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Comments on this portfolio:

Neville Bulsara , February 23, 2004; 06:19 A.M.

Very nice pics, Pradeep!

norbert wabnig , March 02, 2004; 03:25 P.M.

thx for your comment

..on my foto ..made me laugh :)

i put the foto in beacuse i liked the way these...these...lightning-curves or how shall i name them ....so i liked the way these things looked like..:)


very nice portfolio

keep it up best rigards bye n.w.

Ananthanarayanan Venkatesan , March 04, 2004; 02:01 P.M.

Just great

Pradeep... the photos are just too good. Calls for an eye which is creative.. its not just the merit of the camera.. the eye makes all the difference... keep it up... and all the best..

Rama Chidambaram , March 06, 2004; 09:15 P.M.

The photographs by Pradeep are extremely striking and beautifully photographed. The photographs are also well displayed in appropriate groups making it a good collection. Keep up the good work and waiting for new additions.

arvind ranganathan , March 08, 2004; 05:04 A.M.

Hi Pradeep!

Excellcent compositions! SO u've bcom a photo freak now...interesting!!! Had been one myself till college days, but somewhere along the line attention got diverted - y'know where!!!

Good stuff - I like the attempt on 'action' - of you diving!

Arvind Ranganathan

Malathy J , March 08, 2004; 04:44 P.M.

Hi Pradeep

Excellent work and good collection.

Ayshwarya Srinivasan , March 10, 2004; 11:59 P.M.

Pradeep, Awesome snaps.Very difficult to pick a favourite among them.:-) Ayshwarya

Russell Orrell , March 12, 2004; 09:36 P.M.

Pradeep, You have a good eye for composition and a wonderful sense of timing for expression. The portraits show an imaginative way of seeing. The something extra that makes for fine art is evident in some of these photos.

Aarthi Shriram , March 18, 2004; 10:03 A.M.


Hey, the pics are damn good! As you said, the orange hibiscus is just brilliant... and the watermelon is awesome. Graet goings!!

Christopher Knittel , March 18, 2004; 02:19 P.M.

Nice Portfolio

You have some great shots here. Nicely done.


Tuhin Saha , March 25, 2004; 05:57 A.M.

Very nice portfolio .

Vijay Balaji , March 28, 2004; 10:20 A.M.



Truly awesome! Kizhichutai!!

Deepak Subramaniam , March 30, 2004; 01:48 P.M.

Excellent Collection

Pradeep superb collection, i like the insects and the B & W sections the best. The experimental section has some nice ones too

Craig Ferguson , April 01, 2004; 08:50 A.M.


I just came across your portfolio by way of the "Bob quits" thread. And I am very impressed. Your portraits make me want to burn all of my portraits taken during my trips to India. They are amazing. Great work.

Brian Fotomakertje , April 02, 2004; 04:09 P.M.

Wow, I like your portofolio. I really like the nature / greens / landscapes. Keep up the good work !!

Rajeev Thomas , April 03, 2004; 11:12 P.M.


What a wonderful collection of photos you have!!! Everyone of them are unique...original.Great job there is a lot to learn from you!!!

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY , April 04, 2004; 09:25 A.M.

Thank you for your inspiring comment on my portfolio, I am honored. Your portfolio is truly amazing in content and creativity. It displays well the multifaceted wide range of your abilities as a photographer. I will be looking and learning from you. Thank you.

Srinivas Harihar , April 04, 2004; 01:45 P.M.


Some of the photos are real nice. You can give them for postcards man!!.. I have not seen this artist side of you during our college days!! Keep up the good work.

Dhiren . , April 05, 2004; 11:12 A.M.

Thank You !

Hello Pradeep,

Thanks for your kind words; I would be more than happy to share my [immature] ideas with you. I liked some of your macro attempts.

Cheers Dhiren

Rahul Dokania , April 07, 2004; 01:47 A.M.

Simply awesome

The photos are amazing . The pics are very well organised in relevant sections .

lixin An , April 09, 2004; 10:18 P.M.

You have such special eyes! I enjoy the micro world from your lens.

Pim de Ruijter , April 12, 2004; 11:58 A.M.

Just excellent! You have an photographic eye! Thanks for your comment on my portfolio, I appreciate that :)!

Regards, Pim

norbert wabnig , April 15, 2004; 06:12 A.M.

okay.. now i know what you mean..:) im sorry.i just didnt knew it :)

kepp it up best rigards

Nilesh Dhakras , April 17, 2004; 07:23 A.M.


