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How long until your clinents see the photos?

Teresa M. , Sep 14, 2008; 05:42 p.m.

Hi everyone,

I´ve so far always stated in my contract that I would take a maximum of 3 weeks until couples get the photos of their wedding (first online, then on DVD). I do a lot of selecting, editing, retouching etc., so now that I have a wedding almost every week-end and quite a few include travelling, I´ve found it hard to impossible to reach this deadline. I think five to six weeks would be ideal for me, at least in the busiest season, but then again, what about the impatient bride and groom? How much do you take till your clients see the finished photos, and do you put a maximum time in your contract?

Thanks! Teresa


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David Schilling - Chicago, Illinois , Sep 14, 2008; 06:22 p.m.

I tell them to expect to see all of them online in 7-10 days but genertally have them up and done within 3-4 days.

Vincent Peri , Sep 14, 2008; 06:37 p.m.

Speaking from the customer's viewpoint, I think 3 weeks is long enough to wait.

Sam Ellis , Sep 14, 2008; 07:07 p.m.

I have a preview up the next day and the rest in approximately three weeks. It's not in my contract, but it's what I tell them and to me it's as good as being written down. I have a wedding every weekend from September to November and several weekends I have two. I'm also a teacher. In today's digital age, everything is immediate and nobody likes to wait. If you can't meet your deadlines during the busy season, consider outsourcing post production.

Roger Smith , Sep 14, 2008; 07:09 p.m.

1 month for a web gallery with maybe a couple of teasers to keep them happy while they wait. At least another month if they want custom prints.

Ted Springer , Sep 14, 2008; 07:18 p.m.

Are you familiar with sites such as Printroom.com? They can be used for scenarios such as these. I have heard of some wedding photographers shooting a RAW + jpeg and uploading their jpegs to printroom throughout the wedding, so that the bride and groom can get an idea of what they are paying for. It's because of digital. People Think that the pics are ready right out of the camera. But they are not.

Bob Bernardo - LA area. , Sep 14, 2008; 07:51 p.m.

Same day on printroom.com. If they get proofs, we use Roes and have them back in a week.

Tim Schultz , Sep 14, 2008; 07:55 p.m.

The couples gets them as soon as they return from their honeymoon, usually 7 days.

Art Tatum , Sep 14, 2008; 08:10 p.m.

On line in 48 hours. DVD delivered between 2 days and 2 weeks depending on my shooting schedule.

Jim Strutz - Anchorage, AK , Sep 14, 2008; 09:40 p.m.

Always less than a week for me, and usually only 3 days for complete delivery. But I rarely travel, and don't like shooting more than every other weekend.

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