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Sacha De Carlo , June 20, 2004; 09:18 P.M.

George, I already commented some of your photographs. I think (as a scientist) that it's really original and has lots of aesthetics! Unfortunately there are some dumb people on PN that do not understand nor appreciate this kind of artwork. Great folio, keep it up ! Cheers, Sacha ;-)

Ellen McComish , June 20, 2004; 11:12 P.M.

amazing, unique, beautiful, mystical AND scientific!

Congratulations George, congratulations!

All the best

Michael VaughAn , June 22, 2004; 06:11 P.M.

Incredible images.

Rock Scott , June 22, 2004; 11:59 P.M.

Your entire portfolio is very interesting. Great work. I would like to know more about your technique.

Maurizio Moro , December 22, 2016; 07:17 A.M.

From Italy.


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