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Ed Harris , November 26, 2005; 11:00 P.M.

Great Portfolio...


You are assembling a great portfolio. Keep it up with the panoramas.

Ed Harris

Daniel Rice , November 27, 2005; 04:13 P.M.


Excellent work! I love your images from Nepal and Pakistan. Keep up the good work.

Carlo Mogavero , December 15, 2005; 06:08 A.M.

excellent work

Isaac Madera , December 26, 2005; 03:25 P.M.


Your work is great! I especially enjoyed the Himalayan Panoramas folder. I myself have been working on putting a Panoramas folder togeather but I'm not quite done yet. Take care & keep posting!

patrick love , January 08, 2006; 08:54 A.M.

Where ever you're going next, can I go with you?

Karl Schuler , January 08, 2006; 02:41 P.M.

Hi Patrick, yesterday I was at the cow, goat and sheep market close to Bara. What about joining me on the skin market in Peshawar on January 11, after the animal sacrifice day? It is quite epical for all senses ;x} Karl

JF Ochoa , January 11, 2006; 01:37 P.M.

Hi, Karl!

Great portfolio! Beautiful pictures you have... thanks for sharing with us! Greetings from Mexico!

E. J. , January 12, 2006; 09:51 A.M.

Karl: Thanks so much for posting your work. It is inspirational.

Birte Ragland , January 13, 2006; 06:18 A.M.

A great portfolio of very interesting photography.God I wished that I were young again, would love to go to all these places.Keep traveling and keep posting.Great stuff.

Daily Photograph , January 18, 2006; 09:24 A.M.

Its satisfying to get messages from inside instead of "tourist shots fraught with meaning".

Markos George Hionos , January 19, 2006; 02:59 P.M.

You are good

You are a good !!photographer-you do have the "eye" !and a great camera.Keep shooting Karl

Paul Louis Villani , January 20, 2006; 10:03 A.M.

Hello Karl, I'm awestruck at the beauty you've captured with each image. Congratulations on such a cultural and stimulating portfolio, keep up the great work!

Lee Jianmin , January 21, 2006; 03:56 A.M.

Great photographer with lots of insight.

Philippe Rapoport , January 28, 2006; 03:17 A.M.

You have a great portfolio! you seem to have a very deep and sincere relationship with the countries and the people shown in your pictures. It's something of great value. I specially enjoy your "pano-shops" pictures. (I have some market place pictures in my portfolio. If you have some time, I would be very interested to know your opinion.)

Derek Rader , February 11, 2006; 08:14 A.M.


Karl, one of the best portfolios on photo.net. Your work is first rate, especially the panoramics, however your candid portraits are top notch as well. It was a pleasure to go through your portfolio and rate what is one of the best I've seen. Outstanding photos of Pakistan and other countries you've visited, I would state with reasonable assurity that you are achieving what your Bio states as a goal, very well done.

Derek Rader

Giangiorgio Crisponi , February 16, 2006; 08:51 A.M.


Karl you have a very beautiful portfolio, your panoramic pictures and how you are able to represent local population are amazing, congratulations ciao Giangiorgio

Raphael Lopez , February 16, 2006; 06:54 P.M.


Karl, there are few words that can describe the level of artistic expression and professional level of your photographic work. I enjoy looking at new ideas that you have executed so well. Raphael

Nino T. , February 20, 2006; 07:53 P.M.

Hello Karl, wonderful portfolio. You have a good compositional eye for panoramas and the muted tones in your Switzerland folio are beautiful. Regards Nino

Sis A , February 20, 2006; 07:56 P.M.

Thanks for commenting on my photo today.

Your portfolio is fascinating. You have seen many beautiful things.

Adam Salwanowicz , February 24, 2006; 09:27 A.M.

Very impresive!! Specialy Xpan shots, and you know why :))One of the best portfolios I've ever seen. Great job!

Ahsan Iqbal , February 28, 2006; 09:10 P.M.


I have been to some of the places in Pakistan that you have photographed and you have managed to pluck some of that beauty and put it right in front of us. Bravo. The best panoramas I have seen.

Hashim A , March 05, 2006; 10:44 P.M.

Stunning work... thanks for sharing.

tommi b , March 11, 2006; 08:27 A.M.

wondeful portfolio. i absolutely love xpan format. congratulations

Domen Dolenc , March 12, 2006; 10:02 A.M.


Umair Ghani , March 19, 2006; 11:15 P.M.

u've introduced me 2 a unique photographic vision & a profound sense of color & composition. ur portfolio is a tremendously rich collection of masterful photographic art pieces. a truly truly remarkable feast 4 the eye! thanx 4 sharing on PN.

Pnina Evental , March 26, 2006; 05:55 A.M.

Karl, it is too many, wonderful, wide range of great places you have stamped with your camera.So just to let you know that it is a real "voyage" looking at your folders.The Pakistan folder, which I wish I could visit....( just came back from Mali West Africa, If you have some time Please look . ).

I will travel with you again and again, experience places I can not visit,as well as your skilled documentation of them all. Glad to have found your work.

Massimiliano Uccelletti , April 04, 2006; 11:56 A.M.


Really astonishining portfolio...

Mike Stacey , April 07, 2006; 07:29 P.M.

Your panoramas provide a refreshing change and another insight into the world. They reflect the mystery of the regions and people you photograph very well.

Anders Hingel , April 08, 2006; 12:24 P.M.

Karl I admirer greatly your Parkistan series. In my view you were much less inspired by passing by Switzerland. Great portfolio.


Chris Fraser , April 11, 2006; 12:07 A.M.

Karl, besides your many striking panoramas, you have some really fine portraits here (you should do more!). I really enjoyed browsing through them.

Fauzia Malik , April 17, 2006; 01:45 P.M.

Fauzia Malik, April 17, 2006

Dear Karl, wonderful pictures. Panorama folder is super. Thanks for sharing, these pictures realy inspiring. Keep it up.

Gerry O , May 11, 2006; 05:15 A.M.


Fantastic portfolio, particularly your panorama's

Martin Amm , June 03, 2006; 07:12 A.M.

stunning photographs!

Francesco Tonini , June 04, 2006; 05:29 P.M.


