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Comments on this portfolio:

Clive F , July 12, 2007; 09:44 P.M.


These few pictures are excellent. Why not more?

John Kelly , May 21, 2011; 08:25 P.M.

Very strong.  No waste information. A few risks taken, and they paid off. Very strong.

Marie H , December 19, 2015; 09:57 A.M.

Elegant and beautiful portfolio. I am in awe. I looked at every single one.

Michail Lipakis , April 27, 2016; 03:43 A.M.

Such an inspired portfolio dealing with almost every genre of photography.
I am almost angry with you for keeping such a low profile hiding from us all. Thanks God i have accidentally discovered you and from now on i will not miss not a single new photo of yours.

Landrum Kelly , May 17, 2016; 09:36 A.M.

Sanford, I didn't even know these photos were here. I've seen your name so many times but never looked to see what you shoot.

I have enjoyed very much going through your entire portfolio. What a wonderful window on the world!


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