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Dow Morris , June 29, 2006; 05:33 P.M.

NMore, much, much, more. Please.

Anthony J Deffina , July 02, 2006; 12:52 P.M.

Outstanding start to your portfolio! Looking forward to more.

JT Sumner , July 06, 2006; 07:20 P.M.

Great work! Very striking, and mysterious... Keep it up!

Take care, J.T.

Sasho Alushevski , July 07, 2006; 10:42 A.M.



Francisco Ribeiro do Vale , July 09, 2006; 09:08 P.M.

Excellent photos

Evgeny, you are an artist. Congratulations. 7/7

Neil Peters , July 13, 2006; 12:16 A.M.

Great style, impact and interest. The "wow" effect of your prints almost obscures how technically good you are at making them.

Bruno Jesuíno , July 13, 2006; 02:46 A.M.


Thanks for sharing such imaginative images.

Evgeny Freeone , July 18, 2006; 05:47 A.M.

Richard Kirk

I am drawing, developing the concept of a design on a body, working with a model... on the whole we are working as a team, me and the photographer.

Mike Burry , July 20, 2006; 08:29 P.M.

Truly amazing work... Keep it up -- I look forward to seeing what you do next!

Evgeny Freeone , July 24, 2006; 04:48 P.M.

Mike Burry

OK. I will try to make my best.)))

M. Todd , July 25, 2006; 06:45 P.M.


I was really impressed with how good the body painting was. I have seen a lot of poorly done body painting and this was really nice. I had to step back and actually analyze the photos separate from the body paint. Impressive. Thank you for sharing and inspiring!

Evgeny Freeone , August 01, 2006; 02:26 P.M.

M. Todd

Well. I am glad you like it and that you devote so much of your time to our works.

Julius Jebamony , August 03, 2006; 02:49 P.M.


You have the most original portfolio.

philip gleeson , August 04, 2006; 03:58 P.M.

really special i love your work :-)

Levity Snaps , August 19, 2006; 08:32 P.M.


Certainly wicked good not wicked bad! Excellent folio!

Georgescu Marian , September 05, 2006; 04:59 P.M.

WOW... Nice work!I love your portfolio!

Byron Lawrence , September 07, 2006; 02:56 P.M.

You have some very interesting work here. It would be hard not to like it. Great Job!

Bruno Jesuíno , September 10, 2006; 05:42 P.M.

a refreasging eye in photography. Thanks for sharing and congratiolations.

mehdi kavei , September 14, 2006; 03:28 A.M.


your body arts photo has very nice

Roberto Roseano , September 29, 2006; 05:49 P.M.

VIP !!!

Very Impactful Portfolio !!! One of the most interesting/original/creative portfolios I've found here. Bravo. mandi, Roberto

Michael Punzenberger , October 30, 2006; 02:12 P.M.

Absolute perfect

The combination of outstanding bodypainting with high performance photographic technique leads to a highlight of the photo.net portfolios. We are deeply impressed by your absolute perfect works.

Best regards from Linz / Austria

Dana & Michael

Omega NC , November 02, 2006; 02:03 A.M.


I like your work.

Really artistic and creative.


C. G. , November 05, 2006; 08:01 A.M.

Very Creative and cool, I loved looking at the photos.


Isaac Madera , November 10, 2006; 12:53 P.M.



Liam itsprivate , November 15, 2006; 12:39 P.M.

It might be just me, but I like your work better than any other I've seen here ever. You have a visual gift.

Beng J. , November 17, 2006; 08:54 A.M.

Masterly done make up artistry and body painting, very well photographed !. Excellent works of art.

Jeff H , December 01, 2006; 07:50 A.M.


Instead of trying to comment on every one of your photos seperately I'll just comment on the whole portfolio. I think the body art is magnificent and you have captured it wonderfully. I'll rate my favorites, but this is some neat stuff! GREAT WORK!

Michael Raddatz , December 01, 2006; 07:56 A.M.

Creativity and skills...... well done by all.

Evgeny Freeone , December 06, 2006; 03:44 P.M.

Jeff H

Well, I'm very pleased to see your comments on our works, thank you.

Thanks everybody. Soon , very soon there will be a lot of new photos. I promise.

Amin Ostovari , December 23, 2006; 09:02 A.M.


you are a inspiration source!!

Rob Valine , December 25, 2006; 07:39 P.M.

Very Creative, Very Artistic, Cutting Edge Stuff. Refreshing, inspirational ideas.

Leonardo Villalobos , December 26, 2006; 12:43 A.M.