You are a photographer!

ATIQ MIRZA , June 06, 2006; 05:26 P.M.



Image Attachment: PICT0073.jpg

Jim Downs , June 10, 2006; 01:18 A.M.

Travel photography is my first love and you have really mastered the art. I will check back often to learn more from you. Your panoramas of Pakistan and the earthquake are exceptional. I've had the good fortune to visit all the Stans except Pakistan and now you have motivated me to put it high on my list. Though I've travelled a good deal, the photography I bring home is often a result of luck as much as skill. Hopefully, studying your work will help me arrive at the next level!

Steve Augle , June 12, 2006; 01:20 A.M.

Wonderful works all are so full of life.great job! thank you for your kind words. ~ Steve,

Julius Bencko , June 13, 2006; 02:03 P.M.

A unique summary of the world, people, life and nature. Put in a nice spiritual and, at the same time, artistic way. Very nice work!

Madeleine B. , July 06, 2006; 01:43 P.M.


You have a great portfolio adn you are different too. Maddy

Efren Vazquez , July 10, 2006; 02:25 P.M.


I have discovered the beauty of the landscapes and the details of other places across these nice photographies. My congratulation and thanks to show your work of quality. Regards from to Corunna - Spain

Adam Salwanowicz , July 12, 2006; 01:18 A.M.


Ghulam Yasin , July 14, 2006; 08:50 A.M.

Ghulam Yasin

Nice work and photography. Keep it up and your all pictures are showing some concept behind the scene. Have a nice day!

Cherlyn . , July 23, 2006; 10:03 A.M.

Your images portrayed strong character & insight. Good that you are able to share with PN.

Iren Nagy , August 03, 2006; 01:59 P.M.


I went to school with a Karl Schuler, so I was curious to see your biography~ different Karl! But what I did find was a treasure. Your portfolio is fabulous. You have truly touched the pulse of mankind and have been successful at displaying it beautifully. Thank you for sharing, Kindest regards and greetings from Canada, Iren

Ramón Vaamonde , August 09, 2006; 11:13 A.M.

Your photos are full of humanity and soul, you have a really amazing portfolio, congrats.

Michael Ging , August 11, 2006; 10:03 P.M.

Karl , you have a great gallery. Not many people could pull off having so many panorama photos in a portfolio, You are the master of the horizontal photo. Thanks for sharing them.

giorgio marinelli , August 20, 2006; 01:07 P.M.

A great portfolio, your mountain photo give a sensation of freedom and silence. Very beautiful be as aesthetics than as technique. Best compliment. Giorgio ps. excuse me for my bad english

Okyar Atilla , August 20, 2006; 04:58 P.M.


you have a great portfolio.

Michael Lyons , August 23, 2006; 04:58 P.M.

Karl--you have nice work here, so much to teach I am sure just by looking at your photos--thank you for the "constructive" criticism---Michael Lyons

Ali Soltani Farani , August 28, 2006; 05:11 P.M.

You have splendid work here Mr Schuler! I would love to see larger of each and every photo as a learning resource, but the dial up connection has it's limits. Thank you for sharing your work with us. Regards from Iran.

Meiko Janke , September 01, 2006; 03:57 P.M.

Halloooo Mr Schuler, thanx to put me back to the earth! I like your way of photography..... Meiko from Berlin

giulio zanni , September 05, 2006; 12:50 P.M.

Thanks for rating my travel photo

Your shots simply excellents, your comment on my work very welcome
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some other travel photo in my site: http://www.jujewels.com

please visit and leave some feedback.
Thanks all critiquers and visitors.

Lavern Burk , September 09, 2006; 12:05 A.M.

What a wonderful, diverse and exciting portfolio. Please keep posting

Sunder Madabushi , September 09, 2006; 01:51 P.M.

out of this world!!

just had to go through all your images. a visual treat.feels like i have just recaliberated my eyes. Keep posting.

Alberto Conde , September 10, 2006; 01:41 P.M.

Your portfolio is a lesson in serious photography but, as well, in serious commitment to understanding of different cultures. You are a humanist with a camera. Congratulations

Michael Marx , September 11, 2006; 02:07 A.M.


I wanted to thank you for leaving a message on my photo (9-8-06). It took me a long time to look through your portfolio. Your artwork is stunning and awe-inspiring! You have quite an eye for photography. Keep up the great work and keep posting. Best of luck. ~~> Michael

Vicki Passmore , September 14, 2006; 04:07 P.M.

Hi Karl Thanks so much for your time to comment and critique my pic 9-14-06. I wish more people would do the same. I am so impressed with your portfolio. You are a wonderful and talented photographer. I am adding you to my favorite list so I can keep up with new work. Again thanks and congrats on such abeautiful portfolio.

Roy in't Hout , September 18, 2006; 02:06 A.M.

Hello Karl. You are a fortunate man to have travelled so much. I look forward to the day that I will be able to do the same. You obviously enjoy your work as this is reflected in the quality of the images and the rapport you have with your subjects. Cheers and thanks for dropping by.

Ariel Dennis Azada Xhua , September 19, 2006; 08:26 A.M.

Great Style

Indeed a work of a master. I could not say any less. This is a wonderful and magnificent fortfolio. Congrats and thanks for sharing.

muhammad azhar hafeez , September 22, 2006; 05:07 A.M.



Louis McCullagh - Belfast , September 29, 2006; 08:33 A.M.


I enjoyed looking through your portfolio. In fact i went through several times. The soul you are searching for is your own. Comments and critiques are interesting but in the end it is your own satisfaction you should seek, it is a never ending search.

In a years time will your current favourites be still at the top of your list? I hope not, that is what is exciting the images yet to come.

I will be back to see those new exciting images. Is it enough to say that people or traces of people are my interest. Louis

Ali Khan , September 30, 2006; 08:07 P.M.

Thanks Karl

well i was here to say something but i know as i read all have been said regarding appreciating your work, but i know its never enough even what have been said....there is no doubt you work is so GREAT, but what actually i want to say is THANKS for exploring Pakistan and specially this North side where i belong too.... keep it up and wish you all the best,


Ken Simm , October 02, 2006; 03:45 P.M.