Thanks a lot for your encouraging words! They really mean a lot for amature like me :)

Anesh P , April 17, 2004; 02:41 P.M.

I read your comment on a filmware for the 300D to make it more like a 10D. Do you know if any exist? What if one uses the 10D's filmware on 300D? Some great pics here. What camera do you use?

Anthony Irik , April 22, 2004; 12:18 A.M.

Wonderful colours, subjects and captivating images - ill be back :)

Paul David Athey , April 22, 2004; 06:09 P.M.

Pradeep, now no more talk of deleting this wonderful portfolio. I am honoured to have received comments from someone with such an extensive portfolio of superb quality photography. Wonderful, I'll also be back often. Regards Paul.

Jenifer Selwa - West Michigan , April 23, 2004; 01:22 A.M.

Outstanding portfolio of diverse and fun photographs. Keep it up!

pingu pingu , April 25, 2004; 07:03 A.M.


very good portfolio pradeep, in all kinds of pictures.

have fun and continue like that :)))

Antonio Baiano , April 27, 2004; 05:53 A.M.

Hi Pradeep, very nice portfolio! why don't you make another presentation with the wedding? as you pointed out, the photos must be judged all together, and I think that the presentation is the only way to do that. All the best

Antonio Baiano , April 27, 2004; 04:44 P.M.

I think that photography can be really a common language which can make poeple closer and understand without words...I'm very happy to be here on this net to meet people like you, Pradeep! hope one day to come to India, which is one of my "dream" country, and meet you! by the way, I'm fond of indian music, I've also studied tabla for some months with an indian teacher! Tin Tala!

Deivasigamani Vasanthakumar , April 28, 2004; 08:56 A.M.


Hi Pradeep all are nice photos.Could u send me your contact mail id.

Suman L , April 29, 2004; 01:03 A.M.

Excellent work

Pradeep your photos are really excellent. With a G2 you did a great job. Keep it up and keep updated us with more pics. Suman

Foureyes . , May 01, 2004; 01:28 A.M.

thank you for stoping by and for your kind words on my work,.....you have a great gallery,....love your nature photos, specially "it's a small world",.....that photo is fantastic !!!!!!!

Sriram Varadarajan , May 02, 2004; 02:57 A.M.


Thank you for your comments and taking the time to visit. You have a diverse portfolio and I really enjoyed your photograph titled "Peace"... being from South India myself I feel you have captured the moment well with an apt caption.

Antonio Baiano , May 03, 2004; 02:44 A.M.

Hi Pradeep, I just read your reply, many thanks...I just want to say that I just took some lessons, but being a tabla player needs just some years and lessons more ....;-) Alla Raka and Zakir Hussain are great really....the day I come to India I would like to shoot something on indian music. Waiting for the presentation.

Stephan Brauchli , May 04, 2004; 12:03 A.M.


Hi Pradeep, Thank you for your kind words on my smoke series. I really admire your macro photos as well as the Indian wedding photos. You have a good eye.. keep up the good work. I'll be back.

Wilfred Lim , May 04, 2004; 11:32 A.M.

Hi Pradeep, this is a wonderfully varied portfolio! Nice! Thanks for sharing! Where is your country of residence?

Jiri Gregor , May 04, 2004; 03:54 P.M.

B e a u t i f u l P h o t o s

Hello Pradeep. Always looking at Your photos with pleasure. They are very nice and "A South Indian Wedding" collection is excellent. Jiri.

Rahul Dokania , May 05, 2004; 02:48 A.M.


The photos are a treat to the eyes . Very subtle and yet striking.

Wong KK , May 06, 2004; 06:56 A.M.

Thank you for visiting my folder!

I know you because I'm luckily Turked (o: ... You indeed get lot of great photos here. Especially, I love your green works. Keep on (-: ... And, would like to see more of your creative artworks. Cheers :D

JF Ochoa , May 09, 2004; 02:10 P.M.

You have a lot of beauitul images! Fantastic portfolio. Congrats... from México!

Klaus Sommer , May 10, 2004; 04:30 P.M.


