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Comments on this portfolio:

Alec Ee , January 05, 2005; 09:36 P.M.

Johnny, most of your compositions seem to be cropped too tight. Try opening it up a little and it will look aesthetically more balanced and pleasing to the eye.

Andres Borbon , January 07, 2005; 05:08 A.M.

Nice porfolio (mini-porfolio). Be brave! Post more. The critics here are sometimes rough, but therer are more, I am sure. Nice colors and (I agree) tight crops. But this is probably a matter of personal taste. I respect that. Congratulations!!! POST!!!, POST!!!

Johnny Santoso , January 11, 2005; 12:20 P.M.

many thanks for everyone that spare their time to visit my corner.. appreciate very much. johnny santoso

Johnny Santoso , January 13, 2005; 12:41 P.M.

Thank you very much for all encouraging comments, just FYI The Tsunami Photo has been awarded as "Editor Choice" on http://www.fotografer.net

Francesco Tonini , February 02, 2005; 11:48 A.M.

I see at you like an hero photographer of air. My father is a pilot too, i want show him your portfolio that i find really interesting and i am sure he'll find really attractive. A very good work

sherwood frazier , February 02, 2005; 09:35 P.M.

Nice work.

I like these shots Johnny, you keep shooting and posting, you've got some nice stuff here. You may get me back into the cockpit yet.

Jesús Pizarro , February 04, 2005; 07:02 A.M.

good portfolio

You have a great collection of images, specially those of clouds are exceptional.

It has to be very agreeable to realize your work and comtemplate these wonderful views from your seat. A greeting.

Sean Joyce , April 11, 2005; 10:20 P.M.

I disagree with some of the above comments - I like the tight crops. Great work.

gordon xu , May 02, 2005; 01:58 P.M.

they make me jealous

I really love the photos that you share here. I learned quite a lot from them. Thanks!

Dick Yowell , May 28, 2005; 03:33 P.M.

Great stuff here. I love your clouds. The tiger and the hippo are terrific! You have an eye for beauty and composition! Keep on shooting!

Christopher Azzopardi , June 01, 2005; 03:43 P.M.

Very interesting portfolio. You have a great eye for nature. Well done!

Giancarlo Pacchiani , June 13, 2005; 06:03 A.M.

E' un bellissimo portfolio il tuo, Complimenti vivissimi !

Alexandre Guerra , June 17, 2005; 08:00 A.M.

Congrats for very impressive animal life shots and generaly a great portfolio. What kind of equipment are you using to make them? Regards

Seven Stuartson , July 18, 2005; 12:53 A.M.

Great eye for detail and colour. You seem most comfortable when in flight or capturing the things of the air; you're in a unique position with your view from above cloud level and good to see you taking advantage of this - there's so much there, ever-changing as well. The cloud images are superb, and I very much enjoy the grace of your dancing birds. Regards, Seven.

Emmanouil Vitalakis , July 25, 2005; 12:17 A.M.


your portfolio is a "Dream".I love every single photo of it. You are an art painter,aren't you?

Arthur Baas , August 01, 2005; 02:09 A.M.

So beautiful.!

Gorgeous Portfolio...-Arthur-

Sarah Y , August 31, 2005; 09:40 P.M.


Your portfolio is absolutely amazing. Every single photo is breathtaking. Nice work! Thanks for inspiring this beginner!!

Klaus Sommer , September 04, 2005; 03:41 A.M.


Your portfolio is a Dream. Regards. Klaus

Jarek Grudzinski , September 07, 2005; 02:00 P.M.

I really enjoyed browsing through your portfolio. You've got plenty of excellent photos here. Best regards. Jarek

asrori asrori , October 17, 2005; 01:25 A.M.


U'r portfolio is absolutely great n amazing (no comment wae lah...) best regard

Aleks T. , October 17, 2005; 11:02 A.M.

Nice work. Stop by.

Cavagna Ottavio , October 27, 2005; 09:29 A.M.


Porfolio fantastico !!!! complimenti

Rejith Warrier , February 06, 2006; 10:22 A.M.

And what a portfolio ... I am in awe at the images yo uhave here .. Brilliant work there, friend ... My hearfelt congradualtions ..

Giangiorgio Crisponi , February 06, 2006; 04:41 P.M.

Good work

congratulations for your splendid portfolio, ciao Giangiorgio

David Vives , February 28, 2006; 12:13 P.M.