I cannot convey in mere words what I feel about your shots, (such a small word that) particularly the panoramas. These could not have been seen in any other way. The vastness's (if there is such a word) can be seen in no other way. I will leave the words my brain now stumbles upon to a mind far more erudite. ' to stand on the meeting of two eternities, the past and the future, which is percieving the present moment; to toe that line. Henry Thoreau. Regards Ken.

Ricardo Gomez , October 03, 2006; 06:34 A.M.


I'm a foreigner living in Switzerland and appreciate the natural and cultural diversity of this country. Your photos from Switzerland and from other beautiful places in the world are a source of inspiration.The way you feel seem to be clearly refected in your photos

Congratulations !


PS : Thanks for your comment in my photo from Hirzel.it's the view from my balcony

Carlos Cass , October 04, 2006; 09:54 P.M.

Impressive your work, it he would not know for that photo to start commenting this way that I will do it from here... congratulations

Jose Pires , October 04, 2006; 11:12 P.M.


You are a *fantastic* photographer. I have no words to describe the impressions that your photographs have on me, but I don't resist to congratulate and thank you for letting us all enjoy your beautiful images, dream about those amazing places while hoping that sometimes we can visit them and/or take some pictures which quality can vaguely match yours.

Thank you also for the informative notes that help us understand the context of the photos and the techniques use. I am sure I am not the only only that is hoping to learn how to photograph better by "absorving" your work.

Keep up the excelent work!

Best regards.

Gerhardt Thompson , October 06, 2006; 09:19 A.M.

Perspective + Light

It has been my pleasure to view your gallery. I am fascinated by the countries you photograph that I have visited so many times yet have never seen the deeper thoughts (reality) that resides within these places. Be it a landscape or a portrait you take the time to study the light and find that unique expression that will make the moment shine in all its glory. Thank you for sharing. Gerhardt

Tad Cholinski , October 12, 2006; 11:41 P.M.

Great portfolio, thanks for sharing. Tad

Alex Milarakis , October 18, 2006; 03:00 A.M.

An excellent portofolio with great photos. Congrats !

SEIGNEURGENS Chantal , November 04, 2006; 04:25 P.M.

I love your work, especially "portraits" folder, your eyes on the world is very soft even if visit hard country. BRAVO ! BRAVO !

Jim Downs , November 05, 2006; 12:23 A.M.

Nothing brightens up a Saturday night like finding a first class travel photographer on the web! I think Pakistan and Iraq are the only two countries I haven't visited in Asia and you have certainly added to my motivation to get to Pakistan.

Leonid Padrul , November 05, 2006; 03:02 A.M.

Karl! Thanks for the comment. Has looked your portfolio. The condition of a collection Was pleasant. Works are surprisingly pathetic all.

Keith Harper , November 05, 2006; 10:16 A.M.

Karl - thanks for the comments

Awesome travel photography, particularly the shots of Pakistan. Keith

Efren Vazquez , November 06, 2006; 02:01 P.M.

Thank you again for your portfolio. I like to return to occasionally. It is a pleasure of trip for Pakistan... A greeting Efren

Emilia Gheorghe , November 09, 2006; 03:56 P.M.

Very inspiring..makes me want to travel to those places!

Teresa Zafon , November 09, 2006; 04:31 P.M.

Wonderful portfolio. Karl you are a great photographer but the most important for me is that a lot of emotions and feelings come out viewing your pictures. Congratulations.

Michael Nigro , November 11, 2006; 10:01 A.M.

Excellent work. You framed and composed all your images with great thought. Complex subjects kept simple and direct. Always worth more visits to view your work.

Kostas Angelopoulos , November 11, 2006; 10:34 A.M.

Thank you!

Only thanks coming to my mind while enjoying these pictures. Thanks again for being here. Warm Regards

subhendu sarkar , November 11, 2006; 01:29 P.M.

Thanks Karl for your comment on my portfolio. You have a brilliant portfolio.

Marco Velasco , November 16, 2006; 10:03 A.M.

Thank you

Thank you very much for your constructive criticism. I see all of your point and agree with them. I really appreciate the time you took to reply. Congratulation on an execellent portofolio marco

Francisco Ribeiro do Vale , November 23, 2006; 06:18 P.M.

Thanks Karl

Karl, I appreciated very much your comments on my photo (the violinist), thanks for that. Your portifolio is spectacular. I enjoyed very much the way you did all panoramic photos, they are all beautiful, congratulations.

Mari R , December 03, 2006; 08:54 A.M.

Wonderful portfolio, very interesting, you have a great heart full of beauty. Congratulations, Karl.

Baerbel Kavanaugh , December 03, 2006; 11:23 A.M.


WOW - what a body of work! Your images are truly amazing - National Geographic quality! It was a joy to view each and every one of them and I will be back soon. Regards, Barb :)

hüsn gengönül , December 06, 2006; 10:53 A.M.

Excellent portfolio...Congratulations...!

Dan Walters , December 07, 2006; 09:42 P.M.

Great portfolio!

Peter V (Belgium) , December 09, 2006; 08:32 A.M.


Your pictures are not less than wonderfull. They do not only show spectacultar landscapes, but also the daily life of the place/people you visited. They are a source of inspiration. Thanks !

BONNET François , December 10, 2006; 05:09 A.M.

Thanks for comment

We have the same concept of the nature, sometime we need to center. You can see it, in antoher tons, like you think in my natural folder. You have some magnifiques photos, another thanks for sharing, congrats...

Alexander Mandl , December 10, 2006; 03:28 P.M.

You and the goat...

hello Karl, who has won the showdown? If I had to bet - I would have bet my money on the goat :-) regards Alex

Karl Schuler , December 10, 2006; 06:25 P.M.

Mägi mäck der Ziegenbock

I saved my hide :-) but not my honour ;--((. Karl

Biliana Rakocevic , December 13, 2006; 12:18 P.M.

So wonderful Documentary about Life and Traditions of Many Nations dear Karl :)

I enjoyed viewing all your portraits full of life and character!

Thank YOU :)

All my best :)


Tamás Vízi , December 24, 2006; 04:53 A.M.