Dein Folder ist Großartig, ich bin von Deinen Aufnahmen begeistert. Alles Gute wünscht Dir Klaus.(Fantastic portfolio. Pradeep your photos are really excellent) Regards Klaus

umesh chandra , May 11, 2004; 03:50 A.M.

your gallery is too good. Particularly, the picture of the kid(close up shot). The freshness of the baby is felt in the eyes. it is very touching. some of your picutres of Indian marriage are very good. all your folders shows good qualities of your photography. ur picture in the gallery is highly techno style...very good..keep it up

Janice Molton , May 12, 2004; 07:17 P.M.


This is a very inspiring portfolio! I love visiting it!

Anthony M , May 15, 2004; 11:52 A.M.

Pradeep, You are a very good photgrapher.

Forrest Davis , May 17, 2004; 08:28 P.M.

Kind and Considerate

Your collection of comments complements your photo work. . . both considerate, with one inspiring the other.

Howard Dion , May 19, 2004; 07:45 P.M.

I hope this does not get lost in the many comments you rec'd to date. You have a wonderful portfolio of images. Professionally executed. I really appreciate your work.

Pradeep Raghunathan , May 19, 2004; 08:40 P.M.

Thank you Howard

I love to hear from fellow photographers on the site about my portfolio. A pat on the back from wonderful photographers like you are the inspiration and motivation for amateurs like me. cheers!

Balwant Singh , May 20, 2004; 07:02 A.M.

Excellent work

Hi Pradeep,

Excellent work and good collection.


Balwant Singh (Graphic Artist)

Alec Ee , May 21, 2004; 01:24 A.M.

Great technique

Lovely compositions and exposures. One thing is for sure Predeep. Your pictures are always very interesting. You have a good eye for details. Enjoyed your images.

Kenneth Fugate , May 22, 2004; 03:47 P.M.

Pradeep, when I first visit a portfolio I look for that one photo to rate, the one that stands out but all of your photos stand out and are beautiful, full of life and color! Very well done! Best wishes, Ken Stormphoto.net

Lauren McNeely , May 24, 2004; 04:43 P.M.


You have some fantastic images here. You have a very good eye for detail and color. I am very impressed with your talent!

Shiva Shiva , May 25, 2004; 01:06 A.M.

Great work!

Hi Pradeep,

All your work are amazing. Great work!! Especially those pics of southie wedding..reveals our greatest culture and traditions. Both the babies also very cute. You are an excellent artist..keep going!

All the Best!

Balasubramanian gurumoorthy , May 26, 2004; 08:48 A.M.


Pradeep..the pictures were awesome.I liked the B&W pics the best.Looking forward to more additions.Keep up the great work.

Akshaya Amit Bhosle , May 28, 2004; 01:16 A.M.

A m a z i n g ! !

Hi Pradeep.. ur folio is truly inspirational.. congratulations.. u have quite often converted common things into great pictures very successfully.. keep more of this stuff coming..

Anirvan Nandy , May 28, 2004; 11:01 A.M.

Very impressive porfolio !

P r a d e e p, I thoroughly enjoyed browsing through your photos ! "A Smokin Nude" is the best ! Keep up the good work. Will keep coming back.

rajesh vijayaraghavan , May 28, 2004; 11:33 A.M.

Hi Pradeep, I wrote a short story "Kritanta" using one of your snaps, in my blog - http://raapi.blogspot.com Just wanted to thank you for lending me that picture!I plan to write somemore such accounts in future. -Raapi

Asma Butt , May 28, 2004; 02:55 P.M.

Hi pradeep thanks for appreciated me . i am new on photonet and also in photo feild. you are very genious photographer. i like your all folder. i try to do like you . cheers ! !

Gabriella Lucia , May 28, 2004; 04:43 P.M.

Superb portfolio, well rounded, very talented and creative.

Swati Sengupta , May 31, 2004; 09:00 P.M.

Hi Pradeep! Thanks for your comments on my photo! I find it difficult to comment on yours - because they are too awesome. Am struck speechless. I lo.....ve the Mother's Eye - and not only because of technical reasons. The sunsets are mind blowing, and so are the experiments with the vegetables. Thank you for letting me in on a beautiful world....

Adrian Maniutiu , May 31, 2004; 09:05 P.M.


I enjoyed your portfolio very much; it's diverse and presented in a very "clear" and distinctive manner. Cheers,

Bhooma Raghavan , June 02, 2004; 04:46 P.M.

Glimpses of normal activities

What I loved the most about your pics are that there is no arrangement or any stage setup in these pics.They are not too scenic situations nor or they too formal occasions.The glimpses have been taken out of the usual daytoday life and not to mention it is best catch at any instance in a given location.Great to see them!!! My favorite one is your friend's wife and kid ,both of them wearing a beautiful charm in their face..

william carter , June 03, 2004; 07:47 P.M.


