong pulse. favourite things, your surrealistic moments.. stay in touch.

Scott Lieberman , February 26, 2008; 11:30 P.M.

Your portfolio is truly inspiring.

I love your work.



Andrea Tognoli , February 27, 2008; 06:28 A.M.

First of all I want to thank you for your comment and rate to my pic "Thinking about". About your work ... what I can say .... one of the most intresting in photo.net. Realy ..great work.

Ioan Alexandru Chiru , February 27, 2008; 02:39 P.M.

Felicitari !

Totul este foarte frumos... Ramai fara grai, se vede ca in spatele fiecarei fotografii exista munca, daruire si talent.

Jan Emil Christiansen , March 05, 2008; 01:34 A.M.

Fantastic portfolio. Inspiring.

Sam Pan , March 09, 2008; 06:57 P.M.

What a fantastic portfolio! Best regards, Sam

Filiz Aksoy , March 10, 2008; 03:15 P.M.

You have a very interesting and original portfolio. Each photo has perfect atmosphere with colours and style.. So beautiful.. Best regards, Filiz

Paola K. , March 12, 2008; 05:29 P.M.

Amazing portofolio, great ,very talental work!!!!All the best!!!

Olaf de Vries , March 12, 2008; 07:29 P.M.

Those remarcable Romanians..!

Yes, I just did follow your amazing adventures.. Pardon..? Yes, coffee please..!

Marco Coppo , March 14, 2008; 12:05 P.M.

wonderful portfolio Floriana. I especially love your bw. Marco

Cristina Nichitus , March 17, 2008; 11:22 A.M.

excelent portofoliu! felicitari!

Maria Llorens , March 18, 2008; 11:47 A.M.


Love the softness and ellegancy of the shapes and curves on your photographs. A really well-done work, with a lot of good taste and brilliant technique. Best regards and congrats. Maria

Marius Necula , March 27, 2008; 06:54 P.M.

Jos palaria...

Ma inclin, foarte original portofoliu!

IRISSE PRONOBLE , April 09, 2008; 03:47 A.M.


hi there! this is irisse from the philippines... i would just like to extend my greatest appreciation of your work! i really love them, how i wish to get pictures like yours...im a great fan of photography and i would like to be involve in this carreer given the opportunity to study this field...=) by the way, may i ask what type of camera are you using?and where can i find it? thanks..

Linda Prows , April 15, 2008; 12:55 P.M.

Floriana, Another great one to learn from--thank you for sharing. Linda Prows

Melahat Kizil , April 17, 2008; 06:17 A.M.

Your photos are aesthetic and impressive.congratulations

Gianni Spini , April 22, 2008; 04:41 P.M.

Vedo che i commenti positivi non ti mancano! Comunque hai davvero uno splendido portfolio.

Ahmet Gurses , April 23, 2008; 09:24 A.M.


... EXCELLENT ... 7/7 ... 10 POINTS ...

El Porte-Bonheur , April 25, 2008; 05:34 A.M.

I've just popped in to see what's new in you folders and to refresh my memory a bit. Have a nice day, Floriana! Regards, El.

Mario-Cezar Popescu , May 04, 2008; 09:42 P.M.

i love photo.net

From time to time i find wonderful jewels here, on photo.net, just like most of your photos. This is what i like the best. Keep up the good work Floriana

Paolo Bevilacqua , May 06, 2008; 06:50 A.M.

Grande creativita' in tutto il tuo lavoro, lo trovo semplicemente straordinario. "Large creativita' in all the your job, I find it simply extraordinary"

Carole Hibbert , May 17, 2008; 02:48 P.M.

Floriana, your portfolio is truly magical ! ....Wonderful work. Rgds Carole

Luay Bahoora , June 11, 2008; 11:23 A.M.


Very nice portfolio. Light has a magical presence in your work. Please post more!

Sergiu A. , June 19, 2008; 03:28 A.M.


Antonio de Villa , June 19, 2008; 11:10 A.M.

Muchas felicidades Floriana.... tienes un gran portafolio, sumamente variado, y con una calidad excepcional. Practicamente manejas a la perfecccion cualquier tema.


Pocos portafolios he visto con este nivel..... y espero poder seguir viendo tus trabajos.... y aprender un poco de ellos.... un saludo....

Jim Downs , June 24, 2008; 11:16 P.M.

Your portfolio has heightened my anticipation of visiting Romania this September. There are so many good Romanian photographers on PN and you are among the best. Cheers, GJ

Carlos Rodriguez , June 26, 2008; 01:13 A.M.


