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Comments on this portfolio:

Andre Easter , March 24, 2006; 02:23 P.M.

Nice portfolio Jaqueline. I love your eye. Please show us more. And more.

Jacqueline Anderson , March 27, 2006; 07:40 P.M.

Thank you very much!

Alessio Buratta , March 29, 2006; 12:54 P.M.

made in italy

colori molto gradevoli nice !!!! good works

Jacqueline Anderson , April 02, 2006; 07:55 P.M.

Ringraziarla per osservare le mie fotografie. I hope that translated properly!!

Attilio Peschiera , April 05, 2006; 04:18 P.M.

Hi Jacqueline !

I like your portfolio ! (Add more photos like these!) Nice photos, nice colours ! Good work !

Jacqueline Anderson , April 05, 2006; 05:50 P.M.

Thank you Attilio for your encouraging comment! I'll post more soon. I appreciate your visiting :)

Janus T , April 05, 2006; 07:15 P.M.

Great job!

I adore your portfolio! It is combination of work and passion, art and hart! Just stay on track!

allan jempson , April 06, 2006; 03:54 A.M.


Thanks for your kind words on my humble work is it alright if i mark you down as one of my interesting person like all what ive seen so far again thanks for your remarks i will try and do better allan

Nick Karagiaouroglou , April 06, 2006; 04:32 A.M.

Very very nice!

Jacqueline, your portfolio witnesses a very creative mind and artistic eye. Keep up the good work!

Best wishes, Nick

Jacqueline Anderson , April 06, 2006; 01:21 P.M.


your comment made me smile...thank you! I appreciate you stopping by!

Jacqueline Anderson , April 06, 2006; 01:24 P.M.


I am a long time hobbiest turn semi-professional. It really just takes alot of practice. This site so far has been a world of help in my learning! Thank you for viewing my portfolio and I am flattered that you'll return to see more :)

Jacqueline Anderson , April 06, 2006; 01:29 P.M.


I am encouraged by your kind sentiments. Much thanks for taking time to view and comment on several of my photographs.

Dom N , April 09, 2006; 11:46 P.M.

a very pleasant portfolio. your shore scenes are especially lovely. you can really feel the peace.

Faisal Ansari , April 16, 2006; 05:42 P.M.


I really like your black n whites.., they have a lot of depth in terms of mood. please post some more.., cheers

Wade Rose , April 20, 2006; 10:31 A.M.

Nice portfolio Keep up the good work. Wade Rose

Larry Boswell , April 20, 2006; 08:31 P.M.

Yes indeed...very nice portfolio! Great work Jacqueline Anderson!

Reza Shadpay , April 22, 2006; 07:54 A.M.


Dear Jacqueline, when I visited your portfolio, I thought this is mine! there isn't any different between my and your photos! my mean is our Views. ;) glad to find my second part in photography! ;P Cheers. M.Reza

Giangiorgio Crisponi , April 24, 2006; 09:56 A.M.


thanks to your kind comments on my photos I could visit your beautiful portfolio rich ov very fine pictures, congratulations ciao Giangiorgio

Jacqueline Anderson , April 24, 2006; 01:09 P.M.

Many Thanks!

Dom~ thank you for visiting and leaving such nice comments. The moods of the sea are a thrill to capture.

Wade~ I appreciate you stopping by. Thank you for your nice thoughts.

Larry~ so many thanks for your generous statement

Mohammad~ at second look we absolutly share very similiar styles and apparently, visions:) It will be fun to see how our work flows here on from across the seas....thank you for stopping in!

Best regards!!!

Jacqueline Anderson , April 24, 2006; 01:13 P.M.


Thank you for viewing my work. Best wishes...

Jacqueline Anderson , April 24, 2006; 04:04 P.M.


Thank you for your encouragement. I posted a few more B&W....some are a bit older, scans from when I was developing my own prints. Hope you like them. thanks again for stopping by.

