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Image Size, How big can it go?

Chris Rowe , Nov 07, 2008; 01:44 p.m.

Sorry if this is posted where it shouldn't be, I didn't know where else to put it.Well, I've run into a question since I'm going to print some bigger sized pictures sometime in the near future. When I open one of my picture's in PSE 6, shot with my A350, and I go into Image>Resize>Image Size. here is what's given:

Pixel Dimension: Width: 4592 pixels Height: 3056 pixels

Document Size: Width: 19.133 inches Height: 12.733 inches Resolution: 240 pixels/inch

Now the question is, how big am I able to print a picture without it being distorted, pixelated, etc... ?

Might sound like a dumb question but.... I need to know.

Thanks in advance, Chris.


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Ronald Moravec , Nov 07, 2008; 01:53 p.m.

If you use the P.net search function, there are many posts on this question.

Short answer is you can double the length and width with minimal loss, that`s 4x the area.

Chris Rowe , Nov 07, 2008; 02:41 p.m.

thanks. I don't generally search for things. Simply because I like posting my own questions and getting my own feedback. And I don't usually end up with results because I don't know what to search and don't want to spend a lot of time searching.

Richard Harris , Nov 07, 2008; 03:15 p.m.

I had a shot from my A700 printed at A2 a couple of months ago. Came out perfect. I didn't do any upscaling myself, the printers took care of that. Most places will infact, but I guess some people like to have more control over their own image. Really, you can have your shot blown up A1, A0 or larger. It's all about viewing distance. If you print that big, you're not really going to have your nose up against it, are you? I love big prints, only when they "need" to be big though. Good luck, Rich

Chris Rowe , Nov 07, 2008; 03:17 p.m.

Rich, what would A2, A1, A0 be? haha. I'm still learning. :-)

Richard Harris , Nov 07, 2008; 03:51 p.m.

Google "paper size" - wiki! :-)

Chris Rowe , Nov 07, 2008; 04:02 p.m.

haha. Alright.

Chris Rowe , Nov 07, 2008; 04:32 p.m.

I think A2 is a good size. I'm planning on printing to post my photo's around in some stores for sale. To get better known and make a bit of money hopefully. Thanks for the help guys.

Robert Paul , Nov 08, 2008; 03:27 a.m.

Last year, I bought a copy of PSE6 from Costco, and it came with a free additional software that allows me to enlarge a picture without affecting the pixels per inch, or to increase the pixel count without reducing the size of the print.

Chris Rowe , Nov 08, 2008; 09:14 a.m.

Well. That sounds like quite the software Robert. What would the name of it be? I'd like to look into buying this software.

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