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Comments on this portfolio:

Ralica Raycheva , January 18, 2008; 02:51 P.M.


stahotni neshta imash tuk :) snimkata s qjceto i cherupkite maj sym q vijdala vyv photo-forum.net....opredeleno gotina ideq! :)

Clive Rapier , January 31, 2008; 08:28 A.M.

Your work is extraordinary!!!!!!!!!

Spectacular if not brilliant!!!!!

Well done there George Rustchev!!!


Janusz Taras , February 19, 2008; 06:18 A.M.

George ,

Perfect work.Great idea and composition.Very individual work style.Bravo George.

Jörg Vetter , February 19, 2008; 05:29 P.M.

Hi, I found you a second time. Your work has a message and is well made. See you soon. Br Joerg

Milena Galchina , February 21, 2008; 06:37 A.M.

Hi :)

Radvam se da vidia ne6tata ti i tuk(osven vav photo-foruma).Vpe4atliava6to portfolio...dosta kreativni ne6ta!Uspehi!

Dan Bliss , February 22, 2008; 12:56 P.M.

You have a wonderful portfolio. It is full of marvelous and interesting images. Thank you for sharing them with us. Dan

Marta Eva LLamera , February 27, 2008; 10:16 A.M.

Thanks much for your words. Love Creativity and Originality that you show through your images. Thaaanks much for sharing good work. George, wish Magic Light to continue with your Experiments... All the best.

Peter Blum , March 13, 2008; 09:58 A.M.

Hey George,

Loved your portfolio! Absolutely great images that leaves a lot to the imagination -. Somewhat surreal. Love that. Like being in a gallery of Dali or Magritte. Technically well done. Imaginative. Good framing and composition. I am impressed. I will have to come back soon to see if you have downloaded more goodies..

All the best


Gail O'Keefe , March 20, 2008; 06:16 P.M.


I found your portfolio from the photo I just commeted on. WOW! I love your style and creativity. I will be back.


Stelios Kallinikou , March 27, 2008; 02:46 P.M.

lovely portfolio.. keep on shooting man

Paul Duffy , March 27, 2008; 09:32 P.M.


So I'm feeding my addition to the critique forum and I see this dude replacing a giant light bulb on a ladder and its like ...what the hell ???? This is one of the most unique portfolios, nope its definitely the most unique that I've seen on the site.

All of your images have purpose and vision. And I bet if you looked at the postings of the dopes who rated your images a 4, you'd find pictures of flowers and a boat load of insect macros. So I hope you ignore them and keep posting. This is just too cool.

Thomas Powell , March 28, 2008; 07:53 A.M.


I Echo what's been said, you have an entertaining and unique style. Do you have large props (like wrentches and bulbs), or do you have to photoshop the entire image. I imagine this takes quite a bit of skill and patience.

Jim Adams , April 06, 2008; 09:29 A.M.


You have an interesting and varied portfolio here.

Your "Giant" series shows equal amounts of talent, creativity, whimsy, and originality...I like some of them a lot.

Some of your "Experiments" images are extremely well done. As I said in my comments on a couple of them, they make the viewer think as well as look, so in that regard they succeed as photographs and as art.

I am frankly surprised that your work has not been viewed more times here on the Photo.net site. Hopefully, that will change in the future.

My compliments on some outstanding work.

Best Regards,
Jim Adams

Iulia Burza , April 13, 2008; 02:37 P.M.

Keep up the good work! U are very creative.

Radoslav Kostadinov , June 26, 2008; 09:18 A.M.

brilliant work!

Adam Bender , September 28, 2008; 04:26 P.M.


Amazing imagination!

Salvador Penaloza , November 12, 2008; 08:31 P.M.

Very interesting portfolio, my favorite shots "Giant" , excellent done, felicidades //Salvador

Jill Vahlquist , June 01, 2009; 08:14 A.M.

Hi George

Your portfolio is very impressive and you have many amazing images in it... Keep sharing your interesting and creativ work... I sure will be back to visit your portfolio again :)

All my best to you

Jill Vahlquist

John Galyon , June 04, 2009; 04:45 A.M.

George...I just came upon your photographs tonight...and placed you on my interesting persons list. It's late...I'm tired...and I'm not feeling particularly witty or expressive at the moment, so I won't try to offer an elaborate explanation for the strong response I'm experiencing in viewing your pictures....I'll just say that I haven't had this kind of speechless...mouth hanging open...socks knocked off experience in a while. Meet your newest and biggest fan!!! Truly extraordinarily beautiful, creative, and inspiring work. I don't know where you live...but if you should ever need an apprentice...I'll clean your toilet, do your laundry, and mow your grass...if I could just be given the opportunity to be taught by you! I realize that much of what you do can't be taught...but I'd gladly settle for being inspired by watching you do your magic.

Best regards, John

Bruegel Kuiseb , June 17, 2009; 02:42 A.M.

... unusual, original, oniric, sophisticated, aesthetic, impressive & fine portfolio... shortly... I like it... Hi

Steven Richardson , June 23, 2009; 08:44 A.M.

George ,, Great portfolio!!! Really neat PS work.. Looking forward to seeing more from you.

HuHu Lin , June 28, 2009; 04:13 A.M.

Hi,you realy got the talent of creating stuffs and there are a lot of things offered me to learning,keep making pictures ^^ well done!

Jef Van den Houte , June 30, 2009; 02:50 A.M.

George Your portfolio is amazing, showing many strong images. They not only show a photographer with a great eye, but above all a master in creativity and originality. Your creative compositions bring photography to an other level

Jorge Arturo Perez Morales , June 30, 2009; 11:06 A.M.

Captivating and outstanding!

Excellent work, plenty of creativity mixed with photography. Congratulations!

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Audrey Lauriston , October 09, 2009; 06:57 P.M.

Your portfolio is very original, and VERY well executed. I am a fan...

Robert Semnic , October 14, 2009; 04:55 A.M.

Outstanding ideas. Bravo!

glenn sines , November 01, 2009; 12:09 P.M.

I came across your portfolio while using the random image generator and I just had to tell you how wonderful I thought your pictures are. There is such a wide variety of concepts each of which is executed excellently. It was my extreme pleasure looking through your work, thank you.

Baerbel Kavanaugh , January 13, 2010; 05:59 P.M.

Your work is absolutely phantastic! Bravo! :)

Paul Casagrande , June 11, 2010; 01:21 P.M.

Complimenti per i tuoi speciali progetti ! saluti Paul

Vikas Shukla , September 25, 2010; 03:21 P.M.


I think you are a genius. Your work shows height of creativity. I'll keep on visiting your page.

Regards.... Vikas

Karen Rexrode , September 26, 2010; 10:04 P.M.

Without realizing it, I have been admiring your work for years. You are an amazing talent! Thank-you for inspiring.

Leszek Kobusinski , July 06, 2012; 03:55 A.M.

Welcome. I really like your perspective on reality, and thus everyday. I am fascinated how you can creatively express thoughts by the photo. I can see that the same as me, you are trying to find your own "I" in photography. I also jump from one topic to another. Your best pictures that I like are in "Giant" section. Good luck and best regards. Leszek. Ps. maybe one day we will meet at air shows ....... :)

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