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Minolta Maxxum 3000i

Esin Egit , Jul 07, 2008; 03:31 p.m.

Hello everyone,

I've recently inherited a Minolta Maxxum 3000i from a friend. (This is my first attempt to switch to film camera from a digital SLR.) The camera came with a AF 50 mm f/1.7. I'd like to purchase a fixed focal wide angle lens.

My question is, can I mount a manual lens on this camera or does it have to be an AF lens? I've found AF lenses are much more expensive than manual ones.

I'd like to use the camera in manual mode.

I'd appreciate your help.



Michael R. Freeman , Jul 07, 2008; 05:48 p.m.

>"My question is, can I mount a manual lens on this camera or does it have to be an AF lens?"

The Maxxum 3000i will only work with AF lenses. Older MD mount manual focus lenses can not be used. If you would like to add a reasonably inexpensive wide angle lens, look for the older Maxxum AF 28mm f/2.8. There are several listed on eBay right now (search for "maxxum 28* 2.8").

> "I'd like to use the camera in manual mode."

No can do I'm afraid. The 3000i is basically a point and shoot SLR. Program modes (2) only, no manual or other AE exposure modes.

You can download a free pdf instruction manual here: http://mikebutkus.com/chinon/minolta/minolta_3000i/minolta_3000i.htm

Esin Egit , Jul 10, 2008; 11:34 a.m.


Thank you very much. Yeah I figured this camera has not much to offer. Eventually I will not stick with it but that's all I have now.

There is an AF-M switch on the camera which seems the disable the AF mode of the lens. So I was thinking even if I have AF lenses, I can do my own focusing.

Btw, your photos are gorgeous. Thanks again.


Michael R. Freeman , Jul 10, 2008; 12:52 p.m.

> "There is an AF-M switch on the camera ..."

You can indeed manually focus your AF lens if this switch is turned to M.

> "Btw, your photos ..."

Thanks for the compliment. Some of those were taken with a Maxxum, albeit the more advanced 7000i (which sells dirt cheap these days).

Enjoy your "new" 3000i.

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