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Photo Fundraising ideas for high school basketball team

Chris Donovan , Dec 07, 2009; 11:36 p.m.

Hi I just got back from a meeting with high school basketball team parents. The main coach was saying how they need uniforms and travel bags for the 36 kids in the program. They do a lot of fundrising thru food vending. If I could get a good idea I would contribute my photography. the boys are 14 to 18 of age. I find this age group HATE their photo being taken for anything. Is their any cool ideas for this??

Large photo attachment:
(hoops ex. -- 2832 x 4256 photo)


David Haas , Dec 08, 2009; 06:24 a.m.

Chris -

You're right - 14-18 boys hate having their photos taken - even for senior photos - which most of them (hopefully) need.

Action shots are a tough sell at that age too...unless the kid is the next MJ, Labron, or KG... Parents tend to have enough of the kid from when they were little - so you're really got to get that special shot.

The best suggestion is from a post a few down- Courtney was asking for posing tips for T/I shots... Take a look at her portfollio and maybe do something in that old school - sweat beads on the foreheads, harsh monolight / bw style. The traditional T/I shots won't sell.

Maybe do a calendar or a poster of the team too.


Nathan Meador , Dec 08, 2009; 12:29 p.m.

If you've got fast lenses and can take great action shots, no reason not to try selling them to parents on your team and visiting teams. Do you have a website set up that lets you price prints for profit?

Dave McColl , Dec 14, 2009; 04:05 p.m.

I have been shooting high school sports for 6 years now and all the kids I shoot love having their photo taken, especially action shots. Partly because I post the shots on my web site www.mccollphoto.com
Also because 2 local newspapers publish virtually every shot I send them.
As for fund raising I get asked constantly by parents and players (and cheerleaders for that matter) for photos. I hand out my business card, direct them to my site and ask them to call and make an appointment with me to decide which photos to print for them. I cover my costs and give the profits to the teams (the newspaper pays me for the shots as well). Understand, we're not talking a major newspaper like the New York Times, we're talking local tabloid format papers that are published weekly.
I regularly have parents by 2 or 3 8 X 10s a couple of 5 X 7s and I currently have an order for a book (which I will create on my MAC)
I do not make my living at photography, I have what I call my money job (rather boring and not related to photography) and my fun job, making a few bucks doing what I love... taking pictures.
I have a small office at home where I can receive parents and they can pick the shots they want and I print them the following day or so. When they hear that you are supporting school sports, they are even more eager to buy prints.
Check out my site www.mccollphoto.com

Cheers, Dave.

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