David Di Martino , April 24, 2006; 07:31 P.M.

Nice Motif!

I love how your collection of shore images flow. It definitely inspires me to go out and shoot more.

Jacqueline Anderson , April 24, 2006; 08:16 P.M.

thanks david~ this shoreline is beautiful...always a changing scene!

Larry Boswell , April 25, 2006; 04:30 P.M.


Did you try it yet?

Jacqueline Anderson , April 25, 2006; 05:40 P.M.


wow...look at that beautiful image you left for me!!! I am working on a new frame.....I'll post it later. Thanks again for your instructions on how-to!!

Joe Baker , April 27, 2006; 10:06 P.M.

thanks Jacqueline for your comment on my photo; comments are rare and always welcome. sincerly Joe B.

Jacqueline Anderson , April 28, 2006; 03:27 P.M.


Thanks for stopping by!

Attilio Peschiera , May 02, 2006; 03:10 P.M.

Hi Jacqueline !

Thanks for your visit and your comments to my portfolio ! I confirm wath I told about your photos some time ago! I like your portfolio ! It is growing vert well! Good work ! Continue in this way ! Congratulation !

Halina Lewandowski , May 03, 2006; 08:30 A.M.

Hi Jacqueline

I like your photos a lot. You have a great eye for showing our beautiful nature. I'll be coming back to see more of your work. Best regards. Halina

Wayne Eggleston , May 10, 2006; 10:27 P.M.

Hi Jacqueline

I believe I have found someone with the same eye as myself! I love your work.

Greetings from South Carolina. wayne

Jacqueline Anderson , May 12, 2006; 02:08 P.M.

Great to have you stop back Attilio! Thanks so much......

Jacqueline Anderson , May 12, 2006; 02:09 P.M.

Helena~ you are such an artist and your comment means alot to me! Thanks so much for visiting my portfolio!

Jacqueline Anderson , May 12, 2006; 02:11 P.M.

Hi Wayne~ Thanks so much for dropping by :) I look forward to seeing more of your work. Gotta love those Carolinas Beaches!!!!! Greetings from the Southern NJ shores.......

Anil Sharma , May 17, 2006; 10:11 P.M.

Beautiful Seascapes Jacqueline. Amazing portfolio. You have a very creative and artistic gallery of sea pictures. I would love to see more uploads!

Eddie K , May 19, 2006; 11:27 A.M.

A True Artist

I am impressed and type of envious of your portfolio. Awesome. More uploads please.

Jacqueline Anderson , May 20, 2006; 06:18 P.M.


Thank you sincerely for your kind words!

Jacqueline Anderson , May 20, 2006; 06:19 P.M.


I appreciate you thoughtful sentiments. Your words are very encouraging!

Wayne Eggleston , May 21, 2006; 09:49 A.M.

Thank you, Jacqueline

...for commenting on "Spanish Moss". It is a true "southern" thing, isn't it? I see from your most beautiful portfolio that you are in an area which looks much like the coastal S.C. area that I live in.

I really enjoyed your beach and flower photos, you have a wonderful eye for color and composition.

Cheers, Wayne

Thinh Nguyen , May 21, 2006; 02:04 P.M.

Hello Jacqueline

How nice "cloture de dune" ? Can you add more "contrast" for these pictures? very impress!

Thank you for viewing and comment my porfolio.

In Transit , May 22, 2006; 06:53 P.M.

A sometime visitor

Clearly U No Who should visit more often as its been a pleasure viwing your captures!

Thank you

Francisco Ribeiro do Vale , May 22, 2006; 09:12 P.M.

Hey Jacqueline

Thanks for your comment on my photo (the orchid photo, like a dancer). You have a beautiful photos of flowers. I enjoy very much orchid photos; I grow orchids and take photos of them. I would appreciate if you could visit my folder of orchids and make your comments, please. Congratulation for your beautiful portifolio. Keep sharing so beautiful photos with us.

