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Wernher S , August 16, 2004; 01:15 P.M.


You have a diverse bunch of strong images here and it was a pleasure to look through your portfolio. Early morning amid the mist is a bit of a special photo isn't it? Good job and keep it up.

Rakesh Dhareshwar , August 25, 2004; 02:00 A.M.

Amazing diversity and the 'last light ' is just too good for words.

Joam Pires , October 19, 2004; 05:07 P.M.


You have a truly quality portfolio, and I am especially fond of those pictures related to South American culture and landscape. Please keep them coming, and thanks for sharing this beauty.

Andrew Grant , October 25, 2004; 10:42 P.M.

I like the way you see things... keep it up!

Brad Stock , November 07, 2004; 06:33 A.M.


Not 1 picture worth anything less than a 6. Brilliant in many ways. Cheers

Jerry Langman , November 14, 2004; 09:50 A.M.

A very nice collection.

Its very apparent that you like to look! At what you see. If that makes sense. Your photos make me wish I had not neglected my camera for the past 20 years.

Dave Pang , November 23, 2004; 08:45 P.M.

Wonderful portfolio.

Andrew Brown , November 26, 2004; 06:45 A.M.

Andrew-A great portfolio of pictures. There are so many that I like, although I am perhaps slightly biased towards your South American photos-we really do have some remarkably similar shots! I only wish I had had the equipment and photographic ability at the time I was there to capture the feeling of many of the places I visited as you have in your folders. Looks like you may have had slightly better weather than us too, especially for MP!

Thanks for taking the time to look at and comment on my pics! Keep up the great work,


Wojtek Kalinowski , November 27, 2004; 06:48 A.M.

Hi Andy,love your landscapes and wildlife.I`m gonna try some really soon.All the best,Wojtek.

Jason Tai , November 28, 2004; 07:42 P.M.

Your Name Speaks Your Passion

I admire your pursuit for wildlife and nature photography. Great pictures you've got.

Kevin Temple , January 08, 2005; 04:13 P.M.


Harlow B. Staley , January 10, 2005; 11:55 P.M.

Impressive portfolio.

Medisign Mdo , January 18, 2005; 07:14 A.M.

Real wonderful eye experience

Great portfolio. From what I see, u have an excellent skill of capturing the moment. Superb angle and composition. Thank you for sharing this beauty with us.

Cher Vang , March 18, 2005; 11:30 P.M.

Thanks for you comments!

Andrew, I really appreciate your comment on my portfolio. I just checked out your pictures and I have to to say that I'd like to see more! You have a great eye. My fav is the picture of Machu Picchu even if that bit of pink is there. I'm jealous actually! You've captured it very well. The one thing that I'd suggest to you, use Fuji Velvia 50 Slide Film. It's the best film in my opinion for landscapes. Use it and I promise you'll never look back. My dream is that one day they can come up with a digital camera that can reproduce the colors like Velvia. It's slow film but the time and investment put into every shot will leave you breathless when you get the chromes back! There's nothing like it for landscape, trust me! Velvia is more expensive if you buy retail but you can find bulk rolls of it on the web and make your 36 exposure roll for very cheap. Keep up the good work, and get some Velvia! :)

Greg McCracken , April 25, 2005; 10:19 P.M.


Andrew, you have a great portfoio! Keep those great shots coming! I'm very impressed!

Bertil Bernhardsson , July 10, 2005; 04:01 P.M.

Hallo Andrew!

Thanks for the comment, great shots on the Owls. Bertil

Domenico Zavattolo , August 06, 2005; 06:38 A.M.

Great Portfolio! I like your landascapes. Bravo

Mario Paper Martinez Caballero , August 11, 2005; 11:20 A.M.


This is one of the most magnific Job I have seen here in photo.net. Very fantastic views. I think is very important to select the camera and the film in order to catch this kink of wonder capture. Congratulations for the effort that means to walk and walk until find the perfect angle and perspective, congratulations for waiting the exactly light and that great patient under water, under hard wind, under inclement time. Go a head ...

Don Guindon , August 24, 2005; 04:07 A.M.

Great Photo's Andrew

Excellent control and timing construed in a way reveal rarity in what's framed and felt.

Brian Ernst , September 27, 2005; 06:50 P.M.

This is an outstanding collection of photographs! I love your landscapes.

Glenn Mellen , September 29, 2005; 04:19 P.M.

A stunning Gallery... especially enjoy your landscapes!

Will King , October 16, 2005; 06:04 A.M.

Andrew, Wow! Amazing work. I'm very new at this and you are definitely inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

Eugene Xie , November 24, 2005; 12:19 A.M.

Great Portfolio

Andrew, I love your landscape photographs. They are truly magnificent.

Thanks for your commenting on my Zion photo. I have posted another similar one per your suggestion. Hope you like the new one better.


Aimar Fraga , November 24, 2005; 02:19 P.M.

Thanks for sharing your incredible photos!!! amazing... dreamfull... I like them very much congratulations

Guillermo Fernandez-Corroto Garcia , January 12, 2006; 02:24 A.M.

A portfolio full of color and with greats landscapes. Regards

Andrea Albero , January 12, 2006; 04:57 A.M.

Your portfolio is very good and fantastic is your land!! My photo is original! every day you can see this in the sky of Roma!!

Kah Kit Yoong , January 12, 2006; 06:17 P.M.

Thank you for looking at my portfolio. Your landscapes are fantastic, both in vertical and horizontal, although you obviously favour the former. I think most landscapists learn to be more comfortable with one format. You often combine well thought out compositions with lovely colours to achieve splendid results. Congratulations.

Timon Oefelein , January 15, 2006; 01:42 A.M.

Excellent work! I particularly like the landscapes.

Doeke Koedijk , January 15, 2006; 04:53 A.M.

Hi Andrew, in your bio you hope we enjoy your work. Well I DO. Great portfolio! Thanks for your comments on my Panorama collection of the Tongariro Crossing. I fully agree with you about the people but I also wanted a few elements (persons in this case) to give the landscapes some scale. Anyway.... this is not really the place to further talk about that. I loved the 'quick' overview of your portfolio and I'll no go and see if I can comment on some.

Thank you for sharing and keep up the good work!

Ashutosh Rajekar , January 16, 2006; 10:46 A.M.

Bonjour from Montreal

You have a very nice portfolio Andrew; with quite a different style from the others I have seen. Beautiful landscapes, and angles especially. I wish to see much more from you in the future!

Regards, Ashutosh

Paul Hancock , March 23, 2006; 09:24 P.M.

Excellent group of images. I really like you landscapes and the grey owl images are fantastic.

John Patrick , April 24, 2006; 03:09 P.M.

Excellent stuff Andrew. Some really strong landscapes in there.

J.C. Mellen , May 19, 2006; 12:04 P.M.


What a great portfolio!!! Beautiful landscapes. I look forward to seeing more.

Mike Stacey , June 21, 2006; 03:13 A.M.

Don't know how I missed your portfolio Andrew. Great and original work which portrays nature very well indeed. Thanks.

Walter Hinterberger , July 14, 2006; 10:24 A.M.

Can't imagine how I missed this. Fabulous and strong portfolio. Thanks for showing.

Ayyad Alnimer , October 08, 2006; 12:31 P.M.


Hi Andrew, I added you as an interested artist in my list...I looked to your artwork as a slideshow I am very impressed about your talent and I invite you to visit my homepage if you have time...many thanks...and best wishes...Ayyad

Shawn Callahan , October 12, 2006; 02:11 P.M.

Great landscapes

Your folio is very nice, very professional. Your landscape photos are especially good.

Allison O'Brien , December 12, 2006; 11:18 P.M.

Wow your portfolio is incredible. I adore your nature shots but you have a great eye in general. Lovely, lovely presentation. Cheers! -O

Stephen Penland , December 23, 2006; 12:49 A.M.

Your landscapes are great -- you have a great eye that finds beautiful compositions. I particularly like your verticals.

Sergey Grobovoy , December 29, 2006; 07:20 A.M.

Magnificent work, I congratulate! Definitely you have big talent to see fine through an objective of the camera!

James Wages , December 30, 2006; 11:24 P.M.


I mean this in a good way.After looking at your portfolio I am either going to sell all of my equipment or just hope to aspire to the level you have acheived with landscape art. Nice Nice work. Best regads, James

Adrian Studer , December 31, 2006; 03:31 P.M.

Great landscape images, I love especially the verticals.

Stuart Apsey , January 08, 2007; 12:41 P.M.

wow dude

You commented on my portfolio and mentioned that you like our coastline. It's still nothing compared to your wilderness although I have to say you have a really keen eye for colour, reflections and compositions to compliment the extraordinary areas you photograph. Your Dynamic Range control is awesome. I can only hope to visit the American outdoors one.

Greg Cope , January 09, 2007; 06:06 P.M.

Andrew, a round of wow's for all of your shots. Your portfolio is fantastic. Thanks for sharing them all, and hopefully more soon! Greg

Yves D. , January 13, 2007; 07:41 P.M.

You have amazning pictures here ; keep up the good work !

Mark Amy , December 20, 2007; 12:43 P.M.

You have a really stunning portfolio of images! I really can't say any more than others have already said. Looking at them is inspirational and just makes me want to get outdoors and take photos. Gorgeous work!

Daniel Ewert , March 14, 2008; 11:15 P.M.

I enjoyed viewing your mountain landscapes - nice work.

Harry Lichtman , March 23, 2008; 04:41 P.M.

Hi Andrew - Thanks for the howdy. The trip to Kili was fantastic. Went in Jan of 2007. Still glaciers, and lots of snow when we went. My wife and I are not used to going on guided trips, so it was a bit of getting used to someone elses itinerary, especially for the photo end of it. "Hey Harry, we're eating. get over here!" Dinner and sunset always seemed to be at the same time! The exposure to a new culture was fantastic-though probably not my best photographic trip, it was the best travel and unique trip I've done. I was out your way once-cross country skiing in Canmore and snowshoing out to a hut in Yoho in the winter. Too brief a stay, looking forward to returning. I'll have to check out your shots for some ideas. I'll be adding more photos to the current galleries, and adding more galleries soon. Thanks, again, Harry

Chris Kolaczan , October 30, 2008; 01:33 P.M.

I bow to your landscape abilities. Really nice portfolio.

Good to find you on here.

Walter Tatulinski , December 03, 2008; 02:44 A.M.

Great job! Shoot (post) more. Regards.

Greg Cope , December 08, 2008; 06:27 P.M.

Outstanding portfolio. Each image is extremely well thought out and executed. Your landscapes are what originally caught my eye, but now that I visit your portfolio I see you've got a lot others worthy of recognition. Keep up the great work.

Raymond Borg , January 29, 2009; 02:00 P.M.

Superb and colourful landscapes. Thanks for sharing and well done.

Goran Anastasovski , August 30, 2010; 04:03 P.M.

Excellent portfolio. Bravo

jorge fernandez , June 03, 2011; 06:01 A.M.


I just discover your porfolio and you have beautiful, clear compositions that could be use for meditation. Congratulations.  Post more! Warm regards.

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