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Camera shop in Dubai, UAE

Herman Hiel , Dec 05, 2003; 04:05 a.m.

I was wondering whether camera equipment is cheaper in Dubai than in say NYC and if yes, can anyone recommend a reliable shop in Dubai. I am thinking of a Digital Canon 1D and a 70-200f2.8IS. Thank you.


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J-F Maïon , Dec 05, 2003; 04:38 a.m.

I don't know about shops in the city, but at the airport prices are higher than in the US.

J-F, Nomads'Land stock photography

Frank Miles , Dec 05, 2003; 09:25 p.m.

My wife and I left Abu Dhabi a little over a year ago. The Grand Store was the place for Nikon gear and a few other big names. The Salam Studios was where I picked up my Pentax 67II. They also carried Leica and a few other neat things. Both stores have branches all around the UAE. During my stay in Abu Dhabi, I never did find a store that was THE place for Canon.

I was not that familiar with what Dubai had to offer. I have a suggestion, though. Look around for Middle East Photography magazine, which is published in Dubai. Personally, I thought the content was a little too simple for what I wanted in a photography magazine, but I remember seeing a lot of ads for photo stores or services in Dubai. You may discover a store in the mag that carries Canon.

Ask about what Sharjah stores carry, also. My first time there, I went into a camera store in the Blue Suq (I think) where the owner said he would get me any camera I asked for.

I'm afraid I can't comment on NYC versus Dubai, but I felt I got a reasonable price on my big Pentax. I do remember seeing some Hassy's and Leicas at the Dubai Duty Free and thinking "Wow, you don't see that at many airports".

I hope this helps a bit.

Scott Ferris , Dec 06, 2003; 10:16 p.m.

Hi Herman,

Not much help really but the last time I was in Dubai they had top of the range BMW 7 series and SL series Mercedes in the duty free! Kind of difficult to take them seriously after that. Oh and they closed the airport for two hours so some Sultan could take off in his custom 747 and his entourage could follow in another custom 747.

Take care, Scott.

Scott Ferris , Dec 06, 2003; 10:20 p.m.


The other major consideration is warranty. Digital camera warranties are very specific, I wouldn't worry about the lens as you can get that fixed anywhere but the 1D might be a problem.

Take care, Scott.

Dan Andrews , Dec 07, 2003; 09:23 a.m.

I travelled to Dubai last year with the idea of getting cheap gear. In only ONE instance was the gear cheaper in Dubai. For brand-name stuff, you will find that NYC stores have prices that are hard to beat.

And forget the airport--the Duty-Free shops cater to rich travellers who might have money to burn and too little time to comparison shop.

The one thing that was a good buy, oddly, were Sigma lenses. There are one or two stores at Deira City Center Mall that handle them.

Good Luck!

Henry D'Silva , Dec 08, 2003; 11:04 a.m.

Herman, I live in Abu Dhabi and frequently travel to Dubai. The only shop you can buy variety of Nikon is Grand Stores. The same goes for Canon with National Stores and for Pentax and other large format is Salam Stores, whereas for Contex it's Jhashanmal Stores. The price for Nikon gears are well over 25% in UAE compered to B&H in NYC. Its also same for Canon and other brands. I guess US is the cheapest for camera equipment. The photography equipment in UAE are imported from England, therefore costly.

Frank Miles , Dec 14, 2003; 12:27 p.m.

A number of people have commented on seeing pricey gear in the Duty Free Shops at the UAE airports. I always get the impression in Duty Free Shops anywhere that the place is about last minute shopping , and not about the best price. Just because you don't pay duty does not mean they have offer you a good price. The stores in the airports still have to pay overheads and salaries, right? You pay for the convenience of not paying duty.

One thing you start to realize if you live long enough in the Emirates or other countries in this area. You can ask "How much?", or you can ask "How much after discount?". While there is less latitude in a big store such as the Grand Store or Salaam Studio, the guys I dealt with there automatically knocked 10% off everything.

Twenty years ago in Saudi Arabia, a co-worker and I were buying Nikon gear. There was nothing like the look on a store keeper's face when we said "Nice price on the F3, but how much for two". Being the last customer of the day also gave you more leverage as they like to finish the day with a sale, which got us some hefty price reductions on gear we had scattered all over the counter at other times.

Obviously, this tactic is not going to work everywhere around the country, particularly at the airport where Duty Free is a monopoly, but it is well worth bargaining.

A. L. C. , Sep 20, 2006; 02:18 a.m.


MOST duty free shops at airports are expensive... we all know this, but some are good value.

I am fortunate in that I get to travel the world with my job, and Schipol airport has some of the best prices around if not the best for electronic goods...


Tahir Qayyum , Dec 29, 2006; 11:37 a.m.

well here you go the number of Camera Shop at dubai duty free airport , you can call them for rates and compare it. and can pre order your product before arrival on dubai airport and they will arrnage it for you


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