Jacqueline Anderson , May 24, 2006; 09:40 P.M.


I appreciate each of you taking the time to view and comment on my portfolio. Your gracious words are very encouraging! Thank you very much!

Kenson Hiatt , May 24, 2006; 10:25 P.M.

thank you for your comment on my "cyan skylight" shot. you have a beautiful portfolio!! well done, keep it up!!

Sachin Patke , May 25, 2006; 02:17 P.M.

Thank you for stopping by Jacqueline. You have got some very good collection. Please do keep them coming.

Dale Fleming , May 26, 2006; 05:52 P.M.

Great work Jacqueline

First of all, thank you for your kind comments regarding my portfolio. Its nice to know someone else sees things similarly. I can tell a difference in your photos as well. They look at things just a bit different than the typical highly rated photos. Your work finds things beautiful and intriguing that might otherwise go unnoticed. I like that. I'm going to put your portfolio in my "interesting people" list to remind me to check back once in a while. Dale

Jacqueline Anderson , May 26, 2006; 06:53 P.M.

With appreciation!

I am so very flattered at the recent posts made to my portfolio. thank you for your generous comments..... !

Carl Huelgas , May 28, 2006; 02:43 A.M.

Very nice variety on your portfolio. Keep up the good work. Thank's for taking the time and commenting on my photo. Greetings Carl

Gianluca C , May 28, 2006; 03:45 A.M.

Thank you

Thanks for the comment and the good ballot. Nice portfolio Jaqueline. Ciao Gianluca

Joshua Glaser , May 30, 2006; 08:53 P.M.

Hey thanks for your nice words on my pictures. I really like your pictures. They seem to be very natural and organic, almost like you do very little in any sort of photo programs(I try to do the same thing) Your photos are easy to relate to. Keep up the good work and thanks again.

Jacqueline Anderson , June 07, 2006; 01:53 P.M.

Carl,Gianluca C and Josh~ thank you for viewing my portfolio and leaving your thoughts. It was nice of you to stop by....Greetings!

apurba B , June 17, 2006; 03:06 P.M.

thanks jack for leaving a comment on my MPD pics. u too got very creative and beautiful portfolio here , keep doing the great work ---regards and peace

Jacqueline Anderson , June 17, 2006; 09:48 P.M.


my pleasure~ I appreciate you stopping by! yes.....peace.

Attilio Peschiera , July 02, 2006; 10:45 A.M.

Hi Jacqueline!

I visited your portfolio some time ago! Now I confirm my previous positive impression! You are growing a lot! Nice portfolio ! Congratulation!

Jacqueline Anderson , July 03, 2006; 09:44 P.M.

Hello Attilio~

Wow, how great of you to visit again. I truly appreciate that and your most encouraging comments! Thank you so much....look forward to seeing you again!

Giovanni S , July 04, 2006; 02:33 P.M.


Can't believe I didn't notice your portfolio before!. I enjoyed browsing every photo of it. Cheers

Faisal Ansari , July 04, 2006; 04:02 P.M.


Though your b/w are full of moods, glad to see that your seaside captures are quite compelling as well.., enjoy your work everytime re-visited!! cheers

Jacqueline Anderson , July 04, 2006; 10:33 P.M.

Giovanni and Faisal~ thank you gentleman for your visit and very thoughtful words. Having become a part of this community and corresponding with such fine photographers, has truly encouraged me to continue my endeavors. I have learned a world of information here! Thank you!!

Linda McLellan , July 08, 2006; 07:57 A.M.

Jacqueline, you have a beautiful portfolio here. you really capture the serenity of the beach well, and i love your nature close-ups! good work! ~ Linda

Steve Augle , July 09, 2006; 01:49 A.M.

