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Comments on this portfolio:

Jay Jorjee , June 21, 2009; 09:27 A.M.

Hi Mark ! It is my pleasure to be the first to write on your portfolio. To work with nature is a great job and you are doing very well. I hope to see more of your work. Regards and welcome. Jay Jorjee

Konstantinos Arvanitopoulos , June 22, 2009; 10:33 A.M.

Hi Mark,

Welcome to PN! You have many brilliant wildlife images in your portfolio, congrats! Happy clickings, Kon

Nicole Branan , June 22, 2009; 10:27 P.M.

Stunning portfolio, Mark! I LOVE the intense color in your photos. Welcome to PN!


Theodore Mattas , June 24, 2009; 11:22 A.M.

The constant presence of vivid-warm color is the most characteristic element in your portfolio. I also like the artistic angle of view on your wildlife shots. Great work without any doupt.

Stuart Bellamy , June 24, 2009; 05:44 P.M.

Wow, I have never seen such an amazing wildlife portfolio before. Your unique style is very evident and you have captured some amazing moments. I'm from SA, so very appreciative of it. Will be back again to see any new work, please keep it up.

Regards Stuart Bellamy

Mark Vincent Müller , June 25, 2009; 02:14 P.M.

Southern Hemisphere

Hi Stuart Thanks for visiting an commenting on my portfolio, what a treat to live in SA - within and close to some of the most amazing landscape and wildlife places on earth. I enjoyed your portfolio, you have a clean style and obviously take care with setting up your compositions.
These are my favourites and what they evoke in me.
Only By The Night : this has it all
Sun Toucher : those blurred edges on the branches just make it work
A River Runs: simplicty is so hard to get right
Greeting to the Southern Hemisphere.

Mark Vincent Müller , June 25, 2009; 02:32 P.M.

Animal Interaction


Thanks for dropping by my portfolio, your BBC wildlife photographer series and other images show nice animal action and behaviour, which are not easy to capture.

Mark Vincent Müller , June 25, 2009; 02:41 P.M.

Classical vs. Flash

Nicole, thx for your kind comments on my portfolio. I salute your good efforts in differing from the "classical american wide angel perfect light landscape style" by using flash to light up your atmospheric juniper tree images. Regards, Mark.

Tom Miller , June 27, 2009; 10:14 P.M.

It's like Christmas morning, such a sudden abundance of beautiful surprises!

Regards, Tom

paolo capelli , June 30, 2009; 04:36 A.M.

great, great, great portfolio... classical subjects taken from a new, different point of view, with an interesting use of colors! I will add you into my favorites. greetings from italy!


Marina Cano , July 02, 2009; 05:36 P.M.

Your work is excellent. Flame of the forest is the"flame" of your portfolio. An incredible picture, and one of my favourites. You have some stunning pictures, and others IMHO just beautiful. What camera do you have? Nikon?

Mark Vincent Müller , July 03, 2009; 03:43 P.M.


Thanks for your kind words. I use a Nikon F4 - old style kinda guy :-)

Vincenzo Corbo , July 03, 2009; 04:30 P.M.

Hi Mark, your portfolio is very very nice, a joy of colours and details. GReat composition and really simple yet effective framing. One of my favourite portfolio.

Best regards, Vincenzo

Jim Tipton , July 07, 2009; 10:11 P.M.

Hi Mark- Your welcome for the comment and thanks for the comment on Dawn. I wouldn't know where to start picking a favorite out of your portfolio, just to many great shots to narrow it down that far. Best wishes to you-Jim

Richard Gale , July 08, 2009; 08:51 P.M.

Mark, you have a wonderufl folio, I've enjoyed looking through it. Thank you also for your constructive comments they are very much appreciated.


Steven Richardson , July 15, 2009; 11:55 A.M.

Mark,, Wonderful portfolio.. Many fantastic shots.. Looking forward to seeing more..

Floris van Breugel , July 15, 2009; 05:11 P.M.

Hey Mark, really excellent portfolio. I'm glad you left a comment on one of my images, and even more delighted that I followed the link to your work. Impressive and inspiring collection with many unique and moving images. Keep at it!

Shiva Charles , July 18, 2009; 10:41 A.M.

Excellent portfolio - it has encouraged me to work a lot hard on mine when I get the opportunity to do so with guidance from yours.

