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Kaushik Chatterjee , March 22, 2006; 02:25 P.M.


Welcome to PN. You have a very good portfolio. I love your work specially Enrico and B/W. Its really pleasure to see your very natural and elegant shoots. Wish you all the best in PN. Lastly thank you very much for your mail. Love to have your comments on myself also.

Alexander Mandl , March 26, 2006; 04:06 P.M.


Ich freu mich schon auf weitere Bild aus Asien und dem Rest der Welt... nur weiter so.

Liebe Gr�ߥ aus ֳterreich. Alex

Rob Wray , April 27, 2006; 03:48 P.M.


Thanks for your kind comments. After visiting your portfolio I was impressed on your real life photography. I like the real stuff, watching people and just taking images of life as it rolls along. Keep up the great work.


nataliya Petkova , May 03, 2006; 12:40 P.M.


well,first i wanted to comment only the pictures i like,but i understood quickly that it was all your portfolio:)i love it,very smooth and beutiful,great style.hope to see new things from you soon:)

Pavle Marjanovic , May 11, 2006; 05:47 A.M.

Good work, impressive photos, especially autumn tree, and potraits from Morocco and "Silk road".

Giovanni S , May 17, 2006; 02:51 P.M.


Thank you for your interest in my work. You gave me the opportunity to visit your portfolio, very rich of interesting and expressive photos. I will definitely come back to pay the attention that it deserves. Cheers

Eyad Al-Samman , May 18, 2006; 11:23 A.M.


Captures of Yemen are generally great. Although I am from Yemen and living right now in Yemen, I find difficulties to take captures in streets and for children. For you, it is very simple to take a shot while you are roaming as a tourist in streets and cities. I could not know where exactly did you shot your nice photos, I mean which cities? Have you visited for example "Shibam" city in Hadramout? "Kawkaban" city in Al-Mahweet? "The old city of Sana'a" in Sana'a? "Taiz" city? "Aden" city? and also our masterpiece city, "Marib" the cradle of our decent queen "Belqis"? I like also your compositions when you take your shots. Very nice portfolio Heinz.

Heinz Homatsch , May 22, 2006; 05:15 A.M.


Many thanks to everybody looking at my portfolio and comment it.


I have been to all places you mentioned. We travelled overland and there are beautiful places. I was in June there and was surprised by the green. There are various types of landscape. Sanaa seems to be a fairy tale . I liked the small coloured villages in the desert. It is true, that foreigners are welcomed to make photos especially of children. I couldn't take any photos of yemenite women in their natural ambience, which would have been nice the black cloth in contrast with the surrounding. Heinz

Paolo Pedelini , May 24, 2006; 08:05 A.M.


Visto che parli Italiano ne approfitto. Sei proprio bravo, ottima la composizione e pulizia negli scatti, grandiosa la scelta dell'esposizione, Mi sa che imparer� molto dalle tue opere. Hai qualche suggerimento da darmi sull'utilizzo corretto dell'esposimetro ? Saluti Paolo

Rakesh Syal , May 30, 2006; 03:08 P.M.

Very Impressive

WOW!!! I am really impressed with this gallery, Hinz!

Umair Ghani , June 29, 2006; 12:08 A.M.

splendid portfolio. awesome B&w, great eye 4 perspective & reality. fine documentory style photography in entire B&W folder. very impressive blues as well. i'm amazed @ the rich content of this wonderful portfolio. regards!

Claire Gray , October 28, 2006; 06:58 A.M.

A highly superb range and variety of images here.

I especially love your people from around the world captures, but it seems you can turn your hand to any subject.



Alfredo Muñoz de Oliveira , October 29, 2006; 05:52 A.M.

Hi Heinz

Congrats for your excellent portfolio. This is the kind of documentary and photojournalism photohgraphy I like. kind regards

igor bilic , October 31, 2006; 08:38 A.M.

I love your photos man,now I want to go to mongolia,when i saw your images... keep up good work!

Rakesh Syal , November 22, 2006; 12:22 P.M.

Thanks for your kind comments, Heinz!! They brought me here and lucky I am! Greatly impressed on your real life photography! Regards

Sándor Leitner , November 24, 2006; 10:58 A.M.

Fantastic portfolio !!
I really like it.
Faraway places
faraway faces

Cristina do Vale e Vasconcelos , November 29, 2006; 05:01 P.M.

Hi Heinz

Great portfolio!Thanks for sharing!Congrats!Kind regards.Cristina

yimou chu , November 30, 2006; 09:17 A.M.

Great files!

The pureness of photos, the dignity of these portraits make a great sense!

Kathrin Grissemann , December 06, 2006; 05:51 A.M.


Hi Heinz, i absolutely adore your photography...especially the black and white shots are super and very strong...beautiful! best regards, Kathrin

Sarka Sejkorova , December 28, 2006; 02:00 P.M.

Hi Heinz

Thank you for your comment. I wish you a very happy and successful new year! Best Regards Sarka

Moe Shamseddeen (mozy) , February 07, 2007; 06:27 A.M.

