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Comments on this portfolio:

Michel Guyot , July 01, 2006; 03:58 P.M.

Hi Kambiz
Thanks for your "young photographers", they are a delight, just as is your portfolio on usefilm (with rarely seen and photographicly excellent images), and your portfolio here, very different and often more abstract, still very good.
Regards, Michel

Naseer Fedaee , July 06, 2008; 01:30 A.M.


Welcome to PN - Successfuly has started - wait to see more from U !!!

Banafsheh Jahangiri , July 18, 2008; 05:37 A.M.

very interesting portfolio,wonderful eye & deep philosophy behind your photo,thanks for sharing,BR, banafsheh

s M , July 27, 2008; 01:30 A.M.


کامبيز جان تشکر از نظری که دادی، درضمن پروفایل بسیار زیبایی داری و خوشحال شدم که با شما آشنا شدم

Ruben A. Silva , July 27, 2008; 10:10 A.M.


Thanks for witing in my portfolio, I like your work and your artistic point of vew very much. Best Regards. Ruben, from Buenos Aires

Siamak Jafari , July 29, 2008; 12:31 A.M.

jenab kashani

its my pleasure to have you as visiting my portfolio and your comment. warmest regards-siamak

E. J. , August 03, 2008; 08:26 A.M.

I particularly enjoyed your abstract images. What a wonderful eye -- thank you for sharing them.



Giuliano S , August 23, 2008; 02:54 A.M.


I love your abstract!!! Thanks for yours words in my gallery.

hamed sp , August 24, 2008; 08:17 A.M.

aksatoun motenave va ziba hastand. khosousan Abstracts

Movafagh bashid hsp

mohammad yousefi , September 14, 2008; 06:53 A.M.

aghay Kambiz Kashani

az didan akshai shoma lezat bordam khososan karhai abstra ra bishtar pesandidam

abbas kashani , October 27, 2008; 03:27 A.M.

عرض سلام و ارادت

با سلام بی مقدمه بگم از عکسا لذت بردم ، من با دیدن عکسای زیبا میرم تو حال و هوای اون عکس و حس خیلی خوبی بهم میده .

شاید بعضی ها بگن سلیقه ای باشه اما هرچی که هست برای من لذتبخش بود . واقعاً از اینکه با شما و عکساتون آشنا شدم خوشحالم . امید وارم بتونم از شما چیزهای زیادی در ارتباط با عکس و عکاسی یاد بگیرم .البته اگه افتخار بدین و منو به عنوان یه نو آموز و داداش کوچیکتون بپذیرین.


Philip Turner , October 29, 2008; 03:38 A.M.

Touched Many Facets of Photography

You have also touched many different facets of photography. Your abstracts are extremely eye-catching and use super-saturated color to its advantage. Your candid shots are extremely well seen for what you entitle them as candids. I also get the feeling you are an excellent representative for imaging arts as enabled by this new digital age. You are able to blend and incorporate the new technologies with old world sensibilities very well. It is in this light I will think of you as an ambassador of the old world as seen in the modern light. The meeting of the old and new can be found in these images of our world (yours and mine) and give us a glimpse of how we'll face the future together.

سفير القديمة كما يراها العالم الحديث على ضوء

Rana Tahir , November 13, 2008; 08:21 P.M.

Great portofolio. Very original and creative photography.Thanks for comments on my photo. kind regards. ...RANA

Jude Noel Lim , November 25, 2008; 10:50 A.M.

very nice and diverse portfolio. you also have very good editing skills. congrats!

Haleh Bryan , November 28, 2008; 12:23 P.M.

Thank you for stopping by!

Ioan Alexandru Chiru , November 28, 2008; 01:03 P.M.

Hi !

You have a diversified portfolio with nice shots and great colours, congratulations ! Alex.

Raymond Elstad , December 08, 2008; 09:48 A.M.

Such a great 'eye' you have Kambiz... Fabulous work throughout your portfolio. Thank you for sharing your world with us all... Cheers, r.

Salvador Penaloza , December 09, 2008; 10:14 A.M.

Gracias !

Hallo Kambiz, thanks for taking the time to see my portfolio, you have excellent and very interesting shots, you show that culture pretty well, well done and congratulations , best regards from Mexico / Salvador

Mehmet Masum Süer , January 23, 2009; 12:06 P.M.

