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With the ever increasing co-mingling of still and video in our cameras, I thought it was time to start up a video forum on photo.net again.

Any video or film topic is fair game (within reason). Examples might be:

  • What is a good video editing program for Windows vista?
  • How to I create a ramped slow-motion effect?
  • I'm having trouble converting AVCHD to something my Mac can deal with. Help?
  • Which compact digital camera has the highest resolution video?
  • Does anyone still use DV tapes?

And so on. In the same way that pointless attention seeking posts aren't allowed in the photo forums, please do not use the forum for random "look at my video" posts here in the video forum. If you are making a post that links to your video, please have a sincere question or be providing an example to illustrate an answer you are giving someone else. And obviously, all of our standard "Community Guidelines " apply in the video forum as well.

If the forum proves popular, I'll look into a way to host some video content on PN or at the very least allow embeds from Vimeo or something. Until then, links will have to do. Questions about the forum itself? Contact my via the "contact photo.net" link that is at the bottom of the page.


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