Your photos are wonderful I love your way of seeing life in all your works,you have a gift, Thank you for sharing. I will be back soon,I hope you will stop at my page as well. Thank you for your kind words on my pics your words are inspiring. ~ ~ ~ Steve,

allan jempson , July 14, 2006; 05:10 P.M.


Thanks for your kind words on my last effort it was very nice of you...I will be back to have a good look at all of your new ones thanks again be safe thanks again allan

Michael Brown , July 15, 2006; 09:45 P.M.

Really enjoyed the visit Jacqueline! You have some wonderful images throughout your entire portfolio. Excellent!

nayan gogoi , July 20, 2006; 05:34 P.M.

thanks for commenting on my photo....i m honoured to be commended by a realist like you....i m a mere start,lots to seek as you do...regards ,nayan.fido

Jacqueline Anderson , July 21, 2006; 04:47 P.M.

Your kind words are so very encouraging! Thank you, each of you, for taking the time to browse around and leave such nice comments. Hope to see you again soon :)

Francisco Ribeiro do Vale , July 25, 2006; 01:17 P.M.

Excellent portifolio

Jacqueline, thanks for your comments on my photos. I admire your portifolio in special the flowers, they are all beautiful. Congratulations.

Francisco Ribeiro do Vale , July 29, 2006; 09:50 P.M.


jacqueline, sorry for delay answering your question about the Stanhopea. I am not sure if I understood your question but the roots of the orchid has positive geotropism and the flowers negative because the flowers go in direction of the sun light, but this one, the Stanhopea, it is different, it goes in direction of the soil, against the light. For this genera of orchid you can't grow them in a pot because the flower goes down against the light direction. It is amazing.

Letitia Williams , July 30, 2006; 10:41 P.M.

Jacqueline, Your portfolio is very peaceful, just beautiful!

Jacqueline Anderson , July 31, 2006; 07:59 P.M.

Nice to see you again Francisco! Thank you for your comments and for sharing your knowledge about the orchids!

Letitia~ What a nice comment! Much appreciated.....regards!

Ted Gorczyca , August 11, 2006; 08:23 P.M.

beautiful portfolio, excellent work

Jacqueline Anderson , August 12, 2006; 07:56 P.M.

Many thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment Ted.

Torfinn Johannessen , August 13, 2006; 12:09 A.M.

Hi Jacqueline!

Great portefolio you have here. I especially like your seaside, and B/W pictures, but the other ones are great to. Thanks for taking you time to comment my picture. Congratulations!


Jacqueline Anderson , August 14, 2006; 06:57 P.M.

Hi Torfinn~ Your comments are very thoughtful. Thanks so much for stopping by! Nice to meet you.

ester j , August 31, 2006; 02:52 P.M.

HIya Jacqueline, just wanted to stop in to tell you how nice your portfolio is. Its filled with beautiful and peaceful photos. Youve got a good eye.

Jacqueline Anderson , September 01, 2006; 06:22 P.M.

Hello Ester~ How nice of you to stop by. I appreciate your kind comment!

Larry Boswell , September 04, 2006; 11:30 P.M.


Guess who's computer took a dump!?

Actually local construction took out our phone lines for a while and we only 'thought' it was the computer. Oh well..."I'm baaaccccckkkk!"

Thanks Jacqueline!

Jacqueline Anderson , September 08, 2006; 05:22 P.M.

Well heelllooo larry! Glad to see you :)

Gabe Walker , September 09, 2006; 10:43 P.M.

Nice flower pics and beach scenes. Reminds me of Maryland/VA shore. Where is it?

Jacqueline Anderson , September 17, 2006; 09:23 P.M.

Hi Gabe~ Thanks for the nice remarks. These photographs are pretty much all taken at the New Jersey shore (southern). A beautiful place.....beach to bay :)

Leonardo Villalobos , September 20, 2006; 01:19 A.M.

great portafolio, love it ! good luck Leo

Michael Ging , September 24, 2006; 11:05 P.M.