Salam Biradere Kombizz

You have perfect works.. I like your all photos.. All lived and colored works.. Well done.. Warm regards from Diyarbekir...

Hassan Ajmi , January 25, 2009; 12:55 P.M.

Wa salam ! Very lovely Work. 6/6 Regards.

Chung Lee , February 05, 2009; 02:16 A.M.

Wonderful Work

Kombizz, thanks for stopping by my page. You have a wonderful portfolio, filled with great images. I especially like your Architecture and Religion series. Excellent work, Good color and great composition. Bravo.

Sāleh Zangāneh , February 12, 2009; 05:37 A.M.

Thanks Mr Kombizz

Thank you for you comment. your photographs are so interesting and have a good sense of Iranian nationality. I wish you succeed in your professional life. Warm regards Mr Kombizz

Bijan Karamad , February 13, 2009; 02:29 P.M.

Thanks for your kind comment. kheyli az ashna'ee ba shoma khoshhal shodam :)

Seyyed Ali Hedayat mofidi , February 14, 2009; 08:36 A.M.


dear kombizz, that photo was from shahNe`matollah Vali in Mahan, Kerman province Iran. Thanks for your comments.

Takuji Takahashi , February 15, 2009; 08:12 A.M.

Thank you for commenting. I wish to express my gratitude for being able to read your wonderful photograph. It becomes study. My best regards in the future.

Kombizz Kashani , February 17, 2009; 03:36 A.M.

Jim Kazan

I received the following email from Mr Jim Kazan on Saturday, 14 February, 2009, 8:26 AM
--- On Sat, 14/2/09, jkazan@ ....
From: jkazan@.....
Subject: Comments
To: kombizz@.....
Date: Saturday, 14 February, 2009, 8:26 AM
Dear Kombizz Kashani:
The message below is from another member of the Photo.net community.
If you suspect this message is a scam, please contact photo.net using our Contact Us Form: http://www.photo.net/contact-us , of forward this email to gc-complaints@photo.net . This will allow us to ban the scammer from our membership list.
Please do NOT report this message to your ISP as spam. Since it was sent from the photo.net server, reporting this message as spam will result in photo.net being placed on your ISP's blacklist, not the scammer. If you do report this message as spam, we will be obliged to remove your email from our mailing list, which will prevent you from receiving ANY communications via email via photo.net.
photo.net Administration
This message was sent by James Kazan.
You can check this user profile using the link below:
I want to thank you for all your wonderful comments that you left on some of my newest work. I really appreciate the time you took. I'm glad you did because I discovered your wonderful portfolio.
Again thank you and God bless

Jim Kazan

Sachin Patke , February 17, 2009; 05:36 P.M.

Hello Kombizz

Thank you for visiting my portfolio and leaving very encouraging comments. I especially liked the abstract collection in yours. Cheers.

James Kazan , February 20, 2009; 05:28 P.M.


I was looking again at you portfolio today and I really like your use of color. I also enjoyed your architectural section. I see you beat me to the punch by posting my email to you which is fine with me. Thanks for not including the email address. I'll be back to look at you newest work as you post it.

Best regards

mark perez , February 22, 2009; 09:50 A.M.

thanks for the photo comment

Geoff Stenhouse , February 23, 2009; 02:10 P.M.


Hi! thanks for the comment you gave for a picture of mine, very kind of you! This portfolio of yours is very colourful, delightful viewing :) Thanks again, Geoff

Dolf Walter , February 25, 2009; 09:58 A.M.

Hello Kashani,thank you for your kind words,love your photos on fotocommunity.

Marcin Malczak , March 04, 2009; 10:08 P.M.

some very superbly artistic images here ....stills are awesome ..speaking of cultural diversity ..its phenomenal

Antonio Da Re , March 06, 2009; 08:05 A.M.

I think that you live in a interestig country. Antonio

mark perez , March 09, 2009; 01:44 P.M.

thanks for your photo comment

Maurizio Moro , March 12, 2009; 03:02 P.M.

...from Italy!!!

Dear "new" friend, thanks for your visit on my potfolio but, above all, thanks for the opportunity to know you and your very various job! I have also "devoured" your biography ( I love a lot to know people's life and love more who speaks about himself...). Also a friend of mine, here in Italy, is born in Iran and he is an architect (...his name is Anvar...). I can see also you are a great lover of photography and your passion oozes with all your photos, wonderful also for your ironic soul! I think you are a wonderful soul! Now I hope to have you among my best PN friends! For the moment, your...Ciaomau!

