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Ben Huybrechts , October 28, 2007; 12:41 P.M.


Hi Tim - thank you for your comment on my picture Night. I had a look at your portfolio and there several pictures I like. Especially in the Point and Shoot folder. Looking forward to more work. Ben

Chan Chen , November 01, 2007; 12:12 A.M.


Kim, thanks for stopping on my portfolio. Until april of this year I became more serious on photography because I got a new camera. In the past years I like painting more than photogray. Blue sky and white clouds are always my favorite subjects, and it seem you have the same interests from your portfolio. Looking forward to see your new photos on new camera. Best regards.

Raymond Banfield , November 02, 2007; 01:29 P.M.


You have a wonderful start of a great folio here. Really like your point and shoot section. You are right. Great sky! Commented on your Stretch photograph as well. Can't wait to see what you come up with when you get the Nikon. Should be interesting to say the least. New Mexico is one beautiful state to shoot from what I see in your photographs. Really want to get up to Santa Fe and Taos and shoot where Ansel Adams shot some of his memorable photos. Take care and will visit from time to time to see what wonderful additions you have added...RAY oh, welcome to Photo.net you will have a ball here

Bilal Zaheer , November 16, 2007; 04:09 A.M.

Tim thank you for your kind comments. You seem to live in a great place. And your pictures have what I always wish to capture and to see in pictures; real life, real beauty and real feelings. keep on shooting.

Matt Laur , November 17, 2007; 02:24 P.M.

Hey, a kindred spirit, methinks. You have a great eye, and a really pleasing, unaffected approach to your subjects. You remind me to relax more, and just shoot what's talking me. Keep up the good, grounded work, and thanks for your kind and insightful comments when you stopped by some of my images.

Michael Harris , November 22, 2007; 07:25 P.M.

Thank you very much for the nice comments Tim, they really mean a lot to me. I'm trying to put together a photo essay of life on the Palouse. It will be my first book and I'm already planning a second :) I'm going to do portraits of migratory farm workers. The few I've met so far have such wonderful faces.

I really enjoy your work, I was born in New Mexico. Seeing your wonderful images brings back fond images.

Thank you, Michael Harris

Joao Pereira , November 24, 2007; 11:53 A.M.

My dear friend,

I couldn't agree more, a lot of similarities in the form and, as I feel it too, in the substance of what we do and how we see it, feel it and do it.

I feel very distinguished and very flattered by your comments and critiques. We will keep in touch.

All the best, greetings from sunny (again) Portugal.

jay bm , December 08, 2007; 10:33 A.M.

Great portfolio

Tim, I left a comment on one of your first D300 shots put up for critique (congrats on the new camera, btw!) and took a look at the rest of your portfolio. Really gorgeous photos with a sound sense of strength. None of your images look overmanipulated and they are all composed so nicely. I really love green apple with dogs. Keep up the good work...enjoy the new Nikon! Jay Mueller

Sergio Gavardi , December 08, 2007; 05:09 P.M.

Thanks Tim. Also your photo are very very good. Ciao Ciao. Sergio

Ian Bramham , December 11, 2007; 08:46 A.M.

I just thought I'd leave a quick note to say how much I enjoyed looking at the photos in your portfolio where I arrived after rating a photo that you'd put up for critique. Your prairie style landscapes are marvellous!

Marta Eva LLamera , December 11, 2007; 11:02 A.M.

Hola Tim!

Primero agradecerte tus amables palabras y luego por compartir tu trabajo. Tienes bellas composiciones llenas de Luz y Color. Como no hay dos sin tres... mi tercer agradecimiento esta dedicado a tu espa�ol. Espero hacerme entender aunque sea un poquito en cualquiera de los dos idiomas (no seas muy duro con mi ingles) Te deseo La Mejor y mas Magica Luz!! Un abrazo Tim.

Raymond Banfield , December 14, 2007; 08:34 A.M.