Your portfolio is excellent, very classic and creative, congratulations

J Kilgo , June 27, 2008; 11:15 P.M.

You have a very strong portfolio...very creative...very artistic...thanks for sharing.

Marius Popescu , June 29, 2008; 06:15 A.M.

Wow,nu mai am cuvinte :),un portofoliu de invidiat,bv!

Daniel Calin , June 29, 2008; 10:20 A.M.


Un portofoliu impresionant

Roman Lucian , July 06, 2008; 12:32 P.M.

Bravo Florentina! Tine-o tot asa.

Chris Spracklen , July 16, 2008; 06:41 P.M.

A brilliant collection!

A fantastic gallery! I'm in awe of your talent! Keep up the great work, Floriana. Best regards and compliments, Chris

JDM von Weinberg , July 18, 2008; 05:09 P.M.

As a general rule, the kinds of things that you do are not favorites of mine. In your case, however, you do them so well that the work overrides any objections I might have.

This portfolio is a genuine tour de force. Congratulations!

Israel Osterman , July 19, 2008; 05:59 A.M.

You have a beautiful set of pictures here. Very impressive and imaginative. Regards Osterman

Stanislav Majetic , July 19, 2008; 09:58 A.M.

I am amazed with your portfolio!!It is true art,beautiful photo-stories each photo i look...congratulations!

Suresh Randadath , July 22, 2008; 12:09 A.M.

Fantastic portfolio. You have a unique style and it is great!

Vahe Shahinian , July 22, 2008; 10:01 A.M.


Paul Trunfio , July 23, 2008; 09:09 P.M.

"Walk in the Light" and "Life Like a Rorschach Test" are my two favorite images of a truly inspiring portfolio. Bravo and thanks!

Catalin Parpalea , July 24, 2008; 04:25 A.M.

Felicitari pt ceea ce faci! Bravo!

Courtney Crockett , July 24, 2008; 03:25 P.M.

Your photography is breathtaking. As a budding photographer this is the artistic insight I aspire to.

Vijay Mehta , July 25, 2008; 04:55 P.M.


Wonderful pics... lovely artwork -- I am reallly impressed by your orginality!!!

Watever I hve noticed in here.. is really breath taking.. and ur creativity needs a deep heartfelt felicitation...

Bravo !!! keep up the creative work .. love ur work..

:) cheers

moronz here

Birger Hoglund , July 28, 2008; 08:55 A.M.

Underbara bilder

Fantastic portfolio. Wonderful picts.

Hugo C. Romano , July 28, 2008; 02:05 P.M.

Floriana Barbu

Thank you so much for you feedback on my image "Tango Feroz",I'm glad to read your comment and you rcomment was an honor for me. You're one of great photographer in this site. Hugo Romano

Stefan Kuckovsky , July 28, 2008; 03:28 P.M.


Ahmet Gurses , July 28, 2008; 04:18 P.M.

... thanks ... regards from Cyprus.

Bill Pador , July 29, 2008; 05:31 P.M.

Wonderful Work

You have a wonderful portfoilo here. Such a wide variety and I like your style and post work too. Kepp up the great work, I enjoyed my visit. Best Regards ~Bill Pador~

Emilia Pylkkänen , August 01, 2008; 04:42 P.M.


You have so beautiful portfolio. Most of your pictures are like from fairytale.

It is pleasure to view, thank you :)

Warm regards Emilia

Petrina Yyuen , August 14, 2008; 12:32 P.M.

simply stunning! beutifully moving!

they touch the soul,

all emotions have been expressed.. just amazing

ebrahim amiri , August 15, 2008; 06:46 A.M.



Iren Nagy , August 20, 2008; 12:13 P.M.


You have an incredible collection of work here. I thank you for sharing. I enjoyed the beauty of your work. Greetings from the west coast of Canada, Iren

Pep Mir , August 22, 2008; 05:42 P.M.

Floriana, your photos are amazing, always worthwhile to devote some time to taste. Greetings.

Ilkka Kallio , August 28, 2008; 12:40 A.M.

Your portfolio is beautiful, very very nice!!! Wonderful...

Ahmet Gurses , September 03, 2008; 02:57 P.M.

... thank you very much Floriana ... warm regards.

alireza adman , September 14, 2008; 02:49 A.M.

master of light.

hi you are master of light . i love your works . adman

Melika Dowlatshahi , September 15, 2008; 04:43 P.M.

