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Al Li , June 03, 2006; 01:51 A.M.

Nice portfolio of Hong Kong. I like the wide angle view of all your city view and landscape photos. Well done.

Manuel Lao , July 25, 2006; 05:19 A.M.


Very nice gallery, specially your city images, I love them!!

Thomas Roberts , August 09, 2006; 04:39 P.M.


Sometimes when I browse this site, I find a folder where I open every photo. Sometimes the photos are so inspiring I want to grab a camera and head outside. Your portfolio does both for me. Really nice photos, particularly the "cityscapes". Cute kids too. Thanks for sharing.

Ashutosh Rajekar , September 13, 2006; 11:04 A.M.

Once in a while I stumble upon a breathtaking portfolio here and wonder why it missed my eye until so long!

You have portrayed your part of the world in amazing magic light, showing it in all it's natural glory!

Very impressive, keep it up!

Ka Lok Lee , September 17, 2006; 11:02 A.M.


Thankyou all of your comments. It encourage me very much.

John Lee , October 01, 2006; 03:42 A.M.


Ka Lok,

You have a really nice porfolio.

I am also living in Hong Kong and am a beginner in photography. feel free to browse my porfolio and leave me comments, helping me to grow.

I am interested in portraits, environmental portraitures, landscape etc.

Longing to hear from you.

Regards. John.

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