Bobby Karimipoor , March 30, 2009; 07:41 A.M.

Dear friend:kombizz.I recieved your e-mail but i did not send the name ali for you...anyway if i wrong plz accept my apologize...nice portfolio and take care...i like your pics...regards(Bobby).

Dominic Byrne , April 01, 2009; 03:03 A.M.


Hi Kombizz - thanks for you comment on the Burj Dubai (yes it really does exist!) which led me to your gallery - what a lovely portfolio of work you have and I have really enjoyed viewing your work. You have a special talent.

Best wishes


Sāleh Zangāneh , April 05, 2009; 09:20 A.M.

Hi dear Kombizz

Thanks a lot for your kind and warm comment. I like your abstracts works. Really really are nice and interesting. Wish you success. Best regards, Saleh

Jim Downs , May 06, 2009; 03:38 P.M.


Regarding this photo. I am from Denver and this information appears alongside my name on every photo I post. The photo you asked about was taken in Khiva, Uzbekistan.

For every image in my portfolio, you can determine the city and country where the photo was taken by clicking on the DETAILS tab for the photo and reading the information contained therein.

I hope my explanation is clearer this time than it was last time when you posed a similar question. GJ

Vladimir Meshkov , May 26, 2009; 02:26 P.M.


Very interesting works. Portraits have liked. Success.

Chung Lee , July 03, 2009; 01:32 P.M.

Thank you

Thank you for visiting my page and leaving your kind words. Love your portfolio. All images are well composed and captured. All theme are thoughtfully categorized. I especially like the abstract, architecture, and photojournalism categories. Keep on posting.

Meir Samel , August 01, 2009; 08:47 A.M.

interesting portfolio

Valentyn Odnoviun , August 02, 2009; 12:15 A.M.

Yes, it is very interesting and professional portfolio!!! Regards, Valentyn

Paolo Barthelemy , August 04, 2009; 11:35 A.M.

I especially like your candid shot and portrait section, but you have a very beautiful portfolio overall. Many thanks for your appreciated comment Regards, Paolo

Dara P. , August 05, 2009; 04:01 P.M.

Salam Kombizz, I looked at your Portfolio with great interest. Your works are very interesting, artistic, humorous, nice and excellent. Your Portfolio has great diversity of subjects and themes, also full of colour. You shoot your photos with a certain unique style and experience. I like your works a lot and enjoyed looking at them, and shall visit again. Best wishes. Dara

Kassir Hussain , August 06, 2009; 04:28 P.M.


I love this portfolio. It's original and very different. You have a unique style. I particularly love the explosion of colour.


Marzio Maglietta , August 16, 2009; 02:11 P.M.

Many thanks for comment on my shot. You are very kind and you have a beautiful portfolio.

Many regards


Omid Hosseini , August 17, 2009; 08:02 A.M.


kambizze aziz mamnon az nazaret az kadr bandi hat besiar ali bodand makhsosan Landscape movafagh bashi Omid / D :)

William Palminteri , August 20, 2009; 07:36 A.M.

Note to Kombizz, from Bill P.

Kombizz, thanks for the link. The site is a great look into life as it really is for the vast majority of people here in the USA. I found it thoroughly enjoyable. I enjoy your photography also, it's very convincing, not photoshopped to death as is the trend these days.

Bill P.

Maulik Davda , August 24, 2009; 03:21 P.M.


I m really honoured to recieve comment form such an experienced photographer. Thanx alot. u have got gr8 photos.

Sadegh Miri , September 19, 2009; 04:32 P.M.

کامبیز خان سلام

از نقد و امتیازی که به عکس من دادید بسیار ممنونم و از اینکه با کارهای زیبای شما آشنا شدم بسیار خرسندم و امیدوارم که باز هم از نظرات شما بهره مند شوم و همچنین با کارهای جدید شما آشنا شوم در خاتمه بازهم از شما تشکر کرده و آرزوی سلامتی شما را از خداوند متعال دارم ،ارادتمند شما صادق میری

Paul Coren , October 02, 2009; 02:49 A.M.


thanks for stopping by my page. i like your portfolio very much -- it is varied, skilled and interesting.

Please come visit my page from time to time and I will do the same.