José Miguel Rodríguez , July 25, 2009; 07:08 A.M.

Hi Mark...

Your work is inspiring..... Congratulations my friend!

Giangiorgio Crisponi , July 26, 2009; 06:23 A.M.

Bravo !!!

Congratulations Mark for your stunning portfolio, full of very nice wildlife photos ( for me one of the best in Photo.net), I like the composition, the colours the sharpness of yours images, thanks for sharing, I will return to see your new entries , ciao Giangiorgio

Goran Anastasovski , July 26, 2009; 04:05 P.M.

Fantastic portfolio. Bravo Mark

Mark Vincent Müller , July 26, 2009; 04:52 P.M.

Thank you all for your kind words, cheers Mark.

Pieter Cronje , July 31, 2009; 03:48 A.M.

Hi Mark.

When I was having a look at your portfolio it was difficult not to think you were also living in South Arfica. You have a great gallery here, and have photographs that I had been waiting years for to photograph such as your prancing springbuck.

I like the way you compose your photos and make use of colours to emphasise your subject matter. Congratulations ! I would like to see more of your work.

Dave Edwards , August 03, 2009; 08:21 P.M.

Your portfolio has taken the art form to a whole other level. Transcendence (is that a word?)

Juan Chamorro , August 04, 2009; 05:55 P.M.

A fantastic portfolio, full of color and fantastic images. An incredible variety of pictures. Pictures to learn a lot. Regards

Kah Kit Yoong , August 05, 2009; 05:06 P.M.

Some stunning imagery here. I enjoyed a great deal going through your portfolio. I like your use of light and simplicity of design. Occasionally I wish for cleaner results e.g. sharpness or noise, but that is being highly critical.

John Maillard , August 08, 2009; 02:54 A.M.

Hi Mark

Well for me a neo pictorialist to make a comment on your portfolio, what do I say. A wide range of creative and beautifully crafted images that drip quality. I think its more important to talk about what we share. That is a deep and unreconciled love for the world in all its shaped and forms. Even though we photograph as best we can, some how its elusiveness and beauty just shows itself enough to be like a drug that hooks you at first taste. Keep photographing and searching and I guess in the end we will find it, whatever it may be. I am honored to have you comment about your work.

Mark Chertkow , August 10, 2009; 04:32 A.M.

Hi Mark, you have a stunning portfolio - thoroughtly enjoyed browsing through it, Great use of light and colour. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Keep up the good work. Regards Mark

Zsolt Andras Szabo , August 18, 2009; 04:33 A.M.

Hi Mark! you said you like more my experimental photos, and i understand why: you make very unconventional, original photos, unique visions of often photographed subjects. and i can easily recognize your style between other photos even without the frames and watermark. all the best! Zsolt

Flavio Lo Scalzo , August 25, 2009; 04:25 P.M.


Mark, I enjoyed looking at your portfolio. Thanks very much for looking and commenting on my own portfolio. Keep up the good work. All the best, Flavio.

Johnny Moller , September 04, 2009; 02:41 A.M.

Hi Mark

What a stunning portfolio! Truly one to admire! Hopefully one day i will be able to reach your level! Best regards - Johnny

Gilles Wittmer , September 09, 2009; 10:55 A.M.


A fantastic gallery, it's amazing! Great job, congratulations Gilles

Magnar Børnes , September 09, 2009; 05:04 P.M.

Very impressing portfolio! Keep on the good work! Thanks for sharing your pictures with us! Best regards!

Magnar Børnes

Erik Adams , September 09, 2009; 11:21 P.M.

A thoroughly enjoyable portfolio. Quite a bit of hard work represented here. Your flamingo shots are some of my favorites, as well as the sidewinder and flame of the forest. Thanks for sharing.

Pierluigi Chinellato , September 21, 2009; 06:53 P.M.

hi Mark

First thank you for the comment left, but also I would like to congratulate you for the wonderfull and inspiring pictures. Something that I would only need to aspire to and learn from. One of the best portfolio I have seen! ciao Pier

David Clapp , October 05, 2009; 10:10 P.M.

some of the best wildlife images I have seen in a long time, and some excellent landscapes too, a fabulous body of work. If there is one thing others can learn from your work that is that these pictures are photographs, and remain as photographs, not some digital alteration image spat out the wrong end of photoshop. An enviable standard, people should look at your work and think hard about their own.... I love the intimacy of your work in particular. Dont change a thing about your workflow!