You do have a great portfolio, and a real eye for animals and nature. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Rebecca Baker , September 25, 2006; 02:17 P.M.

Natural Beauty


Thank you for your comments and encouragement. After visiting your extensive and beautiful portfolio, I found it to be,as I expected, very true to your love of natural beauty. My husband would also agree with you; he has many photos similar to yours. He just hasn't found the time to contribute to PN so I thought I would give a try with my new Canon PowerShot. As you can tell, I am still exploring the technical and artistic aspects of this wonderful new medium. I have already learned so much from many others on PN such as yourself. I look forward to seeing many more of your photos and please remember that all critiques +/- are appreciated. I'm not sure how these comments are sent on, so I am copying these from my page.

Rebekah B.

Francisco Ribeiro do Vale , September 25, 2006; 09:38 P.M.

Wonderful Portifolio

Thanks Jacqueline for your comments on one of my photo (roasted coffee). Your portifolio is excellent, full of wonderful photos. Congratulations. I enjoyed very much your landscapes and blumen.

Jacqueline Anderson , September 26, 2006; 11:40 A.M.

Wow! Thank you all for posting such supportive comments. I appreciate them very much...your encouragement keeps me posting :-)

Trine Bjørnstad , September 28, 2006; 05:08 A.M.

Very good

Very nice portfolio, Keep up the good work

Donibane Sanjuan , October 10, 2006; 07:13 A.M.

Excellent work

Hi Jacqueline. Very, very, very good shots. I like all of them... but specially the "black & white" ones. Congratulations ;-)

Alberto Quintal , October 22, 2006; 11:31 A.M.


Beautiful work, Jacqueline, lovely beach shots, colorfull and very well done. I love this kind of photos. Congratulations.


Rebecca Baker , October 29, 2006; 10:39 A.M.

Thank you Jacqueline

Jacqueline, Thank you for your comments on my photo (manipulation),"Autumn Winds." Your beautiful portfolio is an inspiration...I will visit it often. Rebekah B.

allan jempson , October 31, 2006; 08:21 A.M.



Tom L. , November 18, 2006; 08:06 P.M.


Great pictures you have here! It's nice to see the work of another from my area!

Jacqueline Anderson , November 19, 2006; 09:37 A.M.

Hi everyone.....Thank you all so kindly for your generous comments. My participation at PN has been sporatic lately so forgive me if I have not stopped by your portfolios. I do look forward to it!!!! Best regards to all!

Flavio Lo Scalzo , December 04, 2006; 03:03 A.M.


Jacqueline, you have a beautiful and original portfolio. I like it so much. Congratulations and thanks for your time. Best regards, Flavio.

Bijan Saha , December 08, 2006; 04:53 A.M.

Great photos Jacqueline. Specially those of the seaside.

Kenneth Fugate , December 25, 2006; 11:18 P.M.

Hello friend

I would like to wish you and your family Happy Holidays and a Good New Year! And say thank you for your support with your ratings and comments on my work over the last year. We are hoping to post some good weather photos this year. We start shooting sky photos in April thanks again for supporting my work.

Best wishes Ken Fugate Stormphoto.net

Tony Bijeaux , December 29, 2006; 07:07 P.M.

Hi Jacqueline. I really love your work. The seaside images and your B&W are fantastic. Thanks for sharing.



Antonio Zafonte , January 12, 2007; 10:47 P.M.

Thanks for your visit and your comments to my pics, your portfolio, is very interesting

Eduardo Agustin Carrasco , January 15, 2007; 12:18 P.M.


hola Jacqueline, you have some beatiful photos, congratulations.



Jacqueline Anderson , January 17, 2007; 06:41 P.M.

Many, many thanks to each of you for browsing through my photographs. Your comments are VERY appreciated! You have made this a great first year for me at Photo.net. Gracias~~

Bijan Saha , January 18, 2007; 04:20 A.M.