Thanks for visiting my new stuff. See by your comments that you have spent time up in Sonoma County. Beautiful and very photographic place. Wish I had more time to shoot. But it was nice to visit relatives as well. Wow, you are sure having fun with the D300 I can tell. Nice captures of New Mexico and your color and composition is outstanding. Thanks again for your wonderful comments...RAY

Gordon Holman , December 22, 2007; 01:45 P.M.

Thanks Tim

You are a verry kind person , It is People like you we need more of in this Country ! thanks for the comment in My port. You are a verry talented man and have a great eye for composition and look forward to shooting more barns , and as well as stoping by To check out your work Once in a while, You wll see some of My work in Nature photography magazine. I am a field contributor and writer check it out , why don't You join as well You are definatly talented enough , check in to it . Hope to see You there Gordon Holman .

Matt Laur , January 01, 2008; 12:57 A.M.

Your work is one of the things I'm looking forward to in 2008

Happy New Year, Tim. You sure wrapped up 2007 in some sweet, delightful imagery. So glad that you and the new gear are getting some quality time together - your world view is driving some really compelling photography. I'm struck by the equal magnetism I feel from both your portraits and your prairie grass. Your eye is truly refined, and it's with great pleasure that I bump into one of your shots in the ratings queue and know right away, before seeing the text, "That's got to be one of Tim's." That's rare enough under any circumstances, but all the better since you are as approachable as your photographs.

Raymond Banfield , January 01, 2008; 08:51 A.M.

Hi Tim

Just wanted to wish you and yours a Happy and Safe New Year. Also, may 2008 bring you lots of new captures on that new camera! Take care...RAY

Bilal Zaheer , January 01, 2008; 02:07 P.M.

thank you Tim for your kind words and glad to know you're a regular visitor. The year end has been extremely busy for me. I will try to start posting again more regularly. Your own work is a pleasure to view. I love the things, the places and people you have been photographing and love how well and how genuinely you portray them. Wish you, your family and all your loved ones a great new year and may you all always stay happy, healthy and prosperous!

Christopher Harris , January 02, 2008; 04:34 P.M.


I just want to say how much I enjoy your work, and I'm looking forward to what you may share with all of us in 2008! Keep up the good work; both, in the classroom, and with the camera in the field! Cheers! Chris

David Meyer , January 13, 2008; 07:45 P.M.


You've commented upon several of my most recent images, so I thought I would mosey on over to your portfolio and see who you are. I'm pleasantly surprised to find some very capable images, but it will take me awhile to work my way through them. But I will.

As an aside, my wife and I took a long road trip this summer (which is photographically chronicled in my folder "THE TRIP" and I remember passing through Raton. It's a name that kind of sticks with you if you know Spanish. I'm sure there was a good reason to call it that, but I can't think of one. At any rate, I don't remember much about it. If my memory serves me correctly Trinidad Colorado is just a bit up the road and that is where we spent the night. Got several pics in Trinidad.

As another aside, I see you are using the D300. I have the D200, which I dearly love, but can't help but wonder what new gimmicks might be mine with the newest. I would suggest you consider a nice ultra wide like the Sigma 10-20. It's a kick in the butt, and I wish I'd of had it on my trip.


Tim Keller , January 13, 2008; 09:13 P.M.

Hi David

Yep, an ultrawide is next on my list. I find myself using the 18mm on my 18-200 all the time, so I get the hint. Raton was a mining town when named in the late 1800s. As I understand it, it was named for all the rats in the mines. (Parece que la gente no debio pensar bien del pueblo!) It's 20 miles due south of Trinidad, over the Raton Pass. Lots of photogenic places all around. Thanks for your visit...you're right, I've been enjoying slowly working my way through your portfolio. Nice to see you here...thanks.

Raymond Banfield , January 27, 2008; 08:09 A.M.


Thanks for your kind comments on my Red Rock Shot. They are appreciated. See you have been busy with the new Nikon. Lots of new shots since my last visit. I like the new captures on " roamed the Earth " and " Gone ". Great color and clarity. Kinda curious, when were you in Sonoma County? Really enjoyed my long weekend there and already am planning my next one. Meantime just keep on shooting and having fun with that Nikon...RAY

Dick Yowell , January 27, 2008; 12:30 P.M.