All the best,

Paul Coren

willy marthinussen , October 03, 2009; 06:11 P.M.

great and colourful portfolio. i especially like the religion and ufo series. thanks for the glimpse into your world of artistic photography. All the best from Norway --willy--

Jef Van den Houte , October 05, 2009; 04:17 A.M.

Many thnaks for your rewarding comments on my portfolio. Yours shows a beautifull world of colour and human interest. I also like your abstracts.

Steve G (Wellington) , October 11, 2009; 06:52 P.M.

Hi Kombizz

Great portfolio and some fantastic colours!! Your abstract images are wonderful. Regards Steve

Jacqueline Roberts , October 17, 2009; 01:54 A.M.

Dear Kombizz

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my portfolio and for your kind comments. You have an impressive collection...I particularly liked your portraits...

kind regards


Siamak Jafari , October 22, 2009; 05:02 P.M.

dear kombiz

i enjoyed your pictures once again. regards-siamak

Sadegh Miri , November 01, 2009; 01:42 A.M.

کامبیز خان سلام و صبح به خیر

بازهم لطف کرده و نظرات مفید خود را در مورد عکسهای جدیدی که از خانه های قدیمی کاشان گرفته بودم داده بودید . از علاقه مندی شما به عکسهایم و معماری ایرانی بسیار خرسندم و امیدوارم که همیشه سلامت و پایدار باشید. ارادتمند شما صادق میری

Marco Bertagnini , November 07, 2009; 05:30 P.M.

I find your abstract pictures as real pieces of art.

Yves Jardon , November 08, 2009; 05:18 P.M.

Thank you for your comments, and that gives me the chance to discover a great portfolio.

mandana da , November 12, 2009; 01:05 P.M.

iek jaie khoondam doorbin iek akas baiad cheshme sevom oon bashe iani chizhaie ro bebine ke khodesham bemibine akshaie shoma injoorian tasviri nadidani az zendegi har rooz ma

John Buckley , November 12, 2009; 03:43 P.M.

Hi Kombizz

I really enjoyed looking at your portfolio. It is wonderfully varied, and you have clearly enjoyed the many beautiful places and people you have been and met. John

Salvador Penaloza , November 21, 2009; 10:17 A.M.

Hallo Kombizz, thanks a lot for the comment on my shot "Capilla Real and the Rope" , yes it is a church and it has many domes, the church is from the XVI century , it is located in Cholula Puebla. This place have over 300 churches, I think my culture is as interesting as yours for me , I love your shots where you show you culture pretty well, best wishes and best regards from Mexico // Salvador

Sesham Sampatirao , November 22, 2009; 06:42 A.M.

thanks for u r comment. sir i liked u r candid shoots.

hamid reza nadji , November 23, 2009; 01:26 A.M.

hi , I see your photos there are very likely and friendly with excellent Abstracts photos.Well done in every way

Michael Linder , December 01, 2009; 03:25 P.M.


After reading your comments on two of my abstracts, I was compelled to look at yours. I started with "An Unattainable Dream!" Indeed, I noticed some similarities in composition and effect.

Quite honestly, after looking at your work, I consider it an honor that you commented on mine. I plan on returning to look a lot more carefully.

William Staniforth , December 02, 2009; 01:21 P.M.

What a fantastic and varied portfolio , it has been a pleasure to view and I'm sure I will return .

Sesham Sampatirao , December 06, 2009; 01:42 A.M.

its my pleasure to have you as visiting my portfolio and your comment.u r nice work keep it up.

Salvador Penaloza , December 09, 2009; 12:55 P.M.

My dear friend, best and warmest wishes on Xmas and the New Year 2010, sincerely // SalvadorChristmas Graphics

Salvador Sabater , December 14, 2009; 01:57 P.M.

Thanks to your comments I have visited your portfolio and I want to congratulate you on your excellent work.

ashkan as , December 20, 2009; 05:42 A.M.


ur abstract works look very nice, i wish i could take them.

Mitch Lackey , December 24, 2009; 11:22 A.M.

Kombizz: Love your work especially the abstracts! Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you and your family! Mitch

Andrzej Pradzynski , January 06, 2010; 08:45 A.M.

what a collection

Kombizz, you got great collection of images here, a lot of fantastic job in so many areas of expression. Like your portraits for the clear expression of a soul and feelings of the person. Have a happy New Year. NJ

Sadegh Miri , January 16, 2010; 02:16 A.M.