Jacqueline, beautiful sea sides and fantastic nature close-ups. It was really a nice trip going through your portfolio.

Antonio Zafonte , January 24, 2007; 12:54 P.M.

Hi Jacqueline, tks for u'r rate, and for the visit on my portfolio, you have very nice pics, see u soon...... Antonio

Antonio Zafonte , January 27, 2007; 11:48 A.M.

Hi, jacqueline, tks for u'r comment :) greating, Antonio

Ross Yourth , February 04, 2007; 09:58 P.M.

Hi Jacqueline- Thank you for your kind comment on my image. This led me to your portfolio & it is really impressive. Your flower images are really great.I am taken with the way you observe possible images & feel free to try different viewpoints. Regards-Ross

Carlos Cass , June 10, 2007; 07:45 A.M.

really nice, good work an very good quality, congratulations.

Francisco Méndez Fuentes , August 18, 2007; 12:33 P.M.


simply beautiful. Kisses framefu

Martin Kovacic , October 09, 2007; 03:59 A.M.

So inspiring job. Nicely done. Thanx

Kenneth Fugate , November 18, 2007; 07:34 A.M.

Hello Friend!

Well here it is another year is passing away and we are coming into the holidays. I think time starts to go faster as we get older, it was just yesterday I wished my friends Happy Holidays and here it is again the end of a year. The holiday lights are starting to be put on some of the trees here in Dallas, we were out last night and some were lighting the trees. I wish for you all a holiday season with family and friends, after all is said and done all we have is each other.

I want all of you to know just what your comments and ratings on my work means to me, your words are my motivation, my drive to discover, to learn this art that we all love, thank you for taking time and thank you for caring about my works. At the same time thank you for letting us see your world, our lives are so much the same, we all care about our families and friends and we all share the same things, maybe someday our photos will help make for a lasting world peace. May you and your family be blessed this season.

Happy Holidays and Happy Shooting


Bartosz Modrzejewski , March 27, 2008; 07:54 P.M.

Hi Jacqueline

Thank so much for comment on my shot. O God your portfolio is amazing so nice congratulation how long are U in photography are you Pro?? Love you portfolio

Salvador Penaloza , April 09, 2008; 08:58 P.M.

Thanks !

Thank you for the comment on my shot "Tepoztlan Market" I appreciated. You have an outstanding portfolio, full of color and creativity, my favorites , flowers and those lovely sunsets, well done , muchas felicidades // Salvador

David Meiner , April 11, 2008; 12:27 A.M.

Thanks, Jacqueline, for your input on some of my photos. I appreciate your thoughts. You have some outstanding work here in your portfolio. As a frequent visitor to Florida, I especially like some of those photos. You have a great eye for good and unusual composition. Regards to you. Thanks again.

Sherle Curtice , April 11, 2008; 09:25 P.M.

Very nice portfolio... I especially like the black and whites and the beach ones. There is so much line and shape in the beach ones that they take me to all sorts of places. The black and white ones are done with a good range of values and very beautiful. Looking forward to seeing more of your work and having the time to leave individual comments on some of your images. .....Sherle

ps: thanks for the comment on my portfolio.

Robert Chura , April 16, 2008; 11:08 A.M.

I appreciate your comments on my image The Glare. You alluded to an insight about the image which leads me to believe you could make some great portraits and I was only slightly dissapointed to find few on your page. You have good talent shown in your images.

Daily Photograph , April 16, 2008; 04:18 P.M.

Life as is. Rich views!

Mihai Alexandru , November 30, 2008; 06:41 P.M.


now that's a well worked portfolio . loved your blanco y negro section ... just beautiful . love ur work . best regards , Alex .

Arturo Lasso , December 24, 2008; 10:17 A.M.

I wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy 2009. Thanks for your time and comments. Regards from Canarias.

Alberto Quintal , December 23, 2009; 01:08 A.M.


Feliz Navidad y mejor año 2010



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