Tim, I appreciate your comment on my portfolio. It hasn't had any work for quite a while as I haven't done any for a while.

I also appreciate your putting up with my fussy little notes identifying the pieces of equipment. As I said, it is a 'thing' with my grandsons and me.

But what I really appreciate is the subjects you photograph. I have fond remembrances of growing up on the family farm, where scenes you've shot were everyday occurrences. For example, the guy who baled our hay for us before we got our own baler (I'm talking late 1940's, now) had a Farmall F-20 just like the one you photographed (believe it or not, rust and all!), except he had modified the wheels to accept rubber tires. He said he almost got his arm broken once when the steel front wheel hit a rock in a plow furrow and whipped the steering wheel around in his hand.

Anyway, I've wished many times that I had had a camera then to record our daily life. You're doing that now, almost as through a rear view mirror.

As I said...keep on shooting! I'm loving it!


Juan De Santa Anna , February 05, 2008; 01:02 A.M.

Tim...you have done your Father proud...I am sure of it...

Nice crisp clear honest images...lots of passionate popping of colors...and compositions...I look forward to more visitis...Juan

Raymond Banfield , February 07, 2008; 04:35 P.M.


So besides all those really great photographs, what else you do February 2nd? Just kidding. I love days off when I get to do just that. Colder than an Ohio Spring up here in Vegas right now but its still fun shooting. Congrats on a great new folder. Me and ChrisH(SoCal)are heading for Death Valley next week for some more serious shooting at the Race Track. Can't wait to get back. Meantime you enjoy your Sunday afternoons and above all, have FUN!...RAY

Andrei Ghinescu , February 14, 2008; 06:08 P.M.

Hey Tim

I'm sorry if I upset you the other time I looked at your picture. Usually i give 3 to technical/aestetics only if the picture has major faults technically. i cannot recall the picture i was marking, but i also admit i might have had a bad day. besides that, i'm very pleased by your words of praise though i don't feel like I'm fully deserving them. And as a final observation, the critters galery is quite fantastic. you're hitting the correct angle almost in every shot. i would zoom out though at fourth, that one with the sheep. Keep up clicking the eyes of the camera as world keeps loosing its beauty.

Melinda Tharpe , February 27, 2008; 09:22 A.M.

From an amateur with a vision...

"Oh My"... You've captured my attention! Will you teach me? I aspire to create as you have. ~Mali

Raymond Banfield , February 28, 2008; 05:44 P.M.

You've been busy Tim

Finally had a chance to look at your new stuff more closely. Wow! seems like a silly word for great work but it does the job. Brown's Ranch. Kudos for portraying the real American West the way it is everyday. Your colors in that series are warm and inviting. Subject matter well presented. Just fantastic! Oh, thanks for those great comments on my latest. I attached a copy of " Wire and wood to the original. let me know what you think. Ain't photography a cool way to spend a day off!...RAY

Matt Kelton , March 06, 2008; 04:11 P.M.

Tim, I commented on one of you shots, and then looked through the rest of you porfolio...Love it. this is exactly the king of things I shoot (and you're doing a better job than I). I hope your photos help in keeping the Army off the ranches. I hate to see good land wasted.

Raymond Banfield , March 07, 2008; 03:07 P.M.


In answer to your question, why was I there so early. Beating the crowd was the biggest reason. Secondly, I wanted to shoot the whole day, kinda like I wanted to document what a Nascar race is like. I started the series with this shot and finished with a grandstand shot completely full of folks. Actually you are the only one that has commented on any of the 30 shots in the series. Really was a fun day though so it was worth the trip out. Thanks for your great comments,they were and are appreciated...RAY

Tamara Horton - Western NC , March 12, 2008; 08:42 A.M.


I am glad I have found your portfolio. Your depiction of the lonely west is well done and thoughtful, I am touched by many many of your images. Thank you for sharing the high, lonely places. I plan to visit again.