Great portofolio! I really like you panoramas, very well composed and original, these images are also a great presentation of different traditions! Nice work, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Cheers, Mate.

roberto g , January 01, 2007; 12:40 P.M.

Karl, you have fantastic panoramas (especially the vertical ones) which are really inspiring. It is great to see such natural colours and wonderful compositions! Thanks for showing.

Gloria Ghiara , January 10, 2007; 07:10 A.M.

7/7 for your portfolio

I really have no words, your portfolio is "simply" great.

I love all your pictures, I will often visit you, your shots give me really strong emotions.

Thank you for sharing.

And thank you for rating and commenting one of my pictures :-)

"see" you soon


Carl Wakefield , January 11, 2007; 03:22 A.M.

Super Portfolio

Hello Karl I just reviewed your work. You have a really super portfolio, Top class pictures all fantastic landscapes and portraits. Congratulations Best regards Carl

Donibane Sanjuan , January 15, 2007; 03:22 A.M.

Hi Karl. Excellent Portfolio. You really have an amazing technnique and a fantastique "eye". Congratulations ;-)

Nevil Zaveri , January 19, 2007; 04:44 P.M.

amazing panaromas

great work. you are simply inspiring. you have great documentary shots. keep sharing.

Douglas Brill , January 22, 2007; 06:55 P.M.

Fantastic Portfolio Karl! Congrats! You obviously have traveld quite a bit. You have the ability to capture scenes from life, as it really is. I hope to see more. Thanks also for the kind comments on my picture.

George Pentzikis , January 24, 2007; 09:50 A.M.

Great portfolio. Congratulations.

andy T , January 27, 2007; 12:14 P.M.

Great panoramas and social landscapes with a humanistic eye. Congrats!

Pavle Marjanovic , January 31, 2007; 09:19 A.M.

Bravo, maestro!

Vicki Passmore , January 31, 2007; 08:23 P.M.

Your portfolio is very interesting showing others the world and faces they otherwise might not see. I thought the way you used the panarama shots were also a great way to view some of your images. Great work.

Daniel Murphy , February 08, 2007; 08:56 A.M.

Nice work, I esspesialy like the vertical panoramas

ibrahim javed , February 11, 2007; 09:15 A.M.



Marco Ruggiero , February 20, 2007; 07:07 P.M.

Ciao Karl!

Your portfolio captures the world that sorrounds you with care, love and an art that it is a gift that only a few posses. Thank you for sharing it and for sharing a world that many of us may never see.

I will continue to look forward to more of your work.

Regards. Marco

-Stn- Tanya , March 08, 2007; 02:09 P.M.

its very interesting portfolio! great!

Gunn White , March 09, 2007; 02:01 A.M.

BRAVO ! You have a very nice portfolio!! I hope to see more of your pictures.

ashkan ojaghi , March 12, 2007; 07:41 A.M.

Hi... i'm a fan of your beautiful photos and i really love them .. because i love your way of describing culture of a country's people and l like your landscapes, they're very wonderful.. i hope to be a successful photographer like you in future... thank you ashkan

Kenrick Rampial , March 12, 2007; 10:20 A.M.

Very Real

Hi Karl, Your images are truly inspiring. It is good to see photographs of people captured in their environment as they live. Thanks for exposing me to a different part of our real world.

A.K. Sircar , March 13, 2007; 05:49 A.M.

Excellent portfolio,Karl.Amazing shots of the sub-continent,Best regards.

Ben Heaven , March 15, 2007; 03:51 P.M.


thank you for commenting on my picture. i just visited your portfolio and i am stunned...

amazing work,



Ice Pike , March 15, 2007; 04:47 P.M.

True photography

Splendid panoramas and portraits. Amazing portfolio, great works, Karl!

Gianni Spini , March 23, 2007; 05:34 P.M.

Stupenda galleria! Complimenti!

bahhod Ahmed , March 30, 2007; 06:32 A.M.

Hi Karl

What a wondeful portfolio. All your photos are attractive, very good job. Keep shooting and thank you for sharing.

Cheers, Ahmed.

Francesco Cifarelli , April 03, 2007; 11:12 A.M.


Great landscapes and great portraits... very beautiful portfolio, congratulations!! Keep it up!!

Taha Idris , April 07, 2007; 04:05 P.M.

Hi Karl

Many thanks for stopping by my photo of Badshahi Mosque at night. This was virtually a handheld shot as I had nowhere to steady the camera and a lucky one at that. I see now that you have a good collection of pictures from that 'ugly lovely' city and they are all great. Best wishes.

Kamran Bakhtiari , April 22, 2007; 09:36 A.M.

Hi Karl

Thanks,your artworks are great,perfect and amazing,greeting and my warm regards

Bert Reitter , April 27, 2007; 01:10 A.M.


Hi, Karl; Your entire portfolio is stunning. Not only because of the places you have visited, but the sensitive portrayal of the land and its people. One beautiful effort... Bert.

Ilia Farniev , April 29, 2007; 08:40 P.M.

Dear Mr Schuler. I have visited your portfoglio and found many images of great visual and technical quolity I admire so much. Only missing information on locations and altitude for practical reason. Great body of photographic work. Kind regards. Ilia.

Marios Theocharous , May 03, 2007; 01:22 A.M.


Dmitrii G. Coclea , May 03, 2007; 02:53 A.M.

Incredible work

Took me awhile to digest all these photos. Incredible pictures and amazing work!!!

Awik Balaian , May 26, 2007; 12:51 P.M.


Thanks for watching my profile and i like both and Barock and Dali. Verry intresting work you have, i like it. Greetings, Awik.

Bert Reitter , June 01, 2007; 06:29 P.M.

back again

Hi Karl; you can find my entry back on 27th april... how dare you keep me from dinner for so long. My wife has called me three times and I cannot tear myself away from your superb collection...Bert

Karl Schuler , June 02, 2007; 12:45 A.M.

Hi Bert, call your wife and skip the dinner! Karl :-)

Raymond Elstad , June 02, 2007; 09:27 A.M.

Wonderful images Karl. Thanks for an insight into parts of the planet that I've never been. Great landscapes, great portraits, great work. Cheers, Raymond

Huascar Fiorletta , June 30, 2007; 04:08 A.M.