Beautoful portfolio, i don't exaggerate when i say i loved all your photos. Best of luck, Moe.

Frank Reintjes , February 14, 2007; 06:05 P.M.


Hallo Heinz, fantastic portfolio! I very much like the shots from central asia. Reminds me to a trip I made three years ago from Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan to Afghanistan! Go on, Yours Frank

Deborah Rose , February 18, 2007; 10:10 A.M.

You have some really nice photos of some interesting people. Nice!

Teresa Au Yeung , February 19, 2007; 12:35 A.M.

Hi Heinz, it's a pleasure to browse through your portfolio, you've shown us places not many of us can go to. Your portraits and street photos are wonderful, the others are also great! Thanks for visiting my portfolio, I'm happy you like it :)

Ricioppo Francesco , February 19, 2007; 04:27 A.M.

human life

The photos grasp the mining of the life. Your do it.

Craig Persel , February 22, 2007; 01:08 P.M.

Outstanding gallery. Many gems. Bravo.

Milo G , March 06, 2007; 11:55 A.M.


There's something special about a portfolio that contains so many portraits. The varieties of nationalities in yours, indicate a love and respect for mankind in all it's wonderful diversity. The images of the Tsukiji fish market have a special nostalgia for me, since I walked through there with a Leica many years ago. If only I could find those negatives now. Marvellous work.

Joao Pereira , March 06, 2007; 06:40 P.M.

Excellent portraits, Heinz, really great. I am also a passionate for portraits, yours are just superb. Congrats.

Claire Gray , March 17, 2007; 12:40 P.M.

An outstanding travel documentary gallery. Some very interesting portraits and it's clear you love travel and integration with the people in these countries.

Thank you for revisiting my portfolio. I am glad you think I have improved since your last visit! Give me another couple of years and I'll be a NG photographer (ahem - maybe not, but we can dream!)

With regards to the map... go to my map page and at the bottom left of this map is a sentence you can click on ("create your own map"). Click on it and add your information then copy and paste this into your biography. Goodluck.



Michael Taylor , March 26, 2007; 09:27 P.M.

Strong, strong portfolio... very eclectic. I'm particularly impressed by your B&W work (since that's my area of interest).

Cheers from Ottawa.

Francesco Cifarelli , April 11, 2007; 08:29 A.M.


Heinz, you're a real master, and I just can learn from you!! great shots, congrats!! Keep it up!!

Gunn White , April 15, 2007; 02:13 P.M.


You have a very nice portfolio! :-)

Ricardo Maximo Lopez D'Angelo , September 18, 2007; 05:40 P.M.


Thank you very much for rate one of my photos. It`s an honor and I really appreciate it a lot. In my opinion, you are a master in photography, so I will be here soon contemplating your work and trying to learn a bit. Ah !! ... Borges poem is just what I think life must be. Regards.

Eleonora Castelli , October 12, 2007; 04:06 P.M.

Stasera per rilassarmi giravo per photo net e ho incontrato il tuo portfolio, complimenti sinceri le tue foto sono bellissime!

Ben Huybrechts , December 16, 2007; 04:37 A.M.

Thank you for rating my photo. I am impressed by your portfolio, i will be back for more.

Best regards,


Jürgen Scharf , June 02, 2008; 06:06 A.M.

Hello Heinz!

Thank you for your great rating on one of my photos!!! I just enjoyed browsing your portfolio! It is so full of great pictures, nice contrasts, black & whites but also colour pictures!! Keep that up! Greetings, juergen

Michael Raddatz , September 20, 2008; 07:52 A.M.

Outstanding work, immensely appreciated.

rich t , April 22, 2009; 05:49 A.M.

Really lovely shots.

Sadegh Miri , June 01, 2009; 07:50 A.M.

Thanks for commenting on my photo. You have some excellent images; looking forward to seeing more. Best regards.

Stefano Migliori , June 01, 2009; 03:31 P.M.


mi rivolgo a te in italiano perchè ho letto che vivi in Toscana e se non lo impari lì l'italiano....

Ti ringrazio davvero per il commento che hai lasciato sulla mia foto.

Hai un portfolio molto bello e così ampio... Devo prendermi un pò di tempo per guardarlo con attenzione.

Il mio è un "primo passaggio" per ringraziarti, tornerò presto con commento più approfondito.

P.S. Mi piace la tua scelta di citare Jorge Luis Borges sulla home page.



Tom Wiggins , June 03, 2009; 07:24 P.M.

Heinz: Thank you for the comment on my portofolio. I love your Paris photos, I was there about the sametime late April to May 3rd. Paris is such a beautiful city. Thank you again. Tom

Sadegh Miri , July 01, 2009; 11:15 A.M.

Dear Heinz, Thank you so much for your comment and rating on my recent submission which gave me the opportunity to look at your works again. I have to admit that I rally like and admire your style especially the Street new but old series.Thanks for sharing my friend.Mit freundlichen Grussen Sadegh

William Hogg , July 02, 2009; 01:11 P.M.