Your portfolio is extremely amazing, I'm eager to write comment for each of them, Thanks for sharing!

Ovidiu Posta , October 09, 2008; 08:18 A.M.

Ai o galerie excelenta, toate sectiunile imi plac foarte mult, iti doresc toate cele bune!

Franz Weber , October 15, 2008; 05:32 P.M.

Hi Floriana,

I saw your portfolio in "PhotoArt". Very nice. I hope you found a gallery.

Best regards, Franz

Milena Safrova , October 16, 2008; 03:03 P.M.

Hello, Floriana, your nice comment on my picture Late autumn has taken me to your wonderful portfolio. You have collected great works here, very charming and inspiring. I admire your B/Ws, very nice moody landscapes and very artistic and creative fine-art works. I will be glad to return here to draw inspiration. Best regards Milena

Sasho Alushevski , November 03, 2008; 06:58 A.M.

Dear Floriana

I've been here a zilion times, looking and enjoying your work, yet im surprised that i haven't post U a comment. well, here it is. I really enjou your creations, in my terms it's MORE than a photograph, i love the mood you manage to present and shake me every time i stear at some of your work. I think you are a great artist. Sincere compliments

Ahmet Gurses , November 10, 2008; 04:22 A.M.

... thank you very much dear Florina ... regards from Nicosia - Cyprus ...

sorin dirokko , November 20, 2008; 02:30 P.M.

Hy Floriana

Totul e minunat si plin de echilibru.Daca mai privesc mult incep sa fac versuri pe fotografiile tale.:)Felicitari si multumesc ptr.prima postare in portofoliul meu.

koen ghesquière , November 24, 2008; 06:09 A.M.

unbelievable :-)

You give me back the romantic and wild impressions I had in my youth, strawling trough the fields around my hometown!! thanks for that.


Image Attachment: filedcXbBk.jpg

Dror Baldinger , November 25, 2008; 01:48 P.M.

i am in awe! what a portfolio!

giuseppe guadagno , December 08, 2008; 06:21 A.M.

Bellissime! Hanno una qualità rara: coniugano eleganza con emozione. Giuseppe

Paolo Bevilacqua , December 23, 2008; 07:15 A.M.

Sono felice di averti conosciuta artisticamente e voglio augurarti un felice Natale ed uno straordinario 2009. Ciao Bevip

Cristina Velina Ion , December 26, 2008; 01:26 P.M.

For you and all your dear ones!


Alexandra Baltog , January 21, 2009; 03:14 P.M.


Darius Tulbure , January 25, 2009; 03:33 P.M.

I didn't pass through here for a long long time. Your works are astonishing! I marvel at their beauty, I envy them for their originality. Congratulations!

Nicoleta Murgila , January 29, 2009; 10:42 A.M.

Mereu ma intorc cu placere la protofoliul tau sa iti privesc pozele...Niste fotografii atat de calde...bravo

I Dani , February 03, 2009; 12:18 P.M.


iti multumesc foarte mult!

Robert Stroian , February 09, 2009; 07:32 P.M.

Just for fun

m-ai terminat ,atat , de senzatie, SUPERB folder

Roxana Chiru , February 24, 2009; 10:10 A.M.

Un portofoliu foarte bogat si diversificat in care se vede multa daruire si multa munca. Nu pot sa spun decat ... nota 10 cu felicitari ! Mult succes in continuare, Roxana.

Sarah Bostic , March 24, 2009; 04:46 P.M.

Your Portfolio

I just wanted to tell you that you have inspired me as a photographer more than anyone else has! I absolutely loved your portfolio! I think It is amazing! Your black and white are beautiful! I myself have recently started going to school for photography and just this quarter I learned about and started using color film. I've found I like Black and white a lot more which is why I love your B&W. Your color pictures have inspired me that color can be a great thing too. I loved your digital work a lot as well. I just starting learning photoshop CS4 so that is something new to me. Keep you the amazing work! I can't wait to see what you'll do next!

Clemson Guy , May 10, 2009; 12:55 A.M.

Just Incredible

What an inspiration. Your work is truly amazing. Thank you for sharing.

constantin cimpeanu , May 18, 2009; 04:33 A.M.


ai un portofoliu extraordinar.imi place sa vad lumea prin ochii tai.bravo

Marios Theocharous , June 12, 2009; 04:55 A.M.


NED MARTIN , June 18, 2009; 07:03 A.M.


Zsolt Simay , June 30, 2009; 01:33 A.M.