Your work "catches the eye", certainly the goal of photography. A friend, Arun, introduced me to your work. Quite picturesque!

Raffaella Lunelli , June 04, 2004; 05:37 A.M.

To all your photos!

WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL!!! And thanks for your comment to my "Blu!" photo. It is very precious for me to have a good comment from a Master like you...

Ivar Olsen , June 04, 2004; 12:29 P.M.

Pradeep... Pradeep!!!

This is fab stuff!!! :-))) Your portfolio is daunting to rate and look through, but nevertheless... I'm sitting with a smile! :-)) Your experimental pictures with incense sticks is just too cool! I will have to try out some of your ideas... It's "easy" to make a nice picture aesthetically. To make an original one is harder... you seems to master them both! See you around my friend! :-))


Robin Rademaker , June 07, 2004; 03:38 P.M.

I'm a newcommer

Hi Pradeep, I just started out with taking pictures actually, but since I joined photo.net I wan't to make more pictures, I have my camera, yes a G2 like you, for 2 years now, and I find it fun to take artistic shots now and then.

Your portfolio is nice too, you have a lot of different stuff, I'll sure come back to take a look once and a while.

Thx for the comments, Robin.

Bartek B , June 09, 2004; 03:47 A.M.

hello Pradeep

I view your portfolio and I think that is wonderful.Great photos quality and composition.

Vishwanath Raman , June 09, 2004; 02:12 P.M.

You have

an excellent portfolio too. Very diverse. Thanks for visiting mine and placing a comment. I have been a member of photo.net for about four years now and have taken a break from contributing images, ratings or comments for a while. When I get back I am sure to check on this portfolio. Happy shooting and best of luck.

Sally Delacruz , June 11, 2004; 02:32 P.M.

Pradeep,congrats! you got good reviews from others, who are good photographers too. I see you got lots of fans out there. Your Portfolios are impressive and diversified too.best regards,sally ( 061104)

Paul McKeown , June 13, 2004; 02:48 P.M.

A well seen & executed portfolio, Pradeep. I've seen a lot of your images in top photos section - excellent! I can't wait for my wife to see your folder, she loves the subcontinent, and everything about it (as do I). Someday soon we will visit your magnificent country. Thanks also for your comment on my folder, I just discovered it - PN is sometimes hard to navigate!

Nice presentation on the Wedding - the comments were very informative.

Thanks Paul

A.K. Sircar , June 14, 2004; 11:31 A.M.

Artist Extraordinary

Pradeep, let me congratulate you for offering us such beautiful creations to view. You are, indeed, blessed. God has given you that rare eyes and skill, which makes the difference between an artist and an ordinary photographer. Hope to see many more of your wonderful shots in future.

Boris Voglar , June 15, 2004; 08:41 A.M.


Nice Pictures, Very Good Portfolio.

Andres Borbon , June 15, 2004; 05:38 P.M.

Is a strong portfolio, Pradeep. Every folder has a touch of beauty and, apart of the technical skills, is surrounded by the emotion and soul of a PHOTOGRAPHER. No more words needed: The images speaks for themselves. Compliments. Andres mxg9@yahoo.com

Annika Lund , June 18, 2004; 10:20 A.M.

Great photos

Hi I have just looked at your photos and I must say you have alot of good ones.

Ciao Annika

Arun Ramachandran , June 22, 2004; 03:21 P.M.

The P r a d e e p way

I'm fairly new to the forum, and just got a chance to browse your portfolio. There are a hundred different ways of snapping all that you have in there...and then there's the Pradeep way. Simply awesome! Just cant wait to see more.

My favorite: 'Look into my eyes...' It 'was' a pretty tried out subject. But not anymore because I think you just redefined it!

Bevan Donovan , June 28, 2004; 03:59 P.M.


Some wonderful shots there Pradeep.

I especially enjoyed the portraits and the insect shots.

Cheers Bevan

wong li ji , June 30, 2004; 01:21 A.M.

beautiful photos there Pradeep! like ur experiment pics!! thanks for passing by on my portfolio! hope to see more of your works coming!

Carsten Ranke , July 09, 2004; 10:07 A.M.

Great portfolio, Pradeep ! You have a good eye and manifold artistic talent.