You have a beautiful portifolio. Congratulations.

Liviu Battlay , February 02, 2007; 04:16 P.M.

this is just breath taking....just great...you have 11 points out of 10.i wait more pictures.

Evgeny Freeone , March 09, 2007; 07:44 P.M.

Thanks very much to everyone who left here these comments. I hope not to disappoint your expectations :). Very soon I'm going to post a lot of my new works.

Davide Legnani , April 28, 2007; 07:12 A.M.


Only a word GREAT!!!

Justin Johnson , April 28, 2007; 04:41 P.M.

fantastic work!

Ozgur Donmaz , April 29, 2007; 04:06 A.M.


Wayne Pinkston , April 30, 2007; 12:24 P.M.

Love your work!

pegah kamali moghaddam , May 08, 2007; 04:59 A.M.


Beautiful and professional portfoilo..Tnx for sharing..you have so creative mind and difrent look..so beautiful..

chocolate jack , May 08, 2007; 05:22 P.M.

such amazing work - very original and creative

Carolyn D ( Santa Fe) , May 09, 2007; 08:36 A.M.


It is clear that your passion for paint is as strong as your passion for photography. I truly had to seperate the two looking at your images. Talent,imagination,lighting,composition are amazing. Bravo!

Rossy Topalova , May 10, 2007; 07:50 P.M.

rich fantasy

Rufus Watson, Jr. , May 11, 2007; 03:44 P.M.


Evgeny, interesting concept of photographs. Very vivid in color. Rufus

Anil Sharma , May 12, 2007; 12:58 P.M.

Absolutely out of the world

never seen so beautiful body paintings and then such a marvellous photgraphy

Jim Phelps , May 13, 2007; 09:47 A.M.


You are the best body painter I have ever seen and your portfolio is magnificent!

Robert Garcia , May 18, 2007; 10:34 A.M.

Unbelievable Images

Beautiful work of art, incredible; some of the best work I ever seeing??. Keep doing these great images for us to enjoy.

Evgeny Freeone , May 21, 2007; 05:19 A.M.

Carolyn D ( Santa Fe) -- Rufus Watson -- Jr. Anil Sharma Jim Phelps -- Robert Garcia

Thanks, but we haven't post our best works yet :)

soran nakshy , May 23, 2007; 05:53 A.M.


wanderful... i can not see all this great works ant left u with out expressing my been shoked they are so great please let me know u as much as u can... i like ur works u are so great... form kurdistan

Crina-Paula P. , May 23, 2007; 08:43 P.M.

P E R F E C T !

Your work is awesome!!! Too perfect! My best regards,

Stephan Doshev , May 25, 2007; 04:42 P.M.

Stephan D.

Well I have to say that I love your work. It's great. Keep going.

Kurt Daghita , May 26, 2007; 04:16 A.M.


It is a double art form you have created. One the body painting and second your captures of it. This some of the most creatine imagery I have seen on this site. BRAVO!

Rolando De la Fuente , May 26, 2007; 01:16 P.M.

Breath Taking

What a work, You are good buddy! Very cool

Leanna Weber , July 04, 2007; 01:36 A.M.


Amazing work. My son is an artist and this is the area he wants to focus on. I have showed him your photos and he is even more inspired than before. I will definately be back. Leanna:O)

Kerem Basali , July 07, 2007; 08:34 A.M.


your work are SO PERFECT,

Evgeny Freeone , July 13, 2007; 09:13 A.M.

Leanna Weber

OK, come back, soon there will be some new works)))

Ben Yokum , August 03, 2007; 05:20 P.M.

wonderful portfolio

Nestor Rivera Jr , October 02, 2007; 03:35 A.M.

Your truly a unique artist

I am so visualy excited by your unique images that go beyond Artistic nudes and sets newer standards of artistic nudes.

Annemette Rosenborg Eriksen , November 05, 2007; 04:49 P.M.

I am truly impressed by your unique style creating different species and worlds by means of bodypaint and photography. Very erotic and powerful work. Keep creating! Best wishes Annemette

Kenneth Fugate , December 04, 2007; 04:54 P.M.

Hello Friend!

Well here it is another year is passing away and we are coming into the holidays. I think time starts to go faster as we get older, it was just yesterday I wished my friends Happy Holidays and here it is again the end of a year. The holiday lights are starting to be put on some of the trees here in Dallas, we were out last night and some were lighting the trees. I wish for you all a holiday season with family and friends, after all is said and done all we have is each other.