Ce placere sa ma reintorc la albumul tau, as putea stau ore savurand imaginile tale pline de originalitate si fantezie. Numai bine, Zsolt

Dror Baldinger , July 01, 2009; 04:05 P.M.

very few here are as good as you are.

John Lovelace , July 09, 2009; 10:58 A.M.

Impressive look-alikes of famous and great works of art. Thanks for proving that this can be accomplished creatively.

Chuck Nakell , July 11, 2009; 10:24 A.M.

Much to Love


You have a very beautiful eye, especially when it comes to composition.

Best to You, Chuck Nakell

Alexa Halford , July 17, 2009; 08:17 A.M.

Amazing portfolio!, Your photos are so full of color, life, and emotion. Thanks so much for sharing al of these with us. - Lex

Ed Delaporte , July 22, 2009; 02:19 A.M.


Wow! These are wonderful! Thanks for posting them!

Best regards,


Juliana Olteanu , July 28, 2009; 06:05 P.M.

stunning photos

Salut Floriana, Macii tai sunt minunati.trebuie sa impartasesti secretu cu noi.

Juliana Olteanu , July 28, 2009; 06:08 P.M.


always loved B&W.also your winter tales are justy wonderful.

Eliete dos Santos Teixeira , August 08, 2009; 10:15 A.M.

Awesome portfolio. Congrats.

Orhan Köse , October 22, 2009; 03:03 A.M.


Floriana,thank you for your kind words and rating of my photo.

Stanislav Volgushev , October 22, 2009; 04:30 P.M.

Floriana, you have an incredible portfolio. The combination of unique vision and great talent for graphical design makes your work absolutely special.
Thank you so much for sharing your fantastic vision of the world, I surely will return many times to loose myself in your portfolio like in a fairy tale.
Regards, Stanislav

florica jianu , November 27, 2009; 08:25 A.M.

toata stima

toata stima pentru portofoliu ! este variat, complex, impecabil !

Paolo Bevilacqua , December 21, 2009; 03:31 P.M.


Nader Kamyab , December 24, 2009; 06:20 A.M.

Hi Floriana,

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a very blessed New Year, full of Peace, Joy, Love and all the success. Regards - Nader

Johanna Da Cruz , January 05, 2010; 12:20 A.M.


Fantastic ! What a journey I have just had with your great captures ! Definitely a port to revisit on a daily basis to get your imagination running away with you on different roads - Thank you so much for sharing all your works with us - Warmest Regards Johanna -

Razvan Ionita , January 05, 2010; 03:50 P.M.


Marc Stone , January 08, 2010; 11:49 A.M.


I'm impressed about your work. Specially about your ability in revealing the beauty and the form! Many thanks for your kind comment. Marc

Anders Biegel , January 20, 2010; 05:45 A.M.


You are simply just great!

Jan Folke Rorvik , February 06, 2010; 02:06 A.M.

Love your work, Floriana.

Cindy McDaniel , February 07, 2010; 03:04 P.M.

What a wonderful portfolio. Full of beauty and skill.

Ivano Cortesini , February 08, 2010; 09:25 A.M.

Thank you Floriana...

Serhiy Pylawka , February 09, 2010; 08:38 A.M.

Fabulous use of color. Your photo are so full of clarity. Congratulations!

Pekka Takanen , February 09, 2010; 02:52 P.M.


i really love your B&W work. i´ve just started to take photos and your portfolio will keep me going

Radu Carp , February 13, 2010; 09:42 A.M.

Congratulations for yours bw photos on first page of PN,I think that you deserve this.A work so diverse and original in subjects and way you did this. Placerea a fost si mai mare cand am vazut ca un roman este apreciat aici si asa,pe drept fara indoiala.Cu placere am mai parcurs o data portofoliul tau si m-am delectat cu unele din imagini.Gandurile mele cele mai bune pentru tine si la cat mai multe compozitii reusite.

Gerolamo Romano , February 14, 2010; 06:32 A.M.

non parole adatte sono tutte magnlfiche ho ancora molto da imparare ma cosi è la fotografia ciao complimenti gerolamo

Fadi Tarawneh , February 15, 2010; 03:40 A.M.

Amazing!! enjoyed viewing them.

Lucian Trif , February 15, 2010; 05:29 P.M.


excellent portfolio

Olly Chrzaszcz , February 15, 2010; 05:39 P.M.

This is one of my favourite portfollios! great that all in b&w!