Shamir Patel , September 14, 2004; 10:13 A.M.

Very nice portfolio, varied and distinctive.

p.s. I can see the girl is very real and beautiful!

sue simeonova , September 15, 2004; 03:10 A.M.

you really have it

thank you for sharing these pictures, you really have an eye for beauty. I somehow have the feeling that 90% of the shots you take are impressing=) I'd love to learn to make photos like yours. =)Hat off =)

Rajeev Bector , October 17, 2004; 01:27 A.M.

Great Portfolio

You have a wonderful portfolio. Thanks for sharing it !

-- Rajeev

Regina Neufeld , October 17, 2004; 04:49 P.M.

Pradeep, AMAZING!! You are truly inspiring. I'm a learning photographer and I would love to know what kind of film you use. I have a Pentax MZ-7 with a 50mm and 320zoom and I know you don't 'NEED' expensive equipment to get great shots but.....what do you use? I also have a portfolio on photo.net. Would you mind answering these questions and have some advice? Thanks....and once again, a magnificent portfolio.

Paula Grenside , October 29, 2004; 08:48 A.M.


is poetry in many of your photos. Enjoyed portraits and nature shots especially.

Hugh Hill , November 05, 2004; 07:20 A.M.


Viewing this portfolio has given me some insight into the artist who I find is a compassionate and dedicated person whose work has inspired me in mine when at times I thought about giving up I have come across Pradeep's images which in turn has shown me why I am doing the work I do. Great work dear friend.

Thank you.

A.K. Sircar , November 07, 2004; 04:41 A.M.

Where are you,Pradeep? You have not uploaded your beautiful images for a long time.Are you still waiting for inspiration or busy with your other activities? Come out of your hibernation,please.

Shaju Nair , November 15, 2004; 08:03 A.M.

Great collection...!

Sacha De Carlo , December 21, 2004; 12:38 A.M.

Pradeep, how did u create the animated banner on your personal main page here on PN ? Cheers, Sacha :)

Todd Bennett , December 26, 2004; 08:15 A.M.


Great photos. Amazing what you have been able to do with your G2. I used to have one but now I have a Nikon D70. You are a very talented photographer.

Deepak Balakrishnan , February 01, 2005; 01:35 A.M.

Love them all, esp Flowers and Kodaikanal folders. Kodaikanal is like my backyard and I have a lot of memories of the place. Thanx for bringing them back to life through your snaps. Do you have a shot of the upper lake view? Your pictures provide a lot to learn for amateurs like me. Keep shooting.

Shankar Swaminathan , February 26, 2005; 08:26 A.M.


Amazing pictures...at a loss of words to describe. Please have a look at mine.

Ajay Kumar , April 06, 2005; 06:11 A.M.

nice shots in here


Nice photos in here. great work. Where are you based?

You had left a message in my portfolio some time back, asking me to add more pics. Well, I am active again. Have added a few shots there. Please ake a look, and leave some feedback if you feel inclined to do so.



Patrick (Washington, DC) , June 07, 2005; 11:34 P.M.

Pradeep, very consistent and excellent work! Keep it up!

John Keaveney , July 03, 2005; 09:07 A.M.

I have came across your name and photos on a number of occasions, so I decided that the time had come to view your portfolio.. I am glad I did,, you have a selection of beautiful images, well framed and presented. I hope you have now got the Digital SLR you wished for, but the G2 is a great camera and you can obviously can use it well.

Regards from Ireland

not available , July 28, 2005; 08:54 A.M.

wow !

a very amazing portfolio! i think i like nearly all of the shots, keep on!

best regards

Karthik Srivatsa , August 22, 2005; 10:08 A.M.

My Inspiration:-)

Hey Peep... Seeing ur photos is a gr8 inspiration.. Have some interest in photography.. I can proudly say now that u have inspired me to learn more now.. Hope to get some guidance from you .. Cheers ~KK

Amir Mohebi , November 22, 2005; 03:47 P.M.


I've no news from you for a while, Now I see you've honored to be a father! congrats! And so many amazing photos of you, I havent seen before.

Bharathwaj Kannan , December 02, 2005; 10:06 A.M.


Great portfolio. Enjoyed browsing your photographs. Looking forward to see more of your work. Cheers.

Kenneth Fugate , December 30, 2005; 10:45 P.M.

Happy New Year! Thank you for all your support and comments on my photos in 2005. May 2006 be a very good year for you and your family, Best wishes from Dallas Texas

balagei nagarajan , April 08, 2006; 02:59 A.M.