Margo Wade , October 06, 2009; 08:52 P.M.

Hello Mark, a professionally-presented portfolio filled with wonderful wildlife images. I have greatly enjoyed my visit. Kind regards, Margo.

Isabelle Koninckx , October 12, 2009; 03:34 A.M.

Dear Mark

W*O*W sums just about this impressive portfolio ! Well done for such beautiful photos and especially your talent !

With kind regards,


Norma Coetzer , October 20, 2009; 10:16 A.M.

You have an absolutely amazing portfolio! The colors you use! I am crazy about it! Well done!

Sean Crane , December 06, 2009; 09:47 P.M.

Hey Mark, Definitely one of the best wildlife portfolios I've seen on photo.net.

Maurizio Guarino , December 22, 2009; 10:53 A.M.

Dear Mark, thanks for the time you have dedicated to my photo! I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ! Maurizio.

Linh Dinh , December 24, 2009; 01:57 A.M.

Wishing you and your family a merry Christmas. May the new year brings you all success, happiness and peace. Many greetings and best regards, Linh Dinh

Andrew Campbell , December 24, 2009; 07:05 A.M.

Merry Christmas and all the best in 2010.

Robert Cooper , February 15, 2010; 04:48 P.M.

Your portfolio is truly inspiring! Incredible work.

Chantelle Melzer , March 08, 2010; 02:01 A.M.


Very Inspiring portfolio.... thank you!

Stephen Penland , April 12, 2010; 12:13 A.M.

You have an incredible portfolio. As a biologist, I appreciate being able to see the animals in the context of their habitat, and you've portrayed both so beautifully. Your work is simply stunning.

Ramon Monegal , May 18, 2010; 06:14 P.M.

Mark, thanks for sharing such colorful amazing shots; best wildlife portfolio I've ever seen...!

Thanks again, and go on!

Kind regards,


Mark Vincent Müller , May 20, 2010; 10:26 A.M.

Thanks everybody for viewing and commenting on my portfolio. Cheers, Mark.

Patsy Dunn , May 21, 2010; 10:44 A.M.


  Wow.....amazing portfolio. It would be hard to pick which one would be my favorite, you have took wildlife photographer to another level of art.  Thank you for sharing & keep up the amazing work. Take care, Patsy

Karl Schuler , June 05, 2010; 06:54 A.M.

Your photos are a skilful testimony of your passion and patience in an eventful life. Congratulations. Karl

Gorka Lopez , June 06, 2010; 03:20 P.M.

You have a wonderful portfolio, really consistent and full of character. Well done, and keep doing!

sandra van Doorn , June 06, 2010; 06:05 P.M.

Hi Mark, your portfolio is like a "Grand Voyage";  every picture is splendid and perfect. 

Marsel van Oosten , June 07, 2010; 10:14 A.M.

Exellent portfolio Mark - keep up the good work!

John Maillard , June 19, 2010; 04:09 A.M.


Hi Mark great work, how would you describe you work and were it is going? 

Mark Vincent Müller , June 21, 2010; 01:15 P.M.

Hi John

Thanks, let me try to elaborate on my photography in words. A challenging task as I would think my images speak much better by themselves :-)

How would I describe my work?

Well, passionate and emotional for sure, I love nature and I adore animals. During my trips I "inherit" the energy and atmosphere of a place and its wildlife. I try to let myself drift with the essence of what makes an environment special and unique. When not taking pictures I often day-dream and pre-visualize images I would like to shot. I have a little black book in which I sketch images sparked by having seeing an interesting scene, at the time maybe not ideal to photograph. I will then store those visualizations in my head and seek them in the real world. Of course every moment is unique and cannot be recreated, but those storyboards so to speak help me within a photographic moment to come as close as possible to "my" ideal picture.

My images are very clear in their statement, I believe they have a obvious focus on the subject at hand. Good advertising photography actually teaches me on why it is so important to get the message across simple and direct. Each image tells a story of that specific place or animal. Wildlife in my opinion has to be shown embedded into their habitat. There is a symbiosis of animals and the world they live in. This is for certain one of the key elements of my wildlife images. Jim Brandenburg's outstanding work is my favourite example of combining landscape and wildlife photography. One of the big challenges for me is to show a small rather unspectacular animal in a dramatic way.