I wish someday I'll make fotos like you!

Jérôme Aoustin , July 21, 2007; 07:52 P.M.

Hello Karl,

I came across your "Halo around the Sun in Tibet" and wanted to see more of your work. You have a magnificent portfolio. Looking forward to visit Tibet one day myself :o)


Simona Buna , July 21, 2007; 07:57 P.M.


Excelent images!!!!!! I was lost between them!!!

Regards, Simona

vera vraz , August 03, 2007; 08:57 A.M.

karl, you have great great pictures. i'm very happy to find your portfolio on this site. i'll keep watching it for anything new you will make. and i guess i'll keep returning too see some of your pictures again.

Derek Selander , August 19, 2007; 07:29 P.M.

Karl, what an amazing portfolio! Your panoramas are fantastic! Love your images from Pakistan--polo, Kalash Valleys, trucks, Peshawar? Something for me to aspire to! Thank you so much! Cheers! Derek

vasek i smolik , August 25, 2007; 01:58 A.M.

very very

soft thanks a lot for your job.

Image Attachment: img291.jpg

Hassan Ajmi , August 25, 2007; 07:25 A.M.

Hallo Karl. It is my pleasure to hear from you and your comments on 'Morning in Emmental' Thanks a lot. You have very beautyful photos from Pakistan,I love it. Best Wishes Hassan

Dave Hollander , August 25, 2007; 10:01 A.M.

Terrific portfolio--thanks!

Valentin Roman , September 05, 2007; 02:04 P.M.

Your portfolio is a real training course for panoramas. Best regards!

Tero P. , September 28, 2007; 03:34 A.M.

Hi Karl

Really nice panoramas and landscapes. Have to visit your portfolio more often. Very inspireing portfolio. Best regards Tero.

Joe Panchasarp , October 06, 2007; 08:14 P.M.

Thank you for the warm welcome. Magnificent portfolio you have.

Hassan Ajmi , October 24, 2007; 02:20 P.M.

Dear Karl. You are Swiss Pakistani and I am Pakistani Swiss. I love to meet you once. I am going home in few days for two weeks. Infact we have to talk a lot. I will call you when I am back. Regads.

Romain Vander Putten , October 25, 2007; 04:01 A.M.

Magnifique travail !!!!!

Kenneth Fugate , November 25, 2007; 10:03 P.M.

Hello Friend!

Well here it is another year is passing away and we are coming into the holidays. I think time starts to go faster as we get older, it was just yesterday I wished my friends Happy Holidays and here it is again the end of a year. The holiday lights are starting to be put on some of the trees here in Dallas, we were out last night and some were lighting the trees. I wish for you all a holiday season with family and friends, after all is said and done all we have is each other.

I want all of you to know just what your comments and ratings on my work means to me, your words are my motivation, my drive to discover, to learn this art that we all love, thank you for taking time and thank you for caring about my works. At the same time thank you for letting us see your world, our lives are so much the same, we all care about our families and friends and we all share the same things, maybe someday our photos will help make for a lasting world peace. May you and your family be blessed this season.

Happy Holidays and Happy Shooting


Saleem Khawar , November 27, 2007; 01:57 P.M.

Wonderful images

Wonderful images Karl. Thanks for exposing my country "Pakistan".

Steven Lloyd , December 01, 2007; 11:15 P.M.

Just one word for your collection: Supurb!

Esther van Berkel , December 09, 2007; 07:42 A.M.


Dear Mr. Schuler,

As a frequent visitor and lover of Northern Pakistan, I found your pictures while surfing the net. At this moment I was supposed to be in Peshawar now and on my way to the Kalash Midwinter festival. Due to the unstable political situation and the upcoming elections I have decided to cancel my 6 weeks travelling in Pakistan. It also means i will spend Christmas at home in The Netherlands and not somewhere in Hunza with my boyfriend (who is from Hunza).

I must say that your pictures are incredible, sometimes even beyond reality! My request to you is if I could use your picture 'cooking in Wakhi house in Chikar' to make a digital Christmas card that I would send to some dear friends. The pictures describes all I want to express this time of year: togetherness and a simple and basic life. I have spend some time in Cikar valley with a family and I strongly remember those days.

Of course if you allow me to use this picture I will mention your name and website.

Could you please let me know if it is OK with you if i use your picture?

Best regards, Esther van Berkel

Karl Schuler , December 09, 2007; 09:44 A.M.

Dear Esther,

I am glad that you like my pictures form Pakistan. Ok for using the photo "Cooking in a Wakhi house in Chikar" as a digital Christmas card. Merry Christmas and happy and peaceful New Year. Karl Schuler from Ulaanbaatar

Michael Anderson , December 12, 2007; 06:41 P.M.


Your images from the Himalaya are the best I've ever seen. Such incredible depth to the portfolio with spectacular landscapes, intimate evocative portraits and stunning editorial images- you've got it all here. I'd love to see a book from you one day...

-Mike Anderson

Efren Vazquez , December 15, 2007; 11:05 A.M.


and Happy Shooting

Apurva Madia , December 29, 2007; 12:39 A.M.

A spectacular portfolio. I congratulate you.

Susan Hardman , January 02, 2008; 02:55 P.M.

Karl you have a fabulous portfolio, I want to take photos like you when I grow up. :) Thanks for the introduction to Pieter Brueghel.

Alessandro Remotti , January 07, 2008; 08:22 A.M.

Panoramic format

I like your vertical panoramic format: in my personal experience it's very original. Very good! I'll try to remember it maybe in a future composition.

A. Remotti, Turin, Italy

Iker Iglesias , January 10, 2008; 02:58 P.M.

Is the first time (yes, incredibly) that I see a work from your portfolio. This is great, Karl, I,m so happy looking at these...

Best wishes, and thanks... You are on my favorites now.


Mike Skillsky , January 18, 2008; 10:55 P.M.

Fantastic portfolio. Being a wannabee adventurer myself, this is as good as it gets. Really great!!


Pavli Constantin , January 20, 2008; 11:59 A.M.