Dear Kombiz,

Your abstract works are just amazing! you have such a talent for capturing these details. Congratulations!

PS: Sheikh Zayed Mosque is in Abu Dhabi

Best regards Sadegh

Sadegh Miri , January 24, 2010; 06:24 A.M.

Dear Kombizz,

I would like to thank you for your time leaving such wonderful comment on my portfolio and I really appreciate your input and encouragements. You are right, I have to put some information and little notes on each of my images but I never have time to do that .I am always on roads and travel all the time. Some day when I retire going to finish this .

Best regards Sadegh

Houry Kassardjian , January 29, 2010; 04:32 P.M.

Dear Kombizz

Thank you for leaving a comment on my photo. If you hadn't, I wouldn't have discovered your beautiful portfolio! You are an artist and your personality shows through all that you have created. It was a pleasure looking at your work!

saeed mamdouhi , February 01, 2010; 01:41 A.M.

تبريك مي گم به خاطر عكس هاي خوبي كه گرفتين پاينده باشيد.به كار هاي من هم نظر بدين .ممنون مي شم

Michael Murphy , February 03, 2010; 04:57 P.M.


Extraordinary work! Your portfolio took me on a field trip of memories of my time in the Middle East, "thanks for the memories". You work is truly exceptional.

Andrew Campbell , February 03, 2010; 10:06 P.M.

Very inspiring portfolio. Best regards.

Ahmad Musnansyah , March 14, 2010; 06:35 A.M.

Thank You

Dear Kombizz..

Thank you very much for your comment, I do love your portfolio.. excellent works..

Rob Wilson , March 20, 2010; 12:00 P.M.

Lovely gallery!

All the best,


hamid salemian , March 22, 2010; 01:20 P.M.

thank you

عکس ها واقعا عالی بودن. دستت درد نکنه و خسته نباشی

was great. thanks hamid22663@live.com

Tony Hadley , April 05, 2010; 02:07 P.M.

A stunning portfolio - well done!

Shadi Tayyebi , April 16, 2010; 09:13 A.M.

i really like your look inside the camera, into the world of image....landscape and architecture are the best in your portfolio,,,,keep up the good work...

Hamid Reza Farzandian , May 12, 2010; 05:22 A.M.

Thanks and regards

Dear Kambizz

I greatly appreciate your warm comment on my last picture. It has been captured in putrajaya  part of kualalumpur, Malaysia, an administrative building. Post processing was an HDR effect tone mapped in photomatix and slight leveling in elements. Your comment was really a golden opportunity for me to visit your amazing works in an exceptional superb portfolio. As an iranain , i proud of you in a big community of artists. Keep working and create much more masterpieces ever and ever. Wishing best and regards. Hamid.

John Nordhus , May 13, 2010; 05:15 P.M.


Very creative portfolio!

Love it! Especially the abstract and macro pictures!

Keep up the good work!


Andres Ortega , June 10, 2010; 03:40 P.M.

Hi Kombizz!! Thanks for your comments. I´ve seen your protfolio and it´s wonderfull. I like much the abstracts. Congratulations!! Regards, Andrés.-

Siamak Jafari , June 20, 2010; 01:32 P.M.


eradatmand ostad kashani aziz.

salar amini , June 27, 2010; 02:51 P.M.

Dear Kombizz Kashani


Jay Jorjee , July 01, 2010; 04:42 P.M.

Ya dear I did ! It was nice. Just few € . Thanks for comments.

JOSE BRENER , August 02, 2010; 01:10 P.M.




Lynn Thomas , August 09, 2010; 06:56 P.M.

I want to thank you for leaving the nice comment on my photo, National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. I looked at your portfolio and you are an excellent photographer and I would someday like to achieve your skill level. Looking through your photos I can see there are many ways to look at things and your photos have sparked an idea or two. Again, thank you.

J-L Frérotte , September 19, 2010; 03:58 P.M.

Very nice and diversified port-folio ! Usually, I'm not so interested in abstracts (just a personal feeling), but it is funny to see how some of your architecture pictures are similar to abstract... Congrats!

Yves Jardon , October 05, 2010; 04:17 P.M.

Thank you for your comments. I enjoy your portfolio. You do a nice work.


Starvy Goodfellows , October 11, 2010; 06:03 A.M.

What an interesting collection of images. You present your world in vivid colour and your love for culture, women and history is palpable through this concoction. I look forward to seeing more of the wonders of Iran through your eyes!