Many thanks for your appreciation of my "A Room with a View" image. I have enjoyed looking at your high quality images. Best wishes from Scotland. Bill Hogg

Raymond Borg , August 16, 2009; 03:52 P.M.

Hello Heinz You have many great images here. I was surprised to see the folder 'Malta' as I am Maltese. I will sure be visiting you from time to time. Congrats.

glenn sines , October 15, 2009; 05:17 P.M.

Heinz, What a wonderful portfolio, thank you for sharing it. I also wanted to thank you for the kind words on my recent submission; when comments come from someone who has a portfolio like yours, they are very highly regarded. Thank you, Glenn

Fabrizio R. , October 17, 2009; 06:45 A.M.

Grazie della tua visita, hai foto splendide nel tuo profilo! Tornerò a trovarti ancora, spero che rimarremo in contatto. Saluti Fabrizio

Ewa Figaszewska , October 17, 2009; 07:14 P.M.

great portfolio!!!:) lucky you to have visited so many places!!!:)

Rui Pires , October 26, 2009; 06:39 A.M.


Hi Heinz ! Great portfolio with somuch beautifull pictures from people and places in all earth. Nice to see my country Portugal included, i hope you have enjoyed be here !

All the best


Mario Baldaccini , November 05, 2009; 05:49 A.M.

Complimenti, un portfolio molto bello, si vede che viaggi con lo spirito giusto, grazie ancora per il tuo commento alla mia foto di Venezia. Anche io vivo in Toscana, a Viareggio. Se ti interessa dal 14 al 22 novembre faccio una mostra "Berlino; oltre il muro" visto che ricorre il ventennale dalla caduta. (105 foto a colori e B/W) La faccio a Lido di Camaiore (LU) viale Pistelli (Lungomare) presso la Galleria Europa - Puoi vedere alcune foto sul mio portfolio Ciao Grazie

Julia Kretsch , November 20, 2009; 04:40 A.M.

Extraordinary portfolio! Compliments.

Dave Travvel , January 09, 2010; 01:30 P.M.

what a lovely portfolio!

Mehmet Akin , February 19, 2010; 05:55 A.M.

very good portfolio...congrats

Kemal Kamil AKCA , March 02, 2010; 12:32 P.M.

than you very much for your comment Heinz.you have got very well portfolio,regards

Frank G. Heron , March 15, 2010; 12:06 P.M.


Someday when I grow-up I want to be a photographer just like Heinz Homatsch!

Wonderful porfolio...congratulations!

Ricardo Girão , March 30, 2010; 10:14 A.M.

Heinz, please keep yourself travelling around the world with the camera in your hand... watching your portfolio took me a bit to those places... amazing images. regards.

Kassir Hussain , April 10, 2011; 06:39 A.M.

Wow! I'm definitely going to steal some of your style - with pride of course!

Vicente Concha , April 28, 2011; 03:35 P.M.

Hello Heinz.

Exceptional portfolio, your portraits are excellent graphics documents. Congratulations. Vicente.

Antoneta Wotringer , May 04, 2011; 04:01 P.M.

Thanks for sharing and comments on my photo. You have a very nice portfolio.Schön

Regards A.W

Paul Casagrande , May 06, 2011; 12:39 P.M.

Bella qualità,bei progetti,bel portfoglio,complimenti !   saluti Paul

Dolf Walter , May 06, 2011; 01:30 P.M.


You've bin almost everywhere.....and made some great portraits....

Keep travelling and shooting......

Cheers Dolf

Richard John Edwards , May 24, 2011; 11:04 P.M.

What a wonderful asortment of Images, Thanks for critiquing my image.

Best regards Richard

Jeff Bryce , May 27, 2011; 02:07 P.M.


You have many excellent photographs.  I especialy like your portrait work.  Regards, Jeff

Firas Ershaid , January 14, 2012; 02:30 A.M.

Amazing Portfolio

Thanks for your comment :) and sorry for the late reply. You have excellent work in that Portofolio, I admire how many places you have been and how you could reflect how beautiful each place is!

Antonio Giusti , December 31, 2012; 05:19 P.M.

Ciao Heinz

Felice Anno Nuovo! Un cordiale saluto, Antonio

John Lovelace , January 26, 2013; 10:28 A.M.

Skin tones

I've not seen a more sensitive portfolio of human faces.

Giangiorgio Crisponi , January 30, 2013; 05:15 P.M.


Heinz grazie al tuo commento ho visitato il tuo fantastico portfolio ricco di immagini veramente straordinarie, hai saputo rappresentare molto bene tutti i paesi che hai visitato, le tue immagini sono fonte di ispirazione, tornerò a controllare le tue nuove immagini , ciao Giangiorgio

Dimitris Vasiliou , February 25, 2013; 07:33 A.M.


Thank you very much for your comment!!! It also gave me the opportunity to see your excellent portraits. I wish you all the best!. Warm regards, Dimitris.

Marta Eva LLamera , January 26, 2016; 10:01 A.M.

Let me congratulate you for this rich and interesting portfolio. I have had a good time visiting, thanks. Wishing Magic Light...

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