Magical moment

I have noticed that in order to make a good photography you have to capture a magical moment which moves you when you look at the picture, so you have to accomplish three conditions: one, be there when the magical moment appears, second have a camera ready, and there be able to use it properly. It seems you have succeeded many times, congratulations. Your images say a lot about you.

Ger Foy , January 21, 2008; 01:02 P.M.

Very enjoyable Portfolio. Very skilled photographer and reading your comments a very humble man.


Adam Mikulski , January 24, 2008; 11:21 A.M.

Great portfolio with lots of very interesting and beautifull pictures. Thanks for sharing your work. Regards, Adam

Lex Linghorn , January 30, 2008; 04:46 P.M.


Hi Karl

You have some really great pictures here, some are easily National Geographic quality. I particularly love your Pakistan portfolio.

I've just returned to photo.net after a long absence and noticed that you commented on my portfolio way back when. Since then I've taken everything down and put a whole new collection up, if you have the time I'd appreciate you popping by, you might recognise quite a few of the places.

Best regards Lex

Thomas Schnaider , February 14, 2008; 03:37 A.M.

You ability to see world through the lenses is absolute gift. It was a great pleasure to discover your amazing portfolio. Thank you for this pleasure.

Ray Brizzi , February 21, 2008; 10:04 A.M.

People like you make me want to give up!!!

Absolutely stunning work. The people, the landscapes, everything.

Karl Schuler , February 21, 2008; 06:20 P.M.

Dear Ray, thanks for the appreciation of my portfolio. But your comment makes me think, gives me doubts. Discouraging other photographers is the last I want. Karl

TEHSEEN SHAH , February 25, 2008; 03:20 A.M.

Tehseen Shah

Great pics! Impressed by Panoramas, Fantastic. Kund Forest Lodge is standing but falling apart.Funds have been allocated by the government to re-build this and other such rest houses.Sending you some pics of the place. tehseenshah2000@yahoo.com

Dennis Aubrey , March 15, 2008; 10:08 A.M.

Intelligence, humanity, and artistic vision ...

... great combination. You are to be commended for this portfolio, Karl. The portraits, the panoramas, everything shows your drive for the shot and for the point of the shot. You have my admiration.

Serge Berrut , March 28, 2008; 09:56 A.M.

Photos or poems?

Hi Karl,

Fantastic photos, see you sometimes in May or June around UB. I will carry your gear...

Rakesh Syal , April 10, 2008; 04:07 P.M.

Karl Schuler

I am spellbounded!! May God bless you for showing the true world.

Warm regards, Rakesh.

Tatjana Adizes , April 16, 2008; 01:12 A.M.


You have some very good photos in your portfolio.

Tatjana Adizes , April 17, 2008; 10:40 P.M.


Regards! :)

Ahmet Gurses , April 30, 2008; 03:23 P.M.

... EXCELLENT Portfolio ... 7/7 ... 10 POINTS.

Christopher Hansen , May 03, 2008; 01:41 A.M.

Glad you liked my photo from the Three Gorges area in China. You have a fantastic portfolio here.

M Haanel , June 07, 2008; 12:07 A.M.


I just wanted to compliment you on your portfolio. Extraordinary.

alastair lever , June 18, 2008; 07:18 A.M.

A really amazing collection of photographs. capturing a few great shots is relatively easy, but to consistently capture great shot as you have done hear is rare. well done I'll be back to visit regularly. Regards Alastair

Andrea Taschin , July 06, 2008; 06:18 A.M.

Thank you for the rating on my photo finestrelle. Your photos are really fine. I have to learn more.

Sreten Pantelic , July 08, 2008; 10:07 A.M.

Thank you very much for stopping by at my portfolio, Karl. I am glad if you found a piece of your own photo philisophy in some of my images. That is a great honour for me because you are a wonderful photographer as each of your post is telling a story. Wide source of themes, vivid colors, superb compositions and light treatments proves that you are on the right way in search for soul. My full respect!

Ilkka Kallio , August 28, 2008; 09:51 A.M.

Very beautiful portfolio. Fine! Ilkka

Luca Sbordone , August 29, 2008; 07:38 A.M.

Hi Karl, glad I found your portfolio. Many really nice images here, taken with skill and rich of humanity... thank you for sharing them! L.

Rob Wilson , September 11, 2008; 11:49 P.M.

Hi Karl,

Thanks for commenting on one of my pictures. I am so please that it led me to your portfolio! What spectacular work you have. I love panoramic photography, and you have some particularly fine examples here! I'll be dropping in here again!

Great stuff,


Nadya R. , September 14, 2008; 08:37 P.M.

Dear Karl, Your portfolio is amazing! The life as it is! Thank you.

Anabela Sequeira , October 14, 2008; 08:45 P.M.


I'm glad I found your portfolio! You have wonderful photos.I especially enjoyed your panoramas from Nepal,one of the nicest places I have ever been. Hope you enjoy your stay in Mongolia :-)

Keep travelling and keep photographing!

Warm regards,Anabela.

Bogdan Nicolescu , October 16, 2008; 05:05 A.M.

Karl, Terrific photographs indeed, I enjoy them all... Warm Regards, Bogdan

Ioan Alexandru Chiru , November 21, 2008; 12:53 P.M.

Hi !

You have a diversified portfolio with nice shots and great colours, congratulations ! Alex.

Ed Graham , December 11, 2008; 06:24 P.M.


Unfreaking believable portfolio!!!

Excellent work. Thanks so much for sharing. Yours comments are so insightful and add a lot to the overall photo. Nice to see someone sharing not just the photo itself, but the story and meaning behind it as well.


Jose Ignacio Saez de Ugarte , December 20, 2008; 06:52 A.M.

Feliz Navidad, Karl

Wish you all the best for you and yours, these days and each day of the new year. Warm regards.

Ali Kazemi , January 05, 2009; 02:21 A.M.


Nice compilation here.... u are good!

Linda Liebl , January 06, 2009; 01:44 P.M.

Karl- Your photos are wonderful. They've re- jump started my travel lust! Thanks for the inspiration. Linda

Raymond Borg , January 09, 2009; 02:58 P.M.