In terms of composition I am certainly influenced by Japanese awareness of space and proportions. I am not afraid of empty spaces or going beyond the golden point or 2/3 to 1/3 rule. I try to have a very good un-balanced composition....if that makes any sense. Scale and putting my subject into perspective and context help me to find the right composition. Using the 20mm for wildlife makes for unique views and is my favourite lens despite the difficulties (and dangers) in getting close enough to the subject.

If one looks thru my portfolio the rich colours will jump into the eyes. For me the world is full of fantastic colours, yet I reduce them to monochromatic interpretations. Nearly all of my images show only one or two colours, rarely more. I find that photographs are more striking and memorable if they carry a strong colour theme.

Without light no photography. Most of my images are captured close to sunrise or sunset - I rarely shot during the day. I am very aware of light and shadows and will return to a place many times if possible to get it right. I admire Frans Lanting for his work with artificial light in wildlife photography - he has taken this to another level.

Where do I see my photography going?

At the moment my adventures are my children and family rather than stalking rare species in the wild :-) I am having fun publishing my images and currently working on my website which hopefully will be up and running soon. I have experimented a bit with digital alterations but am not sure if I will publish them here on photo.net.

In terms of photography I have dreams and visions; I would love to document and travel for extended times to India and visualize the wildlife from the Himalayas to the hot southern parts. I do not think, apart from the main tourist tiger attractions, that this has been done "right". I have never been to South America, so that is definitely something on my list.

Hope this has answered your questions. Thanks to you and everybody for taking the time to view and appreciate my images.

Cheers, Mark.

Jerry Sundin , July 02, 2010; 10:23 A.M.

What a terrific portfolio !!!  I love wildlife photography as well and hope to learn alot from examining your work and technique.


Thanks for sharing.

Steve Hébert , July 07, 2010; 04:57 P.M.

The only time I ever notice nature and wildlife photography is when it's this good!!! you have a magnificent portfolio, best regards.

Bianka Zalman , July 17, 2010; 04:50 A.M.

amazing wonders

dear mark vincent,

strolling through your pf is indeed a pleasure of its own, i love the variety of your remarkable images and the subtile emotions, to feel by viewing your captures. you have fine senses for the right moment and your impressions are so unique and  touching, that's what i call "the essence of photography".

normaly i dislike textes with titles and names under images, but in your case this is done so tasteful and joining with a very fine style, that i would miss it here without.

well, all in one my favorite portfolio here and for sure a place to come back as often as i can!

kindest regards, bianka

Lukas Ondrousek , July 20, 2010; 09:50 A.M.

wow, i say this rarely, but this is quite an impressive portfolio! keep up the good work. cheers from Slovakia, Lukas ;-)

Wendy de Kok , September 05, 2010; 03:41 A.M.

I'm so confused, you've got such a beautiful portfolio and I've seen a photo of you yet, how is that posssible. I've been looking with my nose I quess, excellent work!

Andre Viegas , September 06, 2010; 11:06 A.M.

Amazing, amazing images! Poetry in pixels. Congrats. Av

Luca Bertoglio , September 21, 2010; 03:44 P.M.

Wow stunning portfolio!!!

It seems I have discovered another portfolio to watch waiting for new arrivals. Every, every, every image have something to tell, well presented and technical near to the perfection in most cases. Thank you for sharing an hour well spent of my night relax!


Marc Apers , November 26, 2010; 08:52 A.M.


Realy superb photos of Namibia, in my eyes one of the most beautifull countries of the world.  Fantastic portfolio !!



Anura Fernando , April 15, 2011; 01:56 P.M.

Defenetely one of the most beautiful wildlife photo collections I have seen. Specailly the way you have incoparated the scenaries & surroundings with the amazing animals are fantastic. Thank you for uploading all those photos, folks like me can learn tons of things just by looking at them.

Bo Østergaard Jepsen , September 13, 2011; 06:40 A.M.

What an absolutely beautiful gallery you have, Mark. Stunning, evocative, and beautiful photography.

Art X , June 12, 2012; 07:39 A.M.

Many above have said most. Its a wonderful and inspiring body of work, Mark. To have the ability both to travel as you do and photograph with such technique must be a lot of fun. For your viewers here in photo.net its also a joy to study. compliments

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