Best regards, Tammy

Tero P. , March 22, 2008; 03:23 A.M.


Really enjoyed your junkyard collection, that was just something great. Makes my senses sharp for items like that now :)

Bernie Moore CT , March 22, 2008; 11:40 A.M.

Tim, The verbosity of your blurb confirms you are an English teacher; the nature of your pictures confirms you are a historian, the quality of your pictures confirms you are an artist. Thank you for a wonderful romp through the forgotten Southwest. This is one portfolio I will have to revisit. Regards, Bernie.

Richard Armstrong , March 31, 2008; 08:19 P.M.


So...spring break! I hope you fill up two cards...or more! Looking forward to visiting your destination with you when you return! Have a GREAT time!


Brenda Thompson , April 05, 2008; 12:42 P.M.

It's Awesome

Your portfolio is one of my favorites now. I love the West. The skies are beautiful. I especially love your old truck photos. I'll check it out often and tell others about it.

El Porte-Bonheur , April 16, 2008; 06:02 A.M.

I just came in to have a look ' how you spend your spring brake' - which gave me the opportunity to discover and digest your entire portofolio. I a sentence, I found a fine selection of various scenes, moods and color combinations. You have a good eye to catch 'the momentum', Tim. Congratulations and kind regards, El.

Jose Ignacio Saez de Ugarte , April 18, 2008; 06:22 P.M.

Hola vaquero

Sorry pero mas facil en espa�ol. He descubierto tu PF en un comentario a Alberta y ya... me he quedado aqui. Me encantan las fotos de detalle y esa leyenda del mitico oeste. Hay mucho sentimiento en tu obra Tim y una calidad fotografica para repartir. Vendre mucho por aqui para aprender. Gracias por compartirlo, amigo. Nacho.

Tim Keller , April 19, 2008; 11:12 P.M.


Mil gracias para tus palabras tan amables.

El Porte-Bonheur , April 25, 2008; 10:35 A.M.

I've just popped in to see what's new in you folders and to refresh my memory a bit. Have a nice week-end,Tim! Regards, El.

Ray Brizzi , May 03, 2008; 09:03 A.M.

Great insights into the modern west. I'll be back... Ray

Goran Anastasovski , May 20, 2008; 07:53 A.M.

Wonderful portfolio.

G. Delatis , May 20, 2008; 09:01 A.M.

great colours in Doors & Windows!

Raymond Banfield , May 20, 2008; 04:58 P.M.


Thanks for the comment on the surfing shot. Forgot to hit critique only so got zapped with a 4/3 right out of the gate. Oh well. In case I take it off I wanted you to know you were right. Shot right underneath the Golden Gate Bridge. Spent a great day in the City and shot the bridge from San Francisco side ( Ft. Mason) Marin side (Ft. Baker) and from the Marin headlands ( Pt. Bonita lighthouse) Also hit Golden Gate Park for a few shots including some of the Japanese Tea Garden there. Still have a bunch from Yosemite I'm still working on. But I would add its been a very productive month photo-wise. Been looking at some of your new stuff and will be commenting on them this weekend. ...RAY

Apurva Madia , May 21, 2008; 04:11 A.M.

Wow. You have great talent. Raton Junk yard and abstracts folders are superb.

Lauren Partida , May 22, 2008; 03:06 P.M.

Wow...Tim you have a great eye. Each of your images is a mini documentary, and the colors and compositions are wonderful...keep up the great work, lauren

J Kilgo , May 22, 2008; 11:28 P.M.

Tim, Thanks for your thoughtful comments on my "Getting There" portrait and the others as well...and yes the "Little Darlings" are my two girls...they are my models, sometimes willing, sometimes not. I find that by taking many photos, I will occasionally capture something nice. I've enjoyed perusing your portfolio this evening, you have many nice images...your portfolio has a very real and authentic feel. Regards. J.

J Kilgo , May 22, 2008; 11:39 P.M.