Wonderful portfolio. Colourful and outstanding. Thanks for sharing and well done.

narciso de la merced , January 13, 2009; 06:46 A.M.

Excellent Portfolio!!!

Very good pictures Karl! Crisp, well composed and interesting subjects. Not your run of the mill photographs.


Guillermo Zouain , February 11, 2009; 11:36 A.M.

Thank you so much for your comment it was very helpful. When I saw your comment and clicked on your portfolio I was amazed by the beauty in it, by the professionalism of your eye, by the humbleness and humanity in all your peaces. What a stunning collection of images. Thanks so much again. Guillermo

Roxana Chiru , February 21, 2009; 06:55 A.M.

I love very much the biography presentation, I like past life research is vey good made, why you don't smile in your presentation photo I sugest to change it iit give a srtange feeling or maybe it is just my feeling( it is just a comment do't be upset on me ) best regards RoxanaChiru

Zolzaya Baatarkhuu , February 28, 2009; 08:20 P.M.

Amazing pictures!

Your photos are amazing, particularly the ones of Mongolia. They are just wonderful. I live in Austria. When i saw your pictures i felt like i'm home.

Es war ein Erlebnis!

Danke schön!

ROCCO CINEFRA , March 02, 2009; 05:27 P.M.

Hi Karl

Great Portfolio! Congrats!

Huascar Fiorletta , March 21, 2009; 06:43 A.M.

Great stuff.

Jim Tew , April 17, 2009; 10:51 P.M.

Great photos!

Karl, you have a very nice portfolio of work posted here. Enjoyed looking through it. -Jim

orestes gonzalez , April 18, 2009; 01:27 P.M.

Truly Great .

Karl You dont have a nice portfolio. You have a great porfolio. One of the best ive seen in PN. It speaks volumes on the human condition, the beauty and harshness of this world. You inspired me to make better pictures. Thats all I can say.


Orestes Gonzalez NYC

Javier Camacho Gimeno , April 19, 2009; 06:18 P.M.

Very good photograhs. How beautifull is to know mountains and the people who live there. Thanks for your coments

GARY phillips , June 06, 2009; 05:45 A.M.

GARY phillips

Thank you very much for your nice comments on my pics,after looking at your portfolio I feel very honoured you have a fantastic set of images,once again thanks, all the best,Gary.

TEHSEEN SHAH , June 16, 2009; 03:42 P.M.

Dear Karl, Thankyou very much for seeing my photos.I have been a great admirer of your work, especially regarding Pakistan. Things are really bad these days in parts of NWFP,as militants are trying to pressurise the government with terror tactics to stop operations against them. But hopefully security forces will bring the situation under control with people's support. Tehseen Shah.

Jeanne S. , July 18, 2009; 12:24 A.M.

Hello Karl, I was led to your portfolio by the photograph you just posted of your father. Thank you for sharing that with us. I liked it very much and even more after reading your description. Very touching. As I continued on looking through your portfolio, I would equate it to having a religious experience. And, I needed that tonight, so thank you!! Simply amazing. I'll be back! Peace, Jeanne

Cezary Filew , August 18, 2009; 08:53 P.M.

Hi Karl, thanks for response to my photo and alluring me to your pf - which is really stunning. As I can see we have similar interests (travel photography) and I am willing to learn from You and share experiences. I assume that the screen does not convey the extreme quality of your panorama shots. Is it that HSLB camera that moves lens around, during exposition? There is too much to digest for one time, so I will be dropping in... Best regards, CF

Joseph Sage , September 04, 2009; 08:26 A.M.

I don't need to point out the obvious...your portfolio is one of the best on PN. Just look at all of the people who flock to these images like a travel photography Mecca. Thanks for sharing. I have so much to learn from you.

All the Best!

~ Joseph.

Sadegh Miri , November 27, 2009; 05:29 A.M.

Excellent portfolio!

You have captured outstanding moments, your portfolio is full of life and colors. The landscapes and portraits and all documentary of the places which you have explored are very nice and interesting. Thanks for sharing and your comment on my recently submitted photo . Best regards Sadegh

Rachel Blaser , November 27, 2009; 01:17 P.M.

Fantastic body of work - thanks for the comments, which led me to find this! You have an amazing collection here!

Paweł & Grażyna Hachaj , December 19, 2009; 04:47 A.M.

Thank you very much for your support and your nice comments during this year!
We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Jose Ignacio Saez de Ugarte , December 19, 2009; 06:34 A.M.

Happy New Year, Karl

Wish you all the best for the new year for you and yours. Warm regards. // Nacho.

Sumon Mukherjee , December 23, 2009; 05:02 A.M.

Wishing you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a very happy and prosperous 2010. May the beauty of the world brighten up your life and decorate your days with love, success and happiness.

Ricardo Gomez , December 24, 2009; 05:22 A.M.


Dein Porfolio wird immer besser !

Ich wuensche dir und deine Famile frohe Weihnachten und ein sehr erfolgreiches neues Jahr.

Ich komme bald wieder um deien schöne Fotos zu sehen. Von dir kann man viel lernen!

Viele Grüsse


Pierre Dumas , December 24, 2009; 10:05 P.M.

Dear Karl!


Beautiful portfolio, may Santa bring you more great pictures for the New Year! Merry Christmas!


Laurent Jaussi , February 07, 2010; 01:35 P.M.

Karl...I have toured your portofolio and I wanted to say what strikes me most is the natural and simplicity of your images...by simplicity I do not mean simple to get...I mean it really give the viewer a simple and natural view and feel on the subject...a straight and honest, technically impeccable documentary photography with no over sophistication nor sensationalism....that's what I like most..thanks for sharing...

amey fischer , March 05, 2010; 12:59 A.M.

HI Karl! You have an amazing collection of images! So stunning and beauitful..and many very moving.. Wonderful work!!

Murat Yassa , March 21, 2010; 09:22 A.M.

wouwww, i am just stunned... keep doing this great work! congratulations..! Greetings from Istanbul :) Murat.

Umpaporn Sathanphop , April 10, 2010; 01:57 A.M.

Hi Karl

Thank you very much for visiting my gallery. Nice to meet you.