God is crazy............ he creats so many lik u............ and i was really stunned to see ur photos......... :)

A.K. Sircar , June 13, 2006; 04:55 A.M.

Pradeep,I visited your port after many months. It's nice to see that Pradeep and Manya are growing-up beautifully:-)Love to both of you.

Manoharan Duraisamy , June 13, 2006; 09:28 A.M.


Hi Pradeep,

Really amazing stills, stunned. like to learn from you the art of taking pictures. I expect you to visit my gallery and comment on how to improve them or what you would have done differently.

Padma Vishwanath , July 31, 2006; 03:36 P.M.

Great Work

Excellent Portfolio...Very nice subjects...I especially liked the Indian Wedding in Sepia...which is featured in Iyers and Palakkad Iyers Groups in Orkut! Very Good Collection!

Vikram D'Mello , November 27, 2006; 12:34 P.M.

life in portraiture

as a rapt amateur, i've quickly come to understand the power of people in a picture - hence portraiture my favorite as i learn the ins-and-outs of photography. seeing your portfolio, particularly the people in it, convinces me this is the very essence of great photography: observing life in people, and capturing it in a fleeting moment.

all the best - vikram.

Kenneth Fugate , December 26, 2006; 08:26 A.M.

Hello friend

I would like to wish you and your family Happy Holidays and a Good New Year! And say thank you for your support with your ratings and comments on my work over the last year. We are hoping to post some good weather photos this year. We start shooting sky photos in April thanks again for supporting my work.

Best wishes Ken Fugate Stormphoto.net

nandeeta oberoi sharma , February 03, 2007; 10:13 P.M.


hi saw ur site in Mouth shut.com .. gr8 pic's.. i love clicking snaps myself but as a pass time... gr8 work.. keep it up... will upload my pic's too...


Regards Nandita

Image Attachment: 28526300.jpg

Pankaj Purohit , March 13, 2007; 06:13 A.M.

Great going Pradeep. Nice work shows the experience.

jo-mari hill , March 13, 2007; 04:40 P.M.


You just inspired me to experiment more with everyday objects!! Very well done!

Raj Nandwana , June 12, 2007; 02:43 A.M.

dear pradeep

enjoyed the tour.really nice b+w and portraits. compliments

Kenneth Fugate , December 05, 2007; 11:54 P.M.

Hello Friend!

Well here it is another year is passing away and we are coming into the holidays. I think time starts to go faster as we get older, it was just yesterday I wished my friends Happy Holidays and here it is again the end of a year. The holiday lights are starting to be put on some of the trees here in Dallas, we were out last night and some were lighting the trees. I wish for you all a holiday season with family and friends, after all is said and done all we have is each other.

I want all of you to know just what your comments and ratings on my work means to me, your words are my motivation, my drive to discover, to learn this art that we all love, thank you for taking time and thank you for caring about my works. At the same time thank you for letting us see your world, our lives are so much the same, we all care about our families and friends and we all share the same things, maybe someday our photos will help make for a lasting world peace. May you and your family be blessed this season.

Happy Holidays and Happy Shooting


Ilze Lucero , January 16, 2008; 01:20 P.M.


Tiffany Oreglia , February 26, 2008; 01:09 A.M.


You have an amazing portfolio!

gunilla slatis , April 13, 2008; 05:04 A.M.


I envy you your skill!!Beutiful pictures! How about an exhibition here in Sweden?? Nilla

Klaus Sommer , March 01, 2009; 11:13 A.M.


You have fantastic images here. Greetings from Austria. Klaus

Avijit Sett , September 26, 2009; 12:03 A.M.

Hi Pradeep, Wonderful images!!! I enjoyed watching your portfolio.



Naresh Bajaj , February 19, 2010; 03:29 A.M.

hi friend


Ajayan Poyyara , July 29, 2010; 04:57 P.M.

Excellent folder. Unique!! Congratulations

Sridharan Srinivasan , September 06, 2010; 04:02 A.M.


I accidentally bumped on your album - South Indian Wedding...! It is simply superb. Sephia tone suits naturally the occassion. I browsed other albums as well and admire your composition in many photos.

I do not see any recent entries; So I am not sure, if you would read this. I registered in Photo.net , just comment this album....

If you have shifted out of photo.net, pl do send me your recent photo gallery link to sridharan99@gmail.com




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