Although the picture of your wife in the cavern has not impressed me so much, this allowed me to see that you have a top quality portfolio. All except the aforesaid one are great shots with lots of quality and interest. I do like also to see some aircraft since aviation is part of my life. Congrats and regards!

Faisal Ansari , April 10, 2006; 08:18 A.M.


You have a wonderful gallery! amazing work!! cheers

Raphael Lopez , April 14, 2006; 04:05 P.M.


Johnny, your images speak about the level of your artistic vision and creative photographic imagination. Your portfolio is truly amazing; keep posting because i would like to comeback again to check on your extraordinary talent. Cheers, Raphael

Neil Murray , May 12, 2006; 07:51 A.M.

A spectacular portfolio Johnny. You set a high standard. Your bird photographs are exceptional but I like it all. Look forward to seeing more of your work. Kind regards, Neil

Sasho Alushevski , May 15, 2006; 10:00 A.M.

great natural and cloud photos. keep up the good work

Abraham A. Agung , July 20, 2006; 03:53 A.M.


Pak Johnny,
foto2nya bagus2 sekali.....mantep boss....
cuman emang cropnya tlalu sempit.....keep on shoot....

Neil Peters , July 22, 2006; 12:42 A.M.

Superb dramactic cloudscapes, excellent portraiture, what a joy to see.

Lol Cain , August 11, 2006; 04:14 P.M.

Brilliant portfolio. Very well done! Regards.

marc schneider , October 15, 2006; 07:15 P.M.

Fabulous portfolio Johnny...congratulations!

Ghulam Yasin , October 16, 2006; 09:42 A.M.

This nics great D D D D D

Carlos Cass , October 20, 2006; 11:38 P.M.

buen portfolio... variedad color y calidad, enhorabuena johnny, con tu permiso te marcare como favorito para seguir tu trabajo...


Taha Idris , November 08, 2006; 05:25 P.M.

Bravo, great pictures here, particularly of the animals and birds and also of the clouds.

Jose Orozco , November 19, 2006; 07:42 A.M.


Hola Johnny, gran galeria con unos encuadres muy buenos definicion y nitidez grandes, con un portfolio rico en variedad y colorido de ahora en adelante seguire tu trabajo para poder aprender mas campos fotograficos. Felicidades por tu galeria un abrazo.

Juan Santana , November 19, 2006; 09:46 A.M.

Hi Johnny

You have such a great incredibles diversity of pitures in your porfolios. Loven them all.

thanks for your comments on my pic.

Juan Santana

Jan Piller , November 24, 2006; 10:34 A.M.


Your whole portfolio is so stunning! I particularly love your clouds!!! Wow!!!

Carl Worthington , November 25, 2006; 05:23 P.M.

Congratulations on a magnificent portfolio; especially your nature shots! I like the fact that you do not stick to one formula and are very innovative in the way you take shots and post process them. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future. Kind Regards, Carl.

Ghulam Yasin , November 26, 2006; 05:37 A.M.

Very gentle treatment of your subject. Well made.

Ivana Vostrakova , December 02, 2006; 04:17 A.M.

Hallo Johnny!

You have excellent portfolio, full of colours, I like watching it very much! My compliments and best regards! Ivana.

Debra Trean , December 02, 2006; 07:10 P.M.

Your avian images are stunning...beautiful gallery!!

Christina Köhn , January 14, 2007; 03:40 P.M.


Your photos are all so very different... That is why it amazes me, that they are all so brilliant!!! Your portfolio made me hold my breath! You're a great artist! Kind regards Christina

ünsal öztekin , February 24, 2007; 07:30 P.M.


Very nice shot

Kenneth Fugate , December 08, 2007; 10:20 A.M.

Hello Friend!

Well here it is another year is passing away and we are coming into the holidays. I think time starts to go faster as we get older, it was just yesterday I wished my friends Happy Holidays and here it is again the end of a year. The holiday lights are starting to be put on some of the trees here in Dallas, we were out last night and some were lighting the trees. I wish for you all a holiday season with family and friends, after all is said and done all we have is each other.

I want all of you to know just what your comments and ratings on my work means to me, your words are my motivation, my drive to discover, to learn this art that we all love, thank you for taking time and thank you for caring about my works. At the same time thank you for letting us see your world, our lives are so much the same, we all care about our families and friends and we all share the same things, maybe someday our photos will help make for a lasting world peace. May you and your family be blessed this season.

Happy Holidays and Happy Shooting


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