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Fenway panoramic behind home plate

jim occi , Jul 20, 2009; 05:07 p.m.

Does anyone know if there is free access behind home plate in the upper decks of Fenway Park? My goal is a panoramic with the 17 mm or 14 mm lens.
By free access I mean can one walk around the stadium?

old yankee stadium


Dan Turcotte , Jul 21, 2009; 12:39 p.m.

Fenway offers a stadium tour for $12.00. You are escorted around the ballpark in groups of about 20-30. It took about an hour and we toured the various seating areas (right field cafe seating, green monster seats, "club" seating behind home plate, and the main (original) seating behind the plate. During non-game days they take you out to walk the warning track and stand in front of the green monster, but we went on a game day and that wasn't allowed as the field crew was too busy getting things ready. We never were allowed into the upper deck, but I think you could still get a decent panarama shot from behind home plate in the lower seats. Perhaps you could ask one of the tout guides for a quick detour, they seemed quite helpful and friendly (as long as you weren't a damn Yankees fan). I'd be sure to make it clear though, that you are not a pro and looking to sell your image.

Photo Gorilla , Jul 22, 2009; 10:18 p.m.

Just took the tour last month and we did not get any access behind the plate. We we're taken to the right field deck, the press box, on top of the Green Monster, and some of the old seats along the left field line. Our guide told us that no one gets to access the field, but they use a pic of a tour group in front of the Monster to advertise the tour so...
Not a game day either, but it was a Friday, the team was on the road for the weekend, so we thought getting on the field wouldn't be a problem. That is, until we got inside the park and saw a huge white tent taking up RF from the foul line to CF. The rumor was that one of the owners (or relative of same) was getting married that weekend and using the park for the reception.
I'll post a shot or two later if I find the time.

jim occi , Jul 26, 2009; 07:39 a.m.

Thanks for your help, guys.

Ron Andrews , Jul 31, 2009; 03:02 p.m.

I realize this is picking at nits, but jim's photo is the middle Yankee Stadium built in 1971 on the same site as "The House the Ruth Built". Here is a picture of the original Yankee Stadium in 1967. (Redsox 1, Yankees 0; WP Lonborg, LP Stottlemeyer).

Before the original "Yankee Stadium", they shared the Polo Grouonds with the Giants.

Old Yankee Stadium

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