Ramina Beitooei , November 04, 2010; 06:55 A.M.


salam ,thank you kambiz for comment in my portfolio ,i liked your portfolio too.


Aleksey Toritsyn , December 01, 2010; 11:26 A.M.


Your reportages... I think are very good, very informative and full of sense. 

Siamak Jafari , February 10, 2011; 04:03 P.M.

کامبیز خان

درود فراوان.

Amir Reza Afsharian , February 11, 2011; 08:24 A.M.


thx for visiting my portfolio and your comment , i really appreciate it, i really like your photos and really like it if you write your oppinion about my photos.

thank u so much and good luck

Kees Colijn , February 16, 2011; 02:48 A.M.

nice portfolio ! 

Masa Otonari , February 23, 2011; 02:10 A.M.

Thank you for kind comment in my photo. You have a nice portfolio.

Line Martel , February 28, 2011; 05:54 P.M.

I especially like your abstract section. Very beautiful!

Frank Sines , March 08, 2011; 06:30 P.M.

Hello Kombizz

Wonderfully diverse and colorful portfolio. Good eye for abstracts and detail. I also have to comment on your home page page photo, very funny. I'll be back. FS

Cezary Filew , March 09, 2011; 07:51 A.M.

Hi Kombizz,

you have interesting PF, especially abstract images seem to me very appealing, I like your approach, best regards! CF

p.s. I am glad that my photo has drawn your attention, thank you :) 

Gianluca Precone , March 23, 2011; 07:12 P.M.

Dear  Kombizz... grazie per i tuoi commenti alle mie foto! E' stato un piacere ammirare il tuo portfolio.

Con stima dall'italia


Kombizz Kashani , March 24, 2011; 04:20 A.M.

M Manswan

I received the following email from Mr M Manswan on Tuesday, 22 March, 2011, 23:00

Hi Kombizz
Thank you so much for your precise attention.I am very glad to know someone like you with a lot of experiences give comment about my photo.
I like so many of your photos specially:(abstracts)
Cincerely yours
M Manswan

Tim Everett , March 30, 2011; 09:51 P.M.

Wonderfull images Kombizz, I enjoyed looking through your images, in particular I like your Landscapes, great work. I was in Iran back in 1978, and took some images there which you can see here: http://timeverettphotography.blogspot.com/2010/08/from-previous-life-travels-with-kodak.html  Kind Regards, Tim.

Miguel Alonso , April 17, 2011; 01:05 A.M.

gracias por tu comentario aqui esta el link de una foto de ella con los ojos abiertos 



Irit Ka , May 06, 2011; 06:58 A.M.


Very good eye in finding patterns. This is "jumping" to the eye almost in all folders; in subjects that are more trivial (abstract, architecture...) and even in those that are less trivial for patterns (landscape, macro, still life...). Well done!

David Cavan , May 11, 2011; 09:34 P.M.

Nicely varied portfolio

I really can see your love of photography in your portfolio, Kombizz.  It has a lot of variety, and I think you have a style that you adapt to each type of subject matter.  You have a good eye for a composition - I'll enjoy coming back and looking at this again. 

Tony Hadley , May 16, 2011; 09:01 P.M.


Thank you for inviting me to your portfolio - one that any photographer would be proud to call theirs. You have lots of experience and expertise in this art form called photography and you are very successful in all of the genres that you have displayed.  I do feel that you have a gift and a passion for the abstract and that is very evident to me by your body of work.  I also have a body of work to which I refer to as abstract <A href="http://photo.net/photodb/folder?folder_id=715118"> Tony's Abstracts</A> and it gets very mixed reactions in comments and ratings.  Perhaps the abstract world is a place where only a few understand and appreciate it.

Keep up the fine work and all of the very best,


Diane Hooper , June 05, 2011; 12:23 P.M.

Thank you for rating my rose photo. I appreciate your time in looking.


Luís Gonzaga Batista , June 17, 2011; 12:54 P.M.

Thanks for Comment

Eva Tangstad , July 24, 2011; 06:12 P.M.

Eva Tangstad

You have many great pictures :-) hope to see more coming :-)

Jorge Luis R. Tagle , July 29, 2011; 07:12 A.M.

Hello thanks a lot for your comment on my photo and you have a very good quality collection congratulations best regards Jorge Luis

Ramani Kandiah , August 07, 2011; 04:06 P.M.