James Kearns , June 05, 2010; 08:52 A.M.

fantastic work!

keep em coming !

please feel free to follow me where my camera takes me !




james kearns

Mark Vincent Müller , June 06, 2010; 10:14 A.M.

Hi Karl, thanks for the kind comments on my portfolio. I had the pleasure to get lost in your panoramas. Your travels have taken you far away, lucky, that you bring back those moments closer to us. Cheers, Mark.

Somnath Mukherjee , June 06, 2010; 02:54 P.M.

Thanks Karl for stopping by.

You have a very charming portfolio.

All the best. Regards,


Art Lionse , June 29, 2010; 05:04 P.M.

Thanks for your comment Karl! Made me follow and visit your portfolio: you have a very interesting collection of panoramas on great locations! Cheers.

Tm J , July 01, 2010; 11:19 P.M.

Karl, cursory look through your portfollio and I think it's very interesting. I really love all the different geographic areas as well as cultural rich photos that you had presented. Definitely will be back to check out more when I have more time.

Saad Salem , October 14, 2010; 03:44 P.M.

Hi Karl.

Thank you for the journey in Mongolia,and Pakistan,I have taken the full enjoyment of every image,and just tied to visit the places mentally,thinking of the glory of yalk and camels,and trying to understand how difficult for the sheep to search the snow desert for a grass,and it appears to me at the end of that fine journey ,that humans is as tough as some solid rocks,thank you so much for this wonderful journey.

Sumon Mukherjee , December 21, 2010; 12:00 A.M.

Lots of thanks for the strong support and the encouragement you have given throughout the past year.


Ricardo Gomez , December 23, 2010; 09:41 A.M.

Hallo Karl

Seit langer Zeit  sehe ich nicht mehr von deiner gute Arbeit!

Ich wünsche dir und deine Familie schöne Festen und ein sehr frohes und fotografisches 2011

Viele Grüsse


Paweł & Grażyna Hachaj , December 26, 2010; 05:36 A.M.

Best wishes to you and your family in 2011, G&P.

Masa Otonari , February 04, 2011; 06:56 P.M.

Thank you!

Thank you for kind comment on my photo. You have an  amazing portfolio,  Best regards.

Cezary Filew , February 27, 2011; 08:27 P.M.

Hi Karl, I admire your portfolio, it is a feast for my eyes.

I have answered your questions under my "Stand&Deliver" photo. well, its my experience. Best regards !


Bryan & Ann , July 04, 2011; 08:23 A.M.

Hey Karl, great photos!  Really enjoyed looking at them...especially the Pakistan and Mongolia photos.

Kelly Way , December 21, 2011; 12:56 A.M.

Hi Karl, Your portfolio is inspirational. You have an amazing ability to capture those definining moments. I look forward to revisiting your work, browsing does not do it justice. Happy Holiday's, Kelly Way

Yannik Hay , December 24, 2011; 03:25 P.M.


ANDRIANTIANA Jocelyn , February 23, 2012; 11:32 A.M.


Radu Carp , December 18, 2012; 09:49 A.M.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Paweł & Grażyna Hachaj , December 30, 2012; 02:28 P.M.

Happy New Year!!! Looking forward to viewing your inspiring work next year.
Best wishes, G&P.

Jana Podvalska , February 07, 2013; 07:01 A.M.

Great images, you have captured real people and life. Thank you for sharing. Jana

thao nguyen , April 20, 2013; 10:52 P.M.

Hi Karl

Your porfolio is so strong. Your photos are so beautiful. I love them so much. Thank you for sharing your outstanding works.
My best regards,

Kristian Madsen , May 15, 2013; 02:08 P.M.

One great portfolio full of stories!

Best regard Kristian

Per Madsen , May 16, 2013; 02:25 P.M.

Kindred Spirit!
Karl: Your pictures from Nepal, Pakistan and Mongolia remind me about 30 years of trekking in the Himalayas. The mountain sceneries and the mountain people are stunning and I wish I could go back there tomorrow. It has been a great pleasure for me to study your portfolio and I will be back to see more.
Best regards Per.

Bela Laszlo Molnar , June 29, 2013; 09:21 P.M.

Hi Karl,

I thing, better to come here and make a comments, before I going to the bed. You have a very good, colorful, incredible beautiful portfolio. Congratulation for your works.

Kaur Lass , October 28, 2013; 04:49 P.M.

Beautiful views of the world and people

You have a lot of beautiful images that you portrait the way you notice the world. I love your ability to make a good composition. And there is a touch of what I like - honesty! Thanks for sharing!

Jim Hoffman , April 20, 2014; 12:06 P.M.

Wonderful travel-photography! Thanks for sharing and showing beautiful and interesting parts of the world. Also thanks for your visit and nice comments!Much appreciated! All the best and good light, Jim

Antony Long , August 10, 2014; 04:16 A.M.

Hi Karl
Thanks for comment on my photgraph Living Dead. There is nothing better than hearing that someone finds a piece of ones work inspirational!
A lovely collection of warm colouful vibrant photographs. Clearly you have a way with people so that that feel at ease in front of your camera. As someone who is unable to travel a great deal this is a real treat.
Look forward to seeing more.

Pierre Dumas , December 30, 2014; 05:03 A.M.


Line Martel , December 24, 2015; 02:38 P.M.

Bonnes Fêtes - Happy Holidays


Wishing you and your family all the best for the coming year!

Pierre Dumas , December 28, 2015; 11:50 P.M.

Simply wonderful!


Cheers to The New Year, Karl!


daniel aufschlaeger , April 08, 2016; 07:01 A.M.


Namaste Herr Schuler

Zuerst meinen Glückwunsch zu Ihren eindrücklichen Photos aus Ländern, die ich auch kenne. Bin Ihren Fotos erstmals an der Photo 16 begegnet. Ich bin im Vorstand eines asiatischen Kulturzentrums in Zürich www.songtsenhouse.ch.
Wir sind immer interessiert an Fotos für Ausstellungen und an Reiseberichten / Vorträgen. Gerne würde ich mit Ihnen diesbezüglich Kontakt aufnehmen.
Besten Dank und freundliche Grüsse
Daniel Aufschläger

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