Tim, I agree that windmills are a tough subject...they are one of my favorites none-the-less. Yes, my "No Fear" picture is Waimea Bay, we visited Hawaii a few years back and had a ball. I'd heard there was a tunnel under the rock but I was not bold enough to explore it. Hope to make a return visit sometime in the near future. I live on Fort Leavenworth, KS at the moment...20 plus years in the Army so we've been around the country/world a few times over the years. I try to capture a bit of where ever we live or visit. Thanks again. J.

Richard Armstrong , May 30, 2008; 04:10 P.M.


I just wanted to say that I like your new bio and the very nice image of you! Also, I agree with your measured approach and that this site can be addicting. I look forward to seeing more great shots from you and wish you the best of summers!

Warm Regards,


J Kilgo , June 02, 2008; 08:55 P.M.

Tim, Thanks for stopping by to comment on my Tiny Dancer photo...what can I say, the good Lord blessed me with three girls in my life. I find it easier to just roll with it...they are all fun, but sassy. The Army is how I pay for my other passions, hunting and taking pictures...oh yeah and riding motorcycles....too many irons in the fire. I can definitely relate to your sentiments about PN stealing all your time...I must admit though that my pictures have improved since I started interacting with so many talented photographers. Regards. Jeff.

Jean-Marc Raveau , June 16, 2008; 09:12 A.M.

Hi Tim,

I visited your portfolio by chance. I can say now I have been very lucky to stop by. Your wonderful pictures reminded me years ago when kid I was watching the western movies on the TV. You made me travel years back ;-) I�m new to PN and to the DSLR world in general. The quality of your pictures is really inspiring. Thanks and best regards,


Lauren Partida , June 24, 2008; 12:41 P.M.

Tim: Thanks for your kind comments in my portfolio...I left a note there for you as well. I love your work, and recieving such a nice compliment from someone with such a highly evolved style is a treat. Yours is some of my favorite work on PN. I love your abstracts, and the Brown ranch series, as well the going, going, gone...and the series at the very top of the gorgeous landscapes. You capture the area you live in so beautifully...your work is haunting, and has a bit of a melancholy feel to it, which only adds to the decaying beauty of whats around you. You have a fan, for sure! Keep it up-I want to see more! lauren

roger sonneland , June 27, 2008; 06:18 P.M.

Tim, have just discovered your portfolio, your bio is really interesting. I also have had the problem of too many hours spent here on p/n. Your right it can be very addictive. As to your work, it is really good. The first thing that I noticed was all the wonderful colors. I love working with colors that's probably why I specialize in flowers. The best part of your work for me is your way of recording past history.I love it. Have already spent a considerable time here, but shall come back for more. All the best .............roger

LK Hill , July 06, 2008; 02:57 P.M.

T!!im i enjoyed all aspects of your portfolio!!! and strangely for me even the abstracts..loved the colors in them...!!

Mark Starr , July 07, 2008; 06:13 P.M.


I want to thank-you for your kind comments, and note that they are especially nice having come from someone with your talent. Your work is wonderful. I especially love your portraits, as they each show some of the inner spark of the person photographed. Your color work is outstanding (I especially love your Going, Going series, with El Super Servicio de Santo Nino being one of my favorites- lovely muted colors) and your abstract collection is excellent. Actually, it's hard to pick out a group of photos to be a favorite, as they are all of such high quality, and in the groups you have formed with them they have a lot more impact than individual images would. I am glad you made a link for me to your site, and I hope you get some time in this summer for adding to the collection! Thanks again- Mark

Cal Gourley , July 29, 2008; 10:10 A.M.

great work.an inspiration to us amateurs. cheers

Ioan Alexandru Chiru , September 29, 2008; 01:08 P.M.


A hard work made a very nice portfolio and great colors, congratulations !

Cynthia Jean , November 07, 2008; 11:19 A.M.


Thank you for the generous ratings and I want to say that your portfolio is full of life. Can't say I have a favorite because I like them all. Your a great asset to PN and thank you for being here and sharing your great work. Have a wonderful life.

Jay Krishnan , November 07, 2008; 03:44 P.M.

Great portfolio Tim!