Thank you for your comments to my photos. I appreciate them.

and thanks for posting your good work at this site.

Alexander Hess , August 14, 2011; 04:25 A.M.

Kombizz, thank you for your honest critique on my picture "Duesseldorf Schauspielhaus II". I would very much appreciate if you could take the time to biefly explain in which sense you find it "poor".

Thanks in advance, Alex

Robert G. , September 03, 2011; 07:22 A.M.

i like your stuff!

Zaheer Shah , September 07, 2011; 12:38 P.M.


Thanks for your kind comment on my shot, I really appreciated it. I have been contemplating your work,you've got a super eye for composition . I like your creativity and original work.REGARDS

Michael Daggett , September 23, 2011; 11:02 A.M.

Thank you for your comment on my image, I appreciate your views! Nice portfolio - I plan on spending some time here studying!

Noel Ballagh , October 10, 2011; 02:25 A.M.

Thank you for your question.

The dome is not falling due to any earth quake.  Just thought I would line up with one of the roof lines.  Or perhaps I had enjoyed too many of the local wines and was leaning over myself..  Cheers

You have a splendid portfolio, excellent.


Olaf Hofmann , October 16, 2011; 11:00 A.M.

Thank you very much for your constructive comments, especially in case of my picture "The glance". It was really a little dark.

Kind Regards, Olaf

Radu Carp , October 19, 2011; 03:18 A.M.

Kombizz,thank you for your support on my work all this time,is a pleasure to share experience with you,all my best and good light and inspiration for more good shots.

Frank Sines , November 19, 2011; 10:37 A.M.

I have had a very nice visit to your gallery today. So many wonderful and thoughtful images. You have a great eye for the unique, abstract and beautiful things in life. Thank you for viewing and rating so many of my images. I will visit again. FS

Avijit Sett , December 17, 2011; 06:22 A.M.

Dear Mr. Kombizz,

Thanks for your kind comments on one of my photographs. I have gone through your portfolio, it's a collection of very thoughtful and excellent photographs. Congratulations!!!



Laurent J. Frigault , December 21, 2011; 09:13 A.M.


A short visit to thank you for your support in rating/commenting my photos since my arrival at PN at mid-year and to wish you and yours all the best in this festive season and for the New Year.

Meilleures salutations-Laurent

Gail Harmer , December 23, 2011; 08:21 A.M.

Dearest Kombizz

Wishing you and your FAMILY a Blessed Christmas Season and a Year ahead filled with Promise!!! Cheers dear friend, Gail


Gail Harmer , December 23, 2011; 08:24 A.M.

Dear Kombizz

I am not sure if you celebrate the Christmas Season, but if you do not, please forgive my not knowing,

truly appreciate your support and encouragement.

Most sincerely, Gail

Kassir Hussain , December 23, 2011; 09:28 A.M.


Loved your port!. Thanks for sharing and keep it up because it helps amateurs like me to improve.





Yannik Hay , December 24, 2011; 03:16 P.M.


Yalcin Adali , December 26, 2011; 06:06 A.M.

Wishing you a new year that brings good health,good luck and the best of things.


Shane Perry , January 11, 2012; 03:57 A.M.

Dear Kombizz

love your work great skill  you know your light and sence of timing

you are very skilled at street photography   .

want to see more



shane perry.

Gail Harmer , January 14, 2012; 03:51 A.M.

I hope to  spend some time in the New Year really going over your images Kombizz. Your Biography is most interesting, and I looked at your Photos on your 'fotocommunity'. Very nicely designed website and your photos are very impressive. I could learn much just by 'observation'.

Most sincerely, Gail

Meir Samel , February 16, 2012; 04:33 A.M.

Enjoy seeing fotos across culture and ideology.

Frank Sines , October 06, 2012; 11:24 P.M.

Hello Kombizz
Always nice visiting your very varied and wonderful images. Quite a museum. FS

Roldão Lima Junior , August 18, 2013; 09:45 A.M.

Mr Kombizz

Your portfolio presents photos that impress positively by the aesthetics and the exuberance of colors, focusing vigorously on the day life of the respectable Iranian people. Congratulations. Roldao.

Diane Hooper , November 10, 2013; 12:34 P.M.

Thanks so much for rating my recent fall cemetery shots. I appreciate the visit!


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