Antonio F , February 16, 2010; 08:40 A.M.

good job. excellent portraits, nice naked pictures Compliments

William Hogg , February 18, 2010; 01:02 P.M.


Many thanks for your kind words about "Broken". I am still not feeling too good but I hope that you are over your own health problems. I have long admired your wonderful portfolio. Best wishes, Bill Hogg

lisandro mierez , February 21, 2010; 09:11 A.M.


great, excellent mural

Kombizz Kashani , March 02, 2010; 01:01 P.M.

Nice artistic works thru your collection.
Thank you for sharing

Mark Jordan , March 09, 2010; 12:00 P.M.


Your photos are really very good. I love the way you post-process them! Can I get lessons!

Ovidiu Posta , March 12, 2010; 02:16 P.M.

Your digital manipulation skill is fantastic, it was a really pleasure to take a look to almost each picture, excellent work, best wishes!

Bruce Cathie , March 12, 2010; 11:02 P.M.


Your portfolio is outstanding and is an inspiration to me. Thank you.

Ehsan Khoshrou , March 14, 2010; 05:14 P.M.

Outstanding portfolio....... brilliant my friend.....

Omid Shalmani , March 24, 2010; 06:58 P.M.


Very interesting portfolio!! Compliment

Maria Benabbass , May 04, 2010; 08:41 A.M.


Very impressive portfolio, Best Regards


Bela Laszlo Molnar , May 08, 2010; 09:03 A.M.

A very,  very  nice  portfolio. All,   already  ben said.  Bravo.


Cheers;  Bela

Juan Carlos Rivera , May 26, 2010; 01:27 P.M.

Very beautiful portfolio, full of poetry and technically impresive. Sincere congrats.

Trisha Jean-Angela , May 30, 2010; 08:30 P.M.

Your portfolio is extraordinary; you obviously have a very creative mind and great eye and talent for expressing yourself. Your portfolio is a pleasure to view and I will return many times to absorb it and see your latest work. Beautifully done and very impressive! Thank you for sharing your photography! :)

alicia elida , June 24, 2010; 06:34 P.M.


es un deleite.. disfruto viendo excelentes fotos,novedosas y perfectas Saludos Alies

Marian Nedelcu , June 27, 2010; 03:51 P.M.

Esti un geniu!

Bravo , ai niste picturi geniale , mai mult decat fotografii, adevarate opere de arta , deja iti sunt fan ...  Bravo !

Erik Adams , July 29, 2010; 12:35 P.M.

Your portfolio is wonderful - tremendous mood, shape and lighting in your work.  I especially enjoyed your winter photos.  Best regards.

Donna Pallotta , December 02, 2010; 09:45 P.M.

extraordinary in every way, Floriana. the grace, and visually stunning! ;-} dp

daniele manfredini , December 24, 2010; 02:01 A.M.

Buon Natale e felice anno nuovo!!!!!!!!!

Antoneta Wotringer , March 31, 2011; 09:37 A.M.

Un portofoliu mai mult decit impresionant. Felicitari

Michael Seewald , April 07, 2011; 04:43 P.M.

Saw where you thanked me way back in 2004 on one of my photos for helping you out on one of yours, so I came over to see if I could find that photo (as I don't remember), but had the pleasure of seeing this great portfolio, and this long tribute to your mastery.

Congrats to a master.

Tyson Monson , June 21, 2011; 01:03 P.M.

lovely work

Miriam Prokopova , August 10, 2011; 06:52 A.M.

Las fotos son simplemente magnificas. Tu trabajo es muy singular.

Saludos de Miriam

Olaf Hofmann , August 28, 2011; 06:03 A.M.

You have a very nice and creative portfolio. I like it. Best wishes, Olaf

Cynthia Matty , December 21, 2011; 12:45 A.M.

Your portfolio is original and you master light and composition.  I enjoyed your images and find your work to be inspiring.  Wonderful to find your work and will return often.


Dave Travvel , December 25, 2011; 01:43 P.M.


Lovely shots all taken with tender loving care. !

Di Roenfeldt , December 30, 2011; 09:39 P.M.

Absolutely Inspiring

Im truly moved by a lot of your work. Simply beautiful.

Eric Wéry , January 06, 2012; 05:23 P.M.

Master artist

Your portfolio, on top of showing your technical skills as a photographer and a graphic designer, shows how gifted you are as an artist with a personal vision. Truly great work...

Echo Reams , January 18, 2012; 07:08 P.M.

Your photography is very powerful I absolutely love it.


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