Bill Tate , November 19, 2008; 11:28 P.M.

Hi there neighbor. One of your shots on the NO WORDS forum attracted me and in looking over your portfolio I was entranced. Absolutely great skys and wonderful western shots (including about the best portraits from the west I have seen.) Really nice work. We know some of your Colorado neighbors just to the east of Raton. The Louden family. Know them?


El Porte-Bonheur , December 19, 2008; 01:11 P.M.

Dear Tim, wishing you and all your loved ones a very merry Christmas and the best new year ever. I would like to take this opportunity and thank you for your tremendous support and encouragement during year 2008 Best regards, El

Jose Ignacio Saez de Ugarte , December 20, 2008; 06:06 A.M.

Feliz Navidad, Tim

Wish you all the best for you and yours, these days and each day of the new year. Thanks for your support. Warm regards.

Gorm Rudschinat , December 20, 2008; 09:49 A.M.

I hope this Christmas enriches your life; May each day be happy and bright, Overflowing with pleasure and love; May your Christmas be filled with delight and may all your dreams come true... Marry x.mas and a happy new photo year from :)Gorm

Raymond Banfield , December 24, 2008; 08:35 A.M.


Wanted to take a second to thank you for all of your kind comments this year on PN. They were much appreciated. Can't believe how fast this year flew by and I hope next year goes just as fast ( I retire in 2010 ) Hope your enjoying your Christmas Break from school. Learned lots of new stuff this year that I'm bringing with me into 2009 mostly from our fellow PNers. Happy and Joyous Holiday Season to you and yours and may 2009 bring you lots of good health, lots of good times and loads of great photographs! Ray

Roxana Chiru , March 17, 2009; 07:37 A.M.

You have a monumental portfolio with excellent shots and great colors, congratulations ! Roxana.

Gail Harmer , March 19, 2009; 05:22 P.M.

fantastic portfolio Tim..I will be back and visit ofte...I could learn much ...just by observing your inspiring work. Thankyou ....sincerest best wishes in all your ventures, Gail

Jef Van den Houte , April 17, 2009; 02:58 A.M.


Great potfolio, full of strong images. It shows not only a photographer with a great eye for composition and colors, but also one with a personal and creative approach

Bruce Ring , May 23, 2009; 06:07 P.M.

Thanks for the Inspiration


I am getting ready for a trip to the Santa Fe/Taos area - cycling trip - and was looking for other's shots, and luckily stumbled upon yours after a search of the Travel forum. You have a wonderful portfolio. Great eye for light, color, composition and texture.

Thanks for helping me get ready for my trip!

Best, Bruce

Ektor Coughanour , July 01, 2009; 04:42 A.M.

Wow Tim!...Excellent portfolios!...American West!...Regards from México.

deb cloud , July 01, 2009; 08:45 P.M.



Your work is stunning on so many levels. The richness of your colors, the expressions of faces, landscapes that make me want to reach out and touch them. A stunning collection of work indeed.


Daniel Phillabaum , September 02, 2009; 03:51 P.M.

Mr.Keller!! I signed up for this just to get i contact with you!! write me an e-mail at danielphillabaum69@hotmail.com it would be nice to hear from you!

Jose Ignacio Saez de Ugarte , December 19, 2009; 05:11 A.M.

Merrry Christmas, Tim

I´ve been out for a time (too much work....), missing your last postings and comments. Wish you all the best for the new year for you and yours. Thanks for your inspiration and support. Warm regards. // Nacho.

Herman Aviles , December 31, 2009; 10:31 P.M.

Beautiful, touching work

...and a great inspiration to someone like myself who recently took up photography again after a lapse of many, many years. Many thanks and have a great New Year!

Tim Zeipekis , January 13, 2010; 09:43 P.M.

Hello Tim!

You were recommended to me by a friend, Richard Armstrong, really fantastic work!

Tomas Castelazo , November 09, 2010; 09:37 P.M.


Hi Tim,

Thanks for your review... and beautiful work you have... so your comments are the more valuable!


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