I want all of you to know just what your comments and ratings on my work means to me, your words are my motivation, my drive to discover, to learn this art that we all love, thank you for taking time and thank you for caring about my works. At the same time thank you for letting us see your world, our lives are so much the same, we all care about our families and friends and we all share the same things, maybe someday our photos will help make for a lasting world peace. May you and your family be blessed this season.

Happy Holidays and Happy Shooting


Trudy Loosman , December 13, 2007; 07:39 A.M.

Stunning portfolio! you're a great artist.

Regards, Trudy

Sauciuc Gabriela , December 13, 2007; 12:12 P.M.

Amazing portfolio! Just perfect photos!Congrats

Bill Wittman , July 01, 2008; 09:59 A.M.


The Human Form is beautiful in it's self. With your enhansments it has gone to the next level. Thank you!

Frenk and Danielle Kaufmann , September 15, 2008; 04:28 A.M.

Very impressive portfolio.

Evgeny Freeone , September 16, 2008; 05:53 A.M.

:))) Thanks everybody :)))

J.C. Lopez-Johnston , November 15, 2008; 11:11 A.M.


I think that tell you how amazing is your work is like raining over the sea, simply more of the same...

I was wondering, are those compositions based in real body-painting? I mean, do you photograph the model and then work the final image in digital? I am just barely familiar with digital photo-edition...



Kombizz Kashani , November 28, 2008; 05:11 A.M.

I guess your work is unique by itself, somehow scary and somehow those body painted in different forms excites to see more!

Raymond Borg , November 30, 2008; 03:19 P.M.

All I can say is that this is an impressive portfolio. Well done.

Evgeny Freeone , December 08, 2008; 05:50 P.M.

Raymond Borg & Kambiz Kashani


Evgeny Freeone , December 08, 2008; 05:52 P.M.

J.C. Lopez-Johnston

All the paintings are on a live body – here’s the link over the process. PhotoShop is used for a minimal retouch, improving of colors, sharpness and contrast.:) Example: www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZ2h20Bl8ew

Francisco Ribeiro do Vale , December 12, 2008; 09:27 P.M.

Hi Evgeny

Excellent photos and wonderful models. Congratulations. Regards, Chico do Vale.

Evgeny Freeone , December 12, 2008; 11:47 P.M.

Francisco Ribeiro do Vale


Goran Anastasovski , December 20, 2008; 12:03 P.M.

Amazing work. BRAVO

Brian Denz , December 20, 2008; 02:55 P.M.

an extraordinary portfolio and that goes for the models,the body art and the capturing..awesome.

Olgica Dimitrovska , March 13, 2009; 10:24 P.M.


You are crazy. I'm on my knees master. Greetings

David Lorentzen , April 01, 2009; 06:26 P.M.

AWESOME WORK! Love every bit of it, great artist.

Huseyin Gurses , May 04, 2009; 04:42 P.M.

Amazing is the word to define this portfolio...

Andrew Dykeman , May 04, 2009; 05:52 P.M.


I really enjoyed browsing through your portfolio. The artwork is amazing and you capture it stunningly well with fine composition and lighting. Really great work Evgeny!


Ali Rezaeian , May 11, 2009; 04:46 A.M.


Amazing body painting portfolio ^^^ All the best & Best wishes


Jim Phelps , June 25, 2009; 03:19 P.M.


Your "body art-sin" series is one of the most original art works I have ever seen.

Jim Phelps

Tomas Turecek , July 22, 2009; 05:06 A.M.

Your body art is simply amazing! A Sin series is my favourite.

Hugo C. Romano , August 11, 2009; 05:34 A.M.


what a fantastic album and ideas , work and compositions are well defined in every works, really it's a very interesting gallery, I liked it and let me see more of you creations, thanks for share your works with us,



Sesham Sampatirao , August 11, 2009; 08:04 A.M.

itz really special .

Shiva Charles , January 06, 2010; 07:16 P.M.

Your portfolio is just amazing and something unique that anyone would be able to identify. You've definitely showed me and a lot of other people that we can not win you at your own game.

Rana Tahir , April 16, 2010; 11:18 P.M.


It beautiful art work, Love the body painting style you have. Its an excellent portfolio. Regards... Rana Tahir

Joao Sa , June 17, 2010; 06:40 P.M.


Great portfolio.

Grant newland , February 05, 2011; 05:09 A.M.


Far out man!!!  

Yannis Georgikopoulos , March 02, 2012; 08:05 A.M.

My warm congrats for this creative